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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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free. free. free bird in video for your media project free media r.t. dot com. you're watching r.t. from moscow and our top stories tonight in egypt voters queue to cast their ballots in the first post mubarak parliamentary elections due to continue until march the voting takes place amid protests against the military and warnings of further violence with many calling on people to boycott the election and together. pakistan is to permanently close a vital military supply route to afghanistan in response to nato deadly air raid the helicopter strike killed twenty four pakistani soldiers and triggered anti american rallies across the country sending already strained relations plummeting.
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to the kremlin's human rights party says russian lawyers and gay magnitsky could have been beaten to death in custody two years ago he was being held on suspicion of tax evasion of the time an earlier investigation said he died of a heart condition after being denied medical help. seymour skeptical glue shares his thoughts with us about what the future holds for a europe struggling to contain his debt epidemic right now. she was good to go thank you very much for being with us today so look us up at m.i.t. stick greece's new prime minister now but the key people in his government still remain the same for instance to finance minister can people trust this new elected government this government is a temporary government with
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a special specific mandate and a timetable a specific timetable if the job of this government is to pass the brussels deal to implement. the laws passed the laws are thought of necessary by parliament and we support them for this job it is it is very important that we have elections at the soonest possible because there is a problem of the democrat the merger of migration of. greece don't feel rightfully represented by this government they like this parliament because they feel that they were tricked in the last elections the socialists were saying we have money we will give you money and they ended up taking the money of the people and now the average salary in greece today's thirty percent less than it was
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a year ago and the prices so going kyra and higher so. this cannot go on for longer and the greeks need to feel rightfully represented by their parliament and we need a government that is supported by the greek society and that can come only with elections let me tell you what it looks like from the outside it looks like people are afraid of being impoverished and prepared to. are afraid to displease the e.u. leaders the e.u. masters per se how much of a factor has fear become in create politics. there is a fear for tomorrow we don't know what's coming next and i believe that the whole of europe doesn't know what's coming next now everybody realizes that it's not just the greek problem it's a european problem it's the whole system that we had made up the european union isn't working we had only monetary union without konami union without political
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even and this creates the problems that we see today so either move we move towards fostering the significance of grayson's. we have we must have the euro bond that's our position we must have the central bank of europe playing an active role in the in this crisis and not just watching as the day we believe that the germans must change their position they must realize it's for their own good also you know german economy without the european clients is not going to do very well. so we believe that we must find a solution with our european partners greek society is afraid and we we have been used to working the wrong way. friend diplomat in greece a russian diplomat told me half joking half seriously that we are the last soviet
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republic in europe and i said well i will see how much the percentage of people that work in the public sector see how much your economy is dependent on the public sector so yes we have corrected it sticks of a soviet democracy but i guess not only public sector but talk about the ongoing protests and huge strong. that's coming up on the first of december how much the causing your economy with boys ever and i've lost track of the strikes for the past year it's nearly day by day we have some strike. it is understandable that people don't want the changes they were used to another way it was an easy way it was the way of borrowing money and giving it away it was done in the wrong way for example greek farmers were paid they were getting
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subsidies in order not to work they didn't cultivate anything of they were just taking the money so we don't produce as much as we did before and we don't have the exports that we could have and we haven't attract the investments that we must attract so we must change the whole structure of our economy very quickly and completely how come there is such a dissonance between the government and the measures that the guy wants to push in this thirty measures and ordinary people. why can't they understand each other. because. we didn't speak the truth to the people of the past years we were we knew the problem for example my party did a big mistake when we came to power in two thousand and four although we had a. the right program to face the problem of public
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a comic so we didn't do what had to be done quickly and radically we tried to the changes you know we had would suck and society. proved to be too slowly and too late so now we must speak the truth explained that for the past twenty years greece has been. importing more than it's been exporting we don't produce even if the border is closed tomorrow the council like greece doesn't produce the wheat the meats that greeks need so it's the first time since world war two that greece can't feed its people and the country like greece where everything can grow i think it's a crime but certainly the austerity measures that the government is pushing for and if there is more to come will undermine the demand in the economy aren't you afraid
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that greece will find itself in a big recession. a problem that we're trying on my part is trying to explain to our european partners is that austerity is austerity and justice that it doesn't solve the problem it makes it worse when you raise the taxes and then economy that is in a recession then the results are catastrophic so we need a policy that encourages development if we go as we were growing up in the collapses. you know that greece is now desperate to receive an urgent credit tranche of eight billion here on this or else in two weeks grace may go into default what would that mean for greece because it's played if that doesn't happen in a month greece can pay the salaries and the pensions. more than three or
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four million people. so it's going to be a tragedy that's going to be a greek tragedy and it's not going to be only greece you know that it's gotten the have a domino effect in the whole of europe already you see that the problems are getting very serious in italy. spain was already in the picture now france is starting to feel the shock waves and germany had. a message to try one germany try germans tried to sell their bonds and they did manage so i think we must. decide to face this problem all together but do you feel like among all this financial problems crease has lost its financial independence stories soon to listen when we don't have the money to pay the wages of the salaries and the pensions because we are dependent and we want to get over this phase where the
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quickest possible because everyone in greece unanimously agrees and excludes the option of greece leaving to heber so. bring this to try to save its fiscal independence at least listen to right now i'd say more than seventy or even eighty percent of greeks want to stay in the european union to want to stay in the eurozone but if things go. and the options are open we will see if we have to. fight for our fiscal of the problems with the national conference who will do it what do you say to all those talks you brought up that german policy is directed to towards greece that you don't particularly like and there has been talk about the readers maybe sacrificing greece to save the euro zone what do you what do you say to that i think that's going to be a huge mistake the concept of greece to save the. it was
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a wise is the eurozone will be saved all together all it will collapse all together are you a believer in you do you think it's a liver i believe that if we can have a big and more. comprehensive integration. i believe the united europe. but in this united europe for example i believe that russia must have a place for a continental europe without russia so there are many things that must change. i'm glad to see that you wrote all should relations the past years have become better and i believe that the everybody sees that process places in europe talking about the for investors and the greece has agreed to privatized fifty billion of its assets in several years yet what would that mean for the foreign investors must be privatized in the right way for example many of those companies are in the stock
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market so right now the food privatized them. they're worth nothing because the them stock market is the lowest point of the past century half century so we must first make things a little bit better so that they will attract money privatizations that can go rather quickly for example the greek railroads yeah to be the offer of russian railway to buy into the creek railroads there was an interest. and unfortunately the socialist government didn't respond and that's one of the big questions we have because greek railroads cost us two million euros a day i believe that when we are in government this will that we will speed up this privatization thank you very much for this thing to.
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i had to go shoot a ten year old boy that. we train him out of jail we as officers developed the orders for them to kill. we never explained to them why it's ok. most people at the point of looking down in time to pull the trigger became consciences objectors. and i don't remember squeezing the trigger man i don't remember seeing him go down all i remember is that we shot him. on the other side are soldiers too and soldiers do it so we do and they're trying to kill us we're trying to kill them and that's just the ugly face a war just. nothing
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honorable and kelly. i went to the war zone and i started seeing how i need to change. and the only way to do they're not pick up a rival and kill another person that's why i'm applying for constant subject. oh oh .
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in the first. warnings of. his many people calling. deadly air raids. across the country sending already strained relations. years ago he was being held on suspicion of tax evasion at the time and. after
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being denied medical. thank you for joining me the monday night sports roundup on tear other headline news. tributes pour in from around the world the wells manager and former midfielder gary speed who died on sunday age forty two. while paris or l.a. david beckham will decide to stay in america or play the paris asian mouth when he returns to the u.s. next month. and aiming higher roger federer targets more records after beating jo wilfried tsonga to become the first player to win the world tour finals six times. but first tributes from coaches players and fans continue to pour in for wales
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football manager gary speed was found dead at his home in england on sunday morning aged forty two police say there are no suspicious circumstances though the popular welshman's death has produced shock waves throughout the football world in a playing career rarely troubled by injury or suspension speed made five hundred thirty five premier league appearances having spells at leeds everton in newcastle bolton and sheffield united where fans have been creating memorials leaving scarves football shirts cards and photographs with personal messages speed also kept in wales and won eighty five international caps and took over as their manager last sunday needing them to victory in four out of their last five matches scottish legend graeme souness described speed as the consummate professional sentiment echoed by a host of friends and former colleagues. you know i feel privileged to have known him to say this ritual on joining would be part of my life he was a great friend to the most professional football of the day the hobbit the
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privileges is me in them at the start of what looked like a very long and short. managerial career mediated the football career which was second to none even the premier league in. the showing where that he was going to do from test to job with the welsh national team sure. to work for me but not broke in the first team reps and manager he was one of the guys with of the young shearer who'd always do well for the young lads coming to the reserves to give them confidence to feel welcome around the place and. is a real good role model not just because he's a good player on the pitch goes off the pitch. well it's an owner of terrorist leaders held on sunday before welsh science once he kicked off home to aston villa not much in the skull this while later said man managed a city regains their five point lead at the top and remain unbeaten after a one one draw at liverpool vincent kompany opened for the visitors after half an
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hour joleon lescott me to be put through his own net city substitutes mario balotelli was sent off late on for two yellow cards after only being on the pitch for eighty minutes to one wanted finished liverpool all six. staying with football and former england captain david beckham will decide to join perry sunjammer or stay in america when he returns from the l.a. galaxy s post-season tour next month the thirty six year old joined the californian club from rail madrid in two thousand and seven after two long spells with ac milan helped galaxy lift the m.l.s. cup last week with a one zero win over houston dynamo beckons a five year contract expires on december thirty first and he could sign a new one year extension he has ruled out interest from the u.k. was ill. i will only consider frogs and the u.s. the former manchester united star is desperate to be in the great britain team at next year's olympics in his native london and talks with ambitious mega rich p.s.g.
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said to be at an advanced age well the fear is in johnson might be even keel to recruit them after picking up their second straight defeat with a screen a loss of moss saying sunday's french plus ago they require me headed in the open up against the run of quite often my minutes and twenty minutes after the interval the high side made it to nil in it for the moment my foot down i drove the ball home and seven minutes to go and by use had to correct him to suit the three no victory was a rice tonight's p.s.g. steak second three points behind one penny a. and it's now roger federer says he's looking forward to breaking more records after becoming the first player to win the world tour finals six times this was the one hundredth final of federer's career and he was up against french when joe wilfried tsonga at the start it looked like they could only be one winner better racing through the first set six three with some scintillating tennis that left
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tsonga despondent and then at five four in the second the swiss star so the match. but he wasted the opportunity and sung that went on to level it and the tie great however federer steadied himself to dominate the decider winning that six three to take the match in two hours and ninety minutes clinched the seventieth title of his long and for korea he also finished the year back as well the three from andy murray in the standings. i rewriting history i guess is a very proud moment in anybody's sporting career and that i'm still able to actually write more of potentially is it is a beautiful feeling i feel really upbeat very excited and sort of tired and subdued as yesterday were sort of trying to save and you know control my emotions i thought
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this was. an excellent excellent match and it was an awesome result so it's great. the curtain has also come down on this year's formula one season the final race in brazil ending with yet another victory for red bull but this time it was more where on top of the podium after teammate and world champion sebastian vettel suffered gearbox problems vettel had started on pole and lead from the beginning but tough way through he was forced to let weather past clarence lewis hamilton also had to be about trouble he was forced out of the race at lap forty eight in his battle for fist with felipe a mauser though the two did talk and their long running feud after the race. how much chance to make jenson button fared better overtaking fernando alonso to eventually things. vettel who still managed to come home seconds whether go ended the year on a high taking the checkered flag for the first time the last race of the season belong to vettel with eleven wins and
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a record fifteen pole positions and nineteen grown prix. now over in the n.f.l. tom brady threw three touchdown passes as new england clinched their third straight win with a thirty eight points to twenty victory at philadelphia the day belonged to brady the two time super bowl most valuable player although initially he was upstaged by his opposite number eagles quarterback vince young are standing in for the injured michael vick and right to the ball inside the patriots five yard line he plays later sean mccoy went over to philadelphia seven l. up but the patriots came back when jarvis queen ellis had two touchdowns this was his first. brady where as well to wide open it went twenty one ten head the pair combined again in the third quarter. cruised to a thirty eight twenty three and then wrote. their third when they were.
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talking and we finished with all of the sort of writing the russian premier league will now take a three month winter break. after a final set of fixtures that sosa need to stretch their lead at the top to six points and rock bottom tom finally ends and nine game using streak so sixteen goals in all was scored on the last weekend and he they all its goals go. live. to live the to cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut cut.
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cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut. thank.
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i. that's all those postings for the saving i think. the issue is that so much damage there is a huge decision on the market to forgotten sprang a state appointed investigation claims for a mused excessive force as a whole to protest led by the shia majority in favor.
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he is going to eat seafood. elite. well insolently science technology innovation all the layers to.


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