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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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that's when. this is sacred land killing. the waters from kalish nourish the homolka of the mountain hundreds of ok to. this if they destroy kill us there won't be water. among them. you'll die without water our ancestors want us about this. order. yeah yeah. yeah.
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i'm father marco antonio i don't know as i got out. seeing i was born in kamarck on the twentieth of october one thousand nine hundred two i know your birth date me do you know i lived most of my life in the universities and i was taught to learn from cement school rooms around the nature market and did a lot of his mental so you know up and down the line at least for. you a little but the racial scene. when i was first again as a priest on literacy and the privilege of living in park on the input one of the parents poorest communities over the top of your city. if you're living.
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in university they don't teach you yet that the earth has eyes but the farmers know the earth has eyes you know and through its eyes the earth sees and cries if you take care of it it's happy and if you destroy it she cries we set out to convert the poor of us with them and we ended up being converted the farmers have worshiped the mountains for centuries the mountains provide water and water is life. but newcomers have arrived from a different world for them mountains are gone and gold this money. we. really believe you know discovered circulation some number of years ago.
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it's true it's a good deposit we've for he's been a world class before and he's going to give the maximum upside to our investors in a rising gold market every ten dollar movement in the in the price of gold. increases to go on. increases our cash flow by about fifty million dollars increases our earnings by about thirty million dollars. the miners have already destroyed several mountains their next project is mount keeley but the farmers to stop them.
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if. that's what. the farmers flock the only road to the mine to keep the company from exploring mt keenly. yannick south america's largest gold mine is paralyzed. you know the farmers trade unions and university students asked me to mediate
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interviews where you'll be able with the government finally had to accept me as a mediator but the company always refused to let me mediate with them again. if you provoke them. if you act like a hot shot yelling silly things. then instead of reaching the solution there will be a bloodbath. when you get in some of them will die but more poor people will die and they'll remember their dead forever but who will remember the poor so i'm asking you now it's better to fight than to be contaminated no no no no no no no please forget that slogan friend i agree with you but it seems like you're saying kill me . we want to live or if anyone here wants to die there's a cemetery a back i'll help you dig the hole and give them us we want to live right this is
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a struggle for life. yes to live no to gold. for the first time people living in the nearby city of america join the farmers to defend mount killings was freedom for those under arrest was. here they are these are the ones who will always fight. the. now we have no more fear was was was was.
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was. was. in general i just came out of the meeting with the city's councillors. you i saw the protest in the main square and the police harassment going up and i didn't participate in the protest of the people in meeting is that. i came to get a fax from the minister and saw the police beating people and throwing tear gas and . noise getting us even going to address the crowd on the field and tell them to
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remain calm. because you're going to thanks general please restrain your offices now you know i'm going inside to see what i can do to get with him most of them yeah thanks general good bye they're going to step outside now i'm going outside. of the arab. they threw me in i already spoke to the minister. for weights listen to me listen to me i know i saw the police on from here like you know the general is giving the order to stop but you need to stop too don't slow any more stones listen to me they provoked us if you're not going to listen to me then negotiate yourselves with. your weight listen to me you know kind of they started this with you i saw you don't need to explain i just told the minister to stop the police because there is some people down the alley that he's going to order them to stop but you need to stop throwing stones
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maybe you know who threw those stones at the police station you know for me. i don't look at the. father what's happening in my it's evil with good fight injustice with justice and not more injustice with these the violence is not force with more violence but with peace. easy answer no to those who don't understand this a looking for trouble scandal for leaders bjoerling. units my beg of you i ask you in god's name strive for peace. defend our rights scene if we're not organized and united yanacocha is going to eat us one
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by one be patient you're not going to win this struggle in a day and you're fighting against the world's largest mining company. this same plaza was the setting for one of kamarck us most famous battles the conquest of south america began here five hundred years ago. a small band of spanish invaders request a meeting with the income ruler to while. the spaniards promised they'd come in peace but it's a trial. and they kidnap the nka and hold him for ransom. followers still one room with gold and two with silver for his release. but the spaniards execute out a while back and claim his empire of the spanish throughout.
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today america is once again the stage for a battle over gold. thing in. common ordinary people. are just defending our water that it was or that i did it
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when i. ask of the governor is that they leave us in peace. but they don't touch the water we need for our crops and animals. but at the government is because this is our livelihood. i was five i think. the blockade is in its second week and every day more people join us john. callahan america declares a general strike against the mine. as we started developing the american company newmont is the majority shareholder and i will be an account tomorrow with a new mont is losing millions of dollars because of the blockade. and korea's government is under pressure to end the conflict. and i have heard people make
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them more than another government makes mistakes and the company has to admit its pot but we have to fight until they respect our rights. the social license is extremely important to us really and in some ways over the global legal license to operate you ask them to stop and remove their machines this is our conflict with the. you know in hindsight to we do a lot of things different you know where we live in a i'm not sure how much differently it will be is this and these crazies are good you know because we have to admit we're not doing things as well as we thought we. were telling the government and yanacocha not to touch mt kill ish. on the finally an agreement is reached the government will revoke piano coaches
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permission to explore mt kill each in exchange for an end to the blockade. of the gentleman and all thorazine s. . behalf of the population i move that we end the blockade of your local militia the more you. indeed there are multiple ivy let's view the ceremony to end the blockade not as an end to the struggle for now but as a ceremony to thank god you are going to have both of you may he send us home safely especially the delegations from far away but overall. i thought ok. now kili she is safe at least for the moment. father macko is revered as a national hero. but not everyone is in nam or with the farmers. and with
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the local media attacks marco and his activist organization graffiti day and his struggle of the bout began.
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there marco has troubles at home his reputation outside peru is growing. he attends the mine shareholder meeting in colorado. and thousand basters and the american press about the conflicts at yanacocha. then he's invited to canada and speaks in front of ontario's parliament and what just like in canada hundreds of farmers in peru and latin america are sent to jail for defending their right to a healthy life. then d.m. people's struggle to defend their land and water continues.
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in two thousand and six yanacocha shut down by another blockade america was called in to mediate but this time a farmer is killed by police. you're not on your mind. they called my sister and my niece answered the government's already know. they knew she was an adolescent and they said tell your uncle to stop interfering with mining issues that we know that because we're going to put two bullets in his head. that they waited until my niece was confused and hung up the phone call that i'm going to you know because i want to look at your studio and i said they wanted to hear my niece cry live from on this. level but all i don't
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understand their perverse logic says to threaten my sister and my niece. d.r. than us up with you or me or my no or me so do you know. i've come up with the one with the. father marco isn't the only one receiving pratt's. here to vasco is a lawyer who helps marco and the farmers. get on the line but now that that will. never i was alone in the hotel room man and the phone ran in the middle of the night to be a model and case and not really believe it when the i saw it was a number from a public telephone income aka.
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is this news the last kiss and i said yes. a man spoke harshly and insulted me for it and so it's a back. seat she said if i kept making trouble they would drapey even. kill me and cut my body into pieces. and threw them in the garbage for the dogs to eat. i hung up but he kept calling. me and yeah and the bridge. abutment he probably wanted to keep tellin me how i was going to die.
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with that we realized they were following everyone from early in the morning it's our business to make us of us of them and. so most of them but that they followed us to our homes just a lot of. families told us they were taking photos of the homes we. wanted them to do if you're going to be in and work places you'll get off.
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this highway goes to the village of pub young. people are saying to present a porno there are you with a building a school he and other road goes to the non cd. if we saw it there on the devil went to the mine because we couldn't find him on the road to pub you know. it went in the direction of the mine or in our courts and i left him. good buy.
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the woman told the feces but give it all it was a difficult time you give a yes and suddenly you felt you had to be careful with everyone you know but he and even with this tree twenty years i guess if someone approached you with a cell phone or with a photo or a feeder camera and you know when that gun and you felt hostile towards them. or suspected that they were following you was a speech advocates upis on the style of a huge. yes again i love that i left the office and i saw a motorcycle pass and turned around wondering who's that the heater. is if you have a tissue i. guess it isn't and then it doesn't suddenly if your heart
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begins to pound the oneness of so you say be calm one though. don't give up i better get out of here it will be fine. if you. had to d.c. and the other activists ecru feed it develop a counter espionage plan and begin to spy on the spy. who feed as members took these photos and videos of their pursuers.
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if you started singing i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he followed me you get the bus i said what are you doing what are filming me. i. mean to say that's when i called lucho to help me if you will you know. he went that way she said. why are you following my wife i said it's just a figment of him and he's forced on me. even when the man said nervously no i'm not filming anyone i don't even have
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a camera with we're talking about the same police car period anyways to say you know officer this man is following my wife and filming or i said. besides the theme and. the issues that so much going on there is a huge decision of her mind to markland to forgotten spring a state appointed investigation claims for a new successor force as it halted protests led by the shia majority in favor.
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