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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. of the capitol and now because i'm laurie lister.
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there's always the option of. what a protest nobody seems to know. that never appropriate to face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. are guys it's time for you said it i read it i take time to respond to my brilliant and engaging the work comments from facebook twitter add you tube because you've got to say i listen now first i would respond if you were that watched our glimmer of hope about the governor of oregon putting moratorium. on the death penalty for
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the remainder of his term retro the skywalker commented on you tube and said the death penalty is broken nationwide there needs to be a moratorium placed on it until american justice is truly fair balanced and blind until that day in the far distant future things like the death penalty are just a miscarriage of justice and yes i think is increasingly obvious to those that are paying attention of the death penalty as carried out here in the us is not justice because it's not perfect troy davis was just the latest in a laundry list of people who have been executed when there are very serious doubts about their guilt if you have no way of knowing beyond a reasonable doubt that the person is guilty that in what world do we think that it's ok to give the power to the government to end their life it's sickening and it's also a place where we often see a lot of hypocrisy from small government advocates that want to give the government the most insane power imaginable and not only is guilt often in doubt but there are severe racial disparities in the way that people are sentenced it's been proven time and time again that if your victim is white you're more likely to be sentenced
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to death and if the defendant is not white they're also most likely to be given the death penalty more likely now that simply isn't justice and until our criminal justice system is able to hand down sentences that are truly fair i think that a national moratorium is in order not to mention a national discussion as to whether we want to keep such an archaic and inhumane form of punishment around it all and next down respond to a viewer that watched our interview on the latest mars rover curiosity needs evidence set on you tube thanks alone ever including interesting science information in your shows please continue including science segments in future shows now i'm so glad that you enjoyed our interview on the latest mars rover because i have to admit i had a lot of fun myself doing the research and the interview kind of a sucker for the space stuff so we'll definitely read we working to bring you more science related interviews in the future so keep watching and finally i want to respond to a kind new fan little guy blog tweeted that as we just discovered at the low to show it's a great non mainstream news show with a lot. citizen power journalism check it out so thanks so much for tuning in our
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effort here on the show is to bring you the voices that you won't hear on the mainstream media and that includes the best citizen journalism has to offer so we'll keep working hard to bring you on the ground reporting from the voices you won't hear anywhere else that's at my rantings this evening but i'll be back with more later in the week as usual. now the department of justice and immigration and customs enforcement had a very busy weekend but only went back to their domain seizing ways but they amped up their efforts taking down more than one hundred thirty websites one of which comes from a domain name provider in australia it's all part of cyber monday crackdown a program that went after counterfeit goods and online piracy right before the busiest online shopping day of the year which if you didn't know is today now i screams of the crackdown is aimed at protecting u.s. companies interests as happened just one year after ice took the law into their own hands taking down eighty two websites and while this latest seizure well which is the largest to date comes just one year after the last cyber monday around there were some major differences between these two crackdowns this time around the feds
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mostly targeted sites that charge visitors for their services think merchandise knockoff sites selling items like clothing retailers would as well as sites to sell pirate software however when ice went on their rampage last year they seem to target sites that focused on file sharing and those that stream their downloaded movies and music so for this latest round of seizures the d.o.j. has sixty days to notify the owners of the website and is allowing them the option of challenging the move in court definitely a positive development but as n.p.r. boards its kind of takeovers almost always become permanent now the government justifies its actions legally by using the two thousand and eight pro ip act which allows ice to seize property used to commit certain crimes without ever having to get a conviction for the crime itself which doesn't really seem quite constitutional does it there's also the fact that one of the sites taken down was based out of australia which raises some interesting questions of u.s. jurisdiction when it comes to the wet and the feds claim that this time around undercover agents had the buying. merchandise for
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a month before shutting down the sites but they still didn't bother to contact the sites of for shutting them down you know if i says going to continue these broad sweeping seizures the what's the point of creating protect ip or sopa in the first place the government can already just step in and pose a blacklist of their own by taking down sites at will so the bottom line is that when it comes to shutting down websites there needs to be due process in place it's our best protection from the government overstepping its bounds and it seems to be eroding like quicksand. now today is exactly one year since we began releasing two hundred fifty thousand state department cables as cables not only expose the secrets of the u.s. government quoting cover ups of the raid in iraq where u.s. soldiers knowingly killed women and children or possible weapons deals in the works of the late moammar gadhafi but the cables also exposed foreign governments where tensions within populations were already simmering and in many ways they have been credited with helping to light a spark in the arab spring so in honor of the information that we queue leaks is exposed the organization just received the highest journalism award in australia
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known as the walkley award and the panel described the group's work as a courageous and controversial commitment to the finest traditions of journalism justice through transparency when you look at the way the weaker leaks is treated here in the u.s. by officials and media organizations alike it's a very different picture so a year later let's ask how we queue leaks has helped change the world and why a play such a divisive role or discuss this with me is kevin zeese an organizer of occupy washington d.c. co-director of it's our economy and co-chair of cumhal america he also serves on the steering committee of the bradley manning support network kevin thanks so much for being here we're more titles going to voice back. from being outside so long well that's not going to who are you know when you are committed to protesting all the time and getting your voice heard can you believe that it's been or that it's only been a year since the state department cables have been released i don't know i feel like so much has happened in the world so much has happened and when you least has played a big role and i think all the goods we've been seeing the impacts you know it's
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not just the tunisia and egypt and what's happened in those states the occupy movement although it's related to wiki leaks of course not caused by it but a factor in it i think the big change is going to be seen down there on the road when these stories get to these arguments and go them slowly when we see what the impact of a democratized media is totally change the media landscape so i think the future's going to be pretty interesting and we look back we as a very important factor are well since we. in the future yet here we are just one year later let's look at what immediate results we've seen or what things you know that would you say i mean i think a lot of people would say that in terms of egypt in terms of tunisia wiki leaks very much helped spark the revolutions there not just a spark but even when the revolutions began with people's very organize they put out information that showed the corruption of the regime they put out information that showed that mubarak's hand-picked successor su a man who really clinton proposed to take mubarak's place they show that he was
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actually you know kind of endorsed by israel and doris by united states who was the kind of person that we brought the rendition torture victims to in egypt to be taken care of by egypt torture fashion and he was knocked out so even as these revolutions occurred we kept playing important role putting out documents that were relevant and timely letting the public know it was really going on it's what it really shows is how important from asia news knowing what really is happening not the fake reality of corporate media but the real reality of very low level cables these are not pentagon papers level secrets but even very low level diplomatic cables and war documents from iraq and afghanistan really shook things really shook things up significantly but i mean you know you bring a really good point there in the sense that these are low level cables these weren't the top classified documents and yet you know regards to if you want to talk that was going on again it and that sali was ok with us launching drone strikes in yemen he was just lying to his uncle about who was doing it or terms of
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how extensive our operations were in pakistan which at this point all that has come out are those. are those things that should even be secrets from the american people right when these are covert operations that should maro a very low level of cables they shouldn't be covert i mean you know we have i think our government over secrets things why shouldn't we know that these things are occurring in our name how can we have a representative democracy will. i don't know where democracy represented their doing it just as it worked and so i think getting the truth out is so critical we leaks providing a method for people to anonymously leak government documents is a tremendous breakthrough and i'm glad to see other organizations copying it because they would be more than one of the leaks we need to have this in various ways i think i can think of any other media outlet that has had the impact we could exist i mean they have done real hard hitting grassroots journalism in a very powerful way and it's somewhat something of a they're being recognized for right now currently in australia is something
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they've been recognized for in the u.k. and get recognized here to just one of us who i think yeah right here but i would have to talk about that right why is it that will get into our officials i think one hand you can understand why officials don't want government secrets you know being leaked right of course they're going to have a negative opinion of an organization like wiki leaks but that's supposed to be all of the press isn't it aren't we all supposed to be the government watchdogs and yet the new york times so many us mainstream media organizations really i would say not only don't support wiki leaks but in many ways oppose it outright well after using all of their you know serial materials you know you can see over and over again how the corporate media for the call in the corporate media or in the mainstream press or the corporate media like the new york times what works hand in glove with the security state you know when davis was arrested in pakistan obama was up there saying he's a diplomat users of my community at the new york times knew he was very it was
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a black border agent working he was not doing that and didn't deserve my community you know they would say that without even clarifying it in their reporting so the dishonesty of the mainstream press as you like to call it is that and i think pulls it back and the other thing i think that's going on right now is we're in a battle right now in a critical point in our history on media we're going through a democratization of the media independent media is you know decades old but getting mature. but now what you would shows is that everybody can be the media you can leak if you work in a big bank if you work in the health insurers if you work in the department of defense you can leak documents anonymously and affect the direction of the country as a gigantic change and you see more and more groups duplicating that and i can make a big difference and i think the corporate media did this was that you know what would you but do you think the corporate media is going to regret this at some point because if you look at the way if the government is going after weeks and you look at the fact they're trying to use that as. you know you can say these are really chilling effect sir could be
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a very chilling effect on the freedom of speech and they're just not being used on other outlets yet but down down the line what happens i think it could be something we'll see what happens with wiki leaks so far no indictment united states i think there are a hard time coming with the theory of indictment of course he's essentially in custody in britain and will be most likely sent to be tried in sweden so we will see how it all plays out but the mainstream corporate media needs to realize that these same tools can be used against them and for them to not come to a of. when they have been obviously a news source a news maker. news outlet for them not to come to their aid is going to come back and bite them i think you're exactly right ok lastly i just want to ask you know you said you know we mentioned other countries you mention the arab spring places around the world the state of these state department cables have affected things of credit to create change but what about here in the u.s. you say they're related to the occupy movement but why didn't we see
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a little more outrage after all the information that's come out not only the same army cables but the iraq war logs the afghanistan war logs the collateral murder video i think that easy more outrage and i don't think i'd be sleeping in freedom plaza right now if it wasn't for we and other factors which releases every one of them i think the occupy movements were much inspired by the arab spring inspired by what happened in spain in greece and we learn from those experiences and i think that's why we're here today so i give them a lot of credit for in raising people. for the first time we're also seeing what the american empire really means how it really works hand in hand with transnational corporations for their profits and not for the benefit of the people live in those countries or for the american people how we see atrocities committed in our name torture how we see people arrested with no charges and held no charges who we see under counting of civilian deaths our diplomats acting like criminals hillary clinton signing off on a memo that urges cia state department lawyers to act like the cia and spy on u.n. officials so we see this now i think people's eyes are getting open is
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a gradual process a lot of people don't want to admit the reality of what american empire is why i guess i just wish some people would wake up to some of it her mission that's clear out there you haven't asked for kevin thank you so much for joining us tonight right. now just ahead one u.s. senator wants google to make a system signaling some log post as being sympathetic to terrorist activity thousands night school time and on tap and happy hour teenybopper get on board the occupy movement all the wrong ways and staples is cashing in on what a fine time television's biggest shows a bright. day there still believe the repetition of. what a protest the e.u. nobody seems to know. that never pepper sprayed the face but part of the
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argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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mr. hi guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to a repeat winner senator joe lieberman now lieberman has spent the last few years of
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his career working tirelessly to chip away at the first amendment and as part of this quest he emerged as one of the most vocal anti wiki leaks critics personally pressuring amazon to remove wiki leaks from their cloud servers and publicly stating that the new york times may be guilty of a crime for publishing wiki leaks cables i'm not here to make a final judgment on that but to me in new york times has committed at least an act of bad citizenship and whether they have committed a crime i think that there's a very intensive inquiry by the justice department. now lieberman even went so far as to injuries a bill introduced a bill called the shield act which would have extended the espionage act to make it against the law to make public certainly info after it's already been leaked and if you take a moment to wrap your head around that it's only stupid but it's insane so now lieberman little bill that will excuse me that bill was clearly unconstitutional and never made it anywhere but that hasn't slowed lieberman on his mission to clamp
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down on freedom of speech in the united states he's most recently turned his attention to fighting terrorism on the internet his latest battle making sure that more things can be branded as terrorism on the internet talking points memo obtained a personal letter written by lieberman to google c.e.o. larry page requesting the google implement a system where people can flag with serial as terrorism on their blog or servers or youtube already has a system like this in place thanks to tireless prodding of lieberman and he wants it extended to all of google sites and this new push is all because of jose pieman tell the accused lone wolf terrorist out of new york city who happen to blog on google's web site blogger lieberman's reasoning is that because an accused terrorist having a blog we need an overhaul of the way that we deal with terrorism on the internet so as we would have any actual evidence that a system which would allow users to flag content as terrorism would actually do anything to prevent terrorism and no need for that no need to prove it is kneejerk reactions actually make us more safe we have terrorism to stop and the first
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amendment to rip into shreds i mean come on people we all know that something like that is just asking for abuse and would result in a chilling of free speech so for proposing changes to google that will do nothing and to prevent terrorism but will almost certainly infringe on people's rights of free speech senator joe lieberman winter nights tool time award. guys time for happy hour and joining me this evening is. producer jenny churchill and mike ricks says the editor reason magazine and reason dot com thanks for joining me guys. ok so i think probably a lot of people out there office fans learn about you but i don't watch anymore but i used to watch back in the day but if you haven't watched the office their paper companies called dunder mifflin and they've been little tunes about it too.
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oh yeah everybody knows dunder mifflin and now it looks like staples quill dot com which is where they just sell things online they've struck a licensing deal with n.b.c.'s parent company to launch a dunder before and i keep saying it wrong brand of copy pair copy paper i can't speak that is priced largely above regular copy paper and it's going to have fun little quotes that are recognizable from the show who's going to buy that was so horrible like it's going to be like seem like adoring until they appeal to fans and really just to like giant corporations getting together to screw people out of money for copy paper and it's so ridiculous because we're talking this is the seventh season of the office i mean no offense to people who still like it but it's kind of on the way i know you're going to have a guy or anyone else yeah yeah and i mean a lot of a lot of things to this you've got like beer which is really an energy energy drink
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that's sold to children which i'm really disturbed about but that's a side note going to joyce stores and hot topic apparently and then you've got things like bertie botts every flavor beans from harry potter but everyone does it shouldn't copy paper and clean it why do you want to cause you know any sort of action already has anything written i'm going to say full so i got actually by scranton pennsylvania and turn it into a. putting like resumes or like formal documents on paper just to let you know i have learned you know resumes together yeah we're going to. be that much. less to our next story. i really dislike this young pop star so very much miley cyrus has a new song it's called liberty walk and what she's basically done is set the song to a bunch of video including a lot of our t.v. i must say by protests from around the country and around the world take a look. it
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gives me goosebumps well the funny thing is i actually was reading some commentary on this that people thought it was a really bold move for miley because this wasn't like playing to her base so she probably had to deal with a lot of like blowback and a lot of hate and the people that are involved in the movement because they all don't like miley cyrus are going to write some pedophiles and like seventeen year old method so i feel like i respect will tell me that i look like her and that makes me want to die inside i think is kelly clarkson. was dr lloyd. we're also july we thought it was hot well i mean she's jailbait or was until recently i got so i don't know what anyway her fans are going to care because her fans will think of her and it's a. side note saying no no no they don't have that heart to your spine improve the
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shooter is not the right you made a cameo in there kind of awesome but i don't know i mean i think everybody is kind of quick to be like oh miley cyrus is trying to capitalize off of occupy wall street and maybe she is but i think it's a good thing she has such a huge fan base and this is making people who probably wouldn't be aware aware of something that's going on i want to actually actually make them aware or if they're just music videos because like you know their life are fake riots and they didn't get it all right when i was there. you know go participate in the protests i don't know where this is going but also getting all that was you boys i think it's kind of all right i said it she's not going also right now you better get that resume on these all have to say i'm going to ask you ok let's move back to we did this story last week and i still like it but this girl has style but let me just to refresh your memory about a teenager that tweeted about the governor of kansas and then got in trouble for it . just made me calm and brownback and told him he sucked in person.
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she says that tweet landed the principal's office he explained his situation someone from. like got a hold of it and sent it to someone in my intentions the district sullivan says her principal wants her to write an apology to governor brownback. so the other day on the show we discussed how absolutely lame this is the governor has nothing better to do in his millions into like monitor tweets and the fact that the school i mean that's i don't know i would call that a first amendment violation you can tweet whatever why you should be forced to apologize but so then the girl said and said i wasn't sorry for what i said because i meant to and refuse to apologize then the governor had to say my staff over reacted to this week overreacted to this tweet and for that i apologize freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms so she said i'm going to apologize to her after she said he sucked
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a lot actually yeah that one was made to be famous like i'm not creeping or anything but she's clearly got a. great i'm creeping she's clearly got a face for television like she carries herself well she comes up great hashtags i'm not even sure i believe this is real i do know she's not like reality t.v. stars and so screw you know since this happened she now has nine thousand twitter followers and she's now tweeting gandhi quotes which is kind of making me dislike her because i had so much respect for her before the first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you you know it's about i don't know. i mean. i can't really say anything about her tweets because my tweets are absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing and commentary on cats so i can't really go that far however i do think it's unbelievable that the governor looks so ridiculous that he had to come out and be like i'm sorry that we were trolling on an eighteen year old girl and calling her out and making her apologize to me in a letter. because i have skin about this thick brother it looks like maybe we need
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to get apologize for all that homophobia and like abortion bashing he didn't was a senator like we should have just got like me that all girls are the reason. that she doesn't like him is because of his take on a lot of social issues let's just we don't have time for the topic thanks for joining we will leave everybody with apparently herman cain has another sex scandal maybe thing in the works and so he decided to preempt it by telling c.n.n. that it's going to happen. you know we're for thirteen years yes but i did not have an affair ok and until i see and hear exactly what's going to be what the accusations are going to be going to be made let's move on but i knowledge that i knew the woman acknowledge that i've known her for about that period of time but the accusation that i have a thirteen year affair with her no. it's just too good are it's our guys who really don't have time to teach me that there are nights joe thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow now we print other of it take the pillage will be joining us in the meantime never get to a fan of the latest on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of
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