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but this time six of your crucial talks on afghanistan next week over at nato is deadly air strike that hits on behalf of already strained islam about washington ties. the biggest walkout in decades as two million british public sector workers strike a pensions driving the country towards. the u.k. one of the iranian embassy in london to close the diplomatic rift deepens after part of protesters stormed the british compound in toronto forcing it start to pull out. lots egypt's islam is claimed to be leading the polls in the country's first parliamentary election since the fall of hosni mubarak there's been a record turnout and official results are expected within hours.
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international news and comment twenty four hours a day this is r.t. pakistan has dealt a fresh blow to the u.s. by deciding to boycott a key security conference on afghanistan next week already tense relations between the two hit a new low after a recent nato airstrike on army posts killed twenty four pakistani soldiers the decision to snub the conference is the latest step by islam about to cut back on its corporation with washington report nine has more. relationships are never easy but when it comes to the partnership between america and pakistan the sugardaddy of this geo political alliance has turned out to be islamic bods most dangerous friend in a post nine eleven world congress john joined forces with the u.s. in the war on terror receiving roughly eighteen billion dollars in return over the
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past ten years yet hundreds of pakistani civilians have been killed in the u.s. drone strikes targeting terrorist most recently nato had to admit it killed two dozen pakistani soldiers. and this sent protesters on to the streets of islamabad torquing and effigy of president barack obama burning american flags and demanding an immediate us from its american partners this is hardly the first time the pakistani sovereignty has been infringed by the united states is not the first time pakistani citizens have been killed by the united states and its allies it seems to be the case now. regards pakistan as a kind of free fire zone in which. to abuse the country's three with no need for poetry or redress nido has called the incident tragic and an
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intended promising to investigate the killings the pakistani government has demanded the us became an air base used for drone attacks and also closed a vital u.s. military supply route to afghanistan a third to a half of all supplies that go to the nato forces go through pakistan so this is going to have a major impact there's no question about it the biggest rift between the two countries came six months ago when the u.s. and violated pakistani sovereignty to assassinate osama bin laden with lost respect because people now fear. the united states because we're like a drunken person will go to war anywhere if you threaten us but now what is obviously his prime minister has come out and said there would be no more business as usual with washington there are no clear choice of probably a problematic because politically speaking i experiment and i'm going to prague.
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is not going to be a door it can be pretty good with total war and i want to meet you and warning everyone pakistan has been america's main ally in the region for decades but constant abuse of the partnership by the us has driven a wedge between the two many believe that papa stands case highlights that a u.s. bearing gifts while later stop at nothing to get what it wants marine upper nile artsy new york. two million public sector workers all over britain are on a massive strike over pensions they've marched through many of the u.k.'s major cities over half of all schools were closed as were many offices while hospitals have been badly affected and i think forced to focus on emergency care door smith is following events in london. it started with twenty thousand people out on the streets of london presenting the public sector pensions and it ended like this a small group of protesters from be ok by the london stock exchange movement have
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reports of people people like this building behind me it just seems that the reason they go to fight is because one of the finest paid c.e.o.'s in the country what a large numbers of police have turned out to protect the building and we did that trying to get the occupy protesters out as we speak now we've seen a huge rally in london state's twenty thousand people turned out to protest against cuts in public sector pensions but two million public sector workers have been on strike today that's the biggest strike that we've seen the paper round about thirty years this has had a massive impact reports leave nothing out of ten schools in london but today half of all schools across the country that many millions of parents have to take time off work children trouble again but with border control officials going on strike that's meant news that stated grayson i don't see reports they see you like
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hospitals have been accepting emergency patients they need and a huge range of people have been out of strike teachers nurses doctors groups of talk to see never be there was a strike before now we've seen more than thirty union support six days strike action which is a process to gates having to pay more into their pensions working longer and receiving less money at the end of their working life what they're hoping is that the government will sit up and take notice and go back to the table with the times we negotiate this deal with the chancellor george osborne has already said that the strikes going to cheat and is that david cameron's backs him up saying that they were damp squid if they have no impact then the people who've been striking say have said that they will strike again and they will strike a longer there's also been talk of the government saying constantly that it's got no money supply or pensions but at. same time funding bailouts will countries in the euro a day in which support britain isn't a part only i speak to alex kenny from the national union of teachers here with his
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head about that certainly people are saying we didn't pay for the crisis we didn't pay for the banking crisis and they bailed out the banks and now working people are being made to pay for and they won't accept it so we have an unprecedented thirty three unions taking action many of whom have never taken strike action before and we will see today just how strongly people feel about the government but it closed me off to the strike big thing i think the impact of how many but basically i just think this is a destructive if you look at and i think it's i think it's a i think the mood strikes you can say what happens today i'm not to be touchy i didn't hear you i think they'll be saying hey stick to. your smith reporting there from london and britain has ordered the closure of the iranian embassy there in london and the expulsion of its staff after the u.k. decided to evacuate his own diplomats from the islamic states capital norway has also closed its embassy in tehran with germany and france recalling parent passages
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from the country the moves come after militant students stormed the u.k. compound in tehran hundreds of hardline protesters gathered outside the buildings before pelting the gates and windows with petrol bombs burning british flags and an embassy vehicle in tech a mortar round decided to reduce diplomatic relations with the u.k. following its decision to impose further sanctions. with the sexpert and journalists you can chime in told me earlier that he believes this latest spat with iran is just the start of a bigger western campaign. the west is not engaged in war preparations us against iran which they have been conveyed in occupied iran's two neighboring countries like afghanistan on the one side and iraq on the other the west is engaged in a constant project of constant war and domination against all people who resist but domination so iran and syria. definitely on the cards and because a conflagration will engulf the whole middle east that this has the potential for growing but that is the agenda right now very clearly they want regime change all
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across africa libya was the start and look at the pacific and the asia region the new the new troops sent to new u.s. troops already sent to australia and listen to clinton she is saying that the critical places for us domination is not iraq and afghanistan but in asia what's emerging right now is a historic time for the next ten fifteen years where britain and america know they're going down economically and militarily and they know china russia are emerging so they're really feeling that now is the crisis period to make sure sure that they can dominate as much as possible through sanctions and war i mean it's all it's all you know it's any means necessary i mean whether they do it through sanctions or war or funding opposition movements it's all the same they want complete domination as soon as possible. more stories and eye catching videos are always waiting for you to r.t. dot com here's a taste of what's online at the moment american drug dropping problems across afghanistan and pakistan so if you get closer to home there's a new legislation could see robel plane circling over u.s.
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territory. and a virus that could decimate the world the scientists in the netherlands creates a deadly strain of bird flu sparking a row over the flu in this feature for more. dot com. each of its name is claim that leaving the polls in the country's parliamentary election the first poll of its kind in is this will millions turn out to vote for the future with results from the first round expected within hours of his in the tsunami reports from congress the powerful and popular muslim brotherhood is proving to be just that really with early indications they claim that they will most certainly have a large majority of seats in this election and early indications are looking to support that claim coming in second according to those protections is the eleanor party which party which is also it is in this party it's seen as having a much harder line there noticed the country's radical islamist but really these indications for certainly show us that the muslim brotherhood is well organized and
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they have become really the most powerful political force in the country since the fall of hosni mubarak but that said this is only the first stage of these parliamentary elections for the lower house the next two states will happen over the next couple of months and then there will be a vote for the upper house a lot of different opinions about what that means for the future of egypt at least over the next couple of months into march and it seems that a lot of egyptians don't have any illusions that the military ruler announced very clearly that this is part of the moment but essentially now not that much power they would be able to dismiss the current prime minister going through the jetsons are questioning him and it feels like they will be coming back out onto the streets to demand civilian. rule but the excitement euphoria over these elections is certainly something you can see on the streets some people voting for the first time in their lives and that means a lot to egyptians that have been on top here for months trying to make changes in this country but it does pose the question what happens when this fear for your
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fades and reality sets in signs of a real democracy miles long lines at the polls vote stained fingers and helpful joy of participating in egypt's future but do the signs stop it that. election excitement and dreams democracy could be overshadowing a harsh reality there's little doubt egyptian enthusiasm for this whole is genuine they're excited to be voting in a real of action for real candidates for of harlem and that will have no power does that make as part of a real transition than from the old regime and the problem is you know what of that you're going to produce a parliament that cannot appoint ministers that come out going to government. whose constitution whatever it turns out to be is going to be guarded by the army some who understand this boycott at the polls like some you're abraham a protester that knows all too well old tactics are still rampant virginity tests
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was performed on her and other women protested on talk we're long after mubarak fell on the naming the woman told him to lie down for so she examined me and the man came in and i eman to examine me i was naked it was like a show with people watching all of those officers and soldiers she was too upset to tell me details of her ordeal but did say this about the vote i guess about the talk mosconi the main reason for holding the elections is for the military to hide the corruption and crime instead of voting a group of protesters march to call for justice and show solidarity for jinnah detests victims. there were a few cameras and no egyptian press it remains the fact that both before during and after the selection of the ruler of egypt is an unelected man called field marshal muhammad ali and as long as he's an elected this is not
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a democracy but the west was quick to praise the election as a great step towards change although the americans are beginning to say well no the army must go back to barracks keep down the perfectly free to keep the army were against egypt if you give one point three billion dollars a year to the egyptian army which the americans do you would you expect them to do what it was its leaves little room for the people to get what they want in egypt might be waking up for more of a nightmare in the sweet dream of democracy once election operation settles at least in our way r t. let's now talk to dr ayman salama he's a professor of international law at karo university well there you are in the car robot accounts the voting has been peaceful there a very big turnout is this good reason to be optimistic what is the feeling like there in cairo at the moment. actually although the overwhelming.
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voting for the first parliamentary the movie collection after the january twenty fifth revolution that astonished and startled the whole mean people worldwide in particular the west. pragmatically and objectively this is just initial a step forward to the present we have. now with two other phases of the parliamentary elections which ends and the decisive final results will be shewn. or late january next year and then there are some doubts that the special interaction special relationship between the muslim brothers on one hand and the military council on the other that actually may sound or raise some clouds and doubts whether the. some bully whose job is to craft then can
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a situation immediate and in particular i mean that probably that mr to sin is going to put today to create such. a better higher precision status for the military establishment comparing to the other democratic and constitutional and the situations in egypt like the parliament the presidency and some other institutions field marshal tantawi himself three days ago on last sunday there is the whole nation via his meeting with the military command officers and soldiers of the military central soon to be confront me the new police official in egypt well now dedicate any special extraordinary or a special weight or status. for the army. the overwhelming till now the
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overwhelming winning of the muslim brothers and also this love is actually really clouds with the new institution and with the military leverage of the senate is there a clear just ask you there are clouds over the future you seem to be saying you said this is a step forward to democracy on the one hand you're talking about the tensions between the military still wanting to have a hand in power despite whoever gets into government after the elections but also you talk about the step towards democracy let's say that the muslim brotherhood and the ultra conservative salafist are going to get into power or they're indeed leading the polls are we really going to see egypt turning into a western style democracy will it be an islamic republic with sharia law that's the question isn't it. yes this is very important that there is a real question and i would like actually to be successful in addressing such
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a question because this would be actually the most crucial try me in the contemporary and recent history of i do not think both would be applicable i mean the muslim. political regime system like taliban in afghanistan like also iran in. the iranian revolution. also in the same time either would be the same similar of the. sickle or democratic machine let me also tell you something also of the clouds and our strong be only focused seclusive on the prestige or the status of the military establishment but also takes things to the the dealing addressing them my knowledge is issues like that topic and also the liberal movement the i mean the.
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freedoms of the of the citizens i mean the egyptians voce would be actually the crucial issue and let me also even the parliament will be going to sit and the second step forward two democrats who will be. i do not think that the very difference will reddick. political powers who would be represented in the parliament i do not think even this would be actually in the favor or the c. of the egyptian. sorry we got to move on thank you very much and if your thoughts dr ayman salama professor of international law then my current university thanks for your thoughts there well turkey is freezing the assets of the syrian regime and suspending financial dealings with a country which is a former. also announced it would stop the delivery of weapons to damascus turkish measures come in the wake of arab league sanctions and move syria economic warfare
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earlier this week the u.n. released a report stating that government forces are committing crimes against humanity and their brutal crackdown on protesters russia believes the unrest was triggered by syrian opposition is calling on both sides to be in dialogue well for more on this talk all from. joining us live from portland and they say following the arab league sanctions we now have turkey syria's one time ally pressuring the country with punitive economic measures do you really think it's the right approach to end the violence in syria. and israel. and syria you have to be really here to. truly weird is this violence coming from i mean there's a lot of reports all around saying that yours aren't gunmen i'm going one hand or it's the bill of the regime and that sort of million violence against protesters but to me all of this stuff doesn't really have any we because there's a strategic doctrine that underlines this whole operation from the new york
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countries when it needed us the responsibility to protect. this is this is the whole notion of be humanitarian war. the responsibility to protect after and it's it's not as are two key. words but dr and the libyan operation in february excuse me more this year and our two p. is a duck and it goes back about ten years it's it's early international community. certain unelected bureaucrats connected to the international community get together and decide ok we're going to redesign sovereignty for the entire world and the way that they're going to do this is using humanitarian wars or it's an excuse me humanitarian crisis as a pretext to launch wars of aggression against nation states and so we should really see this in terms of being nato operation trying to lead this are two
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key on this doctrine of trying to find find a way into syria just as they did in libya. to turkey here not saying it's not ruling out the possibility of a buffer zone on its border to protect civilians again all under the remit of humanitarian protection. do you see that this sort of buffer zone you've already drawn a parallel with libya on humanitarian grounds is poppa's and could that be seen similar to a no fly zone for example that we saw in libya. absolutely i mean i kind of look at the whole issue of sovereignty. it's either an all or nothing kind of deal it's kind of. holding a balloon you know once a goal so far. but one has to foot it urt what happened in libya there are over three hundred thousand civilians are reportedly to have died surely that is a very good reason is it not for tokyo and indeed nato to be involved here because
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it would be saying that people are prepared to sacrifice their lives for syrian chase for a change of regime in syria simple as that well yes but the thing is that there is not a credible investigation going on in a particular edible investigation really needs to happen and what serious really knowing what from this in this instance is that it knows that it has. nation states connected to nato that are or essential your enemies syrian state. dictating the terms with which they are going forward so a credible investigation would be more international representation and and there would have to determine where the killing us coming from who's responsible ok to just quickly talk about the angle here if the western vision of a syria without a sad is indeed realized where will that leave the country and the what is the
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implication for the rest of the arab region just briefly. i'm sorry say that again what would be the implication if the sad does go what are the implications not just obviously for the country itself but the rest of the arab region briefing. i'm sorry i didn't understand your question but i'm not saying it is pretty but if assad goes what would be the implications for the rest of the arab region real world if if the side does. then. that would change the region significantly it would we can certainly iran's position of easily the worst which is i think one of the objectives of this of this entire thing but i think that the. the syrian regime is essentially pointing a rule that's much larger than just in the region in terms of the. implications of international solidarity around the world you know what i was just too strong or
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everything's very much in people's thoughts reportage of that author of morgan joining us live there portland that brings us now to very nearly twenty five minutes past the hour the business is next with kareena stay with us for that. thank you well hello and welcome to this hour the world's sixth biggest central banks they go into action to support the global financial system they are going to lower the cost of dollar slots as means to post liquidity and prevent a global credit crunch a decision has given a powerful lift to equity markets around the world i xander. explains what's been going on. we sall be very rich. she's you know there was your requirements up to don't start for the chinese banks just to ease the situation with liquidity in the chinese markets bought off the world is the major news. server to commune with zero zero small school time where all the major
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a little nicer of the banks in the world to the east of us war for a real it's the for the u.s. dollars actually it's not that important but it's important that at least concerted efforts of the central banks is still possible even these are in the environment. now let's have a look at the numbers they coordinated action by central banks has boosted coral as well good prices are also driven higher by suggestion from france to impose new sanctions on importing oil from iran right so it is currently trading at just over one hundred dollars per barrel and branch has at nearly one hundred eleven prosper about his stocks are soaring at midday after the joint action of us spread reserve and central banks the dow and the nasdaq are gaining nearly three and a half percent of caterpillar beating the gains. european equity markets closed with strong gains as well the foot sea and the over three percent and the dax was
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four and a half percent higher at the close and here in russia markets follow global trends ending hire us closer to five percent otherwise it's going to go over three percent and look like looking at some individual shamrocks seven isaacson's very bad grows over six percent that's up from posting a two fold increase in net profit for the first nine months of the year shares of diamond producer have been blocked from trading due to our forty percent growth and all the same the high demand for the assets is due to its recent listing on the my six and seven star added law after jumping ten percent since november twenty fourth reports say it may spin off its go. production assets. russia's largest lenders bareback is seeking to enter the swiss market that's part of its strategy to expand in europe it's in talks to buy a small local bank a sole b. from russian oil company look well according to commerce and newspapers their bank
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is aiming to develop investment and private banking services in switzerland and the deal could be worth around sixteen million dollars. well that's it for me and the business team here in r.t. don't forget you can always and most always just log on to our web site that's artie dot com slash business next march. the.
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