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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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pakistan is set to ignore crucial talks on afghanistan next week over a nato deadly airstrike that's not the pits of the heart of already strained is not about of washington ties. u.k. or does the iranian embassy in london to close the diplomatic rift the police after violent protesters stormed the british compound interest in forcing it stopped to pull out norway germany and france but also recalling their ambassadors from iraq. moved on but vowing to fight on the hundreds of occupy protesters in the u.s. are arrested as police force them from their camps. but egypt's islam is claimed to
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be leading the polls in the country's first parliamentary election since the fall of hosni mubarak there's been a record turnout and official results are expected within hours our top stories this hour on r.t. . international news and comment twenty four hours a day this is r.t. just past midnight here in moscow pakistan has dealt a fresh blow to the u.s. by deciding to boycott a key security conference on afghanistan next week and already tense relations between the two hit a new low after a recent nato airstrike on killed twenty four pakistani soldiers the decision to snub the conference is the latest step by islam about to cut back on its cooperation with washington. has more. relationships are never easy but when it comes to the partnership between america and pakistan the sugardaddy of this
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political alliance has turned out to be islamic its most dangerous friend in a post nine eleven world how to stand joins forces with us in the war on terror or saving roughly eighteen billion dollars in return over the past ten years yet hundreds of pakistani civilians have been killed in view us drone strikes targeting terrorists most recently nato had to admit it killed two dozen pakistani soldiers. this said protestors onto the streets of islamabad torching and effigy of president barack obama burning american flags and demanding an immediate divorce from its american partners this is hardly the first problem the pakistani sovereignty has been infringed by the united states is not the first time the pakistani citizens.
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united states and its allies it seems to be the case now the united states regards pakistan as a kind of free fire zone in which. to abuse the country's. with no need for poetry or redress nido has called the incident tragic and an intended promising to investigate the killings the pakistani government has demanded the u.s.b. key an airbase used for drone attacks it's also closed a vital u.s. military supply route to afghanistan third to a half of all supplies that go to the nato forces go through pakistan so this is going to have a major impact there's no question about it the biggest rift between the two countries came six months ago when the u.s. violated pakistani sovereignty to assassinate osama bin laden with lost respect because people now fear. the united states because we're like a drunken person will go to war anywhere if you threaten us right now harvesting
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hands prime minister has come out and said there would be no more business as usual with washington there are clear choice of proof that america historically speaking either to expand the war and i'm going to parkland or one of the front is not going to be a girl it can be good with a war and i want me and wanting everyone pakistan has been america's main ally in the region for decades but constant abuse of the partnership by the us has driven a wedge between the two many believe that pakistan's case highlights that a u.s. bearing gifts were later stop at nothing to get what it wants marina for nile artsy new york. and anger washington is pushing pakistan towards china with both islam about and beijing getting what they want so says author and journalist barry london . well i think right now that the pakistanis are the lighted to be able to turn
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over power and who wants to have some of their noses to some degree at the united states and threaten them but those threats were going through your many years ago when pakistan could really turn this meeting anyone else know the chinese have a lot of money they can sell with pakistani arms which they do they can give them aid in fact according to some figures they know giving them or even the united states six hundred pakistanis we are going to become more independent in their policies will be delighted to have a vision i'm supporting them but the chinese on the other hand are also i'm happy about america's power in the region and i would think they're particularly more perturbed now since his trip to australia where he announced he was going to be putting up twenty five hundred u.s. marines in australia and the united states was not going to turn its attention to increasing its power and its influence in the pacific i imagine that's the last
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thing that china wants the anything that china can do to slow the u.s. down or hinder them. certainly plays into their politics. britain has ordered the closure of the iranian embassy in london and the expulsion of its stuff after the u.k. decided to evacuate its own diplomats from the islamic states capitol and always also close its embassy in tehran with germany and france recording their ambassadors from the country that moves come after madison students stormed the u.k. compound and so ron hundreds of protesters gathered outside the building before pelting the gates and windows with petrol bombs and british flags and the c. vehicle attack came after iran decided to reduce diplomatic relations with the u.k. following its decision to impose further sanctions on tehran and mistakes but in general a second channel has told me that he believes this latest spat with iran is just the start of a big western it campaign. but west is not engaged in war preparations just against iran which they have been they've invaded occupied iran's two neighboring countries
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like afghanistan on the one side and iraq on the other the west is engaged in a constant project of constant war domination against all people who resist their domination so iran and syria are different from the cards and because engulf the whole middle east that this has the potential for growing but that is the agenda right now very clearly they want regime change all across africa libya was the start and look at the pacific alasia region the new the new troops sent to new u.s. troops or a sense that australia listen to clinton she is saying that the critical places for us domination is not iraq and afghanistan but in asia what's emerging right now is a historic time for next ten fifteen years where britain and america know they're going down economically militarily and they know china russia are emerging so they're really feeling that now is the crisis period to make sure that they can dominate as much as possible through sanctions and war i mean it's all it's all you know it's any means necessary i mean whether they do it through sanctions or war or
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funding opposition movements it's all the same they want complete domination as soon as possible. also curious to know what you think about the consequences of the u.k. and proceed in tehran because to hear from you cast your vote at our tea dot com nice website online all the time this hour we can see the majority of you think it will eventually end up with western intervention on iranian soil the opinion that the attack was just fifty fifty that had serious consequences come second and seventy percent believe the u.k. and other western countries will cut different i think i repeat is no mistake what the rest predict more sanctions against iran and its further isolation of your say r.t. dot com. two million public sector workers all over britain are on a massive strike over pensions they'd march through many of the u.k.'s major cities and over half of all schools were closed as were many offices while hospitals have been badly affected and they've been forced to focus on emergency care smith is
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following events in london. does it was twenty thousand people out on the streets of london present to get past the public sector pensions and it ended like this a small group of processes from the ok by the london stock exchange grievances have reports of people keep like this building behind me it seems that the reason they've got to fight is because one of the finest paid feet in the country what good knowledge numbers of police have turned out to protect the building now we've seen a huge rally in london state's twenty thousand people turned out to protest against cuts in public sector pensions but two million public sector workers have been on strike today that's the biggest strike we see pay for round about thirty years it's had a massive impact reports leigh nothing out of ten schools in london but closed today about half of all schools across the country that meant that millions of parents have to take time off work that still to hospitals have been accepting emergency
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patients they need and if huge range of people have been out of strike teaches nurses doctors groups of toxins we've never be awesome strike before now we've seen more than thirty union support six days strike action which is a process that gates having to pay more into their pensions and working longer and receiving less money at the end of their working life but what they're hoping is that the government would sit up and take notice and go back to the table with the treasury we negotiate this deal with the chancellor george osborne which already said that the strikes going to cheat and i think david cameron's backs him up saying that they were done with if they have no impact then the people who've been striking say has said that they will strike again and they will strike for longer there's also been talk of the government saying constantly that it's got no money supply and pensions but at the same time funding bailouts will countries in the euro zone of which person isn't a part of the government will oppose any aftermath of the strike except after seeing the impact of it how many what they say place will kind of services
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disrupted but it's not looking like they're going to take any notice it is looking like that will be the mood strikes you can follow what happens today on our twin cities arts in london very week we'll be staying hidden secrets about. there is with reporting there will across the atlantic at least two hundred anti corporate protesters have been rounded up and arrested as police dismantle their camp in los angeles over a thousand officers in riot gear raided the area two days after demonstrators ignored and eviction notice from the city's mayor about fifty people were also arrested in philadelphia let's get more now on this one of the other countries joining us live from our washington studios we've seen a lot of police brutality when dispersing peaceful occupy camps in the past but the protesters aren't giving up are they. while they are authorities are kind of cracking down on the different occupy movements across the country under different pretenses than more than two hundred people were arrested
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in l.a. this wednesday morning they refused to leave the park surrounding the city hall protesters of occupy period for the last eight weeks the movement has been generally very peaceful and their message was all about nonviolence from the very beginning even as the arrests took place lots of you know there were lots of emotions involved but the crowd remained peaceful some demonstrators climbed into trees to avoid eviction police were using cherry pickers to take them off those street trees they occupy is in l.a. received an infection notice and eviction order last week interesting to note up until recently the mayor of this city had been supportive of the movement but some point it became inconvenient to the city and they were citing sanitation problems and property damage and the occupy l.a. protest is now referred to by the officials as an only lawful sample of protesters see the eviction was a breach of their freedom some of the situation in philadelphia police in riot gear
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confronted demonstrators who read arresting about fifty people who refuse to clear a street we've seen this happening all across the wires on the different frequencies and forty's have been taking out of their occupied locations many fear that the message of the movement could vanish together with repents in those parks the message being against corporate greed against corruption in washington economic inequality and the excesses of the us financial system bill let's talk about the situation where there are no signs of these unlike many other regions that there was no pepper spray or violent clashes this time was there. exactly this time the police did not go heavy handed on the protesters as we've seen in other cities like all climbed in california or new york over the last twelve months around five thousand occupy protesters have been arrested state and again this has been from the very beginning a very peaceful movement acts of violence and on the protesters are extremely rare
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and the police in different cities use tear gas on people rubber bullets sound cannons pepper spray the tines trial and always police treated those protesters have been very much criticized this time in l.a. they just performed no injuries as far as being the. go to turn thank you very much indeed for that update live there in washington. to remind you more stories an eye catching video which we see for you on our web site on t.v. dot com here's a taste of what's online there are moments in american drawings dropping bombs across afghanistan and pakistan assert to get closer to home the new legislation could see a robot plane circling over us to. mars that could decimate the world the scientists in the netherlands create a deadly strain of bird flu sparking a row with the police future for more had to eat dog. and the results in egypt parliamentary election suggest islam is leading the polls
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the first poll of its kind in years therefore millions turn out to vote for the future with results from the first round expected within hours well if he's nice and early reports from current. the powerful and popular muslim brotherhood is proving to be just that really with early indications they claim that they will most certainly have a large majority of seats in this election and early indications are looking to support that claim coming in second according to those protections is the eleanor party which party which is also it is the most party it's seen as having a much harder line there noticed the country's radical islamists but really these indications for certainly show us that the muslim brotherhood is well organized and they have become really the most powerful political sort of force in the country since the fall of hosni mubarak but that said this is only the first stage of these parliamentary elections for the lower house the next few stages will happen over the next couple of months and then there will be a vote for the upper house
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a lot of different opinions about what that means for the future of egypt at least over the next couple of months into march and it seems that a lot of egyptians don't have any illusions the military ruler announced very clearly that this is part of the mint but a sense they have not that much power they would be able to dismiss the current prime minister goes three so the jetsons are questioning and it feels like they will be coming back out onto the streets to demand civilian rule but the excitement and euphoria over these elections is certainly something you can feel in the streets some people voting for the first time in their lives and that means a lot to egyptians that have been on top three or four months trying to make changes in this country but it does pose the question what happens when this euphoria fades and reality sets in. and he said i reporting that want to discuss the situation in egypt i'm now joined by author of an online column this i'm rowland well early results indicate that the muslim brotherhood and ultra conservative some officer leading the polls always seeing egypt turning into and is
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not republic with shari'a law instead of a western style democracy that was once did by the west. alledging and thank you for having me on your program it's much too early to tell only nine of egypt's twenty seven. pardons is devoted and it only represents thirty percent of the states so this is. a columnist mention if this excitement in the streets this is finally a vote if the jetsons think might be counted legitimately counted so this is very exciting it's the first and a long step towards freedom and democracy but i don't think it's just the first up sure but we've got to think about why they were protesting in town here square once again because of those fears that whoever gets into power will still be influenced by the military just how much power will the parliament actually have in the long term. put it this way this is the first letter that they're going to blame
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for this people have gone to the street now to know that they can cause change by going to the streets that yeah they can affect change but how far we've come since january when this started this is a huge don't just count it it big the military obviously want to maintain power but they can't they don't stand a chance i get the main people on the square and it seems that the muslim brotherhood will probably secure that power just when it's a fake car as relations with its neighbors and western countries. well it's pretty this way reality is going to be setting in our the muslim brotherhood watch to compromise on actually watch just doesn't want to claim it all themselves the actually really want to work together with other parties they know better than that they had tried percent of the vote for this even before they had they had
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a little up next it's not a party of close to forty percent but they know their place and they know it's a gradual process they have a seat at the table a legitimate state of the table that's gone back everything in the region should the west though be concerned about sharia law robin see there are all sorts of different interpretations and indeed hard forms of sharia law but the fact that it's an islamic government coming to power should that still ring the alarm bells. the west is on its way out no one's really sorry to tell you the truth but that's what i'm all about the west is losing its literacy by art and the whole region that's why it's quite a new places and the sun and the south pacific trillion no i was listening to them anymore they really aren't so this is a huge step in the west of course would like to stay in control that's their game staying in control power and control you know losing it and they're losing it rapidly egypt once again is inspiring. the rest of the world including the united
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states and is inspiring those other countries that have been recently caught up in the arab spring with this latest election absolutely yes. and spiral of occupation wall street it's inspiring a protest in a neighborhood all over the world we're talking about not all over the world of course it is so stop it egypt takes is once again inspiring other countries other occupations why claim freedom and they get what break their allegiance to the global elite and the new world and the new world order which is obviously in the process of being and still gated across the globe and here again. this what you're saying is inspiring other countries wouldn't nato and the west claim this is because of our intervention and what we did in egypt we're going to see perhaps the same in syria and that will motivate them to follow a similar course in syria. not quite the same thing in syria
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so we feel that you know he could stay quiet because egypt actually egypt isn't such egypt is such a quite commonly powerful state they each leg has led this process as occupy process as common that the people can effect change the west is really like here in the headlights to tell you the. they're struggling to try try try god what . is really interesting to hear your point of view on this thank you so much for your time live there in california thank you. other news now the two men fell guilty of bombing the subway in the russian capital minsk had been sentenced to death the explosion in april killed fifteen people that need to be kind of are what was found guilty of committing a terrorist act as he carried out the bombing he built the explosive device himself
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detonating it during rush hour he acted with an accomplice that his love of the judge ruled both pose an extreme danger to society and so deserve execution by shooting people and sentence by going to recess highest court which means they cannot appeal the sentence can only be reversed to president bush and co pardons them but it is the only country in europe practices capital punishment. so that brings you up to date for the moment this is r.t. live here in moscow but with a recap of our main news stories in about eight minutes from now in the meantime we meet the president of the international olympic committee who visited the capital of twenty fourteen winter games which is sort she on the black sea coast here in russia to assess the work done and that interview is next. it will.
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gather present danger nationally pinchot mediates so great to have you here with us in sochi and i know it's not your first time in the city and stuff your first time inspecting and facility what is preferable to actually modernize existing facilities to a big city like london bank over beijing or build our resume from scratch like in sochi or world we have no preference between the project what is good
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quality of the game for the. world for the athletes. then we have two options either we go back through a city that has already organized games have been referred to refurbish and be a great it restart from a virgin or out of the country and we'll build a complex like the one in sochi they bought has a rather significant factors but the quality of the game for the athletes comes first you've been expecting sochi now how's it looking what have you seen so far so far very pleased i think the team i'm trying to change or we respect that all the guidelines we see a strong support of public authorities the government but also the corporate world the russian federation is very supportive there is would be good to see a appropriation so we are pleased not the cost of the winter olympics in sochi it's actually estimate between twenty and thirty billion dollars which is ten times more
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than kings in vancouver from what you've seen is this cost justify it absolutely now you have to distinguish the operational costs from the investments by the government the operational costs that is what it costs to organize the games for a period of amount is set at two billion us dollars this is the same sum as vancouver this is the same so my studio studio position of course do not open my. idea original cost funded by local sponsorship but i think it's a bit also by support of the international olympic committee to the organizing committee what makes a difference is the fact that in some confirmation need to build from scratch everything this is the case and so she'd be first to see that new winter sport resort. and we had just two great and existing ones as well plus or so that made the difference but you kind of crowd these courses as being done for the olympic
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games and two weeks of competition this is going to leave a great legacy into the ground free you will have now in sochi the russian federation a state of the winter sports resort to saying that whatever is being built in sochi right now for there would winter olympics could also be used as a venue for other massive international sports events trump certainly you would have the former one of the plague. you could stage regional events you can change word championships and you will stage world championships and the winter sports are severely big games for many many i know that security is also among the top issues during the olympic games just how much of a challenge is it in sochi compared to london for example you're going to compare to country security's overweighs of a paramount importance we have hardware in munich seventy two the security has to be on top of the priorities and it is on top of it he's the work of the local
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authorities it is a work of government they only have the means to do for security and i trust the russian authorities in this respect for example when you choose a venue for a little claims to take into consideration the mentality of the people who are hosting i mean the locals for example in and so cheap at the games. people the games are not organized by the international olympic committee we supervise we advise we support financially but the whole i the whole identity is made by the local organizing committee look at. the summer games in athens this was the identity of coming back to do over again for the greeks as a friend after friend to get into the game. beijing i didn't he was the most populous country in the world. will be the city that has invented modem sport for
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food who are many other sports were invented in england so the identity would be something very durable always sochi would have its own identity if you think about in your own words what makes sochi so special for the next we have a lot of special things differently. the winter aspect of your private and your country of course in the summer but personally it's been eventful frightening snow and ice and and winter. even you he said he went there spray the a major role in conflicts and wars so it would definitely be also a unique combination of beautiful seed the black sea and the mountains you don't have that many times because it's close vicinity for freddy high mountains we have pets we're all snow i'm the sea and the beach so that's going to be a unique so. unique circumstance of a sparks of that nature is the key to such sharing thanks yeah absolutely president
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of the international olympic committee thank you very much for this and my pleasure . it's nice and. slow. technology innovation.


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