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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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welcome to the lower show the real headlines with none of the mercy i can live in washington d.c. now tonight we're going to take a close look at the response by central banks including the federal reserve to solve the euro zone crisis is increasingly quitting the really to help anything david dayen is going to join us and as one off my cap after another gets evicted around the country we've heard similar concerns about the homeless being endangered by camping out by mares and other city officials but what are they actually doing to combat homelessness we're going to talk to us about their mixed up priorities
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and a two week long climate change summit is underway in south africa as we speak a year before the kyoto protocol expires so will this conference be a failure like the last few and if so whose fault is that the have all that and more if you and i go to those of happy hour but first take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. its ok i'm disappointed after congratulating the city of los angeles for not really messing with occupy l.a. protesters after handing them an addiction notice over the weekend well looks like they had a bit of a change of heart last night the city unleashed over fourteen hundred police officers to clear out the camp. after two months the occupy camp in los angeles has shut down l.a. police moved in just after midnight to close that dozens of protesters were arrested and they arrested about two hundred protesters los angeles police department says that there were only three incidents where they had to use force
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last night which is really pretty incredible when you consider the manpower that they brought in the number of people thousands of people who were camped out here about four hundred police officers moved in just after midnight to set down the camp a lot of city hall police say the operation was the most for peace for the most part it was a pretty cooperative crowd in and very non violence or happy about that. all right well i still stand by the fact that i find it to be a positive big that los angeles at least transit used tear gas and flash grenades and other chemical agents and overly oppressive tactics to get the protesters out completely the opposite of what we saw in new york and elsewhere and i still wish they would have let them stay but if they're going to go ahead with the eviction at least they show that it can be done in a less militarized and violent manner although why on earth they would need fourteen hundred police officers to do it and that's completely beyond me let's move on to what i think is the even bigger issue here did you notice in those clips
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that we just played for you that they all came from just one network only c.n.n. well there's a reason for that because last night los angeles decided to step on the first amendment right to the freedom of the press and limited the media access to this eviction was no full of blackout oh no they planned it just carefully enough so that somebody could be there just only a couple of somebody to get this at five thirty pm last night the l.a.p.d. announced their very stringent rules for the press that only a small pool of media outlets would be allowed inside this eviction at interested parties but now to attend a meeting at seven fifteen so you want to know the grand total of that small pool of media outlets that would be allowed to cover the eviction of what until last night was the largest occupy camp left in the country and what is perhaps the largest popular popular movement that we've seen in years those three reporters three were dog of hers for television outlets and three radio outlets everybody else and tough luck now the rules didn't stop there the l.a.p.d. also took media outlets as they would be notified an hour before the police drove
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in and they wouldn't be allowed to the l.a. weeklies words phone home with their juice until the vision was over one radio reporter told l.a. weekly that she was told that they were embargoed from tweeting while it was all going on and they also had to agree not to expose the police tactics and of course a couple of media outlets snuck in got around a few of the rules but overall this is completely. outrageous person who saw this in new york with the eviction of the park while the police there didn't have as well thought out of a plan of how to block media access they still tried their best and in the meantime got to rough up a few journalists now we have the city of los angeles that's trying to build some good p.r. for itself by proving how peacefully they can evict an occupy can encampment but they're completely blowing it by blocking the freedom of the press now of course c.n.n. was allowed in but notice in none of their coverage they even mention these very stringent media rules and every else the rest of the mainstream media. well once again no outrage whatsoever about the fact of the press is being shut out from
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doing its job at home in pain wasn't allowing them in so where you know if the mainstream media would throw a fit we're being blocked from covering the eviction of a social movement that is highlighting the inequality in our country you know that part it used to me. looks like the eurozone crisis is scared of central banks around the world enough to take action today the federal reserve the european central bank the bank of japan the bank of canada and the swish swiss national bank announced a quarter made an effort to ensure liquidity for the global banking system now this essentially means that that is going to make it much cheaper for european banks to borrow dollars as at the moment now they're kind of short on cash and markets were loving this news today and saw a major surge but most analysts would agree that increasing liquidity is only a short term fix for a much larger institutional problem within the euro zone so how do you look at it
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is a quick fix going to give europe the time that it needs to restructure to stop its crisis were growing the global economy down or is out just more wishful thinking more band-aids that lead to more about habits for which lessons are never learned to any more study in los angeles to discuss his day to day and blogger firedoglake dot com david thanks so much for joining us tonight and for starters what do you think about this move coming from the central banks is there anything at all even a little bit that they're going to fix with it. yes i mean the liquidity crisis which you were talking about in the looting to the difficulty for banks in the euro zone to lend to one another and meet their day to day operations that is what this will really attack and i think will at least the rest to some degree mainly by giving free money to these banks but the larger problem i mean if it was only a liquidity problem and this would be a fun solution the problem is that there are multiple sort of cascading for
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outlands with europe right now the biggest being that there's probably an insolvency crisis among the banks not just the liquidity one and also that there's a monetary union which you know doesn't fit all of the different component parts of the union i mean what's good for germany in terms of not a very policy does not match what's good for say southern europe so there's still a lot of issues to be worked out so if everybody knows that the liquidity crisis is really only one piece of this puzzle that is much much larger then why are the stock markets so excited today and acting like everything in the next. some of the stock market usually enjoys free money for banks seems to be there and in some ways it does arrest what was seen as maybe a ten day window of a dooms day of lending of them what they were attacking is very similar to what
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happened with lehman brothers when when they went down and banks suddenly there was a big credit crunch and banks in the united states couldn't couldn't get secure the lending for their day to day operations so by dealing with that at least in the near term it prevents a real catastrophe and so obviously the market is is happy that we've we've at least dodged that bullet for the time being all right now let's get into what you keep repeating is that this is essentially free money for these banks and they are getting these dollars pretty damn fact i think european banks right now have a better deal than american banks do you think what's in it necessarily for the fat . well the fed i think basically wants to keep this at the water's edge charmion they they don't want to see any kind of crisis leak in the united states i don't think that they're going to have that option but by providing this liquidity in it it may be prevents for the time being
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a real meltdown in europe which would have cascading effects all over the globe so by by doing this the fed is really protecting the economy united states as much as it is dealing with european issues the problem is that it's only dealing with one aspect of the crisis. and so do you think if this is actually going to provide more time for the eurozone to really figure out what they need to do if they need a centralized treasury if they need to restructure if they need you know two and finish this monetary union that really doesn't seem to be working out or is this type of move really just allowing certain behavior to continue and kicking the can down the road putting a band-aid on it whatever term you want to use it will provide more time and of course kicking the can down the road and providing more time go hand in hand the real problem is political of course i mean it's the idea of whether you can get
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germany to agree to allow the european central bank to be the lender of last resort for these troubled countries in southern europe it's of whether the countries in southern europe will essentially a loss of sovereignty to give up some of the fiscal abilities that they have in order to stay in the union it's about a host of these political issues and whether the countries in the euro zone have the will to keep it together or not and i don't know that time really is a factor there it's more political will and whether they think it's right for their country and and that's that's really an open question. and one of the things that keeps being brought out as well as the idea of perhaps the i.m.f. helping out and you know lending quite a bit of money to this european bailout fund but that would require probably a lot of political will here in the united states too so you think that's just wishful thinking. it's
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a possibility and it was it was certainly floated today as an option that the i.m.f. would would step in on the european bailout fund but the european bailout fund they've paid basically peddled to every country on earth and of course the i.m.f. is made up of every country on earth so it's just sort of another person they can try to sell magic beans to i don't know i mean it's such a strange i've been i've heard the european bailout fund and what they're trying to do with it because they're trying to sort of leverage it because they can't get enough money for enough power so they're trying to leverage it into a c.d.o. i've heard it described as not kicking the can down the road but setting the can on fire before kicking it down the road it really causes that perhaps even more of a drastic event if it all went wrong but i'm not sure that the i.m.f. is going to agree to that they'd have to get signed off not only from the united states but from
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a majority of their nations so it's it the real issue is that the european central bank should be the one that has the muscle to step in and sort of end the cascading costs for these eurozone nations that are having trouble funding their there are something that's actually not getting out really quickly before we go i want to switch gears and ask you yesterday we were talking about back a federal judge and stepped in rejected the settlement between citi group and as you see because they were basically just letting them get away with a slap on the wrist and today we found out that character that you see it written a letter to congress asking them to pass new legislation so that they can hand out stricter fines is really is the problem really is that there's legislation blocking the f.c.c. from handing out this current fines are just that they don't have the will to usually do that. i you know it's a good question certainly this is a reaction to what judge jed rakoff did and said that this is just
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a slap on the wrist this is ridiculous and and you're not forcing the entity in this case citi group to even admit wrongdoing for the crime that they committed in this case i think what is going on here is maybe a little bit more insidious that's it's a effort on the part of the f.c.c. to come up with settlements that are big enough so that judges like rakoff will not question them as much and that allows sort of the same gravy train to keep rolling where nobody admits wrongdoing they pay basically a pittance maybe it's a little larger now and they don't have to get exposed to all of the investors coming out with lawsuits because of if citigroup for example in its to actually defrauding investors then obviously there's a host of lawsuits and punitive damages they would be liable for so i think this is a way for the f.c.c.
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to try to minimize the damage to these banks by. having big enough fines so that they can get it past the judicial process in the settlements yeah and at the end of the day with them to find them right it definitely seems to me david thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. i saw comes after the f.b.i. launched an internal review of the anti muslim rhetoric and its counterterrorism causes the white house has decided to conduct its own revealed details straight ahead out of mayor of los angeles says occupying fatman the city needs to be evacuated for the sake of the children they seem to forget about the thousands of homeless children and students in los angeles that have already closed the directing of attention to the wrong question about that topic since we got. into that only a little. to bring justice or. i have a right to know what my government we want to know why i think.
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i would characterize obama as a charismatic. american exceptionalism. get some closure see the story and it seems so. easy to understand it and then something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything is just you don't know i'm sorry. the sun.
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welcome to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. i. don't believe that anything i like what a contest or what nobody seems to know. that never ever straight faced by talking to the argument that they're being overly dramatic. at the end of last month president obama made an official announcement that would
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be that he would be keeping his two thousand and eight promise to americans to end the war in iraq as well as keeping with the bilateral agreement that was signed between the u.s. and iraq to bring home all troops by the end of two thousand and eleven. i can report that as promised the west our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year after nearly nine years. america's war in iraq will be over. now if you're lots of back and forth kicking and screaming from the pentagon seems as if the us in iraq had come to an agreement on where the us basically got kicked out and they had to agree to remove all troops except for one hundred sixty eight who would remain in the us embassy but guess what it wasn't over yet because fast forward to this week when vice president joe biden made a surprise visit to the country to meet with iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki now during a press conference between the two leaders there was ample talk of working on the next stage of the us a rocky relationship and apparently part of the next stage means of bringing back
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some troops to iraq in two thousand and twelve after they leave at the end of two thousand and eleven they're coming back so as of now there are about thirteen thousand troops waiting to depart in the country and in the process they've been turning over command to iraqi forces and shipping out military equipment daily over under this new situation some troops will return to better training the iraqi forces subject was a point of contention between leaders obama and before the president made his official announcement in october when biden spoke about aiding their forces here firm that there would be emphasis on training intelligence and counterterrorism and iraqi prime minister agree that u.s. forces would play a role in the transition okami crazy but doesn't that sound to me like i don't know the u.s. still has its hands involved in a war scenario the national security council spokesman tommy vietor says no interview with wired stranger and leader says that any troops returning would not be involved in combat nor special operations forces or rather troops of provide technical advice on counterterrorism and
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a whole joint training exercises so it looks like president obama might have been fibbing when he called this a full transition after all those who have troops on the ground in iraq and let's not forget that even with the official troop withdrawal it will still be cia around one hundred anybody affiliated with al-qaeda and there's also going to be about five thousand mercenaries to guard u.s. diplomats in the country so i ask you one more time is this really the end to the war in iraq or is the obama administration attempted to appease americans label the u.s. presence as a non-combat line and pretend as if they're really leaving the country think it's pretty obvious the latter. now back in september we reported on some very questionable counterterrorism training practices happening within the f.b.i. it's danger room broke a story about an f.b.i. training instructor they gave an incredibly offensive and bigoted view i muslims at only two billion dollars or call mohammad a cult leader but he basically talk a concept that all muslim sympathiser jihad and the more religious a muslim is the bigger threat they pose to the u.s.
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check out this metaphor the gothard used to describe islam while here it. is. oh yeah. this is. the one the. the. the i. the early. church. now since the public learned about these closed door teaching practices the f.b.i. promises that they've been working on ways to clean up their training programs are dangerous now reporting of the white house also got involved last month quietly ordering it with widespread review of all counterterrorism training materials and the pentagon memorandum the white house national security staff called on all departments and agencies to share their screening process for counterterrorism trainers or your ego who oversaw the white house review says the purpose was to
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quote determine the criteria used to establish professional qualifications for teachers and lecturers providing instruction on countering violent islamic extremism with particular focus on military information support operations information operations and military intelligence curricula and as far as congress goes senators joe lieberman and susan collins have been questioning the qualifications of the trainers for a while however representative sue myrick of north carolina she's spoken out against these internal reviews because she thinks they could quote weaken the programs by censoring certain language that is used to object if we identified asymmetrical threats that are present in today's world thankfully it is only one of the only members of congress who opposes this review because rooting out islamophobia in u.s. law enforcement whether it's local or national is of the utmost importance for a counterterrorism efforts despite the fact the white house wanted to keep their involvement quiet overseeing the training process as definitely a step in the right direction and frankly i think we should have been much there.
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last night los angeles joined other cities across the country that of protesters from their occupy encampments and just like other cities that claim to be encampments were in danger and public safety l.a. mayor antonio joined the chorus except for this time around he invoked the needs of the children stating that after he learned their children sometimes president they can't he worry that something awful could happen this one giant gap between what the mayors know the city officials are saying and what they're actually doing for example mayor of a year ago said that he's worried about the children at the camps being in danger but what about the more than thirteen thousand homeless students in the state and many homeless people that had tacked on to the occupy camp where they can go now and oakland atlanta denver and cortlandt all places where occupy camps were evicted and where city officials so the homeless are being endangered by staying in those camps or at least two homeless people for every open bed in the shelter system and put into even more perspective for you around the country job losses and foreclosures helped push more than one hundred seventy thousand families into
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homeless shelters in two thousand and nine which is up nearly thirty percent from two thousand and seven so why are cities spending resources if big thing occupy camps rather than devoting them to tackling the crisis of homelessness going to be our studio in los angeles to discuss is richard as cal senior fellow at the campaign for america's future richard thanks so much for joining us tonight let me first start because you're in los angeles i want to get your thoughts on what you thought about this eviction last night i was disappointed because the other day i was commending the city for not really a big now using any violence which they didn't use last night but fourteen hundred police officers all in the middle of the night that sounds like it costs a lot of money a lot of overtime to. oh sure it does absolutely and the money that would be well spent as you were saying and a lot of other ways and you know what we're learning is that there is this is coordinated not i don't think any necessarily in the nine hundred eighty four big brother kind of way but the mayors are talking to one another they're getting better at what they see as their assignment which is to
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a big vic these demonstrators instead of addressing the issues that they are bringing to the public's eye or for that matter letting them exercise their rights so since they've taken it on as an assignment i would say the lesson from last night in l.a. and back in pennsylvania is they're getting better at their assignment they're hurting fewer people and so on they're doing it in the dark of night but they still don't get with their real jobbers and so what do you think have been. you know mary said basically saying that he was concerned about the children and their welfare because there are children at camp and i think a number of people brought this up this week but what if you compare it what if you talk about the fact that there are thousands of kids living in los angeles that don't really have anywhere else to go what about considering homelessness and you know the fact that you need more shelters that you need more funding for these things instead of perhaps ending who god knows how much money it was to send out
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all those forces. well put it this way you know if you think about the fact that los angeles is a city with a severe financial crisis and the mayor has been telling the public that it can't provide the kinds of social services that are so desperately needed and then you take the number of children in the occupy camp and and the amount of money they spend to get rid of them which is millions of dollars you could probably buy each one of those kids are house with that money so it's not like they're looking for the most cost efficient way to help the neediest children largely angelas that's not what this is about obviously it's a cover story they're trying different they don't want to say these demonstrations are an embarrassment to our political agenda or our inability to confront the real causes of our economic problems so instead they'd rather say well we're throwing them out because we're worried about a few kids if you're worried about kids go find the kids who are sleeping in cars
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in los angeles with their parents go find the kids who are being affected stop the illegal foreclosures that's how you help kids in the city of los angeles now overall you know when you look around the country do you think that being homeless is almost become criminalized to some extent when you have so many city ordinances and you know small local laws that really prevent anybody from sleeping on the ground from trying to camp somewhere is that at least something that movement has helped bring more into the spotlight. i think it has brought it more into the spotlight i think there's no question that that homelessness as been criminalized and stigmatized you know there was a time when people in this country thought of a homeless person as somebody that was down on their luck and would say there but for fortune you know i could go and there was a time when they you know you read these stories of the forty's or whatever when the farm a housewife would give the whole bowl a little a few jobs to do for a hot meal and and a couple bucks you know there was
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a time when there wasn't this low day of people who had fallen on hard times but first you have the cutting back of social services in the if victim of people who had various needs for extra care from medical and other facilities and then you get out of course these increasing waves of banker created financial crises and what do you do i mean a if you don't want people's consciences to be moved by there are these difficulties as human sorrows then you start to demonize the victims which is exactly what we've done and i think that occupy is going to great job maybe even accidentally of showing people that yes there are homeless in this country and you know what people now see on the cameras every day they're not back different from other americans other people and maybe we'll get back to there but for fortune go i and we are to help these people any way we can which in my mind includes fixing a broken economic system. we are as i just mentioned in the statistics there the
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number of homeless families has increased thirty percent or almost thirty percent since two thousand and seven so there is more and more of this and you bring up a good point about the stigmatization too because so many of these mayors have used . the concept of the fact that homeless people are starting to sleep at the camps as you know as an excuse to say they become dangerous now united spoke a lot about the occupy movement in general richard i'm just wondering what do you think is it starting to phase out you know it's a bad sign because los angeles was the largest encampment still left in the country and one by one they're being evicted. you know are going to be a little bit of a cheerleader here cheerleader and say it's a bad sign if we let it be a bad sign in other words if people get discouraged because the last of the encampments are being evicted and and pack up and go home then sure it's a bad sign but if people say you know what we've got to change up our game change our tactics occupations were
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a brilliant idea but they're not the only great idea out there let's come up with a few others and keep this thing going i think that is just the end of stage one in the end of stage two and to meet or begin to get stage two and to me the beginning of stage two is hey what did we learn from this what did this show the american people it showed them that all you have to do is hold up a mirror to our economic and political system and the system goes crazy that's a great lesson so i would say ok david vick did everybody out of fear of having that mirror held up to them so what do we do not. think that's a good question what do they do now richard thank you so much for joining us tonight. are coming up next in response to some viewer comments and he said i read it and one hundred ninety five countries are meeting to put climate regulations to the plates of past efforts like this haven't seen much that's well this year the only difference is the panel on the issue since the max.


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