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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] thank you there's no police rep cheney thank. you protesting nobody seems to know. that never persuade the face but already argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so pleasing to understand it and then a glimpse something else here see some other part of it and realize that everything
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is ok if you don't i'm sorry. welcome to the capital account i'm laura mr. hi guys it's time for you said it i read it take time to respond to my brilliant engaging he were comments from facebook twitter and you do and you've got something to say i listen and of course i want to respond to the viewer to a viewer who watched our interview with prince yesterday on the true size of the fed loans and his conduct of hank paulson rather alpha comments on you tube and i asked how is this not illegal good lord of the whole system needs to be flushed out now not exactly sure if you're referring to the fact the fed lowered almost a trillion dollars to banks of below market rates without telling congress and those banks that went on to make thirteen billion dollars off of them or the revelation that hank paulson sat down with them his old buddies a goldman sachs and told him that the u.s. government was going to put fannie and freddie
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a conservatorship weeks before the public had such knowledge because both those things are pretty messed up so it turns out that under current law the fed doesn't have to report to congress whatsoever the one and only time they've had to open up their books is during the first ever government accountability office audit this past year and in fact the only reason we know about the fed lending is due to a freedom of information act. and i asked for hank paulson disclosing on public information to his friends fairly that's totally kosher because there's no direct evidence that that information was traded on which seems absolutely insane to me so yes i would agree if this is the way things are going to work around here a total overhaul the system is exactly what's needed next i want to respond to the viewer who watched my interview with marcy wheeler on the amendment to the defense authorization bill which would give the military control over the detention of suspected terrorists in the united states no five five six at on you to our own i think we lost we lost that comma there are going to move on to the next but let me
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respond to our last comment there was from brian ross who tweeted out the lerner show lauren lyster and some innate are really enjoying your work and. look forward to reading seeing hearing more now it's actually the evening and s n b c line up i'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the show lord knows you won't find anything like happy hour on m.s.n. b c so maybe just replace you know us with them on your life just getting that thanks for watching anyway that's of my rant to say and i'll be back with more as usual next week. now nine hundred ninety seven history was made when thirty seven nations committed themselves to the only binding climate agreement to date kyoto protocol december twenty fifth of that agreement is going to expire so beginning this monday representatives from one hundred ninety five countries began gathering in south africa for the two weeks urban climate change conference and yes they did also gather in camp who last year which is very little results copenhagen before that with even fewer results so could this conference with time running out for an extension or a completely new and binding global agreement any different at issue here is not
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only where the money's going to come from to help developing countries and how the rules would be applied but perhaps most importantly if anybody actually wants to play by any rules u.s. never ratified kyoto and is apprehensive to agreeing to a new set of regulations because they're saying that there are any regulations or rules drawn up yet russia canada japan and possibly australia they don't want to second green and they back ideas for voluntary targets and pleasures pledges and the world's fastest developing economies a new top polluters like china india and brazil all they're willing to play but only if everybody else does so what happens if this becomes yet another massive failure for the biggest polluters they are more responsibility than the rest are discussed which means billion associate director for the center for energy and environment at the competitive enterprise institute and ryan fitzpatrick senior policy adviser for the clean energy program and thirdly. gentlemen thank you so much for joining me tonight and so i guess before we get into the nitty gritty
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let's just see what your predictions are is is the kyoto protocol going to run out without an extension and that's it is going to a massive global failure. almost assuredly we've got pretty much let's see your opinion. on unless the united states china brazil these developing countries also do so we've got the developing countries that you mentioned the growth of the growing ones china brazil india. unconditionally saying we will not sign on in the united states it would require the senate or the congress to act in two weeks notice to in essence ratify a treaty a legally binding treaty to reduce emissions which is highly unlikely so given that no one wants to play ball it's to feed on the one that it's what do you think is who's most at fault. you name a couple of different factors everybody has their own reasons but what do you think would be the number one problem here as you would be holding up i'd say it's pretty evident. that the global economy is probably the biggest impediment to moving
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forward with an agreement you have a group of nations coming together that actually believe the same thing the foundation of this is is there that there is a problem of climate change we have the tools to fix it and we should use them. that's a that's a pretty big step and it's different from what we've had in years past but in order to get through to actual action on those those ideals you would have to first bypass one of the most pressing economic downturns that we've had in several decades people are trying to focus more on what's going on about stickley and in public opinion you see that nothing trumps i can on the issues it doesn't matter if it's the actual end of the world as we know it based on climate change you know you need economic pain trump our issues as a part of the problem here is that when you say that we have the tools to fix it do we really have the tools to fix it or if nobody can afford it because let's not forget that they also apply to be one hundred billion dollars in here to help the
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developing countries and nobody knows where that money is going to come from and nobody is really stepping up to the plate and i don't know should the u.s. based. up to the plate should europe be stepping up to the plate here or there having financial crises of their own right now but you could say that's also their own fault because you know poor institutions and poor banking systems and so what the rest of the world the poor world is suffering right now due to climate change and there's droughts going on and whatnot and it's a life or death situation. but also suffer with climate change policies i mean by definition. greenhouse gases given the close correlation to economic growth where you don't limit greenhouse gases you also limit economic growth which does have an impact in developing countries but also note to get an idea of the scope of the problem according to the international energy agency we would have to spend a whole forty five trillion dollars through two thousand and fifteen in order to have a fifty percent chance to limit global warming to two degrees celsius that's that you want it's you want school so there's really no precedent in world history diplomatic history of burden sharing
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a bed magnitude short of when you think that it's not worth doing that it's not worth it because eventually a lot of money but if this is the future of the planet that we're talking about is the future of the planet but that's a whole different can of worms i will notice that the policies do indeed have abilities in addition to and you'll occasions global warming up catastrophic global warming. effects so you can help you get away those concerns first of all i disagree with william's first statement that this it's not possible to avoid an economic downturn when you are trying to mitigate climate change we had a report from the administration the energy information destruction is waiting for to just today they came out and said it an actual policy that would require a certain amount of energy to be generated from clean renewable sources would not would have absolute minimal facts on g.d.p. between now and twenty thirty five it is very possibility that they are they talked about g.d.p. for for any idea if you pay for the united states ok so what about the developing
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countries really do need to develop their economy or should they have the exact same. you know rewrap standards that we had i guess you could say lack of standards because we've got to do with parts two things i would say first of all it is there isn't a responsibility but more important opportunity for developed countries to participate in bringing the developing countries along with us and it's not necessarily with cash it can also be with technology transfer and solar panels were created here in this country but because of the lack of federal investment or not enough of it that development is going to other countries you know we went through the growing pains ourselves as we were developing as a nation as to the european union nations and we have a lot to show for we develop the technologies that will help mitigate climate change we should be transferring those about profit to developing growth and there's no reason why we couldn't be doing that but it's going to take dedicated federal support but do you think that in a way that we would be telling other countries that you're not allowed to go through growing pains if we go back to this idea of can there be some type of
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agreement when you come up with one policy that's supposed to apply to every country in the world where we have really excellent. on the developing world clearly made their priorities parents which is getting people out of poverty is more important to them that is mitigating climate change so at the same time china is investing a lot more in green energy than we are. who's known i think they're putting us to shame in that sense you could say because solar panels may have been created here in the united states but what the hell are we doing there job around either and they're not doing it because you know it's strictly because of environmental benefits and china has made a very calculated estimate that this is going to be profitable and it's not difficult for them to arrive to the station the world knows there's a two point three trillion dollars global economy in clean energy and whoever gets there first we're going get a big chunk of it is going to reap the rewards right now we're not in first place to get that we're not lining ourselves up to be getting the lion's share of that and there's no reason why we should be as the number one economy in the world at
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least still at this point are we basically telling everyone else that nobody has to sign on to any type of global climate treaty or invest a degree energy because we haven't prioritized it i think our position is more nuanced than that are out of the obama administration but i think it's a little more than just three words like on this point they're certainly not looking for a legally binding treaty i would like to know one thing with respect to this this idea that china is competing in this is now competing with us in the supposed market for a green energy plan and five to thirty percent of. those forty two thousand and ten ten people it's about twenty five percent want to be connected to the grid they're producing no useful power there's no purpose to them so if this is the reason that we set out to women you know what are the fruits of those ways we used to use that energy wasted time wasted effort. do you construct a building one brick at a time and it's very important you have the same foundation for us for the turban talks for china's long term plans on energy which i would love for the united states to have
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a plan for the long term energy china does but the foundation for both the durban talks and china's plan is that understanding that climate change is real we have the tools and we need to use them they are doing it we are not we are styling. you that's our political reality right now and i hope that there's the ability to break through and we think that the economic benefits that are out there might be what finally brings our. attentions and the american public which is already very supportive of clean energy on board but again on this point of trying to supposedly continue something global green global research supposed race for its global clean energy supremacy they're building a thousand megawatts of coal power every three weeks certainly that would appear to be the foundation of their long term energy strategy in this country but we just had environmentalist groups that but the sira club celebrated the hundreds the hundreds heading off the court the building of a coal fired power plant in this country so if you're going to follow the chinese model then by all means we're going to start building code for china also has
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a actual limitation on carbon emissions which we do not. say a voluntary or not a voluntary mandatory limit so you know they they are setting up the stage for them to have a unit of time is willing and basically they said as well is that they're willing to have actual rules imposed upon them and everybody agrees to these rules and we seem to not be on board other countries also seem not to be on board and i have to wrap it up unfortunate thank you for joining me but by the looks of this it tells me that you know care is going to expire and karen is going to go nowhere and i think that's really unfortunate i wish that that was the case thanks so much for joining us. i still have a shell right there on the that says that he has his own private army i tell you it is hard to assign a war if i didn't have the hour here in paris his body. and i phone siri takes a stance on a portion of the effort. into it only when there was. a pretty justice or. i
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have a right to know what my government want to know why i think taxes. i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story in a scene so you think you understand it and then you look something else here see some other part of it and realize that everything is just you don't. think.
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it's. welcome to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. the police. what a protest nobody seems to know. but never a proper straight face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic
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. are guys in cyprus nights to all time award and nights it goes to new york city mayor michael bloomberg for the last couple of months bloomberg has taken a break from outlawing smoking and cracking down on trance bats and unleashed the full weight of the n.y.p.d. against the peaceful protesters occupy wall street and so far the n.y.p.d. has arrested hundreds and hundreds of those protesters. you. thank you thank you. thank you. and also being caught on video becoming violent with the protesters with everything from batons to pepper spray after all who can forget the original occupy wall street occupy wall street pepper spray incident which came before so many others. i
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. would say. here. where you are right. there are and most recently the n.y.p.d. isn't responsible for censoring the media during their late night eviction of psychotic park. thank you thank you. i'm cross. the coke now according to bloomberg that was actually for their own good it was protecting the press not trying to make sure that as a vixen wasn't reported on properly but last night mayor bloomberg when speaking at mit well he just kind of laid out his beliefs about his relationship with and
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i.p.t. he said quote i have my own army and then my p.t. which is the seventh biggest army in the world i have my own state department much the foggy bottom is annoyance we have the united nations in new york and so we have an entry into the diplomatic world the washington does not have. wow there's all appa say seems to me like bloomberg is getting a little bit too big for his britches it's almost as if you think that he runs his own little country and his blatant disregard for the first amendment seems to reaffirm that you so i've got some news for you bloomberg new york city is still a part of the united states freedom of assembly and freedom of the press still apply to you and guess what that is why bt is not your personal army it's a police force that is paid for by the taxpayers to protect them the people not carry out your will whatever happens to be that day looking at how they've been treating people lately seems like maybe your twisted logic and way of looking at the world is actually getting to that king bloomberg says a victim we have picked no matter who gets hurt across as i despite the fact that
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we police are also the ninety nine percent so mayor bloomberg for thinking that the n.y.p.d. is your own personal army and not meant to be different people protectors of excuse me the people of new york are factors you are tonight's to a time where. if not for happy hour and join me this evening as r.t. producer jenny churchill and kevin glass managing editor of town hall thanks for joining me guys. we've got quite a few stories today and so first we're going to start with some ads that are coming out in a few communities in the united states and this comes from the yahoo's ministry of immigrant absorption and basically it is in hebrew there is going to have to watch
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it and then we can discuss it actors local bodies watch. the. so basically the grandparents they're asking their granddaughter what homey is it today and she says christmas obviously as you heard and they look really upset and then the final title card reads them return to israel so are they trying to kill the jews when you say i mean this obviously shows me that netanyahu has no idea that christmas is basically no longer a religious holiday in america i mean we've got a man who just has not been a big red suit and says how. it's just a sign to buy presents for people and go shopping like he's waging his own little war on christmas here you know going up parts of the game on that he. can't because
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they totally support him conflict of interest or you do jeffrey goldberg at the olympics group you know why is that yahoo going after these american jews when you know the united states is obviously the largest supporter of israel in the world and he came out with this in another ad about. intermarriage between israelis and american jews kind of stoking a little fire is about assimilation into the american culture and. i think that to something that's ridiculous too because everybody knows the hanukkah's cooler anyway since eight days they have hanukkah harry so many guests so this is kind of may give them a dollar present case you might get a present every day like the giants but this last longer well you get a president for eight days that's often and eight nights in a row you have to spend with your family i have to say. but i love i love my family and i get them. so i think if anybody out there has
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a new i phone that you've heard of siri or you have siri but you probably heard of her regardless she talks to you you ask her questions and answers here is a little that inspiration. what is the meaning of life. i can't answer that up next time try very hard playing which doesn't happen. once again what is the meaning of life. try. and try but it's been really fun to see what people can come up with in terms of the types of answers that syria will give you but now it turns out that syria very hard for actual opinion when it comes to abortion if you ask her in new york city and say abortion clinics for this tell you that i didn't find any if you ask here in washington d.c. she won't direct you to planned parenthood but to suggest that you pay a visit to the first choice of ins health center which is an anti-abortion
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pregnancy crisis center but she will try to tell you where to find buy agra hospitals where you could see if you have your actual lasting for more than five hours places you might be able to score marijuana and where to dump a body. really if you like there's a little bit of a silly story kind of making something out of a technical error that apple's overlooked i mean robots are perfect let's fix it and we're getting a little bit was a robot is good brainwashed to not tell you where to get to where you were getting a little bit of an over reaction from conservative groups saying this is great this proves that apple is pro life or something but apple is not some big evil conservative corporation they're not koch industries this is obviously a programming glitch that you know apple didn't foresee coming and will likely be affected in the next why it was something i thought that were the case then i read somewhere that someone asked their siri siri why are you antiabortion and it
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responded i just am. syria. i think it's counterintuitive i mean they got if the rise of the machines is coming you would think that syria would be all about abortion because it means that humans are dying like i mean i think it would be in her benefit for there to be less humans on the planet. believes in life or conception then you know that's something i mean i don't want to get in there and i think i kind of just accidently alluded to something that i didn't mean to but i mean my point is that we have to laugh about syria and the stuff that she says while we can before the robots. well let's move on to the j. edgar movie here's a little clip of it. it's my belief that when a man becomes a part of this you must so conduct him so as to eliminate even the slightest possibility of criticism as to his conduct just told somebody like frost i want you to meet when you're. young you. ok so there's
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a lot in this movie alluding to his homosexuality and the f.b.i. is really upset about that actually the bill brennan former agent and chairman i don't mean. foundation said i don't know anyone who's not extremely upset it's not only because of our admiration for him it's the fact that it's just not true if it were true be the worst thing in the world but don't do that to the poor guy wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to do that to the poor guy. and i'm. you know i think. it's a little i feel a little sympathetic to their argument because you know the washington post story on the noted that major historians can't find any hard evidence of homosexuality this is something that obviously has been not that well. you know there's only been rumored. for a long time but never confirmed by anybody he simply i mean not simply but he had
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a very close relationship with a man who was his number two for most of his life and that led to obviously rumors innuendo and i agree with you to a certain point but at the same time there are serious rumors that been floating around for years that he was homosexual so then if you make a movie about his life and you completely leave that out i think that's totally unfair and on representative of reality they said it could be good you know they're going to there's a little bit of a heavy hand in the movie about the insinuation doesn't it i don't have to wrap it up i guess we could leave you with a clip on newt gingrich i think his weight on a number of quick. the best one though is my hope was find i have an annual physical i should lose weight everybody who knows me told me i should lose weight they're all correct i just find a really hard to lose weight god wanted me to be there or not is still that's what . i was i say new i see what you're saying there is a term for
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a large homosexual man we've got it for you guys thanks for joining me live from ny so thanks for tuning in thanks for the come back tomorrow i'll be out by christmas for the alchemy filling in for me and david sirota is going to be on the show to discuss how that help might be a national security threat meantime become a fan of us on facebook and twitter is going to dot com slash the water sale and clear thanks to his hands. whether it's life in the fast lane. or slow but anyway. since alongside muslim are. science and
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technology. the diversity of this land elicits. r.t. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then even something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you


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