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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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we'll hear from our viewers in tonight's so intel and despite all the talk of dangerous muslims living in the united states turns out we should probably be more wary of a different religious group or hospital all out with david sirota when we come back . to the east reckoning. with a contest that nobody seems to know. but never a pepper spray to face but hardly argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for is it you understand it and then something else here's
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the other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm charging welcome to the big picture.
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mr. time now for so intel and i program last time we discussed the bloomberg report which details seven point seven trillion dollars in secret loans that the fed doled out to the banks in march of two thousand and nine they turned around and made a cool thirteen billion off so frank had been stronger if congress would have known the truth about the signs of the federal reserve loans to us thanks i'm going to produce a producer patrice in a sense a to find out what you have to say. the stated goal of dodd frank was to make sure that the financial collapse of two thousand and eight could not happen again and
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while the bill did impose regulations requiring largest banks to be able to survive a thirteen percent unemployment rate another twenty one percent drop in home values and fifty two percent loss in stock markets they did not address the concept of too big to fail leaving the banks larger than ever but if the federal reserve had not kept quiet about the seven point seven trillion dollars in loans totaling half the u.s. economy we might have seen how unsound the banks really work so what dr frank had been stronger than it is today him davis said congress did not want to know the truth they were sucking the system and barely came had time to come up further baboo for said god frank should have been more harsh these bankers need to be sharing a cell with bernie made up now kill lawyers said it would have made and it would have made any difference the majority of congress serves the big banks putting on a kooky show for the citizens it was interesting to mention due to the seven point seven trillion the fed quietly loaned to banks before dodd frank the banks made
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a thirteen billion dollar profit and now they're complaining that crime is have made it harder for them to loan money to americans the very people who bailed them out. and as always we appreciate your responses and here's your next question for earlier in the show we spoke about occupy wall street protesting democratic functions cross the country from an obama fundraiser last night in new york city plans to protest the ploesti fund raiser in washington d.c. so do you think it's a good move for us to be protesting politicians who have expressed support for their movement let us know what you think on facebook twitter and you tube and your nose your response just like making me. believe it's a congressional republicans are really buckle down and fight for the things that are important to them keeping taxes low on the wealthy and shilling for the oil industry and the fight over the keystone pipeline is no exception after tens of
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thousands of people flooded into washington d.c. over the past several months in protest the obama administration has delayed its decision regarding the construction of the keystone pipeline but the republicans are on it they've come up with a workaround yesterday republican senator richard lugar lugar proposed a bill that would override the obama administration's review of the social and environmental impacts of the pipeline the bill would put an end to the state department reviews of the trans canada can start building the pipeline a.s.a.p. it would require the obama administration to approve the pipeline within sixty days and put a stop to for the review but i think about it is that while trans canada agreed to reroute around the nebraska sand hills now we're actually agreed on what the new route would be no one knows how significant it will be where it will go so the republicans want to force obama to give the oil company is stamp of approval on good faith because we all know how trustworthy multinational oil corporations are so not only would the bill simply go around all of the proper reviews of the state
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department it would make sure that all of the thousands and thousands of people who stood up against the pipeline are farmers and landowners the environmentalists are silence so thank senator lugar for once again choosing the welfare of oil companies over that of the american people. and relations between the united states and pakistan think to have reached a new low that this after nato forces absolutely killed at least twenty four pakistani soldiers now pakistan is taking action taking us aircraft out of the country and closing off supply routes the relationship between the two countries is already rocky after the u.s. troops in the raid to capture and kill osama bin laden now the pakistani prime minister warns there will be no more business as usual with washington so our ties between the u.s. and pakistan on the brink of breaking our correspondent in a fortnight takes a closer look at that strained relationship. relationships are never easy but when it comes to the partnership between america and papa stan the sugardaddy of this
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geo political alliance has turned out to be islamic most dangerous friend in a post nine eleven world pakistan joined forces with the u.s. in the war on terror receiving roughly eighteen billion dollars in return over the past ten years yet hundreds of civilians have been killed in u.s. drone strikes targeting terrorists most recently nato had to admit it killed two dozen pakistani soldiers. this said protesters onto the streets of islamabad torching an effigy of president barack obama burning american flags and demanding an immediate divorce from its american partner this is hardly the first time the pakistani sovereignty has been written by the united states is not the first time the pakistani citizens united states and
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its allies it seems to be the case now the united states regards pakistan as a kind of free fire zone in which. to abuse the country from three with no need for a poet your address nido has called the incident tragic and an intended promising to investigate the killings the pakistani government has demanded the u.s. viki in air base used for drone attacks it's also closed a vital u.s. military supply route to afghanistan a third to half of all supplies that go to the nato forces go through pakistan so this is going to have a major impact there's no question about it the biggest rift between the two countries came six months ago when the u.s. violated pakistani sovereignty to assassinate osama bin ladin we've lost perspective because people now fear the united states because we're like a drunken person will go to war anywhere if you threaten us but now stands prime
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minister has come out and said there would be no more business as usual with washington there are two clear choices pretty problematic historically speaking either to expand the war and i'm going to parkland or one of the front is not going to be a door it can be good with world war and war and wanting everyone. to sense has been america's main ally in the region for decades but constant abuse of the partnership by the u.s. has driven a wedge between the two many believe that pakistan's case highlights that a u.s. bearing gifts well later stop at nothing to get what it wants marine upper nile artsy new york. just ahead on this hour one zero p. presidential candidate proves that he has a big press problem details in tonight's time segment and on town for happy hour jon huntsman's daughters are carrying
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a new tune and the department of justice souter's pretty neat anti-piracy videos all the right. internet only. if you go to bring justice or. i have a right to know what my government would want to know why i pay taxes. well i would characterize them as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then something else other part of it and realize that everything is. part of the big picture.
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the police the read anything. protesting nobody seems to know. but never
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a proper spray to face the argument that they're being overly dramatic. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're giving it to one of the republican presidential candidates mitt romney often comes off as the adult in the room out of the g.o.p. candidates for president but this impression doesn't come from his time in front of the media because he doesn't really talk to them outside of the debates but romney did make an exception for fox news and brought their earlier this week when fortunately his one on one interview during special report was special for all the wrong reasons check out his response to brett on the topic of immigration. they
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should not be allowed to stay in this country and be given permanent residency or citizenship merely because they come here illegally what is there were gingrich is saying there's no i don't you don't want it i can't it isn't i can't tell you what speaker gingrich is so you can call it aggressive but what if he's going to do what i believe he said he was going to do it but i don't know whether they would be a quiet here or with the applied by going home i think i've said the past i think it makes more sense for them to go. romney gotz ripped up quite a bit but he was so upset after the interview was over that he complains repeatedly throughout their about his line of questioning. you thought it was overly aggressive. you know he said it was overly aggressive he did well and as we were walking the walk and talk and then after we finished the. holding room and then came back and said he he didn't like the interview and thought it was a uncalled for. yikes and keep in mind romney was complaining about
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a fox news interview imagine if someone who wasn't the mouthpiece of the republican party the one on one so sorry to break it to you mitt but that's what this is a job of the press is to grill you on your stance about important issues like immigration you've got to be able to value for your actions even if you are the ultimate flip flopper and like i said before romney could be just a little rusty as he hasn't dedicated much time to answering any questions from the press this time around recordings of having to impose he hasn't found down with a washington newspaper since june of two thousand and seven and he hasn't given any in-depth interviews with magazines like time or newsweek which he did quite often in two thousand and eight and he also just totally ignores the sunday morning chat shows he is quite adamant in his refusal to answer the questions of the press check out how he blows off this reporter when he was greeting floridians. we are still to discover what will syria most likely going to let you know what i do people go to the bridge was our an argument for
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a good search it was the only answer right now there is a thorough answer how much just a straightforward answer on anything and it's important to note and it doesn't give press conferences every day the last one was on november twenty third turns out romney has become so good at avoiding cameras and microphones that he's forgotten how to answer the presses questions were darla's this is going to be a big problem down the road if he actually intends on being the republican presidential nominee so for thinking he can win the primaries just by shaking hands and looking good and not giving interviews on his intentions and his agenda mitt romney is tonight's tool time winner. already time now for happy hour joining me as lauren lyster host of capital account of here right here on r t and of course jim hansen retired special operations
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master sergeant and military blogger at black five dot net all right guys lots to talk about tonight lots going on so washington cops raided a store right here in d.c. i think it's called capitol hemp this was back in october and during that raid they said even the they didn't really like it was called ten rules for dealing with police according to police it's a store that you know is in a store that promotes that promotes the use of drugs but the d.v.d. became a tool in their mind for deceiving law enforcement i want to show you guys a d.v.d. . well regroups the outside closes the door behind what seems to be a problem you just need to do a required routine check now everything's ok inside if you go ahead and let us take a look everything's under control officers i know your boat is doing their jobs but without a search warrant i can't let you inside. all right so what do you guys think is
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knowing your rights equal deceiving law enforcement but i think knowing your rights in a bomb shop is suspicious that's what this is about this isn't a bomb they were saying that i was a problem denying thought in there and i agree that you know i have always err on the side of you know citizens that you shouldn't police brutality is a problem police overstepping their rights is a problem but i think to equate this with deceiving police with having responded with this video is a little bit disingenuous because the way that a bomb child was killed you would bomb. excuse me this was a water pipe shop where there's smoke there's little tobacco it was. perhaps by the way is used in clothes and other items that there was and if it had been gongs it's gone and pipes for the bottle and regardless of where the d.v.d. was it was about personal rights individual rights the bill of rights foundations of our democracy bottom line. they put this in an affidavit as
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a reason to suspect people yes or no that was absurd and it was conspiratorial in there and i mean to make that jump in logic is like just absurd but i also think that to make the jump or not if this is just about this d.v.d. and knowing your rights i think it's a little disingenuous but the point in the affidavit. if it was no one on the d.v.d. being in a bomb shot it was about the d.v.d. also being. in your rights about the second amendment you know let's go with bones who does the cops take that and use it against the bone shark owners now ok. ok. i think that's a little strange let's move on now let's move on to a church in kentucky this one really gets in the search band in a racial couples from being a members of the church participating in services other than funerals these new rules came a while back after a woman who was a member of the church her black fiance she played the piano he's saying the pastor
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got me out let's hear what you have to say. thanks klaus worried rivera p.s. i fear it's a nice right to worship. all right so this is two thousand and eleven it's a small town in kentucky. but this pastor has banned in a racial couples from becoming members and participating in services yes i'm sorry they didn't even say it was about god they were like this is not about salvation this is about making everybody comfortable or something like that so it's not even about their stance on religion it's about being racist. pastors a jerk the people who stood up for jerks put in america we have a long history of rights about that we have freedom of religion if you want to go to a kooky church you can go president obama's kooky pastor so that the government invented very genocide against people of color and all these you know you want to users the church because this one if you're in a racial couple you can just follow it and it's legal it's just stupid well and you
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know what their pastor ok. out of this but the reality is that there is this is kind of like a glimmer of hope story because there are about nine people voted for this proposal so there were nine people that voted for and evidently like one hundred have been outraged at the fact that this is going on so that it's a good sign that people are on the right side i think it's also important regardless to remember that these small towns in these small churches still exist today albeit in small towns in kentucky but it is important almost churches giants and it's in chicago and there's a recess everywhere are there are races that were good and sad as it is and what i think you better think they might just get more than fifteen people to vote on a proposal in total and general guys it's music time sing along time we have a special song play for you this is from republican presidential candidate jon huntsman's daughters is beautiful daughters according to a lot of guys in this country i'll just let the song speak for itself.
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thanks. all right so these same hundred huntsman twenty twelve girls they also did a parody of the herman cain smoking they're trying to utilize social media what do you guys think about this no no i think that huntsman is just trying to pick out his daughters and this is a whole new level of it this is from third. of all on the whole song makes you cringe just going there hi jim beaudesert make it right first of all i'd like to state that i was huge justin timberlake and i really believe that the huntsman girls bring you some fresh life into his two thousand and six. nobody can bring in fact the back to the g.o.p. campaign that's impossible i mean look at that one so you think he's trying to every day you see him on the mean i mean think about it though i mean getting young
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voters to come out and vote especially for a republican after so many of them came out and vote for president obama last time around i mean don't you think i mean you use the word pimping but don't you think it's kind of smart for him to utilize his hot daughters to help get votes i didn't say i wasn't smart i just thought it was pimping them out i'm just curious jon huntsman i don't know you don't know who is but you could identify his daughters in a line for at least one that always gets the center a spot. on one all right well moving on we all know that buying pirated movies is illegal but this next public service announcement from the national crime prevention council takes that message to the next level. it's real this.
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last labor is very intense yeah i know it's ridiculous i would rather have them have a commercial on wal-mart telling them not to buy cheap goods because of child labor because i feel like that probably affects more child laborers intellectual property the last woman that you showed where they had gang violence because the crips and bloods we all know are hugely in the pirated d.v.d.'s they don't sell crack they sell pirated d.v.d.'s absolutely right so what's really behind this who loses out when pirated only these are appalling right and we all know what is behind this i'm going to say it but i mean i know we're thinking the same thing and it's not even a thought i mean hollywood is very much for any kind of anti-piracy laws hey you know they might want to throw google into this ad because google is opposed to them because of issues that it brings up for what searching would be like so it's
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a much more complex issue than gangs and child labor if only it was so flashy it's going to get funding and overwrought and really wish the government seriously would have put the graph out there and he's a lot better than drug gangs and the other people that kind of love mcgruff the crime dog i remember when he came into my third grade it's tough on crime to look at it you have to have some of these it was like an emotionally compelling race the ad that's nice m.t.v. stuff for the show. but they still have the tyler out of it that was very drab and all right as i know that alone often talks about a fox news in their war on christmas there's oppose it war on christmas and before we get to the next topic i just want to show you a little clip from a few years ago bill o'reilly's assessment on how this war on christmas is going. two years ago it's very hard to find companies that actually said merry christmas to the carpenters to their customers i should say but that has changed partially because of the factors coverage. well it turns out his war on christmas might have
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worked because the latest rasmussen survey showed that seventy percent of americans prefer stores that actually say merry christmas as opposed to the holidays now i don't know i thought about this and i don't think i notice i think if it either says sale or if there's something shiny or glimmering i go inside i don't notice but maybe this is a conscious thing maybe mary here is no. no. no no i mean you're right but but it was interesting to think about it and i made me wonder i mean is this some sort of subconscious thing that merry christmas feels a little warmer and i said i don't know i guess i'm in the minority but i think it's kind of close minded to say merry christmas people you know there's a lot of different religions a lot of different holidays that are celebrated i think that i've become much more accustomed to having happy holidays just. i think you get it done well there's definitely a large group of people who think taking christ out of christmas is important and making it a secular holiday is a viable cause i think that's why it is
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a religious holiday but the thought of the line is. in america people are seeing in places it's likely to lure shoppers you know i don't think it's about the guy in the red suit coming to town and rudolph the red nose ring. and we're not. really because this caraway you know i just thought it was really interesting that made such a difference but apparently bill o'reilly once again is winning or bill o'reilly for if we can credit ari i think we can think it's a legacy of christmas that's been around for a while yet i don't know if i can say well. thanks so much for coming on. all right and that's going to do it for tonight so thanks for tuning in and sure to come back tomorrow the wall street journal's kelly evans on the show to discuss the jobs report due out tomorrow and kristen overselling bassist and co-founder of the band ivana. studios talking about his support for the occupy wall street movement in the
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meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alone or so on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night you can catch it all on youtube dot com slash ilona show now closing the interviews as well as the show in its entirety on the sites the news that's coming up next.
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i had to go should a ten year old boy. we train him how to tell we as officers developed the orders for them so you know. we never explained to them why it's ok. most people at the point of looking down and trying to pull the trigger became constitutes a subject or. i don't remember squeezing the trigger and i am i don't remember seeing him go down all i remember is that we shall see it so. it's. on the other side are soldiers to and soldiers to the soldiers and they're trying to kill us we're trying to kill them and i just hope we face a war there's.
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nothing normal and kelly. i went to the war zone and i started seeing now i need to change. in the only way to do their job at a rival and kill another person that's why i'm applying for concerts and. oh oh. oh. let's see. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets a chant of the past such operations are all.


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