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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2011 1:30am-2:00am EST

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three. three. two three. we've long to live video for your media project revealed on our t.v. dot com. welcome back it was an hour to live from moscow these are the top stories the u.n. says the syria crisis has become a civil war with daily bloodshed resulting in more than four thousand deaths in nine months this comes as easy ramps up pressure on a country with more financial and energy sanctions. egypt is holding its breath as it awaits the results of an opening stage of its first parliamentary elections this by the fact many doubt it will bring any real change protesters are demanding the military will words step down and make way for civilian government. thousands
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of protesters take to the streets of new york to stage a labor union rally demanding jobs and economic justice delayed as demonstration comes on the back of occupy protests that swept through the u.s. for more than two months. as time for our moscow program and today focuses on the main cultural symbol of russia the bolshoi theatre which has finally been returned to its stars glory. great. soldiers looking to leave. moscow.
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hello and welcome to the must go out so in the space program we'll be exploring the magnificence of prasar theory that the six years the main stage of the historical landmark has been dark but now it's going to bring chandeliers a shining once again so joining lots of anger is as we explore the historical a magnificent building that fuses its classic original designs with modern technology states crafts and high tech facilities as the main cultural symbol of russia the poles with teens has finally returns to its glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shines proud of the years of being covered by scaffolding canvas and other buildings tiriel says it took six years and billions of rubles but finally the historic bolshoi theater is reopened to nurture showcase the present
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and future a fresh and international talent. watched by millions in russia and around the world the opening dollar performance in october was an exclusive invitation of the event as well as various political figures international celebrities and russian ballet and opera veterans the heads of milan's the skull theatre vienna state opera and nuns in scotland on opera house are among the first high profile guests to officially visit the newly reopened theater the bolshoi doesn't translate to march or grant means. the company was founded in seven hundred seventy six by russian prince peter little soft english entrepreneur. michael maddox following is a creep empress catherine the great seven hundred eighty the construction of the first day it was completed it was destroyed by fire a reconstructed several times the newly reopened main building of the bolshoi we
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see today looks exactly as it was back in eight hundred fifty six but it was open to mark the correlation of the empress alexander the second back then they quickly became not only the temple of arts but also a place where important state events were house just. after the revolution it served as a political gathering place for the bullshit party and during world war two it was bound by the nazis and suffered considerable damage nevertheless the main building happened undergone any major renovation in over a century so when it was closed in two thousand and five the building was in critical condition this really falling apart but now after restoration which ranks as the most meticulous and expensive in the history of peter the bolshoi is finally taken for business. inside the theater the entire space was stripped from the bottom up the work proved
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more challenging than expected and a series of deadlines was set and missed and budget went over the initial figure and the opening night was delayed several times so was it worth the wait and is money well spent. i think it's certainly state of the art for the former's. the reception area has been magnificently restored gives absolutely wonderful feeling that. the acoustics are very good and all. it's very encouraging to see the. city where the arts culture taken absent a major place in. public policy clearly no expense to be there to make this place state of the art one of the finest this new europe. in the stone age it's very very good to see that something very high priority there obviously way a long time you consider for a lot of effort and and it's not simply the forward shows or finagle show years
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that shows all the bravado or care itself a colorful. dancer so i think it's perfect but as a foreigner when you think of moscow it's one of the things that you think of. it's one of the most famous landmarks and so far as really interested to go inside and see what it's like to see the striking interiors with your own eyes is quite something you really feel as if you're back in the ground times of the russian empire the designs here are breathtaking hundreds of spruce which animals were imported from the austrian alps to replace those ripped out by the bolsheviks. sold decorations also remade from scratch in a specialist shop in moscow ministry. this is the the whitehall located just above the entrance of the theater over twenty billion rubles were allocated to the renovation of the theater that's around seven hundred million dollars vast sums of
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money was spent on new additions like escalators lifts hydraulics back stage as well as a complete overhaul of the structure and interior designs for frescoes in vast quantities of gold leaf where replaced and i even heard various materials were even washed with vodka and polished its girls heads. the bolshoi has been associated with ballet from its beginnings. will famous one make premiered on its three on the fourth of march eighteenth seventy seven of the staples of the bolshoi repertoire include tchaikovsky sleeping beauty and the cracker items to sell coffee s romeo and juliet agita leanne's spartacus theater is also known for its opera productions of course. oh. god. this season which is the two hundred thirty six when the boss was history teaches
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such classical performances as go to school then off common and tosca to mention just a few company tours a lot being an important source of cultural prestigious and of course are also collaborates with the world's most famous the it is. the sky is the first international gas company on the bolshoi's newly reopened main stage and an impressive exhibition of costumes and italian theater is displayed in the four years of study q that the relationship and collaboration between the two theaters has a long history in the last century our opera singers will be training at the scarlet all ballet dancers from the scala came to practice at the bolshoi and now we don't only exchange companies they work together in organizing museum exhibition. you can see all of the several dance studios that are situated in the attic space of the bolshoi concentrating is an important part of any performers life and early
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morning classes are a must to keep up the technique precision and strength as athletes in every possible way competition is right in the industry and the opening of the new season means the world's eyes are on the performers to. it's a once in a lifetime experience for me. it's. going out on to the stage and seeing it really. how big it is and how grand it is and how beautiful the restoration has been it's it's really once in a lifetime and. you know the only thing i hope is that i enjoy the experience because the pressure is on and you know i do demand a lot from myself as an artist as do all artists i feel so i hope i will be able to. enjoy it you know and really kind of basking in the in the moment the
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bolshoi is in fact a repertory theater being that it rotates a number of different productions and popular they are the first few months of the faces calendar is sold out already. is not just there it's a. coming out lights everywhere you look there are hundreds in our doors i think interior hallways well this is a rehearsal recorded in the upper levels of. we can see around her so for an upcoming performance of sleeping beauty in the performers can get used to dancing and performing in the full costume more importantly because just the full sized cidade rands the rake on the floor down say on an angle is not a. microphone
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in hands the creative staff give directions to the dances problems are eye and outs costumes sometimes it just is a staging slightly change of many children in this production everything is reversed several times and although discipline is a carriage the still a sense of excitement and joy in the air. as rehearsals are on the way backstage change groups are racing against the clock to meet very stand lines we can see the wardrobe department just look at the wonderful detail and imagination goes into these designs. hundreds of costumes a needed for each production also by hand and made to measure for each performer. it's chilly on stage area now and the first thing i notice is that the stage of the
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bolshoi is actually flat this means that the space is fully flexible here a full stage with a rake meaning an angle and intricate design has been built on top of the original floor anything can be achieved looking up and the space seems to go on for ever the flies holding a lot of scenery here the things i see a golden palace when exploring the area behind the scenes and we see the vast technical side that goes into such theater productions the whole process is like a large factory and it can look i organized chaos when a ballet or opera is in full flow. i fortunately managed to be given a ticket for tonight's performance you can still feel the excitement in the air for many including myself it's the first time they step foot inside the historic building and here it is do not disappoint. russia might be the largest country in the world but has just handful of cultural and blooms the bolshoi is indeed one of
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russia's greatest brands and being amongst the oldest most famous ballet opera companies in the world is something people of any nationality should cherish. absolutely spectacular all thoughts and really that's that's how we have left on this week's program on the recently renovated but also theater i'll see you again at the same time next week and so then for me and the rest of the crew by now.
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modern. history. dianetics. the official g.o.p. commission joins so no one called talk from the.
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video. the streets. should. lead the un says the syrian crisis has become a civil war with daily bloodshed resulting in more than four thousand deaths in nine months this comes as the e.u. ramps up pressure on the country with more financial and energy sanctions legit this holding its breath as it awaits the results of an opening stage of its first parliamentary elections despite the fact many doubt it will bring any real change protesters are demanding the military rulers step down to make way for civilian government led thousands of protesters take to the streets of new york to stage a labor union rally demanding jobs and economic justice the latest demonstration comes on the back of a protest that swept through the u.s.
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for more than two months. headlines here in our town sports next with a new tree. i know they're welcome to this ports on duty not in this culture. europa league russian side locomotive book their place in the play of stage following a three one victory over all thrown storm here in moscow. a lot of the draw sixteen european nations await their fate to find out a group opponents for euro tie in to twelfth in kiev. and joining only. god knows the right to book a place in the last sixteen of basketball's you're really. who will first well because of moscow have made it into the europa league playoffs that such
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a convincing three one victory over in the russian capital in moscow where it's needed anything but to fade to progress into the last thirty two and they did much more at the trick is a skill set in thanks to goals from my cold and calls in the other group gain on the last claim to a narrow window but i can add things to one the belgians are also through to the knockout stage so luck will play them into next time for the top scorer in the group. in the international game russia is about to find out who they will play in the group stages of the euro trying to twelve championships and a draw in clear could go a long way to determining the chances of them repeating their euro two thousand and eight semifinal run richard phillips has more. the euro two thousand and twelve championships are drawing a veneer of poland and ukraine will just go to six months to go to the event eventually gets underway on friday the draw will take place in kieve and this will be the first major event of the host nations ahead of ben holding the biggest ever
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sporting events their countries have ever seen sixteen national science will be in the hats and due to russia's impressive qualification campaign where they managed to top their group they'll be amongst the second seeded teams this is actually very important as fable avoid having to play the lights of germany italy and england all of whom have serious aspirations of winning the tournament itself a fantastic scenario to figure out the cuts men would see his sign drawn with poland sweden and the republic of ireland a group they would start a strong favorites to win however a different outlook would be if russia were to be drawn with the likes of spain creational portugal and france which would present a much tougher task to try even qualify for the knockout stages no less russia will go into friday's draw full of confidence and one former head coach who is heating says he's been impressed with how his former team of children are at the cards and
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i'm a fan of many people in our from russian forward because i have to wonder who in russia . that's why i'm happy that's why i'm happy with where they're with the qualification they made and i will be a big supporter of the russian team and of diggin then and there to pulling in and they got from god they did and they did a good job i qualify the dutchman did manage to get his turkish side to the finals but did give russia a massive helping hand by jury against croatia in his final game in charge of the turks heating can sure that russia and not crazy or go into the second part of seeded teams making for a potentially much easier draw. however the sixty five year old say is winning the european championships might actually be harder than winning the world cup of course you're depending a bit on on a draw but i tell you what you see to all the teams in europe i think quality wise it's more profound then then the world cup. in every wherever you go in in which
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what you are you will have will have three really strong opponents and excitement is certainly building here and here and those finals are getting ever closer but the opening game kicking off in just over six months time this is where friday's draw will take place here is powers of arts and russia will go into that draw income for the mood of the qualifying in style for euro two thousand and twelve points however there will be a few signs of it because perhaps men will want to avoid like the reigning champion spain and the netherlands and russia are able to get a favorable draw up the muscly held very hopes of trying to make it out of the group stages and perhaps even beyond richmond wolverine artsy here. to the hardwood now where only because i have joined moscow in the top sixteen of your league following that same to six to one victory over god on home court it was the visitors who got off to
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a strong start to finish the opening quarter twenty three twenty one ahead thanks to three point said preston shin bet only scored three more points during the second ten minutes to take a narrow thirty five thirty four lead by half time in the third quarter the house extended to a point and then never looked back in the final period holding on to their advantage chair later i thought scored for the desired side with seventeen seventy two sixty one the final score there with his victory in it's sealed its place in the last sixteen thanks to monta costa sienna. retellings meanwhile the feted on the road sixty three fifty seven this post start regroup and. unmanaged to take the lead however they too precise shots out of nineteen from behind are worth so much for the hosts to bear giving most of us a chance to take the edge late in the game allows them to improve to five wins seven games in group and advance to the top sixteen a lot so i will expand rustler. in the meantime
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another italian are three a seven match with second place for a moderate in croup c. the visitors were leading by five after the first and minutes adding one more point to that that time the italians closed in just two points making sixty five sixty seven with two minutes to go but. a crucial point to help in the drink to go through to the top sixty five victories overall. while in our game of will see partisan has taken a big step towards it after claiming a narrow win over macarthur in belgrade the hosts were led by macabre forward millen much fun to three pointers in the fourth quarter of his way take aim high trying to two points and eight rebounds. again throughout most of the time this took a grudge for their home ground to get with a seventy four seven two one victory this result leaves both sides very high chance
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of making to the stage. staying with possible where n.b.a. players are finally getting back to training with the regular season kicking off on the twenty fifth of december it's high time for professional place to start flexing their muscles but it's not all about physical strength for the players who finally reached an agreement with officials to put an end to the seemingly never ending lock out for the likes of new orleans point guard crisp all dribbling skills can first and you just can't wait to get back to action. happiest person in the world right now just to be back in the gym again a chance to work. so i'm just happy to be back in court. it's great to be back in the gym it's great for these doors just kind of come back here. we spent so many hours in here once you step right on the court it just kind
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of brings you back home so. today was a really good day just to kind of get that feeling back. here working hard in the gym and seeing. guys that i'm seen in a while it was it was a good day. let's enjoy the beauty of winter sport the camera overage and say in this era of share gashes had a competition another all out war on the snowboarding events well how competitive on the hunt cabbage dominated skating the winners and so on to five other brave ladies and then it's a spectacle to watch. it's
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great stuff and it's ok up to date no more sports news until his time had not say whether the next five not. magine assets that the phone watches show every single moment.
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