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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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the u.n. human rights watchdog agrees to send an investigator to look at abuse allegations in syria but russia votes against saying a report criticizing the government crackdown is not the full picture. germany predicts it could take years to overhaul the debt stricken eurozone and save the single currency. egypt's announcing the results of its first post revolution elections which looks like having the highest turnout in the nation's history every member of congress parliamentary election is what people in pakistan afraid they want the military out from cairo in just a few moments. international
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news in comments around the clock around the world this is. the u.n. human rights council has appointed a special investigator to look at allegations of abuse in syria linked to a government crackdown on protesters russia and china are among those who voted against the resolution which criticized damascus moscow says the u.n. report which led to the vote was not fully objective and the international community is receiving biased accounts of what's happening in the country. has more . the doubts being raised when it comes to syria is certainly coming from russia specifically on the objectivity of the report saying that this is a unilateral approach additional and biased reports about events at the un and human rights council is getting especially because it's coming from about two hundred witnesses and doesn't reflect the situation on the ground has to be said
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though that almost all of the countries if not all have expressed concerns about what's going on in syria the question here that he is race is on the process of gathering that evidence to condemn serious specially when called for tougher russian lucia on the country again if you remember this is the third meeting a special meeting held on the situation in syria and this is also right after the fresh sanctions from the e.u. just slapped on thursday on certain individuals and organizations as well as in addition to arab league sanctions which were the toughest imposed on an arab state an arab nation and russia through all of this again maintain that sanctions they are against all of those and would rather see the two sides in the country sitting down and still talking to the u.n. has called the situation on the ground a civil war saying that about more more than four thousand syrians have already been killed so it's not so much the doubts expressed as not so much to say that this is not happening it's so much questioning the legal process a process of gathering evidence in order to support tougher resolution on
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a country because in effect this is calling the international community to come up with a strong move short of a humanitarian war as we had seen in libya so once again the questions be race now on syria reminds us of the questions that have been raised before that humanitarian war was launched in libya there's no evidence to justify the humanitarian war in libya that's the conclusion of filmmaker and independent journalist. beginning of this story we got somebody. united nations human rights council and. those allegations of never been verified or check and exist have been use also as my tell you all four zero i.c.c. case against me be. a march seventeenth un security council resolution one thousand nine hundred seventy three was passed imposing a no fly zone over libya. accusations were that gadhafi bombed his own people from
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air and land use foreign mercenaries ordered the use of rape as a weapon and killed by the thousands i can prove that there was no bombing all i know is that there is no evidence of warming and so i can tell you is a man went to the united nations human rights council we see him and wish we we're on which a gear was a former secretary general of the libyan league for human rights now the libyan ambassador to burn in switzerland on february twenty five he went to the un human rights council to present his organization's allegations of crimes against gadhafi is government in that session a decision was taken to freeze libya's membership in the council he underlined the number of deaths six thousand including three thousand in tripoli alone when asked which he gear how these claims can be verified he pointed to the former rebels now libya's government as his source here where they got that information from the
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libyan prime minister that mr mahmood of the warfalla tribe was on the other side of the national transitional council was the one who gave me these numbers. yet there are still those who defend the libyan intervention like this former french intelligence officer it is very likely that some crimes attributed to their feet in this conflict were farce or exaggerated that's but. in the car that he was the terrorist was a criminal on june twenty seventh international criminal court prosecutor luis a compliment and his request for arrest warrants were more market offie saif al islam and get off his intelligence chief was granted. through the pages of the arrest warrant application most of which were redacted but among the pages open to the public were lists of articles to support the case one of which was which against every twenty fifth speech the one based on information bush or herself said he got from the empty seat but those who raised questions risked being accused of taking the side of a man seen as
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a brutal dictator already labeled by some world powers as the bad guy. international law even cheerleaders of the intervention admit tends to be sacrificed. but they would have to do something which is not politically correct i don't believe so much and. it's just a tool used in one. part of the person regardless point is simply this with such legal systems in place any claims first and foremost should be farly investigated a point he hopes will be heard before the next humanitarian war is waged. r.t. brussels. russia which is a permanent member of the u.n. security council has taken over the rotating presidency for december and moscow's ambassador to the un criticized the international approach to syria when a similar situation in yemen has only led to calls for dialogue what we don't
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understand is that. if that can be done in yemen that cannot apply to syria in syria as a mile from the outset the message which has been set up from some quarters capitals is their. help those who go into dialogue they should stop it immediately that there is no future in the arab league initiative we believe that this is something very counterproductive and this is something which has exacerbated the situation in syria but what can be a general attitude and principle is that the international community is not there to smell blood and to found confrontation but the international community is there to prevent further bloodshed and to encourage it. this is what the united nations is about this is what the security council is about. the person essentially in charge of europe's purse strings says there is no easy fix to the eurozone crisis
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and finding a solution will take years german chancellor angela merkel said the region needs a new financial union with stronger controls and debt regulations. as more. the german chancellor continued pressing on the policy currently being put forward by germany and france which are the keep winners of the euro zone and the idea is to create a fiscal union which would include all seventeen members of the eurozone and perhaps all members of the european union as well it would create more essential ization off our more control over state's delegates and more importantly over their debts and defacto the introduction of such a fiscal union it would also mean what they revise all of the european union france and germany are also calling for the introduction of tougher sanctions against those countries which can't be there bills under merkel trust that germany will not support the idea of euro bonds well all seventeen members of the eurozone would share the responsibility for these loans germany has already allocated billions of
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euros to support the weaker members of the eurozone at the same time another key players of the e.u. great britain also wants to take part in the every formation process this all comes as some of the key players of the e.u. are set to meet in brussels next week of course this would include germany and france and we're expecting that they're going to continue putting forward this policy of creating the fiscal union revising the european union treaty meanwhile tens of thousands of protesters are marched in brussels against the e.u. austerity measures these protests were organized by the three major unions and it just really shows the levels of tensions among the ordinary people ordinary europeans as the big players in politics are trying to resolve the current situation in egypt started to release the results of the country's historic elections after a forty eight hour delay it's the first voting after the february uprisings that
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toppled president hosni mubarak reports from current. here at the moment. sixty two percent of this announcement was made by being paid in economists and which means that in essence some million egyptians turned out to cast their ballots in this the first says' of voting for the lower house of parliament now women announcement was made at a press conference a huge cheer erupted from within the crowd the head of the electoral commission saying that this was the largest voter turnout in egypt in history indeed to quote him he said that not since the time of the spear was had so many people had this say in the future political direction of this country but he did admit that there had been some irregularities to not enough he says to actually challenge the outcome of these votes that serve me and that the electro officers would be looking at these irregularities in central rounds of voting now it is widely expected that the muslim brotherhood will show the strongest support base the figure being
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bandied about is some forty percent the brotherhood which was established back in one nine hundred twenty eight has set as its platform various slogans that include rooting out corruption reviving me punish me and transforming this country to democracy we saw the first i'll work and is expected to come in second with between twenty to fifty percent of what this really shows is that there is a strong is in the midst of support in these elections with the sinuses certainly representing a much more conservative islam and that is going to be really one of the hallmarks of these elections there really has been no reaction from the square as these first election results start to trickle in and this is largely because people here say that these elections are illegal they should not be happening now and they attribute the fact that there was such a high turnout to rather any illusion people have they say of actually being able to change the country so certainly here in town here they remained a very strong spirit of revolution in what we are witnessing is declining numbers
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actually turning out in the streets to protest. you don't call me always online for you with the local stories and video. some of what you find there right now. the questions they were asking. absolutely. and that's when i actually got scared a russian woman who earned her right to remain in the u.k. after being wrongly accused of spying talks about her year long battle against the british security services. fathers a lot of hunts for foreign spirits there seems to be a lack of agents in its own ranks as intelligence services seek to recruit through a code breaking game only internet. stories all available dot com a vast new wave of protests is swept through new york around twenty thousand people marched to demanding better job and economic opportunities the demonstration was organized by labor unions but the rhetoric borrowed liberally from the occupy
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movement it comes as police cleared two of the longest standing occupy camps in los angeles and philadelphia arresting around three hundred fifty people let's get more on this from robert from the occupy d.c. action team joining us live there in our studios in washington we're now seeing trade unions picking up the occupy call what does this mean for the movement now. well i think it means a couple of things first of all i think it means that our message that the political and economic inequalities in this country are unacceptable is being accepted it's being accepted by the unions and i think they're ready to become a real force for justice in america in a way that they haven't been in decades i think it means that people are willing to work in solidarity with them and their. forces throughout america are becoming prepared to become a real vector for popular power in this country. the movement needs a bit of help there and support doesn't at the moment because we're seeing that the
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longstanding camps in los angeles and philadelphia being cleared by police some would say this is just the beginning of the end now. i think that's absolutely incorrect i think it's the end of the beginning really. but the fact is when these camps have been cleared people come right back if they can't get back into the camps they go to a different park if they can't sleep they just come and assemble in the day and they continue to plan actions i think it's totally wrong headed to see this movement as something centered around living in a park it's about taking back public space and creating creating true participatory democracy and so if we're not going to occupy parks we're going to occupy everywhere and that's on your occupy d.c. website you're calling on people to sign a petition for the occupy proposal to be heard in congress but the problem is many people are saying really what is your message you seem to have a mixed message lacking in focus what are exactly the proposals you want the lawmakers there to hear. well what we asked was just to have our declaration read
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on the floor of the house in the senate we are not adopting any particular policy demands for any law right now what we're doing we're not prepared to do that we need to build the movement more we need more people in if we're even going to start thinking about proposing a legislative agenda right now we just want to say that the system in america the economic system that has allowed the one percent the wealthiest one percent to take command of sixty percent of wage gains in the last thirty years that has created the highest levels of unemployment since the great depression is unacceptable and we will do what's necessary to interrupt this system will put ourselves on the line . and we want members of congress to know that and to know that we demand meaningful powerful overwhelming change in this country not just for members of congress to listen to what you have to say but surely you want politicians to jump onto your message don't you need all the help you can get the tea party movement
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for example i know has a very different message but that's a good example where politicians have seized the moment there as it were waiting any sign that the occupy wall street movement could get that sort of political backing. i think that's precisely what we're trying to avoid there's some who say that the tea party started out as a real populist grassroots uprising but really it was a turnout machine for the republican party it didn't really come in with its own ideas it was just a way to get people out of the streets and ask for republican ideas to be passed we don't want to do that we want to become a megaphone for the people of america to stand up and make demands of their leaders right now we're not trying to elect any particular politicians we're just trying to get the world to listen to us and to understand what's going on in america today so our goal is not to be like the tea party it's to be a true authentic movement that's not just going to be in the news for six to eight months it's to be a powerful force in american politics for years and years to come good to talk to
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rob rob all of the occupy d.c. action team joining us live in the states thanks for your time. well that's how the news looks right now if you are the recap of our top stories in about ten minutes from now in the meantime it's must go out and today it focuses on the main cultural symbol of russia the bolshoi theatre which is finally being returned to its glory from the days of the. great. soldier but the illegal.
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hello and welcome to the must go out so in this week's program we'll be exploring the magnificence of both so i think it's up to six years the main stage of the historical landmark has been dogged but now it's going to ring chandeliers a shining once again so joining lots of anger is as we explore the historical a magnificent building that fuses its classic original designs with modern technology states craft and high tech facilities as the main cultural symbol of russia the bolshoi theatre has finally returns to its glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shines proud of the years of being covered by scaffolding canvas and other building materials it took six years and billions of rubles but finally the historic bolshoi theatre is reopened to nurture and showcase the present and future a fresh and international talent. watched
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by millions in russia and around the world the opening dollar performance in october was an exclusive invitation of the event as well as various political figures international celebrities and russian ballet and opera veterans the heads of milan's the skull theatre vienna state opera and london's covent garden opera house are among the first high profile guests to officially visit the newly reopened theater the bolshoi doesn't translate to marge or grand no means. the company was founded in seven hundred seventy six by russian prince peter little soft an english entrepreneur. michael maddox following a decree by empress catherine the great in seven hundred eighty the construction of the first theater was completed it was destroyed by fire a reconstructed several times the newly reopened main building of the bolshoi we see today looks exactly as it was back in eight hundred fifty six when it was
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opened to mark the carnation of the empress alexander the second back then they quickly became not only the temple of arts but also a place where important state events were hosted. after the revolution it served as a political gathering place for the bullshit party and during world war two it was bombed by the nazis and suffered considerable damage nevertheless the main building hadn't undergone any major renovation in over a century so when it was closed in two thousand and five the building was in critical condition it's really falling apart but now after restoration which ranks as the most meticulous and expensive in the history of theater the bolshoi is finally taken for business. inside the theater the entire space was stripped from the bottom up the work proved more challenging than expected and a series of deadlines was set and missed the budget went over the initial figure
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and the opening night was delayed several times so was it worth the wait and is it money well spent. i think it certainly state of the art for the performers. the reception there has been magnificently restored gives you an absolutely wonderful feeling that. the acoustics are very good in the hall. it's very encouraging to see the. city where the arts culture take an absolutely major place in. public policy clearly no expense to be spared to make this place state of the art one of the finest it's in europe. in the stone age it's very encouraging to see that something else and very high priority if there was a way the long time you consider for a lot of effort and and it's a beautiful it shows are from the bolshoi is it shows all the bravado all the
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colorful. and the dances so i think it's absolutely perfect why as a foreigner when you think of moscow it's one of the things that you think of. it's one of the most famous landmarks and so for us really interested to go inside and see what it's like to see the striking interiors with your own eyes is quite something you really feel as if you're back in the ground times of the russian empire the designs here are breathtaking hundreds of spruce wood annals were imported from the austrian alps to replace those ripped out by the bolsheviks. so decorations were also remade from scratch in a special look shop and in moscow ministry. this is the other whitehall located just of the entrance of the theater over twenty billion rubles were allocated to the renovation of the theater that's around seven hundred million dollars vast sums of money were spent on new additions like escalators lifts hydraulics back stage as
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well as a complete overhaul of the structure and interior designs the frescoes and vast quantities of gold leaf were replaced and i even heard various materials were even washed with vodka and polished this girl tells. the bolshoi has been associated with ballet from its beginnings. will famous one make premiered on its stage on the fourth of march eight hundred seventy seven other staples of the bolshoi repertoire include tchaikovsky sleeping beauty and the nutcracker adams g.'s lp coffee s romeo and juliet leanne's spartacus the theatre is also known for its opera productions of course. oh. god. this season which is the two hundred thirty sixth in the boss was history teaches such classical performances as both has gotten off common and tosca to mention just
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a few the company tours a lot being an important source of cultural for stage for the bolshoi also collaborate with the world's most famous the it is. the skull is the first international gas company on the bolshoi's newly reopened main stage and an impressive exhibition of costumes and italian theater is displayed in the foyer as possible because they're sure the relationship and collaboration between the two theaters has a long history in the past century our opera singers went to training at the scarlet dances from the scarlet came to practice at the bolshoi and now we don't only exchange companies who also work together in organizing museum exhibition. you can see one of the several dance studios that are situated in the attic space of the bolshoi constant training is an important part of any performers life and early morning classes are a must to keep up technique precision and strength as athletes in every possible
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way competition is rife in the industry and the opening of the new season means the world's eyes are on the performers too. it's a once in a lifetime experience for me i'm. going out on to the stage and seeing it really. how big it is and how grand it is and how beautiful the restoration has been it's it's really once in a lifetime and. you know the only thing i hope is that i enjoy the experience because the pressure is on and you know i do demand a lot from myself as an artist as do all artists i feel so i hope i will be able to. enjoy it you know and really kind of basking in the in the moment the bolshoi is in fact a repertory theater being that it rotates
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a number of different productions and popular they are the first few months of the faces calendar is sold out already. also is not just. lights everywhere you look there are hundreds in our doors of the year the hallways of this stage is a rehearsal room the coated in the upper levels of. we can see around her so for an upcoming performance of thinking p.c. here the performers can get used to dancing and performing in the full costs more importantly they can adjust to the full sized hands the rake on the floor dancing on an angle is not a. microphone
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in hands the creative staff give directions to the dances problems are ironed out costumes sometimes adjusted and staging slightly changed with many children in this production everything is right several times and although discipline is apparent the still a sense excitement and joy in the air. as rehearsals are underway backstage teams are also racing against the clock to meet various stand lines here we can see the wardrobe department just look at the wonderful detail and imagination that goes into these designs. hundreds of costumes a needed for each production also by hand a maid to measure for each performer. to the on stage area now the first thing i notice is that the stage of the bolshoi is actually flat this means that the space is fully flexible here a full stage with
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a rake meaning an angle and intricate design has been built on top of the original floor anything can be achieved looking up and the space seems to go on for ever the flies holding a lot of scenery here me thinks i see a golden palace when exploring the area behind the scenes you really see the vast technical side that goes into such theater productions the whole process is like a large factory and it can look like organized chaos when a ballet or opera is in full flight. i fortunately managed to be given a ticket for tonight's performance you can still feel the excitement in the air for many including myself it's the first time they've stepped foot inside the historic building and the interiors do not disappoint. russia might be the largest country in the world but it has just one full of cultural emblems the bolshoi is indeed one
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of russia's greatest brands and being amongst the oldest most famous ballet and opera companies in the world is something people of any nationality should cherish . absolutely spectacular well unfortunately that's that's how we have left on this week's program on the recently renovated ball so i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew by now.


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