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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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it washington about the medical industrial complex is takeover of health care but that is going to do it for the news have a great night and see you back here on monday. wealthy british style. is not on the. market so why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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hi this is max kaiser this is the kaiser report yes i was right hank paulson we should all know when we had a chance. stacy ever yes max keiser hank paulson is in the news i'll read the quick headline from michele locke here treasury secretary henry paulson tipped off prominent hedge funds regarding fannie mae while telling the u.s. senate and the general public a different story yes he was aiding and abetting the financial terrorist that goldman sachs but i want to roll back max to november sixteenth two thousand and eight in this appearance by you on al-jazeera and you know the global financial
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system was collapsing and they asked you what was going on and you said it was hank paulson and goldman sachs and they had issued fraudulent currencies and bonds around the world here's a little clip who's issuing a counterfeit money counterfeit bonds that's rather grab a gun there's a sense of sad should the solution is well you have to go over you have to go into account. and take passive and goldman sachs up for a financial terrorism put them in jail maybe one response to hank paulson but as far as the international global economy is concerned well max ok that's fine for hank paulson but what about the global economy as if it was different somehow from hank paulson's fraud yeah that's what people don't understand is that when thirty percent of corporate profits the as the case of the u.s. or in britain thirty percent or higher i my calculations closer to sixty percent of
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the corporate profits come from a corrupt banking sector run by capita dicaprio's like hank paulson you're not going to get any progress in jumpstarting your economy and so as i said in the video hank paulson's head is bouncing down the capitol stairs well actually let's cut to that little clip here those guys are criminals this will be a sad this is good as it infidel i probably should because it's a good balance of down the capitol steps i mean i'm. sure it was metaphorical max well look the global financial system basically you have to look at dantes seven circles of hell to really understand the magnitude and the intricacies of what we're talking about here within the deepest circle of hell is a guy like hank paulson he's literally satan's banker and he has perpetrated this insider trading he tipped people off on the inside weeks before it
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was made public by the government so couple of things become obvious a government is does the bidding of goldman sachs and hank paulson be the policies are meant to impoverish and disenfranchise the vast majority of the population to recreate feudalism in the global economy and see if the government isn't going to do anything to get rid of these financial terrorists let's dispense with this idea of who is breaking the law who is not breaking the law there is no wall except the law of street justice and vigilante law that's the law now i would rather have seen hank paulson in the compromising position we saw colonel gadhafi at the end of his days then so unlike a dollar fee who's a victim of goldman sachs and j.p. morgan. let's put let's put hank paulson through what they put gadhafi through the last minutes of his life ok we're halfway through the show the first half and we
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have yet to tell people what he's been accused of at this point so let's move on to what he's done according to a whistleblower max on july thirteenth hank paulson was telling reporters who were going to then tell the american public the voting population that fannie mae and freddie mac. must remain shareholder own and he also had testified only two days earlier before the senate that giving the government new power to intervene made actual intervention improbable that was his famous bazooka sentence he said if you have a bazooka and people know you have it you're not likely to take it out this statement caused fannie mae and freddie mac. shares to double in four days behind closed doors at a meeting on july twenty first two thousand and eight hank paulson was meeting with a dozen hedge fund managers half of whom were ex goldman sachs employees who worked with hank paulson when he was c.e.o. of the company so at this meeting held at the offices of park capital management in
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manhattan founded by eric min ditch former lee of goldman sachs he was telling them that in fact the plan was to take fannie mae and freddie mac. into government conservative ship so at the time shares for fannie mae were trading at fourteen dollars and thirteen cents and shares of freddie mac. were at eight dollars and seventy five cents so this is a perfect opportunity gave them the information which we allowed them to short the company and make huge profits that's right they were gifted. millions hundreds of millions billions of dollars as a gift and that money of course came from the public trough which we are now experiencing in the form of austerity measures so the people who are suffering austerity measures around the world because all these banks are connected people in the u.k. people in america around the world greece ireland they are doing so to pay for the
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gift that paulson gave his cronies by violating the law by manipulating markets by threatening this bazooka analogy and if he if a paulson a private banker gets to threaten the public with a bazooka. it's actually got his own drones that he's operating financial drones that mere gadhafi ending i suggested would be too good for hank paulson let's take the bazooka instead of the stick on paulson well this whistle blowing fund manager who spoke to the press anonymously left after coffee with hank paulson and called his lawyer the attorneys quick conclusion paulson's talk was material nonpublic information and his client should have immediately stopped trading the shares of washington based fannie and mclean virginia based freddie however the other guys we
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don't know whether or not they traded fannie mae or freddie back shares we'll never know because of course obama and eric holder are always looking forward not back well we do know all the trades that are recorded that go across the ticker tape except of course trades that are conducted in these so-called dark pools off exchange trades block trades that are done completely in the dark outside of any regulation and that's why they exist to conduct fraud on a massive scale paulson of course was one of the creators of the system were fraud can be conducted on these industrial levels and again i submit to you that in the pantheon of individuals pol pot hitler stalin. hank paulson who's committed more economic mayhem who's the biggest mass murder when this when this crisis is over in five years or six years the number of bought
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the body count will exceed the worst tyrants in history thanks to hank paulson well i think in fact you're can compare them to the gangsters of the twenty's and thirty's they brought terror to the communities they got away with it by the way they have the support of the local communities the likes of al capone and lucky luciano had the support of the communities because they used to bring turkeys around to the desperate populations who were unknowingly victims of these gangsters they had fewer opportunities in life because of these gangsters but because the gangsters gave them a free turkey and seem to take care of the people when they needed it they allowed these gangsters to get away with it and now look how gangster hank paulson was because the takeover of fannie mae and freddie mac. was effective september sixth a saturday normal people don't trade on saturdays do they but these gangsters are allowed to trade on saturdays and the company's stock prices dropped immediately below one dollar the following monday yeah well again the markets are close but if
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these off exchange activities are happening huge volume the volume and the dark exchange the off market is greater than the visible market so it's like the galaxy in the cosmos itself some speculate that the dark matter and dark energy is greater than the visible world that we live in this is true of the financial frauds on wall street the amount of frauds greater than what we see on a day to day basis hank paulson is kind of like the einstein of fraud he's taken the entire concept of breaking the law and multiply it times a coefficient of his own corrupt soul he's satan time satan well i saw this word bazooka in the headlines again and you know that goldman sachs bankers have been installed to governments as technocrats throughout europe. well here's the headline also on michelle blocks global economic analysis website german finance minister says big bazooka not ready would not stem crisis even if it was
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plans to intricate and complex for investors to understand so according to what gang shall bull germany's finance minister i remember hank paulson was finance minister when he used the phrase big bazooka europe's big bazooka bailout fund is not ready and won't stem the debt crisis that is pounding italy and the rest of europe this suggests to me that in fact wolfgang schauble is meeting in private with goldman sachs bankers and telling them to short the heck out of europe right now because the plan is to pull the rug out from under them what we saw that in the greece an area remember john paulson the hedge fund manager was in greece in athens shortly before the crisis to a cold there and was meeting with the government and instructing them on how he was going to rip that country down using massive short sales so this financial terrorism using weapons of mass financial destruction to destroy colonies and impose austerity measures is now taken to
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a much wider level they want to take down the entire euro zone so this is why all these people who are suffering joblessness who are starving to death they can point to hank paulson as the originator of their dress well if past is prologue look for the eurozone to collapse on a saturday no banks will be open for a bank run but all the big guys taken all their money out for sure now a final headline here max and this involves the heart of all the fraud where it all was dumped was in the mortgage it all happened in the mortgage crisis and we've just been talking about a whistleblower who is attending this meeting with hank paulson foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead a notary public who signed tens of thousands of false documents in a massive foreclosure scam be. for blowing the whistle on the scandal has been found dead in her last vegas home i want to say that the firm that she worked for was a florida based process and company used by most major banks to process repossessions
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police said at the time the alleged scam had thrown into question the legality of most los vegas home foreclosures of the past few years so here you have whistleblowers who just end up dead anybody who could expose any of the information that is material and could be used against the likes of hank paulson paulson a whack their butts and tracy lawrence tracy lawrence got away by paulson's minions well like i said before it reminds me of the twenty's of the thirty's any sort of witness who came forward who whistle blew on al capone or lucky luciano or gal boney's or any of these other mafia families in america they ended up dead always exactly right this is why we are saying this is a matter of life and death to hank paulson's the world we need to do something about them thank you stacey for being on the kaiser report thank you max don't go away much more coming your way so stay right there.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom our market is a big issue. well with. technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future are covered.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to go to iceland talk with yon thorstad of the hildy institute doris and welcome back to the kaiser report oh your guys are excellent so yeah who is eva jolie and why is an institute named after her it was really. for marie oh investigative judge from france and she came to iceland in two thousand and nine to take part in the investigation into the fall and banks i think she was a great inspiration for a seat in iceland you know see as somebody who. stands up for democracy freedom and transparency and has been fighting corruption. for the last thirty years based on her and we decided because she has now left the investigation because of her up because since in france and we decided that we wanted to keep her inspiration and build on it and. so we have set up this institute with the aim of fighting for
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these issues worldwide i let me ask you some of the bankers responsible for the collapse of the icelandic banking system have international warrants for their arrest they live in chelsea in london and yet the u.k. has not executed those warrants at the same time of course the u.k. was adamant about clawing back ill gotten gains through the icelandic i save account they seem to be duplicitous as the i.m.f. in this regard but here you have international warrants out for arrest for as slanted bankers they're living in chelsea execute these warrants have not been executed what's going on london actually is. you know the most secretive whole financial capitals of the world i mean it's the biggest talk so oh i don't think it's in the interest of the finest sector to to address to any bankers or to get behind what's actually has happened and. there's no difference between the banking
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system in the u.k. or in iceland except for the fact that the icelandic system actually went bust because there wasn't a couple of the funds to to prop it up well it's amazing because in the u.k. a couple of months ago they were hit with a wave of street riots from looters as they were called by david cameron and yet he does nothing about looters that are looting billions of pounds and he lets these financial terrorists give them safe harbor and the city of london which has become kind of the the the in one place where these banking as charlatans can get protection from a david cameron now in the united states there been no equivalent investigations into the banking sector and so majority of the population still view is the criminal syndicate running the banking sector as quote wealth creators now in your investigations into banking fried did you find any evidence that these bankers that are committing the frog are creating wealth it's difficult for me to talk about
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specifics about the in the investigation but i mean i think it's apparent to everyone that the banking whole banking sector is well out there you know to quote william black you know where he says that the banks are criminal organizations we're in a situation where they're to rescue the patient to reveal itself you know i think it's a parent's job to put it that the system has nowhere to go and that we really need to think new thoughts oh and do things in a different way but everything that's being done so far is simply trying to revitalize an already corrupt and bankrupt system. and it goes for the bones and it goes for so many other things in order to sort there's no way we can continue on that route we're on right here on the air the i.m.f. is claiming that iceland is the poster child for their policies that's clearly a lie but we would expect that from the i.m.f. but other countries like ireland and greece are being subjected to banking
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terrorist acts is there any any communication between iceland and greece or in ireland about experience sharing knowledge and experience about trying to protect yourself against the onslaught of these of these financial terrorists no not that i know of but i know that there are ideas that on tuesday night that you know there would be a good idea to share experiences with both oil and grease and with some of the older clients of the i.m.f. produced as in south america or constantine are an expert or who have. gone down in the group and are truly decided not to pay or food and. the only argument out but why is there no communication because you have a global movement this occupy movement which is at one point had a thousand cities around the world they're all basically fighting the exact same fight that iceland has been fighting that greece is fighting that ireland is
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fighting yeah have articulate mouthpieces like naomi klein who's on television a lot she's clearly knows what's going on and yet there's no global effort or a central place in which to create an onslaught back you know to push back in any economically reasonable forthright manner it seems completely jumbled what why is that why i mean iceland has been got hammered by banking terrorists by can't think why is that message not getting out into other countries as to how they can protect themselves or what's the problem there i think people are you know we can go to to reality of the situation and nothing. the occupy movement shows that it is on relatively new. you know this mobilization is just a few months old and i mean it took thirty years to get us into the position we're in now and it's going to be a slow process going back. but i think it's
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a very very good idea to make a global movement where that is actually a conflict between people from different countries so that the consumer experience is well i hear you that there's a process that needs to take place in terms of people waking up but if if if people get raped financially speaking i would think they would be pretty awake about the crime that was just committed i know that in in ireland for example they threw out the embassy in the irish embassy was removed from the vatican and. because of the catholic priest pedophile scandal it finally went too far and the arab people said we can't support this any longer and they pulled their embassy out of the vatican they were quite ashamed by that now the fact the i.m.f. is doing the same thing to the financial system as these pedophile priests are doing to the religious system so i mean there's got to be an outrage i don't understand it i mean is it my of my own thought is that underneath as working as
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a stockbroker myself for many years i know that one of the keys in understanding these crimes is that the victims of financial fraud like in iceland or ireland or greece they tend to blame themselves is this the case to the icelandic people blame themselves for having been financially raped by the i.m.f. and others you know one of the problems we have or no one do not think this goes for many other countries as well is that the press is not you know it reporting on what's actually going on what the what the reasons are. actually has been going on in the banks is not as good as one could wish and i mean i think in iceland as in many other places there's there's the we call it through there plus plus plus plus cream food and this was launched by we want to be one of the bankers that one of the reasons why the economy was in this situation was because people had spent too much but you know public tucked in iceland worse for the. when that when
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they went almost something like ten times i was on the g.d.p. and the a private debt was only a tiny fraction of that but this is a story that we're being you know fed with the you know it's the general public that's to blame rather than the banks themselves and the fire and the financial sector but i think that's a good point because just in the past week in the united states for example we saw during the so-called black friday day after thanksgiving there is a surge of shopping or some people died there was the mass rioting because then the government loves that the u.s. government is out there supporting this unruly rioting homicidal behavior to get it to get that latest gadget at the wal-mart but at the same so they support consumerism but at the same time the banks are creating these ten to twenty times g.d.p. and off balance sheet debts they can't ever possibly be repaid the same mixed message and i saw it as
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a way of telling me they're saying that the consumers caused the crisis in one breath even though the solution for the out from the i.m.f. is to get consumers consuming again without ever paying any attention to the real problem was that the banks are fraudulent nightmarish psychopath change doesn't come from above change comes from people it's because suits them it's the or the new people both of any society that make the changes but i mean i think we have to be patient i mean i think that are a lot of positive things that have been going on i mean the occupy movement this one people are waking up to this new reality that we are actually living in it is going to think it's going to take a while for people to you know go to their thoughts and come up with new ways and new ideas on how to organize and i think it one of the key issues is democracy is the only way we can you know take a poem from the politicians as given. let me ask you the the icelandic krona and
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the economy collapsed and now icelandic economy is coming back. and the rating agencies are upgrading icelandic debt so for those in greece and ireland his say that if they were to pull out of the euro and there and their bonds would collapse nobody would ever buy their bonds again that's not true is it the eyes of the government has issued bonds recently and it went really well but i think perhaps you know you have to have to rethink this this whole thing i mean why you shouldn't the state itself create its own money. why should it have to go on to the internet and national market and pay interest on money that it created out of thin air by the banks that are lending the money you know the state can issue its own currency well i slow and nationalize the three biggest banks is that still the case where no they were not nationalized one of the banks is majority of the shares is owned by
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the i was not expose the state but the other two banks are no in the and so. forth and butter fronts i mean they bought both the claims on the banks for you know cents on the dollar right after the crash and they are no being used to banks or not being controlled by these foreign elements ok so you have a foreign entity had funds from abroad controlling two of your banks is there any initiative within the government or any policy to try to rid yourself of these vultures no i mean you know this is the market solution and i mean obviously these people aren't in you know in the business for the long run i mean there's i mean they missed this too much to most it is turn on the road on the james and it's going to well they have increased in value by by something between thirty and forty percent i believe right but at presumably within that is the seed for yet another cycle of overindebtedness and and the financial crimes being committed again so you
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haven't rooted out the cancer in other words no i mean what happened was that the. banks they took over came some icelandic house owners oh at a discount they are being came to the full price. so there's a lot of money to be to be earned here and there is no i mean the government has said that is no way there would be any any sort of purely for forward the overall for homeowners all right yeah there are certain that's all the time we have thanks again for being on the kaiser report thank you. that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey everett our thank my guests thorson of the goalie as it you can follow us on twitter or on facebook just look for kaiser report you can send me an e-mail at kaiser report at r t t v dot are you it's all next time next guys are saying bye i'll.
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