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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EST

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six. results of egypt's parliamentary elections first and that are due to be announced later today off and historic turnout was announced in cairo in just a few moments. russia votes against the u.n. human rights council passes a motion condemning violence in syria saying the report does not give the full picture as partial and politicize the council is just an investigator after a good resolution was approved. now a way out of germany's angela merkel admits europe's debt crisis is here to stay as leaders pin their hopes on yet another last minute deal to stave off a financial meltdown. and a legal loophole in the u.k.
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allows thousands of foreign criminals to stay in the country convicted rapists murderers and peta files use it to skate just punishment and. you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow it's eleven am here on marina joshie egyptian officials say turnout for the opening round of parliamentary elections has been the highest ever in the country quote since the pharaohs and the announcement follows a two day delay in publishing the and the result still failed to pay a full picture well the vast majority of candidates now set to go into iran off well it's now crossed to be your who's in egypt is following the story for us there so paula the turnout has been announced but not the results so when can we expect to know more. well we've learned from the military council that the results will be
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announced today saturday but this is the third time that such an announcement has been made those election results will surface post to be given on the wednesday we are also now hearing from the election commission that the votes are not they gave that stood at sixty two percent which suggested that more than eight million people turned out that that figure is under review off to some questions were raised about irregularities and the way that that percentage of sixty two was actually reached so we might expect here later today that the voter turnout is significantly lower we haven't yet heard the results of the political parties who stood in these elections but there has been a lot of talk a lot of initial exit polls and a lot of rumors that have been bandied about it does seem as if the muslim brotherhood political party the freedom and justice party will come up with a standing of between forty to forty five percent not in second position is likely to be the ultra conservative the last of your group and the latest figures we've
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had that at some thirty to thirty five percent now this is a group that has said that it will push for stricter controls in the parliament bearing of course how much power the parliament at the end of the day is given this is in line with the trend we've been witnessing across north africa that in recent months has seen islamic parties coming to the fore now what is significant about these results of the particular is that the voting at this stage was done mostly in urban areas particularly really in cairo and in alexandria so when islamic parties have such a strong showing in urban cities it does hit the stage that in the next two phases of these voting the islamists will merely continue to do as well because their hold and their popularity in those kind of areas is much higher it also sets the stage for a coalition to be formed with a significant majority in parliament who comes from islam the policies next week will see these pick and say voting the. this will be a house of parliament the stage will be in january and then there will be votes i'm
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told for the opera house of parliament the boasting that has happened so soft by a knowledge going to quite smoothly a lot of egyptians coming to the streets to actually explain this vote this is real vote in the post mubarak era. well despite what has been called a high turnout since the pharaohs there was still a lot of people boycotting the vote so what are the people's expectations especially those who aren't suffering or square. well certainly there is a significant number of egypt's ones who are against these elections most of them have been taking to the streets of the past two weeks that in months earlier this year they say that these votes are legal they say that they did not change in real reality on the ground and the rallying call in cast in the square does remain the same and that is for the wounded military to step down immediately the concern among these egyptians is that it doesn't really matter whether you hold elections or whether you change the face of the government it is still the military who are
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pulling the strings behind the scenes now today track today we do expect the announcement of the new cabinet that is being formed by the new prime minister come out all guns will read he has already made some of the cabinet at least a dozen ministers all of whom are actually ministers from the previous regime in the same portfolios this includes the same foreign minister that includes the same information minister and while they will be named who will be forming part of this government the fact that such a significant majority remain part of the previous government is just merely more ammunition for protesters in talks with square who say that nothing is changing the majority of the egyptians have been impressed by the peaceful way in which these demonstrations were handled and one of the indicators of this is the good news that has happened for the stock exchange it bounced back this past week after a force of some forty percent over the past year now investors in particular are going to be watching closely what the muslim brotherhood does and what kind of
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coalition it is slimming they will be hoping for some kind of pragmatic coalition with more liberal voices in the parliament but of course it remains to be seen exactly how the muslim brotherhood once the announcement is made that it has won these elections how in fact it chooses to move forward from there. paul thanks very much indeed for bringing us the sub date from cairo policy are there. the un human rights council has passed a resolution condemning gross violations in syria the decision is based on a recent report detailing abuses during the government crackdown on protesters and urges the broader un to take appropriate action a special investigator has also been appointed to monitor how the government copes with the unrest in the country russia and china were among those who voted against the resolution moscow says the un report which led to the vote wasn't for the objective and the international community is hearing only biased accounts of what's happening in the country. what we don't understand is why if that can be done
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in yemen that cannot be applied to serious imo from the outset the message which has been sent for from some quarters capitals is that no way to help those who go into dialogue they should stop it immediately the there is no future in the arab league initiative we believe that this is something very counterproductive and this is something which has exacerbated the situation in syria but what can be a general attitude and principle is that the international community is not there to smell blood and to affirm confrontation but the international community is there to prevent further blood ship and to encourage it encouraged this is what the united nations is about this is what the security council is about. the majority of u.n. representatives say there is more than enough evidence to leave no doubt about brutalities by syrian authorities against protesters but some critics believe moscow had
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grounds to question the international take on events. moscow is right question the conclusions in this report this report needs to be approached in the same way that a court of law would approach it with impartiality each statement needs to be analyzed and also in particular the sources need to be scrutinized and if we do that with this report that the testimonies are based on members of the syrian opposition people who have requested interest in seeing the town for president assad so i don't believe any significant should be attached to these findings and of course it's not the first time we've seen such reports we saw such reports regarding in kosovo we saw them regard in iraq we saw them regarding libya and they've all been proved to be completely incorrect. also coming up later in the program for you nailed down to the wall it's two decades since the soviet union collapsed but pressure on the russian speaking minority in
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a stone here shows no signs of easing community members say they will never give up the fight for their basic rights. what do you make of the first egyptian election since the revolution. well what do you think is the importance of it. but i do mind that this jumping over of the global hardly get away the resident asks people to weigh up the seasonal thinking shopping or world news. the euro crisis is here to stay and there's no way around it so says german chancellor angela merkel warning that it will take years to solve the blocks debt ridden economic woes her words and a growing desperation in the e.u. as weaker economies struggle against a looming defaults and made an unprecedented credit squeeze earlier the european central bank a lot of the blocks financial institutions with extra cash which are themselves being starved of money by fleeing investors leaders now pinned their hopes on
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a last minute deal at a euro zone summit next week and the hope that germany will put its economy on the line to bailout the e.u. but yeah new haven from the european school of management and technology believes that it will only happen if they give up their sovereignty to berlin. the european nations have to face either they'd like to have the european currency and by definition requires in the end to fiscal union and that requires transfer of national sovereignty. if that is something that is too far for for some countries and i think it's logical to opt out of the you know your structure i think that's what we know is she is basically it's coming to the surface the problems of the creation of the euro as a currency you know they try to fix it and actually some countries have to. faced tough decisions on there in ways that have been unthinkable so far and i'm going back to its right to point out that there are no easy fixes for the for the current
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crisis. meanwhile british pm david cameron has blasted the french and german plan for a bureaucratic make over saying their dreams are free founding the e.u. would help the situation according to robert oulds director of the bruges group policy center his stance is also hypocritical but david cameron was concentrating on the british economy in trying to get the economy moving within the united kingdom and for him to be calling for fiscal union is a great mistake the u.k. has already contributed seven billion to arland nine billion to help with greece and this is costing the british taxpayer money that is deeply unfair and something that britain can actually afford to do in the situation in britain is a great deal of debt in britain and the british government is having to borrow money from the financial markets on the one hand the british government is telling banks to loan out more money on the other hand the british economic policy is for banks not to be loaning out money and to build up their reserves so there's a great deal of confusion at all levels not only within the european union but also
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within british economic policy. in the u.k. even a murder may not provide enough of reason to the poor to foreign criminal a loophole in the law has turned the country into an asylum for many immigrants who've committed serious a fantasy artist laura smith explains the right to a family life is not an absolute right and it must not be used to drive a coach and horses through our immigration system. article eight an innocuous sounding element in the human rights act but which means having children can stop illegal immigrants being kicked out of britain no matter what they've done pull houston knows what it's like to have your family destroyed his twelve year old daughter amy was killed in a hit and run by an iraqi who was banned from driving cross and. the driver of the car the runner or. current on the corridor on the apollo the car and
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. she became trapped under the wheels of the car and. he basically fled the scene and later to die trapped under the wheels in the water car amy's killer asso mohammed ibrahim already had a string of minor convictions even before he moved her down and fled but because he subsequently fathered two children by a british woman he still lives in the u.k. it's article eight that keeps him here oddly enough it was one of these that catapulted the issue into the headlines the home secretary seizing on claims that an illegal bolivian was allowed to stay in this country because of the emotional trauma of separating him from his pets not quite true but it got people talking and noticing much more serious cases including a rapist who successfully argued asylum over his social life and a killer who lived with his parents. in may this year it was revealed that nearly
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four thousand foreign criminals were set free from detention centers because it was decided they couldn't be deported within a reasonable time among them dozens of rapists murderers and paedophiles separately last year nearly six hundred people use the human rights act to avoid deportation the vast majority citing the rights to a private and family life in the case of amy's killer a series of bungles and delays by the authorities meant that by the time ybor haim came up for deportation he appeared to have created a family despite flimsy evidence about his parenting intentions he was allowed to stay yet human rights campaigners argue britain's status as a haven for the persecuted is sacred these are very hard back hundreds of years they're they're embedded in international law you know that we have torches in the aftermath of the second world war so make sure that we always in
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a range is going to cite even those principles that we hope to hear through a grieving father like paul that's missing the point what we have a special we are human rights acts we have criminals terrorists. drug dealers or use and human rights acts as a shield to hide behind and. contra. genuine asylum seekers and also a kind of body house but what we don't want to see is we don't see people abuse and what's wrong i think not what needs to be addressed amy was pulls only child he now lives alone spending his time campaigning against article eight and wondering why the rights of his daughters immigrant killer outweigh his own laura smith r.t. . that's over now to our website or to dot com where the latest news comments and videos are just a click away so here's some of what's waiting online for you. miss your rights are
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no longer a threat to russia as it launches the space to fans troops their main focus remains on earth with an all seeing eye turn to u.s. missile defense system in europe. and ahead of the coming parliamentary elections in russia we invite you to try your a walk to debate online game or past a power start here on our. campaign closes. the people prepare to speak. in duma election. coverage of has won the hearts and minds of the russian people or to. the u.s. unemployment rate has reportedly dropped to a thirty two month low of eight point six percent giving a major boost to barack obama's election run up republicans were unimpressed saying it's still higher than when obama took office and tran forecaster gerald celente thinks the democrats are just spinning the numbers to their own advantage when you
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look at the real numbers in who got the jobs it's. food stamp employee you use oh there were jobs created in retail you know those wonderful jobs we take people's money and you say have a nice day and there were jobs in hospitality that's another word for cleaning up somebody who's room oh when there were jobs in health care you know working in nursing homes making sixty to fifty a week why that's why i'm after taxes you know so these are real jobs this is a plantation economy and the big law that no one's talking about as they pump up this week number you need a hundred twenty five thousand jobs a month a month just to account for the new people moving in to the economy and population growth so that leaves all the people that have lost all these jobs
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since the great recession hit still out of work as a global konami crisis rages on our financial guru max kaiser continues his mission to expose the shadowy figures behind it and this week he's got some revelations on who manipulates the dark matter of fraudulent shares and the u.s. of the full program is coming up at nine thirty g.m.t. but here's a quick preview. paulson is in the news a quick headline from michelle doc here treasury secretary henry paulson tipped off prominent hedge funds regarding fannie mae while telling the u.s. senate and the general public a different story yes i was right. hank paulson we should when we have a chance when thirty percent of corporate profits as the case of the us or in britain thirty percent or higher my calculation is closer to sixty percent of the corporate
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profits come from a corrupt banking sector run by capita dicaprio's like hank paulson you're not going to get any progress in jumpstarting your economy like the galaxy in the cosmos itself some speculate that the dark matter and dark energy is greater than the visible world that we live in this is true of the financial frauds on wall street the amount of frauds greater than what we see on a day to day basis hank paulson is kind of like the einstein of fraud he's taken the entire concept of breaking the law and multiplied it times a coefficient of his own corrupt soul he's certain times. renowned for their uncompromising policies to banish all signs of a soviet legacy estonian officials are pushing harder and harder on the country's still vast russian speaking community a minority that's long been threatened with
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a mother tongue band now plans to fight to the bitter hand for language freedom here's artie's like here she ask. a russian speaking fisherman catches a magic fish it promises to fulfill all his wishes it is still money and but he does not understand the language and he dumps it through this social as urges the russian mind the regina studio to learn as stony and in a rather amusing fashion the reality is no joke get all. old state officials are obliged to know the estonian language in the course of their work this is written in our language law it also applies to people working in the majority of public services. just like other post soviet baltic states estonia has its own language inspection the body which oversees how the language law is being observed at times laying it down quite harshly the language inspection has the legal right to conduct spontaneous checks on anyone working in any sphere and
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should a person fail this tony language exam the body may then initiate the sacking of this employee human right activists say this has turned a language inspection into a punitive body. it is not that they have nothing to say it's just that they believe their voices are being silenced estonia's three hundred thousand strong russian minority has been protesting at what they describe as the language inquisition some of these people either lost their jobs or are on their threat of doing so because they are forbidden from speaking their native language soonish us through every so often cursed soviet power never applied in the restrictions of languages historians were free to educate in their language nowadays the authorities have almost banned the russian language from schools besides some russian communities don't have qualified teachers who can teach physics or chemistry in a stone eon is the latest twist five workers at an orphanage were fired for not being able to speak a story into the children that's in
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a town where ninety six percent of the population are ethnic russians. and i don't want to sound rude but as long as we leave in this country we have to leave by the lord and i fired those people because they had been warned but did nothing. human rights activists acknowledge the rule of the law but stress that in the language case it is not applied properly the law doesn't put any difference between we're almost everyone sees russian as their native language and other parts where most of the people speak a stone and with such disproportion we can talk of direct language discrimination and indirect ethnic discrimination because activists in another baltic states have been gathering signatures and holding a referendum to make russian the second state language and many say they have a strong chance of pushing it through a stone despite being criticized by amnesty international for its language policy is adamant and it seems the russian minority would not catch the magic fish
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granting their wish anytime soon. r.t. reporting from thailand in a story. and let's take a look at some other stories from around the world one person has been killed and at least two dozen wounded in clashes between riders and police in southern peru furious demonstrators blocked the pan-american highway protesting against the expansion of a local prison the violent skirmish flared up when police arrived at the scene to disperse the crowd and clear the way for vehicles it's the country's second violent protest this week twenty were injured north in a demonstration against a mining project on tuesday. the rain diplomats expelled from the u.k. have arrived back home early saturday morning they were told to leave the country after aggressive protests protesters stormed british diplomatic compounds into iran western officials blame iran's leadership for allegedly sanctioning the attacks chanting nato slogans crowds of hardline students gathered at tehran's airport to
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give the returning diplomats to hero's welcome. hundreds of thousands of southern california residents have been left without electricity after fears hurricane strength winds strike the u.s. east coast and extensive cleanup is underway with emergency workers clearing away scores of uprooted trees and toppled power lines despite the wind subsiding several cities have maintained a safe emergency all the merge the rather as authorities warn it could take another two days to restore power supplies completely. these days world shaping events can be tracked in every detail through a variety of media from old fashioned print to the instant internet but how many people are really interested in looking further and down they are near a shopping mall for harvest better known as the resident asked of people in the streets of new york even know what's in the news.
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are people aware of what's going on in the world this holiday season are they only interested in shopping this week let's talk about that what do you make of the first egyptian election since the revolution it's an idea about well what do you think is the importance of it don't know anything about it sort of what's on your mind that shopping do you agree with britain's choice to pull out of its embassy in tehran. we don't follow the news these days so i'm not so informed about what do you follow these days. all the dripper on this need to how do you think the european union should handle the greek situation but hear me out so that they really don't follow that closely now what do you guys been following the news. eligible. he watches the news i watch the good. but is that h.d.t.v. and the cooking channel did you think nato had
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a right to pakistan this is getting very political i'm on a five day holiday i'm not going to go to try to political discussion i don't mean the sit down not worldly but i'm paying more attention that was evident over there was happening in another country somewhat not affecting us do you think that's what most people feel probably what about you probably whether or not you've crossed everything off your list this holiday the bottom line is you might want to consider taking a break from shopping to find out what's going on in the rest of the worlds. and stay with us for another look at the headlines in just a few minutes. magine
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all today . russia. which brightened. about someone from finest impressions. whose friends don't totty don't come. down with the official auntie application on the phone i pod touch from the top story.


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