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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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if you are just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is live from moscow for headlines now authorities say that egypt's opening round of elections see no record turnout but the results have been delayed with forecasts suggesting the islamists are winning made ongoing protests demanding that the military give up power before the election is over. u.n. panel has passed a resolution condemning the syrian government for human rights violations and has called on the organizations and main bodies to take action by russia and china
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voted against the motion saying it's one sided and will only aggravate the conflict . and a legal loophole in the u.k. is being used as a shield for convicted immigrant criminals who have started families in the country but human rights activists saves them from deportation and turns britain into a safe haven first serious offenders from. some of your saturday headlines here and now a chance to catch a glimpse backstage at russia's iconic bolshoi theatre which is finally go back to its imperial billing that's the latest edition of moscow out with right now. great. comfort to. you you need. some to. moscow.
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hello and welcome to the must go out so in this week's program we'll be exploring the magnificence of both so i think it's up to six years the main stage of the historical landmark has been dog but now it's going to ring chandeliers a shining once again so joining lots of anger is as we explore the historical a magnificent building that fuses its classic original designs with modern technology states craft and high tech facilities as the main cultural symbol of russia the bolshoi theatre has finally returns to its glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shines proud of the years of being covered by scaffolding
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canvas and other building materials it took six years and billions of rubles but finally the historic bolshoi theater is reopened to nurture and showcase the present and future of russian and international talent. watched by millions in russia and around the world the opening dollar performance in october was an exclusive invitation of the event as well as various political figures international celebrities and russian ballet and opera veterans the heads of milan's the skull theatre vienna state opera and london's covent garden opera house are among the first high profile guests to officially visit the newly reopened theater the bolshoi doesn't translate to marginal grant you know. the company was founded in seven hundred seventy six by russian prince peter little
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soft english entrepreneur. michael maddox following a decree by empress catherine the great in seven hundred eighty the construction of the first theater was completed it was destroyed by fire and reconstructed several times the newly reopened main building of the bolshoi we see today looks exactly as it was back in eight hundred fifty six when it was opened to mark the carnation of the empress alexander the second back then they quickly became not only the temple of arts but also a place where important state events wow stood. after the revolution it served as a political gathering place for the bullshit party and during world war two it was bombed by the nazis and suffered considerable damage nevertheless the main building hadn't undergone any major renovation in over a century so when it was closed in two thousand and five the building was in critical condition it's really falling apart but now after restoration which ranks as the most meticulous and expensive in the history of theater the bolshoi is finally taken for business.
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inside the theater the entire space was stripped from the bottom up the work proved more challenging than expected and a series of deadlines was set and missed the budget went over the initial figure and the opening night was delayed several times so was it worth the wait and is it money well spent. i think it certainly state of the art for the performers. the reception areas have been magnificent they restored gives you an absolutely wonderful feeling that. the acoustics are very good in the hall. it's very encouraging to see a. city where the arts culture take an absolutely major place in. public policy clearly no expense to be spared to make this place state of the art
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one of the finest it's in europe. in the stone age it's very encouraging to see that something else and very high priority there obviously way the long time you consider for a lot of effort and and it's absolutely beautiful it shows are from the shows all the bravado all the colorful. and the dancers so i think it's perfect why as a foreigner when you think of moscow it's one of the things that you think of. it's one of the most famous landmarks and so for us really interested to go inside and see what it's like to see the striking interiors with your own eyes is quite something you really feel as if you're back in the ground times of the russian empire the designs here are breathtaking hundreds of spruce with anil's were imported from the austrian alps to replace those ripped out by the bolsheviks. so decorations were also remade from scratch in a special look shop in
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a moscow ministry. this is the other whitehall located just of the entrance of the theater over twenty billion rubles were allocated to the renovation of the theater that's around seven hundred million dollars vast sums of money were spent on new additions like escalators lifts hydraulics back stage as well as a complete overhaul of the structure and interior designs the frescoes in vast quantities of gold leaf where a place and i even heard various materials were even washed with vodka and polished this girl tells. the bolshoi has been associated with ballet from its beginnings. will famous one lake premiered on its stage on the fourth of march eighteenth seventy seven other staples of the boss your repertoire include tchaikovsky sleeping beauty and the nutcracker adams coffee s romeo and juliet. spartacus the theatre is also known for its opera productions of course.
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oh. this season which is the two hundred thirty six and the boss who is history teaches such classical performances as boarders cordon off common and toss just to mention just a few the company tours a lot being an important source of cultural prestigious also collaborate with the world's most famous the it is. the sky is the first international gas company on the bolshoi's newly reopened main stage and an impressive exhibition of costumes and italian theatre is displayed in the foyer as first lady get their share of the relationship and collaboration between the two theatres has a long history in the past century our opera singers one of the training at the scarlet dancers from the scarlet came to practice at the bolshoi and now we don't only exchange companies who also worked together in organizing museum exhibit.
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you can see one of the several dance studios that are situated in the attic space of the bolshoi concentrating is an important part of any performers life an early morning classes are a must to keep up technique precision and strength as athletes in every possible way competition is rife in the industry and the opening of the new season means the world's eyes are on the performers too. it's a once in a lifetime experience or for me it's. going out on to the stage and seeing it really. how big it is and how grand it is and how beautiful the restoration has been it's it's really once in a lifetime and. you know the only thing i hope is that i enjoy the experience because the pressure is on and you know i do demand
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a lot from myself as an artist as do all artists i feel so i hope i will be able to. enjoy it you know and really kind of basking in in the moment the bolshoi is in fact a repertory theater being that it rotates a number of different productions and popular they are the first few months of the faces calendar is sold out already. is not just there it's a. complex everywhere you look there are hundreds of nora dollars later this year the hallways of this stage is a rehearsal room occurred in the upper levels of. we can see around her so for an upcoming performance of sleeping beauty here the performers can get used to dancing and performing in the full costs more importantly they can adjust to the full size
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of cidade and the rake on the floor dancing on an angle is not a. microphone in hands the creative staff give directions to the dances problems are ironed out costumes sometimes adjusted and staging slightly changed with many children in this production everything is right several times and although discipline is apparent the still a sense excitement and joy in the air. as rehearsals are underway backstage teams are also racing against the clock to meet various stand lines here we can see the wardrobe department just look at the wonderful detail and imagination goes into these designs. hundreds of costumes
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a needed for each production also by hand and made to measure for each performer. to the on stage area now the first thing i notice is that the state of the bolshoi is actually flat this means that the space is fully flexible here a full stage with a rake meaning an angle and intricate design has been built on top of the original floor anything can be achieved looking up and the space seems to go on for ever the flies holding a lot of scenery here me thinks i see a golden palace when exploring the area behind the scenes you really see the vast technical side that goes into such theater productions the whole process is like a large factory and it can look like organized chaos when a ballet or opera is in full flight. i fortunately managed to be given a ticket for tonight's performance you can still feel the excitement in the air for
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many including myself it's the first time they've stepped foot inside the historic building and the interiors do not disappoint. russia might be the largest country in the world but it has just one full of cultural emblems the bolshoi is indeed one of russia's greatest brands and being amongst the oldest most famous ballet and opera companies in the world is something people of any nationality should cherish . absolutely spectacular well fortunately that's of the time we have left on this week's program on the recently renovated theater i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew by now.
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maundering. he's telling. family. dynamics. to friends. months ago. he.
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says. the headlines on our t.v. guide offer to say egypt opening round of elections you know record turnout for the results have been delayed the forecast suggesting the islamists are winning so let me ongoing protests demanding that the military give up power before the election is over. a un panel has passed a resolution condemning the syrian government for human rights violations some call them the organizations main body to take action russia and china voted against the motion saying it's one sided and will only add the conflict. and a legal loophole in the u.k. is being used as a shield for convicted immigrant criminals who have started families in the country
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the human rights activists say was them from deportation and turns britain into a safe haven. for serious offenders from abroad. for you when you heard there's a hard news headlines here and now from your world of sports you know it could have been so much worse for russia's football team last night definitely so rory even the monitor said the euro twenty twelve group stage draw was quote not bad at all that's saying something so we've more not coming up in just a second so. thanks for joining us this is sport today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including. continental quest we count up with russia football manager dick advocaat who shares his thoughts on his side so named group of life next summer's european
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championship. rivalry revisited modest in square garden purge for the ball it's billed as the fight of the year margarita versus call to the sequel. and then there was one for the first time this weekend there is a clear leader of the hong kong open and it's not shirley favorite remark or roy. quite the confidence with the group but not with the base the thoughts of russia football manager dick out of the count following the euro two thousand and twelve group stage draw in kiev our correspondent richard vaughan poured feet caught up with the dutchman in the ukrainian capital. i mean it's probably a good draw you would have dreamed about it. because if you see. but. to do it. that's important it was going for your mind when you when you saw the team being drawn out and obviously looked for group a would be
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a lot easier than the rest because we used hoping to get a level was going. to get. quite interesting group. qualify and. we could probably do. the same because also you know the greeks very well for instance i mean you play differently from last month. the team that used to be perhaps ten years ago and the poles i mean the team in competition even though they're playing at home you've. got your opponents. dangerous side because. the fanatics in the. home team. are very dangerous. as the world championship. as well but again if you see all the opponents. if we do what we have to do we can get
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a good result the czechs and the greeks. played like to play a bit more defensively i don't know so much about it but again. you know everything . the other way around as well. as we played against again in the tournament like. in a friendly match because obviously i mean the russians see to finish the play is going to have a well deserved break what's going to be your war movements i mean what are you going to be doing with the team in the build up to the european champions now in. probably a friendly match against denmark in denmark then the thirteenth. normally it's the season and in russia when the players get the golf started on sunday monday. or friday night in moscow then we start again on monday to go to switzerland and then we have to find out when we will go to poland because. when you play in the first place playing on friday night. because we play
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three games. think i think it's better to stay there never. was going to ask you i mean. you can have your base in kiev change the second still be delighted with him and explain and explain to him that i think it's better for us to to stay in poland because if we play three games there. and play a game there. the war of words between two of world football's greatest ever players continues to rage diego maradona at this time stating pele forgot to take his medication after suggesting neymar is better than lee and all messi sometimes striker neymar may not compute in terms of owners against messi but that didn't stop brazilian legend pele from labeling his teenage compadre does quote a more complete player a was
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a coach maradona having none of the auto ever taking the time to defend his fellow origin time favorite to secure a third straight fifth player of the year award this season the bad blood seemingly stemming from when pele criticized more adonis coaching of argentina during the twenty ten world cup final i. over goal for all very queer are still holding on to top spot after three rounds of play at the hong kong open the spaniard who's been up to someone from day one seizing sole control from fellow overnight leader a roy on saturday showing great touch to stay bogey free and finish the day with three birdies this effort allowing the twenty eight year old girl one shot leader of peter hansen to suit himself enjoying a great day of golf with half a dozen birdies in a whole. june house a vast decoder tied for thirty eight under. three shots off the lead two thousand and nine p.g.a. championship winner yang soaring into contention by also carting six birdies those
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men seeking to deny mike arroyo a top two finish on thus the chance for the northern irishman to stay alive in the european money title race against. now we know pro boxers like to talk up their bikes for promotional purposes but the following fighters have every reason to genuinely dislike each other miguel cotto and antonio margarito weighing in for a modest and square garden showdown on saturday which follows quite a history between the per w.b. a super light middleweight title challenger margarito beat cop. in two thousand and eight the mexican was embroiled in controversy later however having used illegal hardened by which shane mosley champion caso claiming he has proof that margarito also used the same tampering tactics in their clash more going to the us with the chance to clear his name while carter was teary eyed to avenge the loss.
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to winter sports now where a limb picture in lindsey vonn has won the first women's world cup donnell event of the season in canada the twenty seven year old american producing a superb display to finish with the top time of one minute fifty three point one nine seconds that despite continuing divorce proceedings with her husband thomas. lichtenstein recorded her first ever podium finish on the day snatching second place from dominic. who was playing host to curling as european championships for the first ever time this weekend two thousand and six women's champions team russia hoping the home advantage can propel them to the top of the podium robert downey in reports. girling is not yet a popular sport in russia although these girls have all the attributes to provide a boon for the sport the terming is perfect for the european curling jumper ship gets underway in moscow on certainly with the russian women's team among the
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favorites the hosts already face a victory at the golden stopper band in two thousand and six although it does the first time they will perform in front of a home crowd. there will be a lot of their friends and relatives among the crowd supporting and who knows how that will affect their performance i believe they will manage to handle that emotional pressure and fulfill our task we want to win and we are ready to make this come true i have always tried to do more than just coach them i've been guiding them bringing them out and i'm very pleased with the way they are now they have grown up become wiser their talent and skills are now backed up with vast experience now they have patience and mental stability which is extremely important in curling russia to winter olympics in the military we've got our he's one of the most experienced members of the team officially ranked among the most beautiful but at the vancouver games the twenty five year old believes home walls will inspire
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the team most of this to be a holdover from the another book as it is on we will compete on home ice and this is actually responsibility for us all eyes will be on our team fans will be supporting us and we will be giving our role to make them happy along with our coaches and management plus the popularity of the sport in russia is a function of our success there's definitely some pressure on us on the other hand we believe that home walls will help us most often we perform away with our opponents getting cheered on by their supporters that we've been missing that feeling that's why we're looking forward to playing at home get a years there has gone through three olympics and is looking at the upcoming event with confidence. anticipation. there's no responsibility of pressure there's nothing wrong with that in return average thing movies so familiar to the russian native speaker a small amount of support that will be great. meanwhile the team's new skate on the
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pseudo up has just taken. this year i think fourth yes i've become the new skibo of our way team but i'm far from being obsessed with the aid i just played it's my job and it's my life it doesn't matter much for me which position i play in i just want to give my best for the team's performance regardless of the result and more skill this year also one of russia's biggest hopes in winter sports at an event and they deserve to be in the sport light especially in their homeland and i was such a big event as the european championships is a major chance for us to promote curling in russia we want our people to know what it's all about and get them hooked on the skillfulness complexity and the beauty of this sport. robert party more still. great stuff that is all your sport for the world weather is coming up in just a tick.
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well with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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