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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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with the palm of your. dot com. you're watching r t and tonight with almost all the votes counted in russia's parliamentary election thousands take to the center of moscow to voice their feelings about the outcome people both for and against the ruling party is staging massive rallies with around three hundred people already today. the biggest threat yet to the euro the entire eurozone faces a ratings downgrade while its leaders prepared to make a last ditch attempt to save the troubled currency at thursday's meeting in brussels. and fukushima four tons of radioactive water leaked from the japanese nuclear plant that was hit by the earthquake in march with fears now the toxic lake
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put it could have spilled into the pacific ocean. hello and welcome this is r.t. it's a level choose day night here in moscow my name is kevin our top story with almost all votes tallied up in russia's parliamentary election four parties are preparing to take their seats in the state duma it's clear the biggest force will be united russia even though it suffered a significant plunge in popularity meantime thousands of people from all sides both for and against the election results have been gathering in the capital to voice their reactions we've got more on that in a moment but first r.t. sarah first to fall in the final stages of the ballot. but the last two days votes being counted in the final results are expected in about four days' time but pretty clear what the outcome is going to be united russia those no surprises out of the
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front the communist party coming in second or third place with very russia and fourth would be the liberal democratic party now we saw united russia failing to push past the psychological percentage barrier fifty percent that's proportional representation in the state dever and in terms of speed that would mean that united russia looking at voting about two hundred and thirty eight now that talk to the public the both being seen as so reflecting why does shift in the political mood among status in the country hillary clinton waded into the post-election debate saying that the elections weren't free or fair now russia's foreign ministry has slammed the comments calling them unacceptable and called on the us to look to the election assistant first and foremost saying that they could apply in cliches without trying to understand what's actually happening here in the country so it's worth remembering that there were seven hundred international observers to the
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election process now their response to the proceedings was mixed there were some claims of violations all of those the russian government has said will be fully investigated so furthur will later in the program will be joined by political analyst david gergen sure in new york for more on the international reaction to the result of russia's parliamentary election both government supporters and protesters have been taking to the streets of moscow all day tuesday about three hundred people have been detained so far. has the latest from the center of russia's comfortable about that. well we've seen thousands of people here in central moscow protesting both for on the side of united russia the ruling party here and against those who allege that there was a examples of electoral fraud taking place now the protest where i am today and found a square was quite large a little while ago police then it's actually stopped traffic all behind me on this
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noise you see a busy intersection in the center of town police are then able to split it up into three to four smaller sections of the protests were seen as being from both sides the loudest really have been the the pro-government supporters we heard a lot of drums banging a lot of chants of little see a putin putin though c.-a and need to get a phobia people beauty victory in the russian language in fact you do hear a large cheer from either side when one of the opposition has been taken away and detained by police who are hearing that over three hundred people were detained here to impound this square in the center of moscow so many of those being taken away with my own eyes most of them going going fake quietly some who resisted were being carried off by several riot police who are looking at people who were blocking the roads when the protest was much larger there were police who coming along and taking those people away placing them on buses and driving them off but
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it wasn't just here in moscow that we saw protests in st petersburg on tuesday there was a mole so protests there we're hearing over two hundred people being detained there now this follows on from monday night where over three hundred around three hundred people were detained here in moscow among them two cd of senior think is in the opposition movement now they were charged with disorder offenses and were sentenced to fifteen days of administrative arrest been on the streets of central moscow all day today in fact i live in central moscow and i can tell you i've seen no tanks no soldiers whatsoever. what we have seen is a deployment of riot police to the center of town now this is because of the protests that were expected to take place and have taken place across the city now it's standard procedure for these right lease to come into the city to be deployed to the city in these type of situations now let's remember these aren't soldiers these are the same right police the same guys that are deployed as crowd control
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during football matches so this certainly isn't an army presence on the streets of the russian capital here all over their thoughts turn from political analyst to retreat babbitt she told r.t. that social media is having a significant influence in the way the public's responding to the modern political process these days. internet and all these things these are instruments they cannot make people better or war so they just helped organize a radius they're going to be good really bad really such as the one on one year's no we had last year the one which was prepared by the nationalists so i think it's just an instrument and although it is very rude. i would say that this is becoming one of the problems not only the government but even more that position radio stations social internet networks they are becoming extremely rude to all i just listen to the speeches some of this just work well yes and i would agree with them in general i think these people deserve all respect to the ones who come to protect
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their votes but also listen to not only speech for example there were some things that they would not say that i would not call decent he said like we want to sound united russia a message we hate. i'm not quite sure this is you know i would say this is a good piece. now we had a few abilities go from a co-sponsor a first about a fairly harsh response from russia to comments made in the u.s. state department on the election results let's talk a little further now with author of. new york even very good evening thanks being with us moscow's criticize hillary clinton for her remarks to the election was not either free north so no comments of politicize what do you think could be behind the statement that. well there are absolutely politicized and this is another example of u.s. intervention in electoral processes around the world it's not just russia we saw a case that just happened also about
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a month ago in nicaragua where there were elections and the reigning government of danielle or take out one reelection with over sixty percent of the vote it was certified by the electoral birth board there were also observers there as well and the u.s. has not only called into question the electoral process but is not even recognizing the results mainly because they just don't like danielle or take so i mean this is evidence and arrogant attitude from the united states where whether or not the process is legitimate that's not what they're criticizing they're criticizing the outcome because frankly they just don't like it and it's also representative of a kind of hypocrisy that we've seen from this administration in particular the obama administration and hillary clinton running the state department where they have been criticizing all kinds of different activities events happening around the world whereas in the united states they remain silent on protests occurring inside the u.s. and the fact that i mean that for example over seven hundred international observers
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were present in the elections in russia the u.s. doesn't u.s. government doesn't even allow the presence of international observers during a lector all processes was frozen or could go. to people glow so those who shouldn't throw stones will be russia's also avoids the u.s. boots on the electoral system is a fall from being a perfect example. absolutely i mean the u.s. it electoral system is very flawed it's outdated in most parts of the country we've seen reoccurring episodes as well over the past few presidential elections where there have been incidents of accusations of fraud you know all kinds of different irregularities occurring in the electoral process so the u.s. really has no standing no ground to criticize other countries electoral systems and that's why this is really just a political statement they just don't like the outcome and this is part of what we've seen also of a sort of escalation in tensions between russia and the obama administration over
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the past few months and i think this is just another way of the u.s. government trying to provoke some kind of reaction out of russia the regular russians paul of the news change politics of the war and. you could lose seats in the do you think that's going to have on continuing dialogue between russia and the u.s. . well i think that the u.s. government and this in ministration is losing a lot of its credibility around the world based on what its actions have been i mean we had the case of libya now we've got aggressions against syria you know the u.s. government taking these arrogant postures against countries in latin america nicaragua venice well i mean foreign policy that's not really in the best interests of of the world and on the other hand we have countries like russia the russian government china that are fostering relations and improving relations with latin american nations you know they're expanding ties around the world and building what some
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have referred to as a multi-polar world instead of a unique color world which is what the u.s. government has been promoting so i think that that definitely there may be a shift in relations but that it should be more positive for russia and for these growing this growing kind of foreign policy that's more based on cooperation and multipolar is between countries rather than trying to be the dominator or the aggressor as has been sort of the foundation of u.s. foreign policy over the past century we'll hear it all too we'll be covering those twists and turns over the coming weeks months and years ago to thank you for your thoughts to my the program. thank you now coming up later this hour tease business policy explores what effect the new do move may have on russia's economy too. since devotees are now coming in for a five year term experts told business a long time will allow lawmakers to implement economic reforms more effectively including the privatization program which is expected to come back on track more on
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this in around ten minutes to. go to visit dimitri also helping to keep you up to speed on the latest developments in russia's parliamentary election our web site as well if not by your t.v. it's a great resource plenty of facts there figures on the latest analysis to. you know the news now a series of warnings are piling up for the euro zone first the leading credit rating agency started and poor's issued a downgrade most all of its members now it's put the eurozone bailout fund on review all that hours after french and german leaders push for more decisive rescue action and played this complete harmony between the results he's test for a salute finds out may not be the case. the euro zone crisis has been good fodder
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for cartoonists but it's no laughing matter. four major rescue packages numerous and popular sturdy measures two years and hundreds of billions of euros in bailouts later it's still in need of a shot for that elusive big bazooka solution. hopes are high that december ninth e.u. summit will finally be a decisive day for the euro's future german chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a treaty change with a fiscal union as the end goal she wants brussels to have veto powers over national budget plans that breached e.u. limits automatic sanctions for debt violators a day of court for repeat offenders. in a word merkel wants to impose discipline french president nicolas sarkozy is generally on the same page but is resisting giving more powers to brussels whoever
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pays the piper gets to call the june germany pace we've all of you in the euro zone want to keep the single card safe you must be prepared for that you must be prepared for giving up your fiscal sovereignty but this german m.e.p. begs to differ but what is the sovereignty for germany at the moment paying billions and billions of risk there's no sovereignty we are forced to do this because the euro is with reality so basically regaining sovereignty by sharing it on the european level is what the whole operation is about while germany may be for greater fiscal integration it's dead set against the euro bond idea or euro countries sharing debt and idea pushed by the european commission albeit renaming it stability bonds germany won't let the deficit sinners off the hook by taking on their dad. if sarkozy ever got his way he'd like the european central bank to act as
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a lender of last resort but again merkel said no and what have other e.u. members who don't use the euro the idea of a two tier europe or the euro zone and the rest doesn't sit well with a major economy like the u.k. . actually it's important that the euro is successful because a lot of our trade depends on it but on the other hand to us if there's a group a central group which are in the euro zone another group which is not who makes up the rules which control the single market it appears that any plan agreed upon will have to have germany's backing all merkel dismissed the idea of germany dominating europe as absurd although that's how it's increasingly being perceived for better or for worse tests are still your party brussels well what i look at it is financial roller coaster for many in europe as it struggles to fix its finances but at the same time some international investors are making record profits from all the chaos the ethics involved in making money or lack of ethics is just one of the
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subjects scrutinized by marx and stacy the late his kaiser report. what bank breaks the law they changed the law if the government is failing to do what they were elected to do they change the definition of what it is they're supposed to be doing or they change the statistics that they are reporting to somehow reflect them in a better light because that's how in fact they make money they probe the globe's financial orifices and they root out all the detritus that they find there as collateral for five hundred trillion dollars worth of a nest collateralized j.p. morgan spank their bonds which are the basis for jamie diamond christmas bonus. the weight of the rings that are within fifty minutes tonight around forty five tons of radioactive water has leaked from the fukushima nuclear plant in japan that
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was badly damaged of course in march earth quake and tsunami it's thought some of the toxic water may have spilled into the pacific ocean over the weekend stuck to robert jacobs a research associate professor of hiroshima peace institute told us he believes the plant operator tepco is keeping a lid on just how severe the situation really is we're talking about tepco the company that knew that there were three nuclear meltdowns within two or three days of the tsunami in took three months to speak about it publicly in admitted publicly the credibility of tepco is not a very high level and unfortunately their only source of information about what's happening at the plants and the secondly there's a crack in the building where the water is being filtered sandbagging the crack in the wall is the kind of remedial step that just indicates descale of the difficulty of responding to these problems by temko if it's a sandbags that are going to keep this strontium ninety out of the scene and that's
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not really very encouraging. just over two hours time another major toxic threat we're reporting on a special report in fact exposing the plight of unspoiled amazon rain forest and the indigenous people there were dying out because the tons of industrial waste that's being dumped by an oil giant.
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special report very soon tonight russia's downgraded diplomatic relations with qatar now after an assault on moscow's envoy to the russian diplomat was attacked by airport security officials just says russia criticized qatar's role in the mounting international pressure on syria and that he's got a teacher counterparts next there are suspicions that qatar believes it can get away with such actions because it would support from the u.s. . a small country with gigantic ambitions qatar with a population of less than two million people embarks on an aggressive plan to shape their war old playing in tune with washington's policies in the region could target gain diplomatic weight it never had before they could tyreese feel as if they've
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got enormous backing and that they've become sort of larger than life as a factor in the politics of the region they're currently the chairman of the arab league and they've used that position to press for the most aggressive kind of action against syria could target became the first gulf nation to close its embassy in syria in july qatar is also reportedly funneling syrian rebels with weapons as it did in libya. the country's cheerleading rolling revolutions in the middle east and north africa has earned qatar cheers and applause in the west or is not only support of just will magically but it's also support of the military. we are for the partnership between our two countries is a model everyone's beginning to notice casa the u.s. went from once branding the qatar funded al-jazeera
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a terrorist channel to openly praising al-jazeera al-jazeera has played a key and leading role but qatar has come under increasing criticism from russia for its aggressive involvement in the affairs of other countries in the region last week a daughter airport the russian ambassador to qatar with two other russian embassy officials were physically assaulted by qatari customs and security officers when they made an attempt to confiscate the russians diplomatic bag because of the incident moscow has downgraded formal relations with qatar but get a sense that anything that they do to really stick a finger. in the eye of russia or any of the other bric countries will be applauded in certain circles in the west been rewarded so yeah i think it's all of it's all about that sense that you know they're in the front and that russia is not for when you were around this syria issue these said and took place on the same day as
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russia's foreign ministry criticized qatar for supplying weapons to libyan rebels in violation of a u.n. arms embargo the u.s. which has a military base in the country has qatar's backing for its ventures in the region with syria now in play washington is betting high on qatar has been put forward as the arab face on this bullying operation tiny qatar empowered by the u.s. is now playing big striving to shape the turbulent region in its favor the incident at the airport with russian diplomats shows what happens when someone gets in their way i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. around the world tonight in brief a string of attacks across afghanistan killed dozens of worshippers is the amount of muslim first of the shura more than fifty shiites died in the capital kabul when suicide bomber blew himself up as hundreds of people gathered in a religious why it was the first major sectarian so since the taliban fell
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a decade ago another explosion in northern afghanistan killed four earlier on tuesday and a third bomb destroyed a motorcade in kandahar injuring three. there are clashes in the greek capital as hundreds of protesting students mark the third anniversary of a teenage you being fatally shot by police in athens thousands of officers were on duty for the rallies which is set to continue throughout the day demonstrators who rocks bottles and fire bombs at police outside parliament the two thousand and eight shooting spoke to weeks of some of the worst rioting the country's seen time . belgium finally has a new government after a record breaking five hundred forty one days of political deadlock socialist leader rupert takes charge as the country's first french speaking prime minister in every four years he takes the wheel of a new coalition which will have to bring in reforms and cuts departure belgian struggling economy the last government stepped down in april twenty ten after failing to resolve internal disputes. less than ten minutes now as promised in the
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kaiser report my stacie uncover fresh frauds and salacious scandal in the money world but let's get across the latest business next though shall we with dmitri. welcome to business r.t. markets in russia ended sharply lower on choose there the r.t.s. lost over four and a half the said my six was down almost four percent with oil trading in the black and europe and the us flat sanders believe this report of political tensions that are pushing some investors into cash in russia isn't going to look like a general some general uncertainty it was the european situation or chinese but later became quite evident that it is all due to specific russian fact the only factor is obviously political uncertainty well first the market doesn't like any political tensions seconds of muslims the market doesn't like political tensions the result of which the kind of more concessions in power to the left leaning
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parties so you can imagine that you go through business companies in particular you tomorrow will see some really bad guys then i think russia will be number one in useful and it's hard to see how the market will be able to withstand the pressure. must take a look at those figures both indices are deep in the red at the close but that's also after several strong sessions if we look at the main or movers on the my sags energy shares are down gas probably is losing five percent of the close financials also under pressure to be losing five point seven percent of biggest losers among blue chips and gold is not a safe haven with what is called down three point four percent. meanwhile russia's my sex and the london stock exchange is a competing to secure a strategic partnership with the kazakstan board now according to the financial times they're offering to update the trading system and collaborate on other issues
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the proposals come as a central asian exchange plans to conduct the people's i.p.o. to raise up to half a billion dollars a deal would allow moscow all and to get in early on as it stands emergence as a natural resources. but. also in brief russia's biggest mobile phone retailer euro set is planning to buy one of its rivals telecom commissar daily says the seventeen million dollars deal will help you reset at another five hundred twenty stores to exchange bringing the total number of its outlets to more than five thousand. and russia's insurance companies seem to be resilient against the global economic downturn research by consultants all of a y. man shows that most insurers expect their business thirteen percent this year and up to twenty percent next year they also forecast more consolidation as a result of new capital requirements reducing the number of insurance firms for more than five hundred eighty to about two hundred within four years. and the
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global gambling industry is seeing robust growth despite economic uncertainties it's set to rock about more than nine percent annually for the next four years pricewaterhouse coopers predicts high roller market revenues to grow from last year's hundred eighteen billion dollars to one hundred eighty three billion in twenty fifteen we also expect the asia pacific to out run the revenue of the biggest gambling market li united states in just two years russia though is mostly set aside from the the street due to strict legislation coming up next i'll see the headlines to stay with us. if. you.
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motion to be soon which brightened if you newly bought song from phones to impressions. moves from stunts on t.v. don't come. the close of team has been on the black sea coast for future developments depend on the good way. the articles area birthplace twenty five champions and the most ambitious new pope.


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