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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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has ruined the lives of many innocent families across the region. where the oldest city in russia is from clocking you more than five thousand. the druggist russia closer on our. path now here in moscow this is a scene let's bring you live pictures now of a pro-government rally that's currently underway in the russian a capital of following yesterday's marches in moscow and st petersburg they included protests both for and against the outcome of russia's parliament connexions final results are all still g.v. united russia has already secured its position as the biggest party in.
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moscow slams america's criticism all the polls saying no one should question the choices made by the russian people u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton it wants an investigation. of europe's key leaders in making a plan to reorganize the structure of the new view as a way of solving the debt crisis it's ahead of a last ditch summit in brussels where your power players are expected to agree on tied to controls on member states. or as europe's leaders roll up their sleeves are prepared to slug it out for the euros very survival all she hears from a lawmaker in the blocks a change for paymaster german the parliamentarian a franco shy for now explains why piling new debts on the gold ones can only be to come up. skies over the european economy continuing to darken how real is the threat of the
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collapse of the euro zone to try to find an answer to this and some other questions now joined by and then we're off the german parliament from the free democratic party frank schaeffer of mrs shelfer thank you very much for joining me and first of all how would you agree that the efforts by merkel and sarkozy to save the eurozone and are heading in the right direction now i know it's a project that's being designed by those at the top of the european union needs the steps that would bolster the market economy and that would be adjusted so that it could fit into the market economy according to the rules of the market economy if you decide to take on the risks you have to bear the responsibility for these risks the projects that are enforced from the top will not be able to operate under certain conditions such projects should work from the bottom up. bureaucrats and their allies in national governments want to see more fiscal control over
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national governments more control over their budgets also how much central there's the european union meeting european the european union does not need more centralization excessive centralisation has actually been the key problem and the reason that we are facing the current crisis the euro has been a project of the planning economy developed and inforced from the top the members that have become part of the eurozone projects are very much different from one another and cannot provide a common homogenous currency space that's what has become so obvious under the present situation now they want to resolve the problem by introducing more centralization while centralization is the root cause of the problem the economy speaks for itself the capital flight is enormous and some analysts say that the situation resembles that in the us before. the crash of brothers how real is the threat of a collapse of the euro zone now. the threat of a complete collapse of the euro zone is
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a means that is used by the european states and the banks to blackmail european taxpayers if this pressure is not resisted then the so-called rescue umbrella will have to be extended over and over but every umbrella has its limits of course if greece had announced a default on its debts it would have also had negative consequences for the other european states but no country in the european union will be able to go on without tough reforms there must be pressure on the states to conduct these reforms but it can only be possible when risks and responsibility come together so that the countries living beyond their means realize it and do something about it. ensuring . that those countries in a stronger economic position have to pay for the trouble was is this the correct price to solve the problem. no i don't consider this to be a reasonable way to solve the problem i'd like to emphasize once again risks and
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responsibilities should be indivisible and no additional loans or additional investments can solve the problem it's not possible to repay old debts while making more new debts the crucial moment here is for every country to do their own homework in other words for every country to take full responsibility for its own economy it was captured in the agreement framework of both the european union and the eurozone but the currently pursued policy is such that it is at all with these agreements it destroys the european union it erodes its common values as well as destroying the common monetary and economic space this leads to the domino effect as we see more and more countries trying to hide from solving their own problems under the umbrella of bailout commissioners. why do you think it's fair to say that this euro bonds mechanism can actually create more financial problems for the healthiest european economies. yes these are dangerous measures and they're quite
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dangerous for stable economies as well and it's especially clear today if we consider the example of france which is paying off dangerously high interest on its national debt and runs the risk of losing its aaa status. is also facing the same prospect and if france were to lose its aaa status the entire bailout package for the euro zone will be placed at risk as it could become untenable it's a well known fact that the euro zone's bailout package or umbrella relies on the economies of six states finland the netherlands luxembourg austria germany and france austria and france's economies are no at risk we can say that the currently implemented measures really are not working ones are based on the principle of mutual guarantees which can actually create a system similar to the one. when the global economic crisis actually started in two thousand and eight i think it's fair to say that putting off the crash of the
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system through euro bonds and other financial stabilization mechanism can actually make the situation even worse in the end yeah yes that's exactly what i think all these bailout measures only add fuel to the flames and only make the situation in europe worse such countries as greece portugal and possibly even ireland will not be able to emerge victorious from the current crisis they won't be able to recover the only measure that can new help is cutting heavily on state expenditure and other measures are only an attempt to delay the disaster with time whereas time is a luxury we don't have mr schaeffer you have proposed about feeling banks should not receive any go out at all but what could be the consequences of. the collapse of the euro zone. and carving into it all i think. it has its
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repercussions no doubt but let me say again that piling new debts on top of the old ones will only make matters worse and ultimately lead to the euro zone's collapse i don't think that the eurozone is going to survive in its current form it will very likely have to change somehow if we look at the way the commies are currently developing we can see that they're going in a very different ways greece's economy is shrinking it has shrunk by five percent on the other hand germany and a number of the other countries are growing albeit at a slow rate this gap is only going to grow what we need now are a mechanism for quick and organized secession from the euro zone to enable countries like greece to pull out of the union sort out their economy and then you immerse debts to cut government spending and improve their economic standing it's very hard for me to predict how the situation might develop even more so the consequences of those developments as i said i don't think the eurozone will collapse completely it's much more likely that we will see some of its members
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perhaps a large number of its members secede from the e.u. i cannot see you know secession is causing any repercussions on a global scale perhaps they'll put pressure on other countries with bad economies and force their governments to start reforms i think they're the problem we see in the euro zone one of excessive government debt has affected all of the world's economies today look at russia the u.s. japan and they're all worried about their colossal debt. what is your forecast for the italian crisis do you think that you know we should also consider moving back to national currency i. do not think italy would pull out of the euro zone italy needs a fish and reforms to revitalize its economy and allow us to maintain a strong italian economy in the euro zone what the country needs most now is the trust of its own people over fifty percent of the bonds issued by. the italian government are in the hands of the people the government will have to prove to its people that its capable of paying its debts. and finally help saving the european
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union has become some sort of a religion. european elite. like i've already said saving the euro is a project imposed from the top down based on overrating the notion of european unity after all europe is not merely the seventeen states that formed the eurozone it's not even the twenty seven member states of the european union in fact europe comprises some fifteen nations and by the way that includes russia which is also part of europe with that in mind i believe it was the elites headquartered in brussels that promoted this project from the top aiming to drive europe into a new form of centralism and i think it's wrong in my mind europe's advantage is exactly it's inclusiveness and its diversity in forms of different cultures languages mentalities and people it comprises and imposing uniformity and looks like a mistake to me this notion probably stems from the so-called brussels centralism
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mindset which has been put in practice by the french it's very dangerous and completely unnecessary. researcher for thank you very much for your time thank you . the list. moves.
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on. the close up team has been on the black sea coast for future developments depends on the good way for. articles to area for a place to many find champions the most ambitious come. to some has ruined the lives of many innocent families across the region. where the oldest city in russia is five clocking in more than five thousand tourists come to dagestan russia close up on r t. i. think people who believed in trade for many years in a soviet system has faded away in less than twenty four hours
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a spell of this kind of push up coupled with below we acted in a true russian style we didn't know exactly what the future would bring that were to think about later three leaders come together and sign an agreement dissolving the u.s.s.r. for good or to get rid of the so called big brother that was always controlling them was the dream of many republics where. but then the allies of the people they put it like this i will liberate you from the kremlin oppression no one wants to take the blame but we would not be able to persuade gorbachev and besides he's worried could not be relied upon. he could tell you anything and do something completely different question for you from a show for being too liberal and in the sand boris yeltsin before i showed him that was my mistake. this is the decisive in strict boris yeltsin that sets in the kremlin instead of cool itself at the time. then i don't think we'd have left
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elevator forest soaries. two decades have passed but the discussion still rages was this a plus or a fait accompli. a
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pro-government o'reilly that's underway in the russian capital following yesterday's marches in moscow and st petersburg being greeted protesters both for and against the outcome of russia's parliamentary elections the final results all still seem to be on russia husband when he secured his position as the biggest party in the new deal about. moscow slams america's criticism of the poll saying no one should question the choices made by the russian u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton once on investigation. your scale leaders are making plans to reorganize the structure of the e.u.
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as a way of solving the debt crisis it's ahead of a last ditch summit in brussels where europe's power players are expected to agree on tighter controls on member states. ok more world news in atlanta fifteen minutes right now they don't scuttle the next a sports with. hello there welcome to the sports and these other headlines making history is any reached the knockout stages of the champions league for the very first time after holding porto to the goal or straw in portugal while chelsea's team into the last sixteen years proved winners of the premier win over then sia. and hoping to be here the san siro to score more scope to upset him to keep their slim chances of qualification alive. but first russian champions and eight have reached the champions league knockout stage for the very first time
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a goal or straw against porto in portugal enough to send them through porto needed to win this game for the fans themselves but it's in petersburg so i defended solidly for a vital point and that saw them finish second behind great gee whiz. topped the table despite a team will defeat crain shadow donetsk porto when i went to the europa league which they won last year was any. side deserved to reach the last sixteen of europe's competition. your view i think we could have done better but i also think that what happened was the outcome of the whole part we played in the group stage and for all but it's fair that we've managed to go through you know. we're sad because we wanted to go through in the champions league it was not possible now we have to look at your own police as an important objective therefore we're going to keep on working and try to do our best to believe we're champions of the current holders of the title and we want to defend
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the title which we conquered last season. meanwhile meanwhile chelsea made the knockout stage with a three nil when i was a lengthier at stamford bridge two goals from didier drogba and one from ramirez ensuring they won their group ahead of by labour's keys and he drew one one with gangs in belgium. let's take the europa league sport while british coach. didn't hold back in saying what last night meant to him and his place. in the news through ols. really early going to the bathrooms to go to the printer to do. really really really funny for the team and to get two more excellent. so we're going to. push through the character. produces a few lives. and this is. just
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a great. elsewhere plenty of drama in group coming back to take you know down into the win three and see where they go in the last minute a result which sends the french side through to the last sixteen along with already qualified. us having to settle for you right place despite there when i began that . we. were winning and we thought we will make it to the next stage. in the match and that was cruel it left us a bit disillusioned. and defending champions barcelona and i seen them had already qualified. but had differing fortunes last night breezing through the thumping they bought a cell phone in their camp that despite resting key plays the head of the el classico with reality we can well i mean well let's get the two goalies in the final couple of minutes or draw with czech side tools in. place. when the draw for the last sixteen will be made a week come friday and also hoping to be in the hat
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a to but they've only a slim chance they've been training the san siro where they have to be here tonight and then hope. draw in the other gaming group to scour the bottom of that at the moment but if everything goes their way they would finish second behind into we've already qualified. sleep isn't pretending it's going to be easy. but you do it took for extortion forcing a promotion we don't know the lineup of printer they have a large number of great players is difficult for us to plan for a match like the so much we have prepare something try to do our best. so this is the this is how things are looking into your skull is great but is pretty time and absence full of chasing second spot for a place in the knockout stage and the only ones relying on favorable results much the city's champions league prospects are running via thread they are relying on
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some extremely favorable results to see them for a third place side must win at home to group a win is by munich while also helping rock bottom villareal at least second place and i think she will draw syndication pretty man cheney says he's prepared for whatever the end. we should do that. we need to be. free that would be easy. the job after. for i said ok if not we're going to try to you know probably. we can do. this. months you know i didn't have that faith in their own hands but they must get at least the pointing and switch side bars that he would go through themselves if they get a win at home tonight but last time united failed to make the knockout stages back in two thousand and six but their manager sir alex ferguson denies it's been a bad campaign so far saying that three three draw with bars all out of old
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trafford earlier in the year was that a mishap. always. suffering from the casualness in the game against. someone that you can relate. we won because for the driver you. point. to boxing and world heavyweight champion vladimir klitschko will will reshape your his canceled fight against john mark mormeck the next march and it could also see his brother vitali fight david haye on the same card the more might fight was due to take place this weekend but his cancer was called off after vladimir had a kidney stone removed however his brother vitali saying here announce the bad will now take place on march the third and also claims he could fight david haye the same evening early this year hey lost is there will be a belt to vladimir who also holds the w b o and i b f titles and the charlie who is
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the w.b.c. champion says he would love to have the chance to knock out the brit after his fight against florida or i was hoping disappointed as well i was glad that my brother won the fight against doing haye and to their last remaining heavyweight championship belt that was not included cause brother of school action i was disappointed just because some of the little nuance that couldn't buy a should be struck or i mean to win by knockout it's only a game i have to fight with it he. can finally be limping cities of london and saatchi are swapping tips ahead of staging the next winter games both believe they can learn from each other as they prepared to host two of the biggest shows on earth he plays recently met in moscow to exchange ideas with more his rich poor fleet. lympics is most watched sporting events in the world billions worldwide are expected to watch the london games which got underway for nine months
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time. however getting ready to host the globe's biggest sporting it struck a ganza is understandably no easy task and that's why london sought she looking to learn from each of its successes and mistakes in london. preparation for the games have been exemplary the way they set out their blueprint in their bid and then carried out that blueprint sochi have already been following that and have learnt a lot from how london has been preparing i think the way london has tried to be a sustainable green games has been very successful and sochi again have tried to not only follow but even exceed those standards the meeting was held at the british embassy in moscow where members of the organizational committees and business communities from both cities got together to exchange ideas however to join tips who's helped to organize almost a dozen lympics the key is finding a good leader so one of the great things about sochi twenty fourteen that they've
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learnt from london is the importance of having very strong leadership a good visionary leader and in dmitri chernyshenko that's exactly what they've got he's leading an incredibly strong and passionate team who work incredibly long hours and it's the same as london with lord coe and i think this this is this very important for the world and even pick movement to see the whole progress being driven by an inspirational leader and i think they have that in dmitri chernyshenko cities had to build a number of new venues for the games in london have the advantage of having a world class transport system ready and plays the same could be said of cinci where everything is having to be built from scratch i think the games are a catalyst for incredible change both infrastructure and social change and economic change in the region i think the russian government looking to develop the region anyway but the olympic games provide that impetus they provide that catalyst for change which enables everyone to focus both in russia and outside russia focus on
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the region and now today sochi is truly on. because of the them pick games she has just over two years to prepare for the two thousand and fourteen winter games in london's time the sport line is just nine months away. from the really learn heavily from canceling picks of the next two games hosts are continuing to compare notes to ensure they can produce two memorable sporting festivals which we don't see more skin and that is all we've got time for for the moment kate will be here there was another two hours with multiple.
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if blinds in motion would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from finest impressions. his friends starts on t.v. don't come. wealthy british style it's just not on the title. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline used to mean to cause a report on our.


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