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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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for and against both supporters and critics of the winning united russia party rally to make their voices heard after sunday's parliamentary election. and moscow responds to washington severe criticism of the vote for minister sergei lavrov accuses his count the particularly clinton of using a platform of the organization for security and cooperation in europe to score political points at home. plus a last ditch attempt to save the euro and the plan sparks heated debate over whether a proposed change to leave treaties will really help the ailing europe's. eight
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pm wednesday night here in moscow welcome it's kevin owen here tonight r.t. and first for two days now russia has been dramatically seeing dramatically mixed reactions at home and abroad in the aftermath of sunday's parliamentary election the victory of the ruling united russia party the gained almost half the votes has been praised by its supporters and slammed by the opposition as catch up on the latest artie's peter all of his in central moscow for us. good seats night so what exactly is being said about the man who's been saying it. well we heard from former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev now he called for sunday's parliamentary election vote to be a nold saying that it was unfair and he also accused the government of failing to listen to the russian people now we've also heard from u.s.
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secretary of state hillary clinton she was speaking to the organization for security and cooperation in europe meeting she criticized sunday's vote as well now her criticism prompted a stern response from president dmitri medvedev who told the u.s. secretary of state to mind their own business. with a conclusion about the sufficiency or insufficiency of parties is an area of responsibility for the russian authorities not for international organizations if they monitor the quality of elections and violations that's one thing but the issue of the country's political system is none of their business there will soon be telling us how to write our constitution what it could construe. we heard more international response for you to sunday's vote from israel the israeli foreign minister said that the international observers that his country had sent to moscow to russia to look at the. vote on sunday had reported back to him saying that the
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election had been free fair and transparent so mixed reaction from here in russia as well as across the world to sunday's doomer elections ok paper all over thanks for bringing us up to date on the official reaction there meantime moscow police are on high alert tonight for another un sanction protest after opposition groups announced plans to hold a further rally wednesday both pro and anti-government demonstrators have been gathering in central moscow for the past two days over the results of sunday's parliamentary poll has gone up speed on that and sarah first in central moscow for a sara what's happening where you are. well we thought we might see another night today's opposition protests but it doesn't look like a. it's going to happen at the moment we stay in a lot of press a lot of police as you can probably see behind me you've got the police homeboys up on this but head protesters have appeared safe on earlier in the day we did see pro-government rallies happening in the center of moscow but here on trial in stark
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contrast to what we saw yesterday that thousands of opposition protesters had turned up to demonstrate against what they claim would violations in the election system now at the moment as we said no protesters at the moment but all eyes are going to be on the weekend because a large opposition protests planned this saturday and already the social media organizing that his team thousands upon thousands of people signing up to attend now there are reports that some of the century much a stations in most case right she going to be closed on sunday school some anger amongst protesters heavey that is an old stickle in the way it's overseen reaching out and being able to protest i think we've seen the largest liberal opposition rallies the most russian. here in the last couple of days and certainly it was going to be watching very closely now to see what kind of momentum this open
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opposition movement is going to have. so live from central moscow thank you but more now on russia's official reaction to american criticism of the election process this time from the foreign minister sergei lavrov hillary clinton earlier slammed the russian meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. got the details. said that by using the always seen as a platform to express those grievances referring to the russian elections was a disrespect to the o. a c. simply because that wasn't for him that wasn't the place for such opinions to be expressed so he did question the intentions of hillary clinton but on the most resilient regrettably some of my colleagues prefer to use this platform to make statements which have nothing to do with this was exactly the case with hillary clinton who apparently came here for the sole purpose of scoring points with voters in america she left after making her speech and many other ministers last early as
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well which only underlines the critical condition of the she. also made reference to the a protest in moscow comparing that kind of action at. the o.e.c.d. is not a place for rallies like the places in moscow where people came out to voice their grievances and then walk away he also said that if the us would have problems with the results of the russian elections they should have gone straight to the kremlin so that they would be able to settle it bilaterally instead of bringing it on to an international level another thing he pointed out is the state of the west to see that it is in a messy messy state and that it is weak at this point and he claims that some of the countries deliberately trying to keep it weak so that it's easier to manipulate those are the words of foreign minister sergey lavrov. opposition leaders in russia have alleged that there were irregularities in the election but state duma deputy robert siegel says that even if the elevations
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a true small scale electoral violations could have influenced the overall result. use the borders if we suppose that to in moscow five hundred thousand ballots was stopped for united russia it would mean two seats in the dube that's just ridiculous of course there are some irregularities in some places but it's impossible to falsify twenty to thirty percent of the vote maybe two or three percent is possible the number of irregularities cannot bring into question the result of the vote in the whole country because a not very big and cannot affect the final outcome but of course each case will be investigated the hysteria that's been surrounding the route of the rallies that we've seen on the internet and in the media are being supported by leading foreign t.v. channels and proofs before anything happens they will already be something someone has been shot or something like that it's very biased approach to reporting abilities what used to it no one has any illusions about media freedom in the west we understand very well that they have their own editorial policies they want to show everything in just one light. while we're asking you what you think about this
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ongoing story on our website outing dot com given our school if you think about the recent protests here in russia this is what you've been telling us so far just over a third of you see it as a warm up for bigger protests after next spring is a presidential election almost the same number this saying it's a few dissatisfied people behind the rallies end quote i first see it as a sign of the developing civil society the rest of their say it's just politicians lobbying for attention what's your view still plenty of time to have your say at our team dot com. and occupy protest camps been cleared out in san francisco with around one hundred tents being taken down place arrived at the encampment in a central square shortly after one am local time gave the campers just a few minutes warning to pack up and leave before sweeping in to clear the site seventy people were arrested and some of the protesters belongings were reportedly disposed of that says police face an investigation in the claims of excessive force
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being used during the nationwide crackdown on the. corporate movement when important reports. when the very people employed to protect americans. leave thousands with bruised bodies. burned i was. locked behind bars tasting their own blood. the land of the free adopts an entirely new image problem. with her work for so. far you joined the force. from. office walk. in recent months u.s. police officers have made an enemy. of those citizens using their freedom of speech to protest against corporate greed and corrupt politics today's breed of american law enforcement is dressed in riot gear and armed with heavy weaponry body armor
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flash bangs tear gas and lethal projectiles. as tens of thousands of americans assemble cops have been accused of creating confrontation not defusing it . i am very. sad i know such a level of police brutality so bad a former marine sergeant couldn't stay silent when i was. a world veteran who survived two tours in iraq was seriously injured by local police officers using flash grenades canisters against occupy protesters but you know what you know twenty four year old scott olsen was hospitalized with serious head injuries. in seattle the oldest victim of the police turned paramilitary was an eighty four activist temporarily blinded by pepper spray the united states
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which bills itself. as the pillar of international law and democratic freedoms has consistently released itself on the world stage as the self-appointed beacon of moral authority we call upon the iranian government to abide by the international obligations that it has to respect the rights of its own people instead of respecting the rights of his own people. adopt the chose the path of brutal suppression. innocent civilians were imprisoned and in some cases be meanwhile at home as dissent in america grows louder many say washington's glasshouse of hypocrisy has shown beautiful symmetry they want people to be able to have freedom of speech but they don't want that freedom to interfere with them in any way to be in any way disrupt do or challenging is to them the line that traditionally has separated us soldiers from civilian law enforcement has arguably been overeats
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placed by what's being dubbed the american militarization of police town tick tock tick for lack major power in the foundation of american principles such as democracy and human rights incidentally the same principles you asked you. all other countries about are enough or not artsy new york. still to come on the program tonight new expectations from a new government has libya gears up to clear the streets of weapons of the bloody civil war ended we look at the people's hopes for the future now in the new country . time's running out for eurozone leaders to save the single currency as they prepare for eleventh hour talks in brussels germany and france are pushing to change treaties to create a fiscal union and introduce tougher budget rules however the european council president believes they can achieve the same goals without old tree existing
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treaties which would need lengthy ratifications and the british prime minister. he wouldn't agree to anything which damaged the u.k.'s role in the european market credit ratings giant standard and poor's is also added to the sense of urgency is it great if the eurozone countries the bailout for just earlier this week let's talk them to investigative journalist tony goes is on the line now from london tony even if the british prime minister was to make good on his threat and refused to sign any new treaty do you think merkel and sarkozy would have enough support then to push through their agenda but it's quite possible since britain is out of the euro zone but you know i have to say here greece won't bother asking the people this is actually was possibly living in a democratic europe kevin and when major changes are being made to worth affectively is a form of european sovereignty i mean as most of the countries in the zone are finding out that actually the european central bank has far more influence over their affairs and their national governments then we need to go to the people it
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seems that they be cameron and the conservative party as a whole are really a bit schizophrenia over this whole year appreciate they've got on one side they've got all their friends the financial elite that want to go one way or the other side they are the main euro skeptic party in britain and they're being polled in the other direction so quite which side of this whole debate cameron is going to face is a really completely open question although i would guess that he will go with the financial oligarchy because he's quite out of these discussions as britain is not part of the euro zone and in a way he's butting in but i think mirco z.-e. you know this whole merkel sarkozy coalition isn't really interested in what the people want to my worry is what is the valid a-t. of a treaty of such importance when the people are on side and how much they should britain have anyway as you say doesn't even use the euro it's not in the eurozone which they should have been maybe scuppering the. well there will be year interesting
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mission for david cameron i'm not sure if he's got the guts to go and scope of this i mean i think ultimately it's quite clear to me the euro has been a failure and that the individual countries if they want to retain their sovereignty as i believe individual countries do then they're going to have to go back to their original country currencies the drachma to the to the etc and what we're discovering here i think is the playing out of a plot which has been going on for the last fifty years or so across europe which is in order to bring in a political union control from the center an undemocratic fashion of course we know that brussels is very very little democracy involved in brussels which is a kind of european dictatorship and what bothers me is that actually with we're already seeing this with greece and italy now run by goldman sachs effectively dictatorships this is the kind of thing that i'm afraid of out of hitler was still alive he would be smirking and smiling now saying all of this looks rather good this is
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a euro dictatorship the kind of thing i dreamed of interesting point. the face value of the brussels technocrats anything to bring to the party if you think you know they are supposed to be forming this golden way this golden path forward so it is not a citizen as well say it is. well i don't think they have anything to bring no and i think that what's going on is a constant kind of fudge those kind of pulling the wool over people's eyes as regards economics here it's quite clear to me what needs to happen now is nationalize ation of these zombie banks these bankrupt banks who have fantastic amounts of junk on their balance sheets they need to be taken over by national governments before they crash which will be i mean if they do crash will be a disaster for all individuals across europe they will may well be losing their savings and also the cash points may seize up this would be a dreadful crisis so that individual sovereign governments like the treasury here behind me in london have to act now in order to make sure that those banks
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individual are basically to take charge of their national situation rather than to allow a disastrous kind of euro almost a new euro fascism to take over with the european central bank and these goldman sachs finance he is actually running the policies that is the tax government policies in the financial policies right across europe it's a kind of fascist nightmare dream but the thing that sort of thing they've been wanting for years but i think we have to as patriots and i would hope david cameron's one of those have to actually resist this temptation to go into a massive financial political union only briefly expecting anything substantive to come out from this summit thursday and friday. i'm really not sure i think maybe another fire i mean it has to be said immediately david cameron has said they won't be a referendum in britain about this we have his opposite number also conservative johnson mayor of london saying he thinks that they will so you see what i'm saying here is that we've got a split here nationally even in the ruling party the conservative party as for
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what's going to happen the end of the week it's anyone's guess but i think we'll have another farge these these big euro summit seem to me rather like press gangs where you've got a bunch of financial people just trying to bully our political representatives into signing on the dotted line or else tony goes like a versatile journalist on the line from london tonight thanks for being on r.t. thanksgiving. if you libyan government set end of year deadline now for former revolutionaries to clear the capital of the unnecessary presence of armed militia groups and their weapons otherwise say the new leaders tripoli will be locked down the city has been flooded with former rebels ever since they stormed into colonel gaddafi in august since the dictator's death libyans have been starting to rebuild their lives as artie's xander boyko reports though many challenges still lie ahead . after months of waking up to gunfire residents of tripoli now have to get used to a new alarm until the city of two million people has an extensive rooster
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population and the birds have all but replaced rifle chatter as the heralds of the million dollar. there was no exchange of gunfire the situation is ok. while the revolutionary rush has spared hardly any wall in tripoli people here are clearly fatigued by eight months of civil war this may be a deliberate complete it's very few wanted to break free from the obligations of the old regime on the surface it seems that the normal whole life in tripoli has been restored a city where many homes didn't have access to face to face life in few months ago already has its fountains up and running but the new leafy is still facing the danger of running in wrong in the shallow waters of international politics much of its absence remain frozen limiting the government's ability to pay salaries and profit if it has already become a major part of the revolutionary spirit we first met muhammad in august on the
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frontlines of bani walid one of the final strongholds of the get out here regime a former angie nearing student who joined two of his brothers in what he says was a win or die fight for freedom because at the beginning everything was absolutely peaceful there were no guns we want to freedom and fairness but then the dictator used gone far against us and we lost money on rebels three months later mohammad is definitely in the driver's seat rebels of the country's new heroes popular with women and the public at large if not with a rifle by his side muhammad would be like a twenty seven year old in any other country cruising around on a saturday night good. and it's not like he was under privileged under gadhafi regime he certainly leaves in a three hundred square. their house in the prestigious area of tripoli they say the revolution has brought them along the way to democracy but is yet to translate into
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concrete benefits we had free education on health care on the gadhafi of course we expected to remain free but it also needs to be improved the new authorities also have to decrease prices and raise salaries so that ordinary people can join all the benefits of the revolution. here exactly how the new government can afford to do so in a country a ruling by war and stripped of much of its budgetary income is every bit as good as the forty two years of get his rule had told libyans to rely on government for just about everything and the level of expectations in the storage is very high. i have big plans for my life in a year or so god willing i want to finish my education get a good job and save enough money to mari it's all become possible for us now. and in national economies i'm not star being i think the fact that they were willing to destabilize the regime that had demonstrably one of the highest living standards in
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north africa goes to show the fact that they were not so interested in what benefited the people as a whole and in the first place they were more interested in forming their their economic ties to the american oil companies yet for the moment the future seems bright not least because it's also very layered actually the way guards see tripoli . that get a visit our website for more stories and in-depth analysis from us twenty four seven at r.t. dot com tonight the search for earth like planets since finally borne fruit has nasa claims it's now found our world sibling six hundred light years away they're not sure what it's made of looks interesting though more pictures of live more story too about that and it's beginning to feel a little bit like christmas isn't it in fact the huge crowd of santa is the dish this is for skiing is there to go and snowboard to as they get into the seasonal spirit in the u.s. but a festive cheer to what our team go on. a date on some world news in brief
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a roadside bomb attack in southern afghanistan killed nineteen civilians it's left a number of others wounded to the blast happened when a minivan was hit by a bomb in the city of kandahar they comes just a day after the funeral of fifty nine shia muslims killed in twin suicide bombings a pakistan based extremist group has claimed responsibility afghan president hamid karzai has vowed to confront the pakistani government over the bombing. in an interview with the u.s. t.v. network a b c syria's president has denied ordering the killing of anti regime protesters bashar al assad added that only a crazy person would target its own people he admitted that mistakes have been made but blamed the violence on armed criminal gangs according to un reports almost four thousand people have been killed since the uprising began ten months ago. egypt's new cabinet has been sworn in with the key post of interior minister going to the capital's ex police chief it comes after nearly two weeks of delays reportedly caused by problems in finding
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a suitable candidate for the role the cabinet replaces an interim administration which resigned in the wake of deadly clashes between security officers and protesters last month. sports in your own r.t. in about twenty minutes a fight with kate will hope to copy the need to go through the knockout stage of the champions league but would first need to beat into milan at the san siro more about that later than but all before the business of a truce here. thanks kevin the construction of an oil link between the black sea in the igi and is on the verge of falling apart and that's after bulgaria decided to leave the joint project with russia and greece the one point three billion dollar pipelines intended to transport russian and caspian oil bypassing turkey's crowded boss for us and dardanelles channels and thus saving shipping costs bug area says the project will not work under the current agreement and will now have to pay eight point two million dollars to its partners in costs russia's transnet says
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construction could still go ahead but will require new negotiations. meanwhile oil is for lng to around one hundred dollars per barrel and that comes after a government report showing supplies group unexpectedly in the u.s. as demand for gasoline other petroleum products dropped while an increase was a decrease was anticipated the u.s. stocks are lower this hour as optimism fades on the outcome of the upcoming summit at the end of this week financials are high over bank of america gaining more than half a percent on the down but caterpillar and other industrial stocks are dragging. european stocks have another thirty minutes to go and pretty much the same picture the footsie and the dikes are declining point eight percent and that's despite a report in the financial times that european officials are in talks to potentially
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double the firepower of the euro zone bailout fund. and this is the close in russia of to choose the steep declines the russian markets spent most of the day blant to negative and this is pretty much how they cause the r.t.s. down one point two percent of my six point six percent among the movers notable movers gazprom and nuku well a bit better than the market. falling oil prices they've declined point four percent and. kali was gaining for the whole day but sell off wave in the end for the first eliza company as it reported revenues reaching three point two billion dollars in the first nine months of this year here's mark rubenstein from i have seen much of. today's a mixed day and and their fear is as for that yes there were stores significant correction in the market and which was caused partly by their increase of our political risks as p.c.'s registrant mistress and the other part was of profit taking which for the very strong performance during the previous week so today
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again we tried to go higher this morning and then this alice came in there with basically sort of a going flat today but i think there is a significant chance that the market could move higher with a mind of this week on the expectations of their successful european union summit that is starting tomorrow the privatization program in russia could get off to a rapid start next year the boss of the country's biggest lenders burbank says it will be ready to go to the market as soon as the global financial situation stabilizes graph is also a bit about the bank's prospects and twenty twelve saying it will be difficult for the sect up but his firm will outperform the market. however the world economy develops the next year will not be very easy for us we call our business plan moderately optimistic so according to it our credit for you should grow to about twenty four percent that's better than the market which we expect to grow to around twenty percent although we are also ready for
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a more pessimistic scenario where the situation in europe worsens and the oil price falls to between sixty and seventy dollars per barrel. investors in high tech shares could get tax benefits in russia the economic ministry has preferred a drop bill to exempt them from income tax benefits well applied to long term investors buying into small or medium sized russian firms which are valued no greater than three hundred twenty million dollars tax holidays are part of the government's plan to spur investment into innovative companies the headlines are next with kevin do stay with us again.
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