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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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well. it's technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've dumped a huge earth covered. and . this is the opportunities that twenty seven countries have failed to agree why changes to song for that cause i lost it summit to save the euro the seventeen single currency members and six others are now planning to set up their own troops in. israel unleashes a series of airstrikes on gaza targeting militants with causing civilian casualties . western media has been quick to equate russia's post-election rallies with the
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arab world tom oil despite being two decades to ask a ques is the us hysteria protects the world against outside it to parents. obscene from the festival to the faithful moscow out takes a look at christmas in the capital after a short break stay with us. military . historian. frankly. dynamic. fran. kelly.
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hello and welcome on this week's program we'll be taking a look at various activities you can enjoy over the festive period right christmas is just a few weeks away and there's a real much of the spirit in moscow over the new year period i want it to start something good all i skating here on red square. open for three months until the beginning of march one of the best things about coming here is the story location impressive breadcrumb the move on the opposite the ice rink while the colorful and in terms of the sixteenth century symbols cathedral can be seen and worn and what a magnificent sight. as it's known in mission has been set up by the company that runs the elegant shopping arcade on the east side of the square. skate away and enjoy the moment surrounded by sensational history and stunning architecture.
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french. towards where you see. place you'll. love it since we are. right now we're right here and we can skate. i think is the best experience. because it's like i'm being you know very you have all these amazing i did. just feel like you know tell me that. this can't wait i especially like the old russian songs here the ones my grandma used to listen to when she was my age i'm. beginning to advance people of all levels can come here i'm not doing too badly. oh well practice makes perfect i suppose. if i'm on the. advice and give safety tips
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be prepared to. be more proficient. every winter. either way popular with. the ideal christmas day out relax listen to the festive music and those calories. want to enjoy christmas shopping experience while moving to our next location it's time to get your wallets ready. i personally love. the shops and stores here. and. traditional. christmas all. various christmas markets is located next to red square. and it's
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a great place to bring family and friends it's open until the tenth of january from . quite chilly. temperatures today. is known for its freezing weather. take note when visiting any attraction outside here you can see a range of christmas decorations polk county crafts an art a closely connected with local history and an old russia would has been an essential part of everyday life. also known as the nesting dolls is arguably one of the most popular russian souvenirs here it's been redesigned to look like a christmas tree inside a miniature some to close. for the christmas and most cool we have ever watched his from us and we got to be here the market everything is beautiful the trees are
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really nice and the people are friendly. christmas states can be confusing in russia this is a christmas day falls on the seventh of january the reason is because the orthodox church still follows the old julian calendar which is currently thirteen days behind the gregorian calendar used in western countries. hundred seventeen revolution until the fall of communism christmas as a whole had a rather tenuous status in the soviet union although the holiday was officially frowned upon many and surprising people turned it into a new year's festival. with western influence meeting such russian tradition this has created a month long celebration in the capital there are many religious services held in the russian capital during the festive period regarding buildings the christ the savior cathedral here is one highlight. is an overall height of one hundred five meters is the tourist orthodox church in the world and can hold up to ten thousand
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people. it's a beautiful place to visit over the christmas holidays the brightly decorated in serious and soothing festive music welcomes visitors who own carols a sung mass is given the people reflect them pray for a healthy and successful year had the. this is an extremely busy period when it comes to accommodation in the capital from party planning to special events moscow's fire storm occasions plan such festivities well head like all hotels in major cities. christmas program is very expensive. it's an exciting time for us here obviously we have the weather we have the location. is normally snowy around christmas time so the environment it's pretty much close to perfect i would say we run a lot of activities in the hotel very busy with corporate events obviously through the through the whole december and as we move towards christmas time we have all
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the traditional family events like brunch parties and so on. what other christmas activities are worth mentioning in moscow apart from another impressive skating rink moscow's historical goopy park the park has been completely renovated to share now it boasts the largest rink in new york you can skate on its fifteen thousand square meters of ice until midnight every night there are many other festive winter beaches in the park such as hockey rinks. ski tracks and an ice labyrinth for children. this is not an easy one but rather design a christmas decorations. department store is the ideal place to shop annually a spectacular festive bazaar is set up on the ground floor thousands of sparking toys and confesses music all around just make sure not to be carried away as you might end up bankrupt before the holidays even begin.
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a green fur tree with its distinctive scent reminiscent of the christmas period is one of the main winter symbols in russia in many families it's a tradition to buy a real treat instead of an artificial attempt not to harm the environment make sure to purchase a tree from authorized companies to sell trees that have been. especially great for christmas and not to be chopped down you can choose from a range of dutch or russian factories and pine trees you can even all of them online and have a tree to live it. finally there are dozens of hotels and restaurants and the special christmas menus for those who want a five star canary delight head to the ritz carlton hotel throughout december a special first of menu created by the french chef is offered to the guests the dinner of three courses costs three thousand two hundred rubles bypass and that's around one hundred dollars to the restaurant.
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final location now in moscow to some may seem to be a grey city of concrete and towering glass but there are several places where you can still find traditional batches and chapels the perfect winter wonderland. although one problem at the moment is that it's built cold enough the snow keeps on melting december slush is not nice. but in a few weeks as always i'm sure that will be resolved as the skies will clear and temperatures will plummet the typical i see my list of. the calmest. is a unique way says not far from the city center it was the summer residence of the sauces the time of ivan the terrible today it is vast parkland offering a selection of activities. inside the crate person is busy businesses are told about life as it was in russia. so you can
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see blacksmiths working. hard and relentless work as well as describing old fashioned take meek's also introduce you to the various christmas traditions and customs of russia. is there is a history of fashion times salt your. christmas time as contestants are the fairy tale residence of homelessness and rational times one of the main highlights here is a troika ride to the pretty parkland the museum is a of is exciting to see the programs including horse riding and triggers his harvest of rest as well as in one post carriages sleighs and on that note it's into the carriage and off we go to. the russian soul comes into its own joy winter don't be afraid of the cold wrap up
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warm and enjoy the amazing when to activities inside or out the soviets may have tried to ban christmas festivities but now they are back in full force bigger and better than ever before. so get the champagne ready and let's make this christmas wherever you are one to remember. wow but so far well unfortunately that's all that's how we have left on this week's program about christmas holidays here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest to take you by for how.
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great. things. come to a. unique. so different but the only one. moscow. i. think people believed and hope for many years in this albeit system has faded away in less than twenty four hours a spell of this kind of push up coupled with below we acted in a true russian style we didn't know exactly what the future would bring that were to think about later three leaders come together and sign an agreement dissolving the u.s.s.r. for good or to get rid of the so-called big brother that was always controlling them was the dream of many republics work. but in the eyes of the people they put it like this i will liberate you from the kremlin oppression no one wants to take the blame but we would not be able to persuade gorbachev and besides he's word
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could not be relied upon. he could tell you anything and do something completely different function for you myself for being too liberal and in the sand boris yeltsin or i should have that was my mistake. this is the decisive in strict boris yeltsin that sets in the kremlin and set of good shelf at the time. then i don't think we have left bell of asia forest soaries of. two decades has passed but the discussion still rages was this applause for a fait accompli. culture is that so much given to the huge percentage share power on the market the old organization finding a new mission this is how the arab league is being described by some particularly when it comes to syria others are not so appreciative.
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used twenty seven countries have failed to agree why changes to solve the debt crisis. save the euro the seventeen single currency members six albums are now planning to settle their own troops and. police around the she's a series of airstrikes on getting militants going to cool things civilian casualties. western media has been quick to equate russia's moves election rallies to the arab world almost despite being two decades take moscow news of us and syria on board again on five parents. to find out when it is good to see you in
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the future. is only formula one driver and it certainly does stick for dolly petroff he has been let go by renner the say we don't need your services anymore thank you very much well there are any hints as to welcome next the problem is that for the twenty twelve season now is that all the teams really house their two drivers but there is a little bit of speculation they might be going to russia's only f one team a lot more not just the second. thanks for joining us this is sports they plan to head over the next ten minutes or so and these stories and bring. rain in spain excuse on so for their third defeat in the euro league against perfect barcelona but then still look forward to the top sixteen basketball later this season. staying in his nest hours after the
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n.b.a. collective bargaining agreement has ratified the league smash a three team trade involving new orleans hornets star chris paul. chance of a lifetime the five members of team russia's ice cores dunhill squad prepare to travel the world in their quest for success. let's start with the news this hour that russia's first ever formula one driver has been let go by randall the telly petroff now on the lookout for a new team after the romain grosjean was handed reynolds' second seat petroff known as the v. borg rocket sent on his way despite having a contract until the end of next year the twenty seven will be on this private rental in twenty ten earning his first podium place the following season in australia tensions are rose last month when petroff criticised the british team following that. stating that they locked. his partner last season whom santa has also left me right there on former team reserves who know the men in the drive.
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to basketball were an excuse and were unable to hold the surging barcelona in the europa league last night the spaniards on an eight games but who next have reason to celebrate as well they are through to the top sixteen states despite the loss barcelona shooting and underwhelming forty percent from the field but where it will to dominate proceedings one of my most linux slowing down in the fourth quarter when the problem i face turned up the heat american people killed ten points and making two three from. on the arc as well sixty three fifty five it's. n.b.a. team owners and players may have just run to find a new collective bargaining agreement but there's already a huge development on the new free agent on scape the league stopping a trade which would have sent new orleans player chris paul to the star studded los angeles lakers the hornets are currently owned by the league itself and the n.b.a. to the opportunity to intervene in a developing three team treat citing basketball reasons the move would have seen
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the twenty six who would head to california in exchange for a big man of. the soul she stood a role to win the deal on would have snagged a soul from the hornets in return for three players on the twenty twelve first round draft pick bowls contract harbor expires in the summer on could legally it's called the pepsi center just one game in the n.f.l. took place on thursday ahead of the big. ben roethlisberger showing he needs a little more than a leg to stand on helping the steelers see off cleveland while playing through an i call spring in pittsburgh seven three up in the second quarter when big ben took a massive sack he was helped off the field and media after this didn't help the r he didn't stay i should say on the treatment table for too long the twenty nine year old strolling in the second half to finish the contest in style roethlisberger putting the game out of reach in the fourth finding the p.c. on twenty with brawn he takes it all the way back to the store the steelers
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finishing up the forty three in front their fifty win and sixty. i to the kitchen were struggling vet to give their all but were left staring at the feet once again against third place on thursday the nama too good for the second from bottom side but only just the home team striking suddenly and swiftly at the end of the first time coming off the school run the luzhniki cried woman operating with the visitors helpless do you think you read. art tell me an army thing up at your shepherd in the thirty six minutes time proceedings is one want to do this they just would march towards with an elm again detail nice and polite in less than a minute to go but three missed the tents and the shooting should write from the man in white would cost them dearly also misty but not the crucial one check mark came up seeming retreat when the muscatine said. football wayne rooney has
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been cleared to leinart fragment in their final group stage game euro twenty twelve meaning he will lie night more than likely against co-host ukraine that is after you have to reduce the much s. united players three match ban to two games on thursday rooney have initially received a straight red card for kicking new drug zoot of h. in a two two draw with montenegro in october he had been set to miss all of this country's group games in donetsk and kiev but will not be available for the ukraine march after appealing the verdict you think orders in switzerland the police featured a letter from zenovich himself asking for his attackers ban to be reduced really though will still miss the potentially decisive group d. clashes with france and sweden in general no. to some news no light heavyweight boxer romance sim a cough has died after falling into a coma during a title fight the weekend the russian champion was taking on computer game called the of a new katherine bergen a w.b.c. asian boxing consul clash the fight ending with a technical knock out against him
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a cough he then entered into a coma while still in the ring and was immediately taken to hospital where he died from brain injuries some a cough whose age twenty seven the fight game goes on though in this summer will witness one of the most anticipated bites of twenty eleven i b f and w b a light welterweight champion amir khan putting his belts on the line against former homeless challenger lamont peterson. hometime is going to be a tough task you know we know how good is the strong these he's only lost one find his whole career and he's going to be a tough night you know you can have the last support here but i really think we love him we love a lot more support we're talking for about two months now. i'm ready to fight and. looking forward to a great fight this week. to make sure you'll be there. now it seems that all the world class winter sport action recently has been taking place in beaver creek
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colorado if it's a cost to which winning the first men slalom event of the season a day after the ladies were moved to the same resort due to lack of snow in the french alps raining overall world cup leader. was a target rustic dreams of running a light austria's martial bircher to storm into the leader after his first effort sunday's giant slalom win or whatever could not match the croat smoothness of the second round thirty two year old cost which crashed several times on the birds of prey course during his career with three of his nine nice surgeries a direct result of those accidents but only learned to stay a little safer yet effective at the same time screen the top spot archer ended up in third after being edged out by italian christian. and finally the five members of the russian national team who will participate at the twenty twelve red bull crushed ice world championships being selected as a culture of reports a license to thrill around the world is another job description.
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young russians introduction to this normal unpick adrenaline packed winter sport began last february when a stage of the world championships was held in moscow the country skaters are still far from the accomplishments recorded by their north american and scandinavian counterparts however the leader of team russia under a lot of roff who finished in eighth place at last winter's events in the russian capital has become an integral part of the crushed ice family permanently placing the athletes from his native lands on the international ice cross downhill map last year we. were world championship stopping here in moscow and the russian guys proved to me that they're really good on the skates but most of the disc eights and in the final part of the competition are was sixty four outlets and twenty four russian guys it's a good result only canadian guys showed a bit of a better score andrea lavrov will be joined by another four skaters of the upcoming
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crushed ice world championships they were among the twenty one regional russian champions who fought for a place on the national team in moscow for some of these guys it's not only a unique chance to represent their country but also to travel to places their friends can only dream about they were strong enough to stay on ice to fight for their to be the first their welcome and their oath both aware that later they're coming they're fighting for the beach here as a national hero calls to get a chance so surf around the world of all the five star america not a suite on the other lands in the world stops and maybe to be the first there so the first stop for these russian daredevils will be the united states with the opening stage of the red bull crashed ice event taking place in january in minnesota the skaters will then move on to the netherlands followed by sweden the country where the. sport originated and it will all culminate in march with the
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final race in kind of this quebec which is considered the mecca of ice cross downhill so these are the guys who will represent russia the world crashed ice championships and next year is still uncertain how they will perform at that event but one thing's for sure is that their respective regions will be very proud of their boys are on call sort of reporting for it see from the gorky park in moscow but as all your sports trouble to for you would like a little bit war more why not log on to you tube dot com for slash our team sport news plenty there to keep you entertained for hours but that's all for me for the day i'll see you soon.
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would be soon which right if you knew me. from things to question. who screams tontine don't come. wealthy british style it's just not time to write. the. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. .
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that. her. perch league. or lipitor.


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