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live from moscow round the world this is our t. thanks for watching us these are all top stories no thank you wishes the euro all the best walks have told me that saving the current currency while chancellor merkel still cool parts of the of the breakthrough dream of united europe now looks . israeli missiles rained down on gaza targeting militants but hitting civilians at least one palestinian is killed and twenty five mostly women and children television latest crackdown on. russia's central election commission
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confirms the ruling united russia party won the parliamentary poll but admits minor regularities to take place so those voters to make up for the next part. of next from the festival to the face for moscow takes a look at christmas in the capital. maundering. she's telling. frankly. dynamic. frank buckley a. month ago. hello
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and welcome on this week's program we'll be taking a look at various activities you can enjoy over the festive period that's right christmas is just a few weeks away and there's a real much less fear in moscow over the new year period i want it to start something good all i skating here i'm at school. open for three months until the beginning of march one of the best things about coming here is the story. impressive breadcrumb the moves down the opposite the ice rink the colorful and in terms of the sixteenth century symbols cathedral can be seen and worn and what a magnificent sight. the talk as it's known in mission has been set up by the company that runs the elegant shopping arcade on the east side of the square. skate
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away and enjoy the moment surrounded by sensational history and stunning architecture. towards where you. place you'll. love it since we are. right now we're right here and we can state. i think is the best expired. yes you can get because it's like empty you know fairy tale you have all these amazing i dig dirt and just feel like you know tell me that. this can't wait i especially like the old russian songs here the ones my grandma used to listen to when she was my age i'm. from beginning to advance people of all levels can come here i'm not doing too badly. to hear well practice makes perfect i suppose.
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if i'm on the. members of staff in striking. advice and give safety tips be prepared. be more proficient. many tourists don't have the chance to skate every winter. either way popular with muscovites. it seems. is the ideal christmas day out relax listen to the festive music and those calories. to enjoy christmas shopping experience while moving to our next location it's time to get your wallets ready. i personally love to. hear. any christmas. traditional. christmas or.
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various christmas markets is located next to red square just opposite the bolshoi theater and it's a great place to bring the family and friends it's open until the tenth of january from. quite chilly. temperatures today. is known for its freezing weather. take note when visiting any attraction outside here you can see a range of christmas decorations so candy crafts an art a closely connected with local history and an old russia would has been an essential part of everyday life. interest also known as the nesting dolls is arguably one of the most popular russian souvenirs here it's been redesigned to look like a christmas tree inside a miniature sums of clothes. for the christmas and most gold we have ever watched and thena is from us and we got to hear their market everything is beautiful the
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trees are really nice and the people are friendly. christmas states can be confusing in russia this is a christmas day falls on the seventh of january the reason is because the orthodox church still follows the old during alynda which is currently thirteen days behind the gregorian calendar used in western countries. for the nine hundred seventeen revolution until the fall of communism christmas as a whole had a rather tenuous status in the soviet union although the holiday was officially frowned upon many and surprising people turned it into a new year's festival. with western influence missing such russian tradition this has created a month long celebration in the capital there are many religious services held in the russian capital during the festive period regarding buildings the christ the savior cathedral here is one highlight. is an overall height of one hundred five
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meters is the school most orthodox church in the world and can hold up to ten thousand people. it's a beautiful place to visit over the christmas holidays brightly decorated interiors and soothing festive music welcomes visitors carols a song mass is given and people reflect him pray for a healthy and successful year ahead. this is an extremely busy period when it comes to accommodation in the capital from party planning to special events moscow's five star like asians plan such festivities well ahead like all hotels in major cities. christmas program is very expensive. it's an exciting time for us here obviously we have the weather we have the location. is normally snowy around christmas time so the environment it's pretty much close to perfect i would say we run
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a lot of activities in the hotel very busy with corporate events obviously through the through the whole december and as we move towards christmas time we have all the traditional family events like brunch news parties and so on. what are the christmas activities are worth mentioning in moscow apart from red square there's another impressive skating rink moscow's historical goopy park the park has been completely renovated to share now it boasts the largest rink in newark you can skate and it's fifteen thousand square metres of ice until midnight every night there are many other festive winter beaches in the park such as hockey rinks. ski tracks and an ice labyrinth for children. this is not an easy one but rather design a christmas decorations moscow's luxurious department store is the ideal place to shop annually a spectacular festive bizarre set up on the ground floor thousands of sparking toys an ornament and fix it music all around just make sure not to be carried away as
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you might end up bankrupt before the holidays even begin. a green fir tree with its distinctive scent reminiscent of the christmas period is one of the main winter symbols in russia in many families it's a tradition to put out a real treat instead of an artificial attempt not to harm the environment make sure to purchase a tree from companies who sell trees that have been. especially growing for christmas and not illegally chopped down you can choose from a range of dutch russian factories and pine trees you can even all of them online and have a tree to live it's. funny there are dozens of hotels and restaurants and the special christmas menus for those who want a five star canary delight head to the ritz carlton hotel throughout december a special first of menu created by the french chef is offered to the guests the dinner of three courses cost three thousand two hundred rubles bypass and that's
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around one hundred dollars to the restaurant. to our final location now in moscow to some may seem to be a great city of concrete and towering glass but there are several places where you can still find traditional batches and chapels the perfect winter wonderland. although one problem at the moment is that it's felt cold enough the snow keeps on melting december slush is not nice. but in a few weeks as always i'm sure that will be resolved as the skies will clear and temperatures will plummet the typical i see my list below. the calmest. is a unique way says not far from the city center it was the summer residence of the sauces the time of ivan the terrible today it is vast parkland offering a selection of activities. inside the crate person is busy businesses are told
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about life as it was in russia. but you can see blacksmiths working it's hot and relentless work as well as describing old fashioned take meek's also introduce you to the various christmas traditions and customs of russia. china is there is a history of fashion times sancerre. christmas time is contestants or the fairy tale residence upon the residents of rational times one of the main highlights here is a troika ride to the principal auckland the museum is of as exciting does to programs including horse riding and trick is. harnessed abreast as well as in one post carriages sleighs and on that note it's into the carriage and off we go.
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the russian soul comes into its own joy winter don't be afraid of the cold wrap up warm and enjoy the amazing when to activities inside or out the soviets may have tried to ban christmas festivities but now they are back in full force bigger and better than ever before. so get the champagne ready and let's make this christmas wherever you are one to remember. wow but so far well unfortunately that's all that's how we have left on this week's program about christmas holidays here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week it's over for me and the rest of the to you buy for now.
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great. things. come to. germany. so different but the only one. moscow. culture is the same item in the each musician of our economy i am a mark of an old organisation finding a new mission this is how the arab league is being described by some particularly when it comes to syria others are not so appreciative. of. the e. the it is the best susie to the best
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market. what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. charts top stories snow thank you britain wishes the euro all the best walks out on the planet saving the. world. still cold parts of the deal a breakthrough the dream of a united europe now looks of a new ship. israeli missiles rained down on gaza targeting militants but hitting civilians at least one palestinians killed and twenty five wounded mostly women and children in tel aviv the latest crackdown on how much. of russia's central election commission confirms the ruling united russia party has won the parliamentary poll.
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regularities did take place sunday's vote was to determine the makeup of the country's parliament for the next five years now. you're watching r.t. . hello the. company again coming up in the program. russian biathletes and all these odds of a win medals at the world cup in. the rain in spain. for their defeat in moscow blows your make against perfect barcelona. and chance of a lifetime the five members of team brush i suppose down his court preferred to travel the world in their quest for success in twenty twelve. but let's start with
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russia have claimed first podium of the season that's after entering because they want silver in the manse ten kilometer sprint race at the second stage of the world cup in whole foods and the russian was flawless on ranges but nine seconds to york and back months took gold this week was also a perfect run shooting bunch of why go through at seven nineteen seconds behind the winner and completed the podium his rifle also hit all the targets. then rushed. to the two prongs in the women's event one target on the first shooting range but was great on the second gold went to. germany who produced a brilliant display both on the track and in shooting. the run in finland finished second. russia's first ever formula one driver has been let go by rhino the taliban now in search of a new team after it was handed second seat but also known as the rocket was
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sacked despite having a contract until the end of next year the twenty seven year old began his ride with brando in twenty ten and in his first place the following season in. tension rose last month when petrov criticised the british team following the abu dhabi grand prix stating they let his partner last season person has also laughed at him and for my red john now the man in the driving seat. formula one race driver of the film from perth think it's a. qualis dream coming through is something i've been working. from two years now and. it's a bigger mission for me. the dream come true and this is very difficult to find exact words to explain who are can feel. they have fun perfectly good and can forward the next season. when possible an excuse and unable to stop barcelona in
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the euro league last night's this penates unbeaten now in a game spot only have reason to celebrate their through to the top sixteen state despite the loss bustle or shooting forty percent from the field but were unable to dominate proceedings actually when it mattered most slowing down in the fourth quarter while the catalans turned up to hate america pete michael adding ten point in making two from the arc as well sixty three fifty the final score there. now football universe today the chile has defeated ecuador side quit in the first leg of the corpus of american a final a single goal from a god of august was just enough for the visitors the chilean team overcame brazilian vasco da gama on their way to this final while the hosts took the edge over velez sasseville of argentina with through their first half sported a brilliant opportunity to take the lead and university wasted no time with their response tournament top strike of august found himself one on one with the keeper
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and score goals eleven games the home side tried then to get equalized in the second half but the result remained the same one for universe with the second leg next wednesday. in the mean time to spend his giants real madrid and barcelona prepare for their one hundred sixty fourth classical within the national championships zimmern is man currently enjoying a three point lead over their biggest rivals at the top of the table however the portuguese manager letters assistant head of sunday's clash at intel go up then about. i'm going to tomorrow's game is an extra game and it's true there are direct rival but we must not change anything it's only three points of stages and these three points don't change the team is working really well and is very balanced. meanwhile the english premier league surprise package sort of prepared to take on
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stoke at this. paret perhaps team are currently third in the table with an impressive run of ten wins and one draw in their last eleven fixtures and the manager wants his charges to continue their pursuit of the sides i won't learn if we. don't last couple of years no great result someone there show you never again easy game at stoke we know it's going to be a tough game so we've got to be prepared for what they offer and we know it be difficult but we've got to go and play our game and if we do it because you don't good chance. boxing now where the phones will witnessed one of the most anticipated bouts of twenty eleven this saturday i bear will be a light to a champion and they can't project has belts on the line against lamont peterson pitons life on the streets of d.c. one who has a kid is the stuff of legend but can't is not at all worried by fighting the tough challenger in his hometown. hometown it's going to be
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a tough task you know we know how good is he's strong these he's only lost one find his whole career and it's going to be a tough night you know you can have the law support here but i really think we love we love a lot more support than talking for about two months now that i'm ready to fight and. looking forward to a great fight this weekend. this may show you be the. now spanish gold. told an eagle on the eighteenth to take the lead after the second round of the dubai world championship his brilliant display put team four shots clear of the nearest rival pete hansen of sweden with and. behind remember must win the event to have any chance of claiming the european money title had a look donald. so hope that the englishman would finish no better than to claim the marriage crown donald short six to eight and eight strokes behind the lead to
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a tough position midway through the tunnel so. i think just personally in terms of my mental approach for the next couple days i was it was huge it was a struggle today i mean making a few kind of uncharacteristic you stakes i'm not sure what that. is down to maybe just you know the situation of what's at stake this week but. to make three birdies there oh. we'll make lunch taste great and hopefully make the next two days a little easier. five members of the russian national team who will participate at the time to twelve red bull crushed ice fall championships has been selected as your local surf reports a license to throw around the world. description. of the russians introduction to this normal in pick adrenaline tactic winter sport began last february when a stage of the world championships was held in moscow the country skaters are still
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far from the accomplishments recorded by their north american and scandinavian counterparts however the leader of team russia and de la brive who finished in eighth place at last winter's events in the russian capital has become an integral part of the crushed ice family permanently placing the athletes from his native plants on the international ice cross downhill last year we. were world championship stopping here in moscow and the russian guys proved that they're really good on the skates but most of. the skates and in the final part of competition. sixty four it's down twenty four. guys it's a good result only canadian guys showed a bit of a better score andrea lavrov will be joined by another four skaters of the upcoming crushed ice world championships they were among the twenty one regional russian champions who fought for a place on the national team in moscow for some of these guys it's not only
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a unique chance to represent their country but also to travel to places their friends can only dream about they were strong enough to stay on ice to fight for their to be the first they're welcome and they're of course over the pleasure of their comic they're fighting for the beach here as a national hero calls to get a chance so surf around the world of all the five stops i mean not a suite on the lawns in the world stops and maybe to be the girls there. so the first stop for these russian daredevils will be the united states with the opening stage of the red bull crashed ice event taking place in january in minnesota this skaters will then move on to the netherlands followed by sweden the country where this sport originated and it will all culminate in march with the final race in canada's quebec which is considered the mecca of ice cross downhill so these are the guys who will represent russia the world crashed ice championships and next
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year is still uncertain how they will perform at that event but one thing's for sure is that their respective regions will be very proud of their boys are on call sort of reporting for it see from the gorky park in moscow. well that's all from me and the sports stars for today say tomorrow head oh not a good buy. live
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