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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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treat me. like of the law to show you the real headlines with none of the mercy i can live out of washington d.c. now tonight we're going to see if the eurozone can be saved european leaders with the exception of the u.k.'s david cameron have come up with a new treaty but it's a real fix or just smoke and mirrors joe weisenthal is going to join us for that then last night the occupy boston camp was supposed to be rated but despite the deadline for the eviction notice passing protesters are still there and the police are standing back to dennis rader jr is going to join us to talk about where the
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occupy movement is heading and we're going to speak with ben armbruster from think progress about a campaign to get the liberal blog think progress and its writers labeled as anti israel and anti-semitic we'll have all that morphy tonight including a dose of happy hour but first take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. all right so once again our worthless congress is stuck in a rut in gridlock fighting over the extension of the payroll tax cut and since the mainstream media is all about the d.c. bubble and which lawmaker wants to talk bad about the other well they're covering the story feverish sleep. two plans for both democrats republicans to find money to extend the very popular payroll tax cut looks like we can't wait is that working as a push for congress to take action senate republicans blocked a bill to extend the payroll tax cut yesterday the tax cuts are not extended by the end of the year your paycheck will get smaller they are dead on arrival that is
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right senate shot down the democrats' plan that would have added a tax to those making more than a million dollars a year the failed republican proposal sought to freeze federal pay and reduce the federal workforce by ten percent house republicans offered their own version tied to the controversial keystone pipeline. and now the thing is there's a whole lot more to this scenario than just republicans and democrats can agree let's not forget how convoluted this entire thing is really originally republicans were opposed to extending the payroll tax cut despite the fact that they don't believe in raising taxes so then when everybody pointed out the hypocrisy of the g.o.p. lobbying for more tax breaks for the rich and then not giving a damn what it comes to the portion of the population that really needs those breaks that's why they started making concessions so now the house bills boehner is promising will only go through for republicans get to tack on a few things that they want in return for not raising taxes which is absolutely
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absurd and now this whole thing about the keystone pipeline would barely even got a mention on m s n b c they just call that controversial and they moved on and that even fox out did them in providing details. threats of a veto from the oval office as republicans plan to tie tax cuts in unemployment to a controversial oil pipeline house republicans drafting legislation that would green light a massive extension of the keystone pipeline despite fears of damaging this aqua for said to be a sensitive underground aquifer that hydrates hundreds of american farms now they plan to attach it to the extension of payroll tax cuts and long term unemployment benefits that's a move the president says he will veto. that's right in order to extend the payroll tax republicans just want to completely take the state department out of the picture when it comes to the keystone pipeline forget about environmental concerns the thousands of people across the country that have been protesting this pipeline
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the controversy surrounding the official reviews and the too close for comfort relationships between state department employees and trans canada lobbyists so you can see why the president says that he's going to veto it but john boehner is already said that that means the g.o.p. is just going to double down so that when the president vetoes it if he actually goes that path it will look like it was his fault that the payroll tax didn't get extended to a whole lot of back and forth and you can be sure that it only get more complicated and more dirty over the next couple of weeks as the clock counts down to the deadline of january first but here's what really gets me about this entire situation while the media just calls it a controversy just another thing that republicans democrats are fighting over they completely missed the bigger picture that this is a perfect example of how ruined our political process has begun become this is why congressional approval is an all time low because it always ends up like this you can't ever just get a straight piece of legislation passed here in the nation's capital without pet projects being tacked on or as in this case heavily politically motivated additions
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and the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other a payroll tax and a massive pipeline it's going to run through the country but again this is just the typical washington b.s. and you know what's going to happen next well whatever side wins or caves or whatever you want to call it they're going to use their results as a way to point out the other party's failings the president's failings try to trick the american people into thinking that they're the good guys in this entire the situation who really did have the american people's best interests at heart and while here well it's clearly the republicans that are in the wrong it's hardly an isolated incident both parties are guilty they both do it and it's just considered to be how business in washington is done but guess what it's time to change business as usual it's time to stop playing with americans livelihoods like this is some kind of a game while you and. and i find this frustrating absurd and wrong all the mainstream media they just roll with the punches and take part in it all they call out one party not the other whatever it's convenient or whatever fits their specific cable channel channels agenda but being able to look at all of washington
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and the way that the entire system functions or does not function figure out why things are going wrong seems to be something that they're completely incapable of doing or against something they just don't care about why bother trying to look out for the interests of us all when you have partisan gridlock to play up to either theater of what they try to pass as news these days you know they love the drama of the fundamental failings of our system that's where they choose to miss. well seven between european leaders to tackle their sovereign debt crisis is being hailed as a success this morning leaders with the exception of the u.k.'s david cameron agree to sign on to an intergovernmental treaty and the markets sort the idea here is to enact a fiscal compact which includes balanced budgets to fuel ations and force of mechanisms to control spending not some of those are very detail creating a rule the annual structural deficits for sovereigns are not to exceed point five percent with a firm ceiling of three percent after which economic sanctions would go into effect
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agreeing to provide an additional two hundred billion euros to the i.m.f. and agreeing that private sector lenders to euro zone nations will not automatically face losses in the event of another bailout as happened in greece now other parts of our agreement here are painfully vague like committing to working towards a common economic policy so at the end of the day how much if anything did this deal really fix joining me from our studio in new york is joe weisenthal deputy editor of the business insider just want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and i'm just going to get your opinion on this intergovernmental treaty that we have that everybody thought save the day how do you see it. yeah i mean it didn't seem to solve any of the problems you know prior to the you know there was some hope that the countries would come together basically just didn't solve any of the real issues that all that's going on in europe it's really disappointing it doesn't seem as though it's opening the door for the e.c.b. to take up a bigger role there's no joint shared finances there's no euro bond it's basically
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just harder promise to do more austerity and we've seen how that works or hasn't worked it's mostly just failed and. it's got to be a big disappointment and then you add in the fact that now there's this huge rift between the euro zone or maybe twenty six countries of the e.u. and the u.k. on the other side they didn't really want to be part of this so arguably rather than one crisis now you have a second crisis which is that one of the most important members of the e.u. is on a totally different page than everyone else i was you know let's talk about that actually it seems like maybe if you tensions are boiling over because of this too because there is a video out there showing president sarkozy walking right past cameron and actually have we're going to play it for you first we'll talk about what we think that might mean. that's. what. i thought i don't know people say that that looks like
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a snub he didn't stop to shake his hand what do you think of that all of that i mean i thought it was a snow i mean i you know i watched it a couple of times to see but i would come down on the side of the snow. you know but clearly the other leaders are upset with david cameron and this is a real tension and suddenly. you role in the e.u. is now more and more you know there are questions about it worse before it didn't seem to be a controversial thing so this is real no what do you think that cameron is in the right or is he in the wrong to look at this agreement and say no way i'm not signing my country up for something that is just going to fail that doesn't solve any of the issues or is he saying that he kind of he wants to play it both ways and you know and sarkozy you know have it that way i think cameron made absolutely the right call for the u.k. . that he could have potentially opened up the u.k.
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financial sector to regulations possibly a tobin tax a tax on financial transactions that would have really hurt one of the country's main industries and there's just no reason for the u.k. which doesn't really have any debt problems at all i mean sure their debt is high but they're having no problems financing themselves to sign up for these incredibly austere strict fiscal rules that limit their deficit when they're not getting into trouble they're borrowing fine there's absolutely no reason for them to sign on to this so i cameron had to do what he did there was there was it made no sense for the u.k. to be part of this ok and so now what everyone else did sign on to the side in the case you call that they just promised really hard and we don't we look at some of these things yeah weren't they always supposed to have not run up really high deficits in the first place you know i'm kind of confused as to who they think is going to be doing the policing of these rules now. that's exactly right from the very beginning of the whole thing they had this treaty treaty that was supposed to
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have hard deficit rules but the problem is that you know when there's a big recession your tax receipts collapse when there's a crisis your banking your banks may need to bail out it's impossible to abide by these rules perfectly so now they're saying they're going to make the rules really strict and they're going to have intergovernmental authority and some sort of you know perhaps a punishment on countries that don't abide by the rules but deficits don't come about really because governments are irresponsible deficits come about because of trade imbalances and other things and countries have a lot less control over their deficit than politicians probably think they do and so they can say they're going to try really hard to make the rules but it's not going to do anything well then so once again i'm coming down to what some of the core problems are having a monetary union europe you know that basically it's not that you need to put more rules on having deficits but it's that you have so many economies that are so different they're all supposed to be part of one union that maybe again you have to question whether this experiment was ever meant to really work. yeah you know that
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the problem is not is the structure of the european union and they're going to earn the eurozone they're going to have to do one of the two things they're either going to have to break it up or they're going to have to establish a system whereby rich countries transfer money to poor countries on a regular basis to make up for the fact that the poor countries are less competitive and that's what we have in the united states and there's ongoing transfers from rich people in wealthier states to the poor states so that they can balance their state budgets and so on and part of what happens in an integrated economic area and if the eurozone isn't willing to go in that direction ultimately or won't take steps in that direction it's not going to work out what do you think that tim geithner is pushing as we know that he's been making a lot of trips he's been there some people say behind the scenes i guess you could say that he's pretty openly in there clearly talking to european leaders do you think of the u.s. wants the eurozone to stay together or are to break up excuse me or go this
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opposite route that you just mentioned you know i think the u.s. wants the eurozone to stay together and i think tim geithner's message is bailouts at any cost don't screw it up look we just had a crisis in two thousand and eight which was partially the result of watching a slow motion train wreck we saw coming for months and months and months and we kept thinking they would try little things and then it really did have a collapse in late two thousand and eight and it proved to be incredibly costly with serious damage to the economy and i think that's the message that geithner has to be taking is that whatever it is you can solve it in multiple ways you could have the easy be printed a lot more money you could have some sort of joint euro bonds or germany guarantees the debt of other countries whatever it is don't let yourselves collapse don't watch don't watch it happen don't go over the cliff while everyone is paying attention to it so i suspect that's going or the main message how they want to do it is up to them but i think of what a collapse at any cost. yeah and that's something that i think that we probably
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need to be hearing a little bit more of here it seems like i enter is in some land far away and you know our politicians or any of our candidates if you look at what the main conversations are about right here at home feel like europe is never mentioned that's absolutely right and you know there's a you know if europe goes into recession that's one thing and the u.s. economy will be get hurt by that but if europe has a banking collabs and you know european banks or major counter parties of mirror going to banks that becomes a real issue and suddenly really infects our financial system and how we do all of that is not clear because the congress and the u.s. certainly isn't going to be approving anything like tarp ever again or for years so it's not clear what would happen if the you know global banking crisis re originated out of europe but it would be scary and i think that is the primary reason that geithner's there yeah why i think you definitely had
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a good point there that it's kind of hard to see the congress that we have right now passing anything or agreeing on anything so if there was a problem of that massive scale again then i think we'd all be in a lot of trouble john thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. our coming up next defense team for bradley manning has hit another barrier for the government before his upcoming hearing at fort meade and then is occupied boston escape to fiction that traders vow to hold their ground despite a deadline for police to leave the area last night so what's next for those few we square and movement overall going to find out after the break. into that only military mechanisms. to bring justice or. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. i would characterize obama as
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a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you. hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know. welcome to the big picture.
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of the capitol and mr. you're still believe. the repetition of. what a protest and nobody seems to know. the number of pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. well looks like the defense team for p.f.c. bradley manning is fighting more than just an uphill battle when it comes to planning their case for the hearing at fort meade on december sixteenth turns out that thirty eight people the mannings defense attorney david combs has requested
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for this article thirty two hearing as witnesses have been denied by the government the only ones the government has been opposed are those who are also being sought out by the government as witnesses so just last week we reported the defense was calling on hillary clinton to speak about how critical the leak of diplomatic cables really it was for the u.s. and they're also calling on president obama to respond to this comment he made during a fundraiser in san francisco comment that makes manning appear guilty before any mention of a trial. now as expected both clinton and obama are going to be appearing because they're considered too important however colmes is hoping to take depositions from both the president and the secretary of state but the two most high profile witnesses requested are not the only ones the government objects to according to the defense
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response combs requested to hear from military mental health experts who worked with manning and can attest to his deteriorating emotional health before and after a time when the material was allegedly leaked but their presence has been opposed and the purpose is to share the army private health issues to assign an appropriate punishment in this case or in the case that he is convicted and there's also a strong opposition from the government to verbal testimony from twenty two cases agents with the pentagon's criminal investigative division who participated in manning's investigation as you can imagine the government opposing thirty eight out of forty eight of the defense is witnesses it's going to put a serious damper on combs ability to argue for manic so in his response come stated the government states that offenses prefer testimony regarding the total breakdown in command and the multiple failures by the unit to take basic steps in response to clear mental health issues being suffered by p.f.c. manning is somehow not relevant to the article thirty two investigation and will only serve to distract from the relevant issues so in other words the governor just
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wants to look at the case from their perspective manning the alleged actions of sharing diplomatic cables forgetting all the other factors and coming to a conclusion in a frankly very and judicial manner while the government is trying to rig the article thirty two hearing the army's already cleaned up shop regarding the fall out after the private allegedly leaked those cables after the army conducted an internal investigation fifteen people were disciplined one of them was reduced in rank for failing to fulfill their obligations and that person was a supervisor who was aware of manning's behavior and. still health issues however failed to notify anyone else of his problems as mcclatchy news service reported last year warning signs about manning were apparent before he was even sent to iraq however many ended up being shipped to the country anyway so it seems as if will never really know the details of what happened as long as the government gets their way with the hearing it for me they prefer to hold a hearing that could determine the future of the army private without hearing all of the facts and i think that's disturbing. now we spoke at length on this show about growing inequality here in the u.s.
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day after day we throw a number of an after number at you data point after data point to convey just how serious the income disparity has become and so tonight we have yet another a very big data comparison that really puts it all into perspective for you he has a wal-mart that really nice megastore that everyone is so fond of. did you know about seventy five percent of wal-mart store management team started as hourly associates because of wal-mart were about more than just jobs were about careers and that makes life more fruitful for everyone seed money better wal-mart. well so you know wal-mart is owned by a family a very very rich family the waltons so i'm going to throw a number at you about the waltons wealth to be the american people that is going to blow your mind and not a good way turns out that just six members of the walton family are as wealthy as the entire bottom thirty percent of americans that's according to silvia ali gretta a labor economist at u.c. berkeley now just take a second to really soak that it i mean i need the minute the calculations are based on data from two thousand and seven which is the most recent set of numbers on the
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federal reserve board survey on consumer finances which measures the net worth of americans so the six members of the walton family compared those numbers to you are all the children or children law of the founders of wal-mart and their worth in two thousand and seven with sixty nine point seven billion dollars which is equal to that of the entire bottom thirty percent of the population which is about ninety million people in two thousand and seven and so the even scarier thing about those numbers is that they're from two thousand and seven that was before the crash so the latest forbes four hundred list now puts the net inherited wealth of the same six walton family members at ninety three billion that's an increase of twenty three point four billion over twenty nine percent of the rest of the american people on the other hand not too and so hot since two thousand and seven their net household income adjusted for inflation has gone down six point four percent and it's only getting worse the federal reserve report released yesterday shows that household net worth fell four percent from july from just july through september of this year that's the sharpest quarterly drop since two thousand and eight the value
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of american stock portfolios fell five point three percent home values drop point six percent so everyday americans are hemorrhaging wealth it's the wealthiest individuals that are making out like bandits something of the occupy wall street movement has finally got people to talk about which leads us right next door and right into our next interview. so the battle to keep occupy camps alive continues and every day it seems like there's either a hit or miss last night the deadline for the occupy boston campaign at midnight and it's why people filling the streets. linking arms waiting for the cops to make their move they did it the police didn't take the cap they didn't use force that this moment the protesters are still there threatening us and what we've seen play out before in other cities just remember new york or los angeles where original addiction notices didn't go through and protesters felt like they won the day but eventually the cities did move it and they did clear the camps so as boston going to be the same as just a waiting game at this point and if so what are the occupy movement to next join me
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to discuss this janet dennis trainer for acronym t.v. dot com that is want to thank you for joining us tonight and if you can first just give us some details as to you know boston and how people are reacting to the fact that there hasn't been a victory are they just waiting for one or is there some sense of a victory but wolf there is a sense of a major victory that happened last night for several reasons one. camping camping was under threat and thousands upon thousands of people came both in solidarity and willing to risk arrest to hold a camp. in part of my work as i've been traveling around the country to different occupies so i'm going to spend a couple of days in the occupy boston ignoring native to boston and i would contrast this with what happened in new york when i was there when they tried to evict. mayor bloomberg trying to build the first time the police stood down there was a major victory that was held in the occupy wall street team was able to escalate that take it to the streets less like what happened is a major victory lap and they were going to hold on to the park but it was
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complicated i think by the fact that prior to the old day occupy boston people were trying to comply with fire code and different orders from the from the mayor that made it seem to have a bill that they were going to leave so they actually dismantled about half of the camp themselves aren't letting a finger so there's a there's a sense of victory there's also the sense of they don't want to have their equipment destroyed were struck by wall street so they decided to take you all truck with us the storage. regroup but now they have they're continuing to. speak well you know if you want to talk about regrouping what do you think since you've been traveling around the country since even from one occupy camp to another and unfortunately we have seen the majority of them be dismantled be evicted at this point especially the larger camps do you think that it's better for a few stragglers to try to hold on throughout the winter or would it be ok or would the momentum be lost if people just came back and tried to regroup in the spring. i
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think that's a very important question that occupies all of the country is going with right now i don't know that i personally have the answer i think but what's true is it been talking about this leaderless movement which john heilemann has a very interesting article in your your magazine new york magazine this week. that kind of lays bare the myth that that's not so true there are leaders of this movement working behind the scenes some of those people are actually physically in camps in occupations some of them are at office spaces and in homes on phones and on social networks planning the next stages of those two aspects work together ok so the physical encampment is a reminder of. are exercising our first amendment rights to redress grievances of the government but a lot of the actual planning happens off site so i think they both have to work together i think would be fantastic if somehow we can consolidate some of these groups can maintain a physical presence while we recruit for what i hope will be an american spring to follow up on our autumn and what do you mean when you say that some people are
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organizing the next stages because i think that's the question that i really want answered as is what's the next stage for our occupy wall street are they going to start asking for some type of specific reforms and making specific demands that well i mean that's that's a that's the hundred thousand dollar question we're going to after the holidays and winter sets in we're going to hit head on with this kind of sucking force of electoral politics i think the danger is for a lot of people new to activism to try to see a quick victory to try to see some measurable achievement that they've done something is to redirect their resources towards electoral politics we were already had people like ben jones of the bill the dream try to step out in front and take and harness the energy to occupy and challenge towards the democratic party but anybody know everyone watching this knows that people are mad about policies brought about by both democrats and republican parties in cooperation with each other so the short term answer is we're going to have we're going to we're going to
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be a force in electoral politics the question is how. but he's going to plato you know it's not just not just van jones that's been doing it to even the president this week when he gave a speech suddenly the entire focus was about inequality right and he says to six there about how well the one percent is doing versus average americans so he's very much picking up on this rhetoric and it's what had a victory for the occupy movement is they've changed the dialogue but do you think people are going to fall for it and then go vote for the president because he's picked up on the right language i don't think people are going to fall short of that there's a chance that people are going to fall towards that so these reasons first of all this movie is more popular in its first in the in the first three minutes that it was. because the took them to become popular several several years working so this ridge that came about came from people recognizing the inequality is so great that democrats and republicans are working together to protect the one percent in the foreign policy since we dropped bombs on hiroshima nagasaki doesn't change the
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undergrowth probably going to regret health care the we want health care for all the democrats want to have access to health care for all which is another buzzword for i.e. taking wall street pay insurance companies republicans and tea party want to give it one of how the factory you know complete works of i read in shotgun instead of a doctor the occupy movement in my opinion stands for something that is revolutionary outside what either party can deliver to us so the demands we're placing on the system are not reform demands they're revolutionary guards. are dennis i want to thank you for joining us i guess we're going to have to wait and see if they can actually you know take those demands or take the momentum of the movement and transform it into some kind of action but you know if i may make just one point two it seems interesting because right now they've been saying that the democratic national convention isn't going to be until next september there are a good charlotte drafting up an ordinance in the city to make it so that tents camping.


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