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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. if you are just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is our life from moscow and the latest news out of the week's top stories for you now russia sees the biggest protests in recent history as people unhappy with a parliamentary election result demand a revolt the culmination took place saturday with a thousand strong rally that passed off peacefully despite predictions of violence and arrests. a fresh rift within the e.u. britain vetoes a new treaty tightening of fiscal rules for bloc members in
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a move that many believe is a first step for the u.k. towards the exit door most of the e.u. members have agreed to hand brussels an absolute oversight when it comes to the. liberated but desperate for money libyan authorities plea to the u.n. to release billions of the country's assets still frozen months after the end of the military conflict. the country's cash strapped the government struggles with paying salaries and providing subsidies. bloodshed is commonplace in afghanistan even as nato plans to withdraw from the country but brutal attacks this week claiming more than fifty lives of many are questioning the future of that country if you stay with us for the future of russia as a special envoy to a couple that's coming your way next.
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a couple of russian president's special envoy to afghanistan thank you very much for being with us today thank you so you just recently came back from the bonn conference where here are plain leaders delivered grant promises to afghanistan in helping to rebuild its economy and security and then very next day sixty afghans were killed by suicide bombers allegedly from pakistan how much of a reality check is that really for those leaders who make huge plans for this country but indeed there are going to storm the is going to go on the. one conference was designed to demo three. international community sounded very few gun people and government. was to design to ensure. gun people that they will be not left alone or off the twenty fourteen where
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transition processes or let's examine the whole transition withdrawal process from different sites after the u.s. killing of twenty four pakistani soldiers ration should between the two count countries sharply deteriorated well that have any consequence or impact on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan i don't think that that will have a direct impact on transition process but of course the will complicate that transition force process or are going to start because pakistan is a very important actor in the region in its immediate neighbor all of the government's done and know all these problems including to save us i'm told by several. subjects of various suspects because those extremists who we call taliban they have
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a live mind that fellow's pakistan the taleban while fighting their own golomb on. the. same cause one of the tick tick you players like said pakistan and taliban ignored the bonn conference what signals is that sending to international community do you think pakistan is now part of the problem or solution i wouldn't say that pakistan all part of the problem i suppose just any government boycott of the bonn conference because of these unfortunate attack on pakistani border that it's. fronto and we can understand they sentiments and thinnings. bought up this same time we've got a much hold that pakistan will continue to call their aid to both ways of the afghan government and international community in the stability sedations not only
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are gonna stay in their regional as a whole this recent events the us friendly fire of pakistan and the recent bombings there really playing in the hands of those who want americans to stay in afghanistan can't the us change their mind no withdrawal and who would really benefit from it nobody will benefit from from from meets. the use of american surfer planning to draw a lot of his troops but not all of them. also safe in their mind doesn't include all the forests or overnights that you're you know i have a face to leave them we know about land so i'm out of the story established all to maintain but at the same a number of military bases going this was quite a bit help substantial was also us deployed didn't. that's
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that's a question for us and the russian government of all russian president paul in the us there are many times the made these points about we want to have about transparent picture. for all these military bases there what impact will those military bases have on russian position in the region first of all and for a military. bases in this region special and i've got we believe will not. will not. stop going to the region of the whole. especially when we don't know the final role so much room for. this for us and we cannot clearly understand. for all these bases because if one hundred
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american troops fail to struggle a special kind of system plus so they have almost fifty thousand. partners deployed you have got to imagine this one hundred fifty one hundred fifty seven troops could not stop the lies i've got to somehow these remaining fifty or i don't know maybe before they're caught with american troops are deployed on the five seems no better but it was can stabilize the situation that's a meaning question mark for us we would like to hear. an answer while talking about not being able to stabilize the situation do you see it like we're seeing a repeat of a soviet scenario here where an army goes in it wins but it's i'm able to hold on to its victory is that true for a nato operation there is certain similarity. but again if you
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compare the history of. deployment withdrawal i should just remind that after. was there a will. knowledgeable regime could stand alone in the gun and. almost for three years. what i mean i mean that. the quality or the force left behind if i may put that by soviet union was so high that they were able with some support in sense of a logistics to provide security in the country and. stay along alone and against all odds. one thumbscrew or to put a pile of of the current issue i'm not quite sure that pakatan are going nation
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larvae and i will make sure the police have already the these level of care by billet the to do it alone and that's why we're almost made the point that first of all russia over the ocean doesn't want any regional military force to stay long let alone the fall rare way to go about the same time we don't want them around the way living everything behind i'm complete that. what do you want to build the strong vision process. for which one of the group of the i'm done i'm all for it should. be similar to a new building a really capable people on this one second any military force us off any country that requires a budget. only economy and national economy can
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build up such a much so conclusion. those living our growth that they should help to build a sustainable economy that kim carr mall security and the other requirements of the country that's our position. that's where unfortunately we can see that's for the moment i'm going to show an army and police are not able to stay long and to control the country to provide security and etc how much of a threat is that to president karzai and his allies actually once the nature of what doses his security safe then we'll see if human today more or less i mean they're covered by nato what happens when they to leave now that's i was talking before that it's important and did
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a piece to help her government to present kind of the right. to have not only. well if it leapt loyal military force of nation force by the same time to have a sustainable and they're wrecking economy but can provide the budget and expansions of such i'm force ok that's hypothetically speaking but the reality is different so what's going to happen in the end of two thousand and fourteen when they feel it you know if i fingers so we go they're worried going in. there is. the end of the prospects of carrots but still hope this time we have more than two year steel there and of twenty fourteen to correct the mistakes had been made and to conduct all
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a parishioner in that time and there's also one little point i know that a lot of critical infrastructure in a lot of afghan cities where revealed by the u.s. are in the eighty's what stage are leaving behind. that's a good question that was all of due respect i'll try to find it so. that all the time being. i cannot separate n.q. a long lease of i regard struction and the well of projects we know that i met a can say in less than quite a lot of money into building schools and some other social structure labor but it's very difficult for me to recall any industrial or infrastructure projects that can support the nation's economy. that's for sure and i got there should be
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asked about the. couple of thank you very much for this interview my pleasure thank you very much. thank.
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you. want to thank you.
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the latest news of the week's top stories here on our russia sees the biggest protests in his recent history as people unhappy with the parliamentary election results. the combination took place with a thousand strong rally that peacefully despite predictions of violence and arrests . a fresh a rift within the e.u. britain vetoes a new treaty tightening a fierce school rules for block members in a move that many believe is a first step toward the exit door most of the e.u. members have agreed to brussels oversight of their budget. liberated but
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desperate for money libyan authorities plead to the un to release billions of the country's assets still frozen months after the end of the military conflict the. country's cash strapped government struggles with paying salaries on providing subsidies some. more news in about fifteen minutes time but for now though dimitri joins us with the latest action from the world of sport. hello this portal not to go to the company and those. not invincible are told. for the defeat of the season following it seventeen game winning streak in all competitions. russian biplanes come home second in the men's relay race the second stage of the world cup. and
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leading by example we'll look at how the biggest tragedy in russian sports history prompted the waffle. to help those affected. so let's start with russia have taken silver in the men's relay race at the second stage of the world cup in whole foods and the russian quartet open tone should put in a few minutes to go and finished second losing fourteen seconds to the winner gold went to team no way in the form of. spence and tara while french complete seeded podium finishing third one seconds behind in the wagers. moved to the hardwood where it happened moscow have lost a basketball game him k. and. in the moscow region form and based on director lanka was pretty much ineffective in his brief return to the called as he didn't score at all in seven
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minutes of action the muscovites won the opening quarter eighteen ten many thanks to sergei more eventually finished with nineteen points but called their opponents in the second to have a thirty twenty five time the moscow region saw it extended their advantage to three after the third period. and there were also back to live final one adding seven more. and stan says to claim a seventy five sixty five victory. but the coach in ny agree that i'll see limited action in russia head of the upcoming yearly contests as my shoulder is still not one hundred percent ready tonight both teams played well defensively but we just didn't convert enough offensively in a game like this effort also comes into play and you have to give credit to him before outplaying us down the stretch. i have gone top of the league standings stats our. biggest rivals real madrid away from home three one it wasn't looking too bright for the. scoring the past plus
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a goal within just twenty three seconds bust a cap rolled back to alex sanchez still in the first half after the break harvick in france says fabregas sealed the final score three one in the sixty sixth minute at this man standing some goal difference from what the losers do hold the game in hand. this is what is but it's obviously we're not happy because if you lose you're not we who we're feeling belum know there's still much to play and if we don't lose the will the revolution christmas call of duty in first position. it's been an hour to remember for the moment pietersen the washington d.c. native. claim boxing's and a lie too well to a championship belt in his hometown they turned seven year old getting the nod while a controversial split decision on saturday hitting the floor several times in the
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early rounds with coming out all guns blazing aided by the. tide began to turn in the third round can also deducted points for pushing in the seventh and the final twelve round that last penalty seemingly making all the difference in the judges in favor of a single quite. a few parties and i went down. so from that point on ok he wanted to you know me pull him back. and the plan b. was to push him back. to where. we'd be. inserting american john john floor. has claimed the twenty eleven vance triple crown despite its going down to his compatriot callus slater at the season ending event in hawaii the saturday's court final florence said this quote florence who
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was leading this season's title race set an impressive score of sixteen point seven to beat the eleven time world champion slater managed to pull off an incredible ride and the young hawaiian at the end of the day however there were two australian parkinson and they were in peril fighting for the victory pair o. to the age their winning his first trophy in many ways along with a seventy five thousand dollars prize but after all it's nineteen year old florence who celebrates the how and series try and. be like this coming why this year is just one more focus than anything really helped her friends family and just the whole year on tour and being home and surf and just relaxing and surfing. even though isn't pavements from firing its first through anyone surge in a while you know especially for a contest. and finally the ice hockey world is still reeling from the plane crash which took the lives of the entire team in september the disaster
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living families devastated across europe a situation which prompted the wife of a prominent k. show play into action also has more. i was traveling from kazakstan to riga. september seventh and i was in the airplane when i found out that the cage. had crashed it was the biggest judge of the average to heed this poor of ice hockey two hundred fifty kilometers from moscow on september seventh a plane crash killed forty four of the forty five people on board those seven on form were from the league much if you die slowly club and inter child in an instant the world wars to speak yours emerged from the wreckage the news getting worse as the days bossed next came through and grief stricken images of wives and children
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lived without their husbands and fathers left without the breadwinner it was their thought which spurred states domon into action stacy is married to kevin dolman former n.h.l. player incurring defenseman for body system nine the concern and the hockey league she's also a mother to two young children days are kept busy with a very annoyed by the american was determined to find the time to help those directly affected by the look of my chief plane crash she's june jobs that establishing a charity fund in north america or europe involves a relatively straightforward approach to get help from those who done it before in kazakhstan there is no such luxury she would have to start from scratch i felt. obligated to do something for them because i knew how it felt that way and i lost my own father in a car accident and i was seventeen when back then so i remember how much first. without a single parent with
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a family to raise with no income coming in anymore with a little help from her friends and support from spouses of other hard to play. where's the league much of wife's fund was launched the idea just hit me i could just make a facebook page and people post don't worry if they why. i made facebook page and. it just took off i have like two thousand fans and family members and followers on it and people don't lie as much money as they can or as little as they can. so it's really bad and i open in the spirit of seeing how. i guess seeing how people can pull together previous least these his computer was used mainly for keep in touch with for a while to his book home but now stacy has a verb store the main aspect of this site is to collect donations but glanzer of
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food to sell jerseys items such as bracelets and even jew has t.h.l. and then the child product auctions every last send me and rubel will go to the families of the deceased looking much of blair's and cultures the baby church which now has the support of old over eight hundred ladies has grown into something evil the united hug your wife's fund whose mission is to quote improve the lives of ice hockey families and there are saucy it's through relief education and opportunity it brings together wives from all over the world committed to helping their contre bars whose lives were changed forever that september day it was decided that maybe we should make a hockey wives foundation so if anything like this were to ever happen again or an unhappy family. who needed help who already all be together and we could just pull the other really quickly to help them whereas right now it's taken some time united
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in vision and determined never to forget those left behind stacy donlin is the person who made it all happen and the american legion in kazakhstan given new hope to russian ice hockey team and then likely story but proof that even out of unspeakable tragedy hope against still be fond ascot's on. ok today now i'll be back in two hours time with more sports news from around the globe now whether goodbye. for the. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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