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russian billionaire playboy. jumps into the presidential race the country's third wealthiest person has formally announced he'll be running for russia's top job next march. people fled the center of moscow again but this time it's the supporters of the victorious united russia party it follows mass opposition rally stage amid claims the results of the parliamentary vote were rigged. second rescue package amid skepticism over the efficiency of the emergency measure and against the backdrop of widening cracks within the e.u. . and occupy protesters take their rallies to
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a new level as they plan to shut down of america's west coast ports after a series of police raids that resulted in the fictions of camps and dozens of arrests the top stories. international news and comment live from moscow twenty four hours a day this is. candidates being throwing their hats into the ring ahead of russia's upcoming presidential runoff one of the world's richest men russian businessman mikhail prokhorov has formally announced he's running in the election for next march. has more on the man. he is number three on russia's rich list kind of a jack of all trades not only does he have a fortune of estimated eighteen billion dollars he's also an avid das good ball player in fact he owns the new jersey nets basketball team he's an avid skier and
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while in the french alps teams actually been involved in a high class prostitution scandal of course french authorities later help clear him of all charges and extend their apologies which were accepted this is not his first story into politics he was the leader of the right cause party in russia just earlier this year if you left that party however due to the disagreements with the other party members although at the time prophet have said that he did so because of the conflict because of the pressure from the kremlin and of course in the upcoming presidential elections on how to run against other candidates who have already said they're willing to run for the presidential elections and that of course is the premise of argument within and at the head of the fair russia party now did not specify what exactly is going to be on the he's election campaign he said everything that he has to say he will state in due time the announcement that he will run for presidential term has made it into the twitters our worldwide top
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trends so that is quite an accomplishment already so we have just to wait and see in order to find out exactly because progress has in store. thousands of people been gathering again in the center of moscow in reaction to the recent parliamentary vote supporters of the united russia party that won the election of stage rally following a series of mass protests against the results. and over has been following developments in the heart of the russian capital. several thousands of people who came here. these. united russia party various organizations the youth groups that support united russia and its leadership prime minister. and president. this really comes after a series of other demonstrations in the center of moscow following. december the results of france the that has been going on for several days now there have been allegations of fraud and violations people have been coming to.
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the biggest protest so far to place on saturday twenty five thousand people are given by the term ministry to gather. central square their frustration their number one. recount. the people want. actions to take place in russia. and we've got much more on the developments around the parliamentary election in russia on our web site. head to the exclusive website to check out a picture. and in-depth analysis. of the demonstrations. international inspectors the so-called troika in greece to put in place a second lifeline for the country. to avoid
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a default in december off to receive the vital cash injection but still remains at risk that's as cracks are widening in the e.u. off to what's considered a major divorce between britain and other members of brussels. it's not easy running a business even a small one like this german company which produces isolation materials for gas turbines loans taxes salaries competition it's enough to keep any business man's head busy but many still wonder why rules different when it comes to the big buck or in this case the euro. when a business takes a loan and can't pay back in and says it's bankruptcy i think a state which keeps accumulating debt has to do the same it's no different from a company in that sense you don't borrow money if you know you can't pay it back but for some reason often this doesn't seem to be the case for the eurozone and let's take greece for example besides billions of euros which have already been allocated to bail it out even leaders have approved yet another tranche the aim is
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to have athens pay off its three hundred sixty billion euro debt preventing it from going under and taking others with it but many fear the tactic will not work it's all about physics review no matter how strong a material is like this piece of metal with the right amount of pressure it will break. and unfortunately for the euro zone the laws of physics are called universal for a reason meanwhile the pressure is rising the latest e.u. summit in brussels showed the economic crisis is creating cracks in the union britain walked out of a deal put forward by germany and france to revise the e.u. treaty and create a fiscal union with a tighter grip on finances but analysts to warn the integration may take too long with some countries facing a possible referendum on the deal this year a package will take until march to implement and i think in the meantime the
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eurozone in particular the mediterranean countries are extremely vulnerable indeed and i do not discount the a breakdown in the markets will overwhelm the whole euro problem and that the. euro zone countries in the e.u. institutions will find themselves simply not big enough to cope with it meanwhile inspectors from the so-called troika which consists of the european commission the european central bank and the international monetary fund are looking to provide athens with a new one hundred billion euro bailout i would call it the lying circus the banks who are trying to save their necks who were put on the line with bad loans to corrupt governments. waiting and expecting european taxpayers to pay their bills especially the bonus bills sure christmas is big in europe but billing of the euro for the sake of the banks is becoming one expensive present the
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dozens of protests that have rocked the e.u. this year alone are a clear sign of discontent over austerity and endless bailouts and it's highly unlikely the new set of handouts for greece will be greeted with anything. of germany. david cameron's firm no to the e.u. fiscal agreement received a mixed reaction at home the prime minister enjoyed a hero's welcome from his conservative party but the decision deeply disappointed deputy prime minister nick clegg cameron is now defending his actions in parliament at the moment there in london well for more on this i'm joined by gerard lines he's chief economist at standard chartered bank joining us from the city of london now when david cameron set off for the summit he said he was going to protect the likes of you there in the city of london from the proposed regulations in what way was the city under threat. there was quite make trade to pick a sphere probably ahead of the summit was the imposition of
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a financial transactions tax so-called tobin tax some people call a robin hood tax although to be quite frank the u.k. could always have resisted that tax anyway the prime minister was very much trying to put forward. the u.k. stance on the city the ironic thing about it is that his stance the u.k. government stance in the city is pretty tough one so there are mixed feelings in the city in principle the prime minister took the right stance tactics i think left a lot to be desired particularly the timing in the middle of the euro crisis itself but will you be better off there in the city of london now that the u.k. has actually stayed out of the fiscal union in the long run. ok what this is a question that can't be answered in terms of yes or no and it very much depends on how things materialize over the next eighteen months there's a raft of regulation going through brussels over that period and there is a fear that the u.k. will be isolated but qualified majority voting tends to apply to all these issues
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so given that and given that existing treaties remain in place you could argue that last week should not have changed in principle how the u.k. and the city will be impacted although of course the mood swing will be quite difficult to predict namely the other twenty six may have a slightly different view on things yet talking about that mood swing knowledge of ferrar the leader of the u.k. party u.k. independence party he said the city could be under threat of retribution from europe because of cameron's actions do you think that is likely. you can construct lots of different scenarios i think the key thing out of this is that the u.k. now needs to articulate pretty clear the how it views itself in terms of a globalized interconnected world economy and if it does that clearly. couldn't pass then there's no reason why the city of london would do badly in fact it could do quite well in terms of where the city is when i look at it i think we should be thinking of the year a european area more like a prison rather than a car so i something we want to be outside and something we desperately need to be
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inside of and in that respect the u.k. and the city of london needs to still remain pretty competitive in national environment there's no doubt that regulation will be coming through and that would have happened regardless of the veto last thursday and friday but surely if there is any danger whatsoever of the u.k. being marginalized being isolated what impact could that have now at a very very important time economically on jobs a look you're doing there in the city. well you need to look at the bigger picture the euro zone is in trouble so the european economy isn't actually something to be really shouting about of course the tactics about going into a treaty that the germans wanted as opposed to intergovernmental deals that the french were in favor of you can argue the rights and wrongs of it president sarkozy about two months ago was telling mr cameron to shut up then last week he seems to be upset that mr cameron is actually using the veto so i think they don't always
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play with a straight bat all the time but i think what needs to be done in terms of the u.k. is actually getting the u.k. economy back on track to actually have sensible policies for the city of london and then to a to kill a to view the u.k. in a globalized interconnected global economy or we can argue that what was going to happen last thursday and friday is always going to be in the city's best interest but europe does need a strong international financial center and whatever your view is that the city of london clearly is europe's international financial center regardless of what happens in frankfurt or brussels do you agree just finally you're talking about what happens in frankfurt brussels in effect what happens to the euro zone the euro itself many predicting it could collapse what are your thoughts about that just briefly. here world the euro can't survive in its current format what we saw last week apart from the u.k. veto was once again a copout from the european leaders they haven't come up with a comprehensive solution so we're seeing a third
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a muddle through i don't think it's going to collapse but difficulties will remain to survive in its current form to the euro area needs to become a political union the germans have a clear mandate but what we saw last week we didn't see enough comprehensive action to remove all the immediate worries overhanging either the european economy itself or the euro currency itself dr jerrold lyons great to talk to you thanks so much for your time chief economist at standard chartered bank in london thanks a lot. well on our website r.t. dot com we're interested in your opinion what can be done to save the struggling eurozone so far mostly monetary union should simply be dissolved but about thirteen percent say the eurozone should expel the weakest members about a tenth think a single currency requires a single government and a minority view support sanctions including financial discipline school unity what's your take on all of this what's your view log on to all things and how your faith in particular. occupy protests across america are marching towards west
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coast ports with plans to shut them down it follows police crackdown on demonstrators camps in the area with the last remaining one in san francisco torn down on sunday parties going to church can't has more. scores of americans are taking on ports on the west coast to disrupt what they describe as an economic machine that benefits the wealthiest individuals and corporations this has been the message of the whole occupy movement which started three months ago the protesters are marching on u.s. ports from california to alaska goldman sachs the fifth biggest u.s. bank by assets is a major target of occupy demonstrators who are on a march to shut down the ports they say they want to cut into profits of the company that skirt the financial crisis goldman sachs is part owner owner of the firm that provides cargo handling services is the largest u.s. own container terminal operator so far authorities have been quite successful when cracking down on these peaceful protestors across the united states dismantling
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their camps a victim the demonstrators around five thousand peaceful protesters have been arrested in the last three months those arrests don't even make it to the headlines anymore they've become business as usual dozens of arrests get dozens of demonstrators get arrested every week over the weekend fifty five people were arrested in san francisco they were protesting in front of the federal reserve building cuddle up on the sidewalk they were rustled out of their sleeping bags with cups outnumbering demonstrators by about two to one in this latest police raid in san francisco as effectively cleared the city's last remaining occupy protest camp so under different pretenses authorities have been shutting down those camps throughout the country and many occupiers fear that their message could vanish together with those tents and a correspondent you see coming off his interview following the protests and updating her twitter account and she reports that the police are arresting
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protesters. right now and you can follow twitter updates. in syria violence intensifies as clashes between government forces an army defectors spread this sunday twenty three people have reportedly been killed in battles in the south of the country a new fight of erupted in the northwest but as the number of victims grows once one source is reporting the atrocities comes under scrutiny well there are definite questions on the credibility of the syrian human rights of server tory particularly when it comes to the number of victims that they allege are victims of the government atrocities and many a time anyone who dies in syria they claim that these are victims of the syrian government atrocities you could say we haven't met several different banks factions here working here the united states and france and turkey and certain members of the league of arab states that of course are working very strongly to push for an
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allied government in syria our government that would do its wishing as a government that may be more akin to the jordanian government more it came to what was in egypt prior to his downfall so i government that that would not not support resistance against israel a government that would work towards a peace agreement with israel a government that would open up its economies fully for the united states. well let's take a look at other stories making news around the world now at seventeen minutes past the hour in the russian capital armed militants in pakistan of ambushed a convoy of nato tankers before setting it ablaze islamabad recently decided to block nato supply routes to afghanistan after an alliance airstrike killed twenty four pakistani soldiers last month the blockade could continue for weeks until new rules are established with washington meanwhile u.s. forces of left pakistan after being told to go as a result of the deadly strike. israel has approved the construction of forty homes in a farm near bethlehem planned for the new neighborhood were approved by israel's defense
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minister but the settlement watchdog peace now said the project show israel's intention to seize the region in any future agreement with the palestinians israel has come under criticism since the government decision last month to speed up construction in response to palestine joining us. well palestinian people stuff told r.t. that the ongoing construction of settlements is the reason they can be no talks between the palestinians and israel is a preview of what's ahead surely for you. it's not difficult to go to negotiations it's impossible as long as allowed to continue to build settlements as long as the government is the government we have there would be no negotiations it's not just. the israeli problem with the creation of the new settlement block is that the very last opportunity of two states which we've never dreamed of something called the
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jews state that is the price that israel is paying. a famine themed credit card is hitting the u.s. markets just in time for holiday shopping but it relates to one of the most painful episodes in ukraine's history when millions of people starve to death across the soviet union with three million lives claimed in just ukraine alone and as a legacy of the reports there are many in kiev who view the movers u.s. banks attempt to cash in on tragedy. almost a decade zon ukraine still mourns those who died in the 1930's famine in the u.s.s.r. known here as the whole of the more and it's a rare example where political forces more used to in fighting put aside their differences to unite in common cause now the ukrainian diaspora in the united states is joining in remembrance in a rather peculiar fashion to the application for the whole of the credit card. will
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be able to allow the south asian traffic in one of our branches the catastrophic nine hundred thirty to nine hundred thirty three famine claimed at least three million lives in ukraine alone with several more million burnishing across what is now central russia and kazakstan some one key of insist it was an act of genocide directed against ukrainians most school says it was caused by criminal agricultural policies of stalin's government but those behind the credit card project claim they're driven by remembrance motives only putting all his story debates aside you know what it's another good mechanism to have knowledge and more remember thanks to the political elite and civil organizations it is well known in ukraine. besides there are only a few living witnesses left and there already are old. however it's not only about the intangible one percent of each purchase made with a holder more card will be allocated to
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a special charity fund ukraine's main monuments commemorating the 1930's famine was built in two thousand and eight amid recession and millions of u.s. dollars were used from the state budget people behind the hole the more credit card project say that the money they raise may be used to build more monuments and memorials this apparently benign initiative however was met with an avalanche of criticism in ukraine and that's not only because there are practically no survivors left who could be helped with the money raised this political analyst says buying groceries with a famine inspire. card is a blasphemy if the idea is completely immoral it's an attempt to popularize a great tragedy and use it for commercial needs i can only think of a proven tragedy the holocaust but the jews are not putting on a credit card in fact such an attempt was made by a us company in two thousand and nine the blue card but it had no direct reference to the holocaust and it's not so popular across the atlantic where the whole of the
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more card will be more successful can be seen when it hits the market in late december just in time for christmas shopping. see reporting from kiev in ukraine remember you can find more stories comments and and that this is all our website let's have a quick look at what's in store at the moment there and don't call the ground control to the i assess another russian satellite source to the stars bolstering communications between space travelers and. also online at the moment in these times of austerity it seems christmas is being taken back to basics and hungry naked santa has been bringing some festive cheer to the streets of put it past them to find out what they were running for on our website. dot com.
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well i'll be back to recap our top stories for in just a few minutes from now before that we have the business news with kareena. hello and welcome to our business update this self thanks for joining me the shareholder calls like that b.p. has led to management we sell forward two out of three independent board members quitting the russian british oil venture former german chancellor gerhard schroeder and mining industry veteran james laying have reportedly stepped down from the board after a company meeting on friday earlier this year b.p. is russian partners a are to the british major to arbitration over its failed attempt to enter an alliance with tainted b.p. weibo rosneft. they are said the attempt to deal violated their shareholders agreement with b.p.
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. now let's take a look at how the markets are doing oil is lower on concerns that europe might be able to tame its debt crisis brant is trading at one hundred seven dollars to the world and that ninety eight dollars our stocks in the u.s. drop as investors question whether the measures announced by eurozone leaders last week would be enough to stem the sovereign debt crisis morgan stanley shows for more than five percent of the loss of an amount the s. and p. five hundred index. in europe stock markets were lower as well movie said it will still review the ratings of all european union countries during the first quarter of next year banks are leading the declines shares of group well over six and a half times lloyds banking group dropping seven percent in london in frankfurt commerzbank an alliance of phone using six percent. here in russia as in my eyes it's closed over three and a quarter of a percent below or let's have a look at something individual samples from our six biggest lenders burbank have
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rose from earlier games and finished in the red after close gas producing the attack four percent that's despite news that the company plans to invest nineteen billion dollars in oil and gas production by monday and. also in the red though did they did better than its peers that's despite reports two of its independent board members of a company. accounting is rarely glamorous but it is important to make russian business more transparent all this of companies will be obliged to report their results according to international standards by two thousand and fifteen that will force around a third of all russian firms to switch from reporting only in local standards which are often ignored or they're considered reliable it's hope that the change will improve the investment climate and make it easier for companies to attract finance . reporting in international financial standards is a form that's accepted worldwide so when you company which provides results in
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these standards it's free to move around the globe and be transparent understandable and predictable. and finally the global sports business is playing well despite the economic uncertainty accounting firm price waterhouse coopers expects the industry's revenues to grow twenty percent in four years to almost one hundred fifty billion dollars most of the growth will be driven by sponsorship contracts ahead of the winter olympics in sochi someone in rio de janeiro. well that's it for now i'll be back with more in less than fifteen minutes from now .
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