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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EST

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listen to. what. began the journey. where did it take. back your words you are going to live problem moscow these are the top stories fresh occupy protests flare up right across the u.s. as disgruntled activists target boards and trade hubs in an effort to hamper financial giant goldman sachs that as police continue every lentulus crackdown on the movement's activities. taking a plunge again russia's third richest man announces his second attempt to enter politics by running for president. and as broad obama celebrates the end of the iraq occupation iraq is point to the devastated infrastructure and unstable
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government american troops are leaving behind. ranjit singh was india's ambassador to iraq in the one nine hundred ninety s. his analysis of the u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq is simple washington will still try to control the country's rich oil reserves prius reader caught up with him in new delhi. president obama has announced the united states will definitively end the war in iraq at the end of this month but as the united states attempts to get the military personnel and contractors out of the country questions still remain about the implications of this decision for security in the region joining me to help discuss this is the former indian ambassador to iraq and the author of the book the ultimate prize saying kala things so much for joining me first of all i want to ask you about the recent terrorist attacks in iraq obviously there have been quite
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a few in the past few years and they've claimed hundreds of iraqi citizens lives do you think there is still a role for the united states in iraq when the americans walked in the north have done anything but to introduce some semblance of democracy otherwise what was that even though going in and once they. decided to introduce some semblance of democracy it was going to be the shiite led government. and because it was a shia government it has very strong links with its. religious in iran. and therefore the main aim which i should say was bruce make sure that the oil the vast oil wealth of iraq remains available would be in jeopardy and i think that is basically the present dilemma if you withdraw from iraq completely you leave this why must the oil wealth of iraq in the hands of
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a shiite led government which very close links with iran and therefore upsets the political balance as far as the middle east is concerned so to that extent. to counter this the americans have now for. withdrawing the troops but at the same time strengthening their position in iraq now the u.s. embassy in iraq is going to be about almost twenty thousand strong it's going to have numerous what they call some offices like training training of troops etc who will be what they call basically americans who would be basically military men but working for the u.s. embassy similarly there will be a consulate in there will be a consulate in. good cook there would be a consulate or not and each one of these gauntlets is about a thousand strong it will perhaps be the largest u.s.
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embassy anywhere in the world i mean normal embassies are usually between thirty to forty maybe if it's a very big embassy perhaps one hundred strong but twenty thousand strong it means that they're going to be lots of other people who are going to be still in iraq now the reason why i say this is that big cannot afford to be completely absent from iraq. and therefore while what shall i say while agreeing to withdraw troops as per the agreement they are in a way coming back varying civilian clothes and in fact i don't see any lessening of american influence as far as iraq is concerned. and you sort of just spoke about these sectarian issues within iraq one and if the united states technically leaves the country how do you think the iraqi government will be able to stop these sectarian divisions into becoming a full fledged civil war it's going to be extremely difficult because if you see
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the communities of iraq as they existed most of the military in the u.s. invasion iraq was sunni dominated most of the officers were sunni. the shirts were basically foot soldiers they had more basic military training as such and therefore because it was a similar government they were able to keep them in check it was basically by force alarms that people were kept would be called in check and of course the strong arm methods of. the who has been there whether it was or even earlier most of them were using very tough methods to keep. the population in check now whether the new government which is the shiite led government will be able to equally dick strong on message. control be what they called situation is a bit doubtful because frankly i don't think they have the experience to be able to
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run a country like iraq and therefore they're going to be for see sectarian violence perhaps may not be of the scale that it is no but may have little more than what is presently going on and you mentioned the united states troops going to crawl way how do you think the arab gulf countries are going to react to that are they going to welcome the americans i don't think so because i don't see i don't see this. actually i think it's a just the shuffle of the cards so as to speak because the americans are not going very far they're just going to quit which is next door and you can always come. back because the bases will be kept intact and as i mentioned with a twenty thousand strong u.s. embassy most of the staff etc will always be there and secondly they have made sure that there is no air force in fact you find that there is hardly perhaps
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not even less than they don't even have five planes to fly around so they don't control the airspace the airspace over to be controlled by the americans. which means that you can reinforce at will whenever you want however you want and you can also prevent anybody else from coming in perhaps even if the iranians were to decide the american air force would be available make sure that they don't cross over so i don't see i don't consider this an american withdrawal i think it's just a reshuffling of the pack and what about iran do you think iran could potentially be ready to fell some sort of void if the united states leaves iraq well that is always a possibility because the iran iraq border is very porous it's very difficult to police the entire border it's a very long border and. in many areas you find of course the mountains then there's the bed of the plains and there's a river the shuttle which is the boundary between iran and iraq and then most
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of the tribesmen living on the iranian side are also arabs. and there are two so there is a lot of doing for going across the border and that is intimidation and it is also a lot of. illicit trade which goes on across the border so as far as the iranians wanting to intervene or to create problems in iraq that is always a possibility and don't forget in the past it was the iranians who used to provide arms to the kurds to create problems for saddam hussein and it won't be the first time and proper probably not the last time either when they would do so obviously you know president obama also has announced that he's going to pull the troops out of afghanistan we're about to enter an election year how much of pulling out troops from iraq and afghanistan do you think is part of for domestic consumption
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by the americans when obviously he has to meet deadlines which have been set by himself i mean in the u.s. administration of set the deadlines themselves and as i mentioned in the case of iraq it's basically the shuffling of the back i mean you give it another name you change it around call them what you like but as far as of understand is concerned perhaps a similar kind of started you may be followed where you may be able to withdraw u.s. may be able to withdraw troops from afghanistan but leave a very strong component behind perhaps in the form of civilian advisors military advisers and training teams except who may not be taking part in combat. role but they can certainly act as an advisory role to the new afghan army as in many develops but many cases i think that's a little. let's see because i don't think it's going to be a decision is going to be taken so quickly and the united states has spent so much
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money in iraq three trillion dollars what do you think the americans can gain from . everything that happened there i've always believed anybody who lived in iraq as i have lived in iraq that. nobody goes there for tourism it's a complete. a country which is hot it's fifty degrees centigrade most of the time flies that. there's nothing to see except plane what are you there for for your own obviously otherwise why would anybody spend a trillion dollars to go lose about forty five thousand two thousand what for and the reason is the oil is plenty. and second it's very high quality very high grade you don't need to find very much to some for content is very low and just below the surface costs a dollar to think about
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a dollar and a half to three years or a lot and therefore anybody who has access to the. can be. a game changer as far as the politics of oil is concerned and i think that's precisely why the americans are there and how do you think the united states pulling out of afghanistan is going to affect india well obviously it's in our neighborhood it's going to stand is in the neighborhood of course it makes a difference because naturally be people who are indulging in terrorism will be encouraged that they've been able to force an american withdrawal not all depends on how this be drawn takes place does it declares because of a defeat does it take place because the united states gets. by and of. understand does it take place because of very strong domestic compulsions or does it take place as a result of an agreement it really depends on how the we draw it takes place my
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guess is that if it takes place as a result of an agreement perhaps it can be done gradually may not be done completely in the sense of a complete withdrawal one be made gore would have putative time and i think that perhaps is the best case scenario all it'll definitely be interesting to see how president obama pulls the troops out of iraq if that happens and what the implications of it are going to be i want to thank you so much for your time thank you.
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fresh occupy protests flare up ride across the u.s. as this wrangle activists target boards and trade offs in an effort to hamper financial giant goldman sachs that as police continue a relentless crackdown on the movement's activities. taking the plunge again russia's third richest man announces his second attempt to enter politics by running for president. and as brock obama celebrates the end of the iraq occupation iraq is pointing to the devastated infrastructure and unstable government american troops are leaving behind. but now you're up to date so let's see what's happening in the world of sports which is here with news.
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welcome to schools a good to have you with us is all this always with the headlines. road to recovery look forward to. talking team trying to find one in the first game since the plane crash which killed their entire squad. the citizens come on start munched the city handed back first league defeat of the season rivers among chinese side lose to want to chelsea. back in training fresh from saturday's el classico victory of the real madrid barcelona that reparations for club world cup in japan. will begin with ice hockey. have produced a comprehensive five one home victory in the first competitive game just three months after the plane crash which wiped out their entire squad forty three people
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died on the plane burst into flames as it crashed into the banks of all river new yet a small and september seventh and among them were thirty six players and coaching staff from work on my t.v. since the tragedy of the team's donated players to help the club. stay in existence of a cruise false if johnny five one the front of the satellite home crowd much better be a chilling account from below the top to cage the club took the decision to drop down a level. time to gel. moving on to football and english premier league leaders manchester city's defeat of the season as bay went on to want chelsea to lose those who are looking to extend their lead at the top to five points from bitter rivals munched ninety eight and they go off to a perfect start monaco bollock teles scoring just two minutes to put roberto mancini's men in from the. voer level eleven minutes before half time rama really
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is blowing powerfully joe hard to restore piracy of the game look destined to win one one but seven minutes from time to lump are hurting from the penalty spot to give a blues all three points that chelsea took in seven points in sixteen states. meanwhile just two days after beating on driver's real madrid forty one they are classico european champions barcelona are a pairing the semifinal of the fifth club world cup in japan as opening match is against the qatari side al sabah on thursday but they didn't waste any time in getting their first taste of the local training grounds and yoga hama meanwhile the all i want his players to relax and then regain their focus head of a game against the champions so i'll take his charges on a tour around the city before putting them through their paces once again barcelona won the year ending tournament back in two thousand and nine and anything beyond reclaiming the title would be considered as a big blow. and they've got the match against real madrid was
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a good one we were very satisfied with the quality of the game which we were always looking ahead to the future. post to come into this computer we've had a very tough time and we would like to make the best of the super to duty and run to the top. so that's why brazilian player of the year neymar lavish praise on both barcelona star striker liam messi but nineteen year old forward is hoping to play against the club he considers to be the best in the world. full of all volunteer side sons also pitted against local i'm sure they saw the semifinals on wednesday on the south american champions of a training session and i go yeah i have a bad game. marshall and the best club in the world if i have the opportunity to play them or will be very happy and we'll certainly try to. when the game to be compared with missy makes me very proud and very pleased to have this
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comparison. of what they were real madrid back in action on choose these very playable third tier side. doesn't matter you know sides solve a fifteen game winning streak snapped on sunday one bitter rivals barcelona and then their first league defeat of a season following that anyone defeat a bull in a bar and the portuguese is determined to get his side back to winning ways saying motivation won't be a problem and as ever he was in more than confident mood. this voice. that i would like there warner to have my name because you mean it's one of the most successful managers and the biggest clarke and he's to read this moment to be nice to be the best don't we give them years and she was him we knew the two hundred to cheever's in real madrid history fifteen victories champions league record leader of championships. but if we get it for him to on saturday we will be
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a still leaders and your asking about motivation please come. round. the world club world cup winning coach rafael benitez has been linked with a free spending russian side on gene reports just before my little poor and into milan manager has entered talks with the dentist on club a fifty one year old spine near the lead in club victory just last year tournament which now n.g. striker some real and so was named the best player m g very very train i judge you in september. oh in the meantime spain manager of a chimp has been named the best national coach of the year award comes from the international federation of football history in statistics a sixty year old never read fear made in world com glory last year and hopes are high and back in spain but will help them retain their european title and poland ukraine next summer. we're going to hook up with
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a more than we can complain about the results in our competitive games and we are largely accomplished in the should we had had some setbacks and we have three some very strong growth but we have managed to cope with the expectations a little time to prepare for the euro two thousand and twelve we are going to be one more game on the twenty ninth because the league and the local competitions are weary and turns and there is also the champions and we know the players get on and we have a good beat the fundamentals are in place in everything will be there to do your look at. the russian cycling team katyusha have reached an agreement to sign one of the country's best road riders denise min show of the thirty four year old is expected to put pen to paper on wednesday these are ready join the team for a training camp in italy to prepare petition next season when shaw has a double spanish whether it's a champion with all round cyclists also wanted to retire earlier in two thousand and nine and came third overall in last year's tour de france but your show also
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sign free time for the world champion oscar for the area of spain in october. rugby great jonny wilkinson has announced his international retirement bringing to an end in the last thirteen year career but the high points of his stint in the national side came eight years ago as his drop goal in the two thousand and three world cup for england against australia for not triumph is of injury turmoil however flyhalf did well to return to the highest level and help this country reach another world cup final four years later. the thirty two year old beau will still carry on playing for his club side two more in france. after months of uncertainty the new n.b.a. season will finally get underway on the twenty fifth december but that miami heat's will be looking to get back on court more than most and try to make up for the disappointment of losing last year's playoff final on miami opened their training camp on monday as they look to win basketball's biggest prize and the team will
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certainly be raring to go after last year's failures despite posting a star studded squad including allies from abroad james dwayne wade and chris bosh but he failed to win the n.b.a. championship for the first time since two thousand and six when they were of course eventually built in a final thought through by the dallas mavericks however their head coach says there's plenty is team can build on coming into the new season. there's been so much talk about last year being an absolute epic failure for us now we don't view it that way and that's part of this journey sometimes sometimes things frankly as much as you don't want to admit it sometimes they just don't go your way it doesn't mean we want committed doesn't mean that that wasn't our goal we have another shot at it this year and that's what we're committed to doing is give ourselves a chance there at the end and to do that we've got to start now and only thing we can control that is now. and win this day but it's a different film and come into this year honestly you know for me personally i'm
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more live. more being back to myself for one moment i'm excited i mean to have two months of you know my work and being used to being back in in a season two months ago i was excited. well i'm finally kimmie reichen and maybe a former formula one world champion there it seems the fin hasn't quite got to grips with driving a snowmobile just yet it's a thirty two year old who recently joined lotus renner sustained as wrist injury after crashing its snowmobile for the pros celebrity race in australia. in his returning to f one of the two years between the world rally championship was quick to dispel any rumors a major injury writing on his twitter account but there's nothing to worry about it's that on absolutely fine on the main event this was one event logistics team which took the checkered flag from being champions mika from
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a show racing team the two thousand and seven f one was champion say is the bane go with the event just to have fun. i mean is it time for me here this is a bit of fun but it. is very. funny this moment. are all sort of small but. the weather is coming up next and the reno be here with all the headlines. well the future funny it's technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got the future covered. the grass nutritious and delicious products on the price of healthy eating. we need to test these three
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times the city allergenicity immune response lower nutrition and for environmental contamination don't you feel like a law brought some consider the experiment is human treatment ready idli significantly different it sees it to be the g.m. fact that they both at the g.m. tried that but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china and hope for a shelter old today.
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