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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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tonight on our team at global link up after almost twenty years russia is accepted into the ranks of the world trade organization. is embarrassing the benefits along with the difficulties more details from geneva in just a moment. no sanctions and no foreign invasion in syria moscow presents its new resolution to the security council calling for the government and the opposition to reach for peace through dialogue. truth teller. a u.s. army private accused of passing military secrets to the whistleblower web site wiki leaks appears of course for a pretrial hearing. live
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from moscow you're watching r t while come for me it's nine pm here now my name is kevin irwin and first this hour nearly two decades of talks are finally come to fruition as russia's accepted into the world trade organization it will strengthen the country's global ties and provide a big incentive for business however membership of the club also comes hand in hand with tough competition as artie's done you bush will explain. russia completes its eighteen year old a c. to join the world trade body no other country has taken so long to enter president medvedev of russia has criticized the hurdles placed in russia's path towards joining he's accused the european union and united states in particular of illegal subsidies to their farmers and car makers another pulse of industry in attempt to stop competition from other countries. does work by consensus that means any single
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state can block can block decisions a major complaints have come from georgia which has slowed up the procedure up of the russian delegation here is looking at the positives some states have benefited enormously from membership china's exports to the west of saud in the decades since it joy in the world trade organization works by cutting tariffs national tariffs the stop foreign traders from exporting to other countries so this should help russia both in terms of opening up competition and also allowing it to export more because russia has a relatively low cost base should allow it to send more products to other countries now the chief trade negotiator here for the w t o from russia side is makes it he says that the palms of russia does still need to ratify this agreement and he expects that to happen early next year. big story of the day our business team has been crunching the numbers fee and taking a look at what double membership is going to mean business here in russia and she
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with the business desk really what you got for well kevin joining the trade body could harm certain sectors of the russian kind particularly the competitive like industry and russia and machine manufacturing sectors but in the long term the we duction of trade those trade barriers should spare russian companies to become more competitive and in a more immediate solution the big winner is likely to be the russian consumer that's most important thing more on that coming up in our business bulletin very shortly but twenty minutes of it see them here. security council's poring over the details of a new draft resolution on syria put forward by russia it condemns all sides in the ongoing conflict calling for violence to stop but there's no mention of sanctions most has been trying to mediate a peaceful solution for months now but there's been little letup in the violence of the two thousand state security officers were killed in recent clashes by the fact that the free syrian army claims now more than twenty five thousand troops fighting
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to bring down president a sad western state still don't acknowledge that and the regime protestors are armed with a few times correspondents probably ask about tell me this plenty of evidence that that is actually happening and that the weapons are coming from abroad. what seeds are seeing is what the u.s. and nato countries consider and accept an acceptable is that the syrian government cannot fight an armed insurgency in their own territory the free syrian army they are getting weapons smuggled from the middle east to the borders in turkey any in jordan as well this has been already proved then about the u.n. figures a lot of people are seriously question now if it be lies numbers if she's saying that five thousand people were killed over these past few months it makes like almost no one hundred that the effect so there is the fog of three war is already there so the russian move is an intelligent move because it's
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a preemptive i would say resolution it condemns both sides in asks for a u.n. peacekeeping mission in fact to solve the problem there are tanks inside forms and how much for instance this ng is we still don't know the rule of snipers that we see even the people i talk to in homes they tell me look we don't nor does snipers come from de could be government but they could be open in this and they could be mercenaries trying to incite civil war any fact most of the. civilian killings are by these nighters in the even shocked children so what do you want in what nato wants is simmering civil war let's put it this way as a friend you for something much tougher probably after the american election in one year. coming up here on r.t.
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nine eleven and claims of links to a rant a u.s. troops now ruled that the islamic state and its supremely leader provided support for al qaida as attack on america the gulf war much of that had. also find out why independent celebrations in a town in kazakhstan turned violent though that is ten people dead. here are some a traitor to others bradley manning a u.s. army private accused of siphoning military secrets off to wiki leaks has appeared at a pretrial hearing at an army base in maryland among the documents manning leaked was footage showing u.s. soldiers killing civilians in iraq now found guilty faces life in prison or even the death penalty list while reports. it was this video of u.s. army pilots in iraq eagerly firing shots at innocent people on the ground and hundreds of thousands of secret military documents and cables leaked to wiki leaks
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there have been some criminal acts committed by u.s. government employees and those employees have never been held accountable for them all this made public over a year and a half ago by bradley manning army private turned whistleblower and the past eighteen months that bradley manning has been behind bars has become somewhat of a symbol to his supporters who represents the extreme secrecy and lack of transparency within the u.s. government the documents that he helped to make public reveal that the u.s. has some dark secrets it shows that in my opinion in the last decade there's been no real. lessening of the standards of diplomatic reporting and in our military the real disregard for life of torture of assassinations of as executions have become more of the norm. and for bringing all this to light he's regarded by many as a hero he has impacted governments around the world he. lifted the veil
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of the u.s. empire to show us what we really are basically i got a military because of really mean michael patterson is an iraq war veteran he says seeing this video changed his life from the wiki leaks stuff that are coming out and that's when i kind of hit that mall that wall and basically i decided i was going to do something more but today manning is paying the price he's been locked up behind bars as a maximum custody detainees subject to solitary confinement and forced nudity which some argue are forms of torture he was being treated as if he had already been convicted and the punished what was going to be a very brutal punishment he. now charged with aiding the enemy his critics say he put american lives in jeopardy just because you don't like the country's foreign policy doesn't mean you can out it to the planet that doesn't make you a truth teller that makes you a tree a traitor and as manning finally gets his day in court his supporters say the only
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thing he's guilty of is telling the truth he awoke a lot of people up to the actual realities of this world and he deserves you know a medal if the truth is actually undermining our national security and the something wrong the truth. in washington liz wahl r t well let's discuss this now brian becker director of the un's he will coalition and cities in new york to force a speck of high the new york coalition took part in it in demonstrations calling for manning to be freed just outline for us briefly your reasons for demanding his release now. well i think that bradley manning if it's true that he was the one who released the documents to wiki leaks will be considered in u.s. history as a hero because he took a stand in a willing to pay a very difficult price possibly life in prison possibly the death sentence for exposing a criminal war the iraq war is a crime against humanity it's
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a war crime in fact bradley manning had an obligation to reveal that this country was carrying out criminal activities of course we all knew that and one sense but by releasing these hundreds of thousands of classified documents if in fact it was he who did it he did a great deal to expose to shine a bright light on those who are committing crimes against the iraqi people and in fact against the american people. he was vigorously they've claimed that the hearing the investigating officer at the hearing is biased and that clutching at straws there. you know military justice is the justice what military music is to music and we know that bradley manning has been held wrongly he's been held in solitary confinement he's been pre-judged by the military and by the media he has been stripped naked in forest in solitary confinement that's a kind of torture they are ignoring any possible way for bradley manning to be free
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what's the purpose of all of this punitive actions against someone prior to his trial and he's been held for eighteen months almost one thousand months before a day in court the reason is they want to break bradley manning they want to be able to break him so that he can turn against that which has been so promising the revelation of these tremendous amounts of information about u.s. war crimes in iraq we don't know what his mental condition is emotional condition his friends say he's strong we'll see what happens you know and he's not a mosque that he's been treated as what is me the way that they're with he really is i mean if you fit. and in fact he is i mean he's being treated as the worst possible lowest criminal in fact somebody who's not even part of the judicial system since he's been pre-judged and. meanwhile george bush who carried out a war that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings is running
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around the country doing a book tour making lots of money and so is dick cheney those who authorized torture what have bradley manning do he told the truth he helped to tell the truth about war and about torture that's why i do believe the american people will remember him in history as one of the great heroes. report a bit earlier an opinion from someone that said quote his country foreign policy doesn't mean you get to the rest of the planet and quote can you see that side of the argument toll. i really can't if the foreign policy of the united states government is in fact an organized institutionalized execution of war crimes i mean when people went along with hitler's invasions and aggressions in europe in germany they were accused of being quote good germans and just following orders people have they take an oath to defend the constitution against enemies beyond the country and inside the country those who are committing wars of aggression against people who are at peace with the united states in order to pursue
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a geostrategic political agenda such as the agenda of the neo conservatives they in fact are the ones committing treason against the laws of the united states so bradley manning. was doing the right thing he's being unjustly treated by the pentagon they are the seven hundred pound gorilla they want to send a message to all of their whistleblowers if you dare speak up or speak out or reveal our crimes or we will punish you but bradley manning is getting a lot of support from around the country just very briefly why is he being prosecuted not those who are exposed to of allegedly committed war crimes. exactly i mean what kind of justice system is it when president obama says we have to look forward even though the bush administration carried out torture authorized torture carried out a war of aggression that we quote have to look forward we don't want to go back in and judge those who committed these crimes and hold them accountable and yet bradley manning who exposed the pentagon's actions expose the bush administration's
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actions is being treated as if he's the one who should be punished that's turning justice upside down it's an alice in wonderland kind of reality it's a great miscarriage of justice brought back a director of the coalition and said joining us from new york thank you. well. the news put running alongside it meantime the founder of wiki leaks has scored a point in his ongoing legal battle with the british government the supreme court in london's agreed to hear julian assange appeal against extradition britain wants to send the sons to sweden to face questioning over rape allegations made by two swedish women he denies any wrongdoing but two lower courts have previously ruled against it now for the supreme court to agree to hear his appeal or sound as lawyers had to persuade two judges that is case raised the question of general public importance the appeal will be considered february the science claims the case against him is politically motivated in that if he's actually going to receive a fair trial. to the world's emerging economic powers russia and india are looking
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to become anchors of stability in a sea of global crisis said to meeting in moscow president with prime minister singh and discussed a whole range of pivotal issues from military and energy ties to the political troubles of their neighbors right now catarina groucho reports. as the crisis continues to readjust the world economic powers emerging economies like russia and india look more than sad today to remain firmly in the spotlight as members of the breaks group they alone encompass more about it beat of the world's land coverage and their g.d.p. in two thousand and eleven stood out seven billion dollars and it continues to grow and one of the grimace india and russia reached today it concerns a building of the further two. units of the. station in india russia has already built two units and one of them will start operating in two
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weeks from now also interim prime minister and the russian president and written agreement today to build a nuclear enrichment facility in the indian hominum on thing also signed a ten year lease of russian submarines that will soon be entering the indian navy and they will be some very big purchase coming soon and is about to buy forty two upgraded russian support third jets the russian president and the prime minister looked at the recent developments in the north africa and the wider at middle east they also discuss the iranian nuclear program they agree that the north african and the middle east peace settlement should proceed without foreign interference now concerning one sided actions against iran they described it as counterproductive and leading into nowhere but from their side they promise that they will continue to work closely together injury and russia to prevent the global nuclear proliferation flooding a few stories for lunch not about to go home for the start of the us go to for tots
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offer a deadly nato strike with. openly defying u.s. policy in the region also from us along with discover the fate of the russian aid convoy for days in the troubled checkpoint between cos of. the us courts want to do for. judgment that a rainy and officials including a supreme leader come i need provided help to the nine eleven hijackers behind the worst terror attack on american soil the lawsuit was filed by the families of the atrocities victims there's no iranian representation in court michel chossudovsky director of the center for research on globalization told me the u.s. is paving the way he thinks for a campaign in iraq and it's just the fact i could sell it as a whole i believe a propaganda ploy directed against the right where you are humans a run of the eleven we look you took we took more than iran because that is not the only. you know me get this information.
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campaign which is not being waged against against iran i think this is. part of the propaganda ploy you deb and i it's you want it to be you chris said to run as a threat to global security you know as an upcoming nuclear power which threatens the quotes you say that the rather supports the war on terrorism when in fact it was terrorism this is supported by the united states of america and we see that let you know when they actually supports it the libyan islamic fighting group and it's also full of it in fact we have seen it with fabrications and fabrications whereby a lot of shade of which has been all the pentagon's threw it all up and many years now is seeking a justification to go live we've seen the drone attacks we've seen no various.
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we've seen the sights of the brits he we've seen it you know it sanctions on for all the. today clashes have broken out between police and demonstrators in an oil turning west and. prosecutors say at least ten people were killed and some injured including police officers reports the trouble seemed to start a head of preparations for the country's independence day celebrations kazakhstan left the soviet union twenty years ago to the day a crowd had gathered in the central square where a stage of being set up but this crowd contains a lot of people who have been there for a long time since the summer in fact a crowd of oil workers striking and protesting when hundreds of their number were fired from a an oil company then for demanding higher wages police moved in to try and clear the central square and then what happened has been debated witnesses and
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protests to say that the police opened fire on the crowd the police say that the crowd attacked them and that they were forced to respond by opening fire buildings were set on fire including the mayor's office and a hotel in the central square the prosecutor general's the country says that the trouble was caused by criminal actions as he puts it that there will be an investigation launched to find those responsible. around the globe in brief activists have clashed with police in the egyptian capital after security forces stormed a protest camp outside the capital building where hundreds of demonstrators torched cars and fuel fire bombs and the police who fired gunshots into the air dispersed and interim military administrations in force in the country right now while the new government selected medical spray to be still be in control after the uprising that toppled former president. international federal court says there are serious suspicions that the killing of colonel gadhafi was a war crime the i.c.c.
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initially believed the libyan leader died in crossfire but is now putting pressure on libya to investigate the circumstances. duffy was killed in october after being captured by rebels close to his hometown church. promises declared the earthquake stricken nuclear plant to be stable the power stations been put into what's called a state of cold shutdown which means only minimal radiation is now leaking from the plant it's seen as a major milestone towards making the area completely safe after the quake and tsunami that devastated the facility nine months ago. the power there has approved crucial stereotype measures to save the nation's trickled economy the cuts let with theory in the public sector with widespread transport strikes causing havoc across the country the thirty two billion dollars package is expected to be passed by the senate in the next couple of days critics though say the cuts are unfair and will impact on the poorest in society. russian authorities afford an attempt to use a passenger luggage to try to smuggle radioactive material into iran on friday in
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the instant one of moscow's international airport sheremetyevo it appears going off reports this was all flying from moscow today around from shooting me to airport and you walk in shoes going to the regular security check one of the banks should be all warm and one of the check to be found eighteen still canisters each containing the radioactive material and gauges showed that levels of radioactivity exceeded the norm to one thousand times and a further inspection showed that this is is a top story in twenty two which could all be produced at a nuclear reactor according to someone or stealing luggage belongs to you really in citizen but this information is yet to be confirmed officially at the moment after all these are all being a criminal investigation if you mean it's often a travels to discover one of russia's oldest inhabited areas next business news with kareena what's more about the w t o news today she said after a very quick break.
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technology innovation all the developments around we've. covered. news today violence again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations throughout the day.
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and welcome to business here and i think thanks for joining me as we've been reporting a new era has begun for the russian economy the world trade organization has formally invited russia to join bringing to an end eighteen years of negotiations analysts warn that joining the trade body could harm certain sectors of the russian economy particularly the uncompetitive light industry and machine manufacturing sectors but in the long term reduction of trade barriers should spur russian companies to become more competitive. in acosta has more. it's been a long and bumpy ride to say the least russia force applied for membership back in nineteen ninety three but russia negotiator switched gears after seeing china's economic performance and su thousand and one talks and volved some sixty countries making it the biggest seam of its kind in the entire w t o history while exception is good news for export oriented companies it can make life difficult for an
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official industries which will struggle to compete against foreign companies and these occlude agriculture engineering and the automotive sectors under the current w.t. of regulations the average duty on imports of goods will drop to seven point eight percent from the current ten percent when it comes to agriculture it will come down to ten point eight percent from the thirteen point two and four manufactured goods that will decline to seven point three percent from the current nine and a half now one third of the new juices are expected to comments of force now and these include dairy and steel products as well as certain alcoholic beverages twenty five percent will be lowered over the next three years and that applies to software certain meat products as well as cough medicine now imported is on cars helicopters and civil aircraft will be lowered over the next seven years and when it comes to poultry that will take around eight years now this transition period
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will give russian companies time to adjust their main challenge will be to try to match not only the price of their competitors but quality as well but the government's as an abandoned them quite yet for years it's supported formers and carmakers by imposing protective trade barriers and will continue providing support but in a different way even though these sectors are feeling pressured and others believe the government will do what ever is necessary to maintain its key. he industries but it does expect them to modernize and eventually compete independently. let's have a look at the markets european stocks ended lower on friday markets set up a week of losses amid continued worries about the sovereign debt crisis the faulty end of a quarter of a percent in the red while the dax fell half a percent mining stocks were higher in london after metals prices climbed up the shop balls last week here in russia markets closed lower as well the r.t.s.
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lost over one and a half percent of them isaacs at that point seven percent and the red. out songs through out of has been confirmed as russia's new finance minister and he was promoted from the deputy after the former finance minister couldn't was removed from his position in september this year the appoint one was widely expected to go out of has been working in the finance ministry for twenty five years speaking to president meets with medvedev and those who want to set out a position of budgetary restraint. where she would get a favorable environment to help this generate additional budget inflows this year we transferred most of this to the reserve fund it's now up to one point eight trillion reduce also we used additional inflows to cut borrowing as a liquidity problem is quite critical now we're going to cut state borrowing again next year. well that's all for now but you can always find most tories just log on to our website r t dot call slash business thanks for watching.
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twenty years ago the largest country in. certain places of the. us had been. where did it take the. wealthy british.


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