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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2011 7:31am-8:01am EST

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from this so big. and a new court finds iran's supreme leader guilty in absurd naming to the help of the nine eleven terrorists their critics say it's part of the scare campaign paving the way for a new born. child has just the thing for those hungry for more curious cuisine. hello and welcome to the pride when this speech i will take a look at that through to restaurants in moscow from persian food to fit i mean cafes of russian capital with cuisine from all over the world you can pretty much
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find anything here and now a far cry from say a decade or so ago i always thought of as the armenian food store situated a person's cars where. like any other major capital city moscow has its own foreign communities many pieces that have their own schools in moscow published several newspapers magazines and open stools selling their own crofts on local produce can make it to your event never mind you can still visit this armenian supermarket on the corner office going boulevard stock up on delicious jams pastries around cognac as well as the armenian flatbread of ash. just take a look at the wonderful varieties they have here nice the prices are a lot higher here than they would be you know media nevertheless people still come here from all of the moscow to stock up on various items and gradients anything to create that home from feeling. good in with those in the.
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stores over sixty years old it's always been a place to shop for the best goods from the former republic of the us system we not only have food and drink from a menial very soon is even musical instruments of voting also school so you whereas years ago it was quite difficult to find national speciality goods and foodstuffs in most. today there are several stores in the city to offer things like chinese lanterns peruvian ponchos and shinies fans and as russians travel more around the world such stores i'm sure will only rise in popularity a true sign of a multicultural city russia is connected with many areas of the world of course food and drink from the countries that made up the former u.s.s.r. are still popular today many muscovites were born in countries such as georgia armenia or and their communities thrive on their national cuisines food and culture play a large part in their roots and heritage and with more money and development more
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stores like this one are opening up around the russian capital. moving to our next spend you and welcome to ten or a weird and wonderful new middle east inspired venue located on chemical ski lane first of all you are asked to remove your shoes. contemporary arabic music plays softly in the background and i think a room of incense adds to the chilled out atmosphere. a large bulbous tree like structure is situated in the center of the small dining room with private balconies perched above the hollowed out centerpiece it's an intriguing place to say the least from the patent silk lined ceilings to the intricately carved wooden excitable tables inlaid with traditional brass and copper designs it's clear that a careful attention is being paid to every last detail of the interior. prices won't break the bank here after tomorrow either a three course meal costs around one thousand two hundred roubles the traffic forty
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dollars. the venue is laid back and extensive cocktail menu make it an ideal place for afternoon evening or even late night drinks while it's refined and soothing environment make it the perfect themed dinner venue and here is my shoes very nice now the arabian sea is the sea of carpets and pillows girl or the owners here have managed to create less elements of arabic design while still being tasteful stylish and not tacky or his good thing and as for the north african themes food well it certainly looks good to say the least let's try the homeless here. we go well. while. fresh and delicious i could close my eyes and imagine i was back in america. with many restaurants of different cuisine opening up in moscow
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obviously the demand for foreign chefs with knowledge of the national food has risen dramatically with budget cuts and redundancies around the world many chefs have moved to moscow enticed by the exciting corner is seen here. and to discuss ethics food and restaurants more let's meet this week's guest was great to meet you and i asked him if what you're born into his ear but you work to do by militia so you've got business businesses in cyprus and switzerland you hear moscow yeah i was. i was working in. the buy and also malise use in tunisia and now way they care about what are some things in london and another wonderful in cyprus tell me about your work here in the russian capital and i say here we have company to make a. banquet and for consultation opening some restaurant with a new idea with a new item you know. when you're a pop and now this is
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a really neat set up we've got here yes is so special is a buddhist temple with. these many things like the japanese and indian will definitely the world traveler yeah because we travel too much with my wife and in india and some island something that is so important about my my joke about the war go for a reason to have another idea about another group of another product to meet people and the nice old thing and with all these ethnic and exotic restaurants opening up here in moscow do you think that the russian pilot is changing in these last years . they travel. it's the so much. everywhere in the world so many iceland them into thailand thailand number of on. some other country. mile dever feed you. must feel so
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we need many people many russian also there and now with these many people they jump to india to north india south india so what action and action. people now understand when the food and the his. to make some decision about spicing. to go with the disco he was going to like russian people they liked the risk hour and then they enjoyed the. new people and the new product. for them is an example they like the changing restaurant world of moscow well it was great to meet you and good luck with your a consultation services here in the russian capital thank you thank you so much thank you thank you. are moving on and what other foreign restaurants are worth mentioning in moscow chinese restaurants and takeaway may not be as popular in the russian capital as in many european and american cities but there are still several places in the russian capital for those who are fans of chinese cuisine although
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some values might benefit of your pockets they're also more cash friendly places like mama tower the restaurants office traditional chinese dishes such as vegetable rolls and peking duck and boasts generous portions and false service mama's house is located in is a must but actually an area of downtown moscow you can also order takeaway. everyone how authentic russian force differs from the famous russian soup ukrainian restaurant course you know being tough and is the place for russia's neighboring country cuisine with such traditional dishes as the starter course a lot with horseradish and a drink which is forty percent proof brighton's here is this stuff where ukrainian national costumes spirit of the country is in the air and on weekends a so-called national branch is served from one until six o'clock. and to experience the future of the russian magical tiger region you don't necessarily need to go to siberia tyrosine meaning from the tiger restaurant offers an experience which makes
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its guests feel like that far away from the hustle and bustle of the city but rather in a northern forest its interior is a decorated with fur coats weapons and handmade embroidery and the menus highlights include venison and wild boar. to our final restaurant now and to the first restaurant specializing in a reigning cuisine in moscow named fozzy this exotic eatery opened in the summer of two thousand and ten was situated at the former hotel ukraine the new radisson hotel iranian hyundai carpets flooring because lamps teens who is a striking to say the least. persian cuisine is ancient and cosmopolitan it's a welcome to dish and to the restaurant scene here in moscow and the owners pulled out all the stops regarding decorations and the mouthwatering menu. is there any
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increase in is one of the. scenes in the world in a restaurant is represented with a wide variety of government in. which are delivered from iran difficult to find elsewhere all tissues are conspiring in chefs to him i have. known for its raw halves and precious spices such stuff from dishes here fozzy include stews dumplings combatives and stuffed vegetables accompanied by different sources but the result is a physical feast of flavors and textures. armenian moroccan persian whatever cuisine you find appealing you certainly wouldn't be disappointed on a visit to the russian capital as a showcase to the diverse and ever developing cultural scene in life south of moscow the city's restaurants and food shops are opening at an amazing right. and the people who get to reap the rewards of such changes are of course the locals and visitors who can try such food and relish in the delights of cuisine.
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wow absolutely delicious but unfortunately that's not how we have left on this week's program on ethnic food and restaurants here in the us and capital i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew from the fozzy restaurant in the radisson broil hartselle here in moscow a bye for now. the.
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to. me a. bit saying here and since in his ears for paul the president vanity and again the arab spring up all. the middle east but they didn't win the elections will change in their own country i have yet to see. how that sound says its western oil town is back on the control off the lights that it needs and than the rest began during senate gratian small twentieth centuries of the country one independent on sunday. and a new cold finds around supremely guilty in the second they need to help the nine
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eleven terrorists but critics say it's part of the spin economy and the way for one . or the nation's sports on the way now with dmitri. oh this borders on r.t. in the course of. one win away from yet another title barcelona are prepared to take on song in the cup final in yoga homma japan. their first defeat of the euro russia lose to sweden at channel one cup for two. and a ring collingwood profile the rise of russia's top. i c c it's holy grail a world title bout with
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a bloody mary. so let's start with russia suffered thursday theat at the second stage of the euro hawke it's a channel one cup they are believes in is the man who gets four goes to sweden while managing to score only twice the hat trick from stuff plus a goal from tick it's a silly game for the sweet and. on the scoreboard for russia in the other game of the day the czech republic are up against reigning world champ and finland so the clash starts and about an hour's time. away from a lake top of the table manchester city prepared to take on arsenal despite sitting faith in the standings and then this man beats in eight matches winning seven of them if they claim all three points on sunday city and lose that top sport to main rivals manchester united and we had one turn you probably do you know who were
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interested in you because you're not on the way before. and the second biggest us who way from home for us. we know. who do want to be a dubious but. we are prepared and ready to give between two do we need to go. but our very close to winning yet another title through to the club what card final in japan now they need to beat the south american champ and santos remember massa thresh asian champs outside in the same is for sale but despite an easy route to the pep guardiola and his mates say their favorites paper says fabregas believes that all his team mates treat the tournament as seriously as the champions league and world gave their all for victory. in spain you know for
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a spanish club. and i think for the south american club as well there it is a very very important competition because that means you have to right you have the right to say that you are world champion and you cannot say that every day of your lives or we will take to the or opportunity of delivery last second and hopefully we can bring the car back home and as i said for us it's very it's vital it's the game of the season because that means you have to win one champions league to be where we will be tomorrow and that doesn't happen every day saw we we're very aware of that done all we want to do is jump on the beach tomorrow and do your best . and ahead of the club world cup final fifa president sepp blatter has held a news conference in talk reelected for a third term to many mistakes which he made in the past year but he called on colleagues to continue with a positive attitude the faith of boss also expressed hope that brazil properly
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complete its preparations for the twenty fourteen world cup despite this slow progress of construction. but the executive committee is very deliberate good we're not so much worried about the construction because you know all the world cups everybody said they will not be ready the day will be did you handle it. myself now take up these vocals on a pretty good two level and then the proof month or second month of this year we go and meet the head of state. meanwhile the venue for the first match of euro twenty twelve those old most ready ahead of next summer's tournament is the final touch ups are being done to the warsaw national stadium which will host the poland greece opener on the eighth of june the construction of the stadium began back in two thousand and eight with the country's sports officials finally getting all the necessary paperwork in order living the job essentially finished now there will not be a permanent beach with grass laid and removed after the finals stadium the opening
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ceremony a quarter final and a semi final in addition to group a match is that the one with poland russia the czech republic and greece fifty one thousand fans can fit in and don't expect a single and to see it come june. followed boxing russia's top her weight alexander privette skin has been a very patient man injury and issues mean the native isn't yet one hundred percent ready for the bout of his dreams against one of the klitschko brothers and now reports the thirty two year old is still at least two points away from the fight of his life. b. . he's known as the russian knight some call him the white lion whatever his nickname alexander but that russia's main contender in
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boxing is most prestigious division heavyweight rising star in two thousand and four when he won olympic gold he soon gained so it will be taishan as a pro punching out one win after another but it can steer a steady course with a single distillation title belt against the king of the hill which got the men who currently holds five major belts with his elder brother of it being the w.b.c. crowns to go to their family collection nevertheless one of the most anticipated belts of recent years is yet to happen having been called off several times because of injuries or contractual disputes i think. sometimes the brothers came on i don't want this fight meanwhile some people tell me they don't want those fights it doesn't make any sense let's just be fair and square it was only serious
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injuries that stopped me from fighting blood in me or on all those who are close to me know that's true i hope we will face each other in the ring sooner or later on satellite scores and the best way we come here boxing or czerny although the question of when is still a pressing one after the pending his w.b.c. title earlier this month but it can his next set the face marker is the reigning w b o cruiserweight champion who a year ago defeated but it can still mate be misled if after very controversial split decision which you look at yourself do you see maturity and work i would love to see tennis never to face marco hardcourts again but it looks like it's my turn to fight him well i'm ready. i've never picked out opponents but i would fight anyone i have to three of them so gone but the sole mark of whom are cool mark expressed a desire to fight alexander but it can only win you always pay attention to these kinds of offers his ability if a man wants to fight let him get the fight is mine and we said yes alexander is
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also obliged to defend his title against the w.p.a. number one contender has emerged that enjoyable so the epic battle between the russian knight vet and doctor still harmer. still gives boxing fans waiting making them even more curious though the outcome. it's hard to make any predictions for this fight we will see what happens of course i will train hard to avoid his job it's no secret i will need to break the distance and get inside but it's just words for now let's wait for the fight and see the talk made real. not many would argue that it's on there but they're going to still one of the most dangerous threats for police cause rain on the world boxing throne but this fight has to take place in the name of the sport of boxing itself. our team.
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ok up to date now more sports news from around the globe in forest. weather is next so that. well. this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution or the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. will continue to be in the more than hundred thousand people thin chronically in. groups welcome the fact that children see the children to be ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest
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of the country. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars for a lifelong into these. unpunished. these stress nutrition and this is a product of the price of healthy eating and we need to test these foods for times is the allergenicity immune response lower nutrition even for environmental contamination don't you feel like a law brought some consider the experiment to use human treatment freddie idli significantly different it sees it to be the g.m. fare that they both at the chia pet but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career you ask one question you get the answer and you
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might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. twenty years ago the largest country in the world disintegrated. if. what had been trying. to teach began a journey. where did it take the. world for the future of science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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mission is. going to take three years for charges three. months three. three. priests. told free bloggers live in your story or media projects street medio dogcart teton
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tom. cole. but a year off to. say gave life to the arab spring people say change in their own country is gets a call. girl six says his western oil town is back under control all to independence day why is that to these eleven people dead in the central asian country of. lead and guilty as charged to a new poll finds that iran's supreme leader did deeds help to tell of the nine eleven attacks critics saying it's part of the smear campaign the way.


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