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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EST

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it's now i would say the verdict is merely a pretext for war against iraq. hello this is r.t. and news just an all short drilling rig with fifty seven people on board has overturned in the sea a halt in the russian far east and it's not yet known how many may have survived a distress signal had been sent as the platform was being towed by an icebreaker sea conditions have been very severe with waves up to meters high and winds of seventy kilometers per hour in the area the platform is now two hundred kilometers off in ireland and of course we'll keep you posted and get more information. tens of thousands of people in tunisia have been celebrating the first in about three of the country's revolution which are with three dictator ben ali after
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almost twenty five years in power the uprising was this park the arps which rocked almost twenty countries across north africa and the middle east but even after elections internees it calls for trying to remain strong there. has been handing out. a year ago mohamed bouazizi set himself on fire to protest against the authorities in tunisia unleashing public ferry over corruption and poverty which led to the syrian president ben ali a wave of revolt spread to other countries and the arab spring was born. today a monument stands to his sacrifice and his hometown a city there's a widespread belief however that the changes in tunisia and they're going to. last for a very few things to upgrade the school to lead families with disabled children and some jobs but no one wants to listen to the people haven't got money thing those who came from abroad and reaped all the benefits they're all in the new government
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but the simple folk are left with nothing. it's a new genre evolution was led by young people demanding freedom of speech and greater present asian but the voice of youth according to some has been silenced. the new government is comprised of the elderly that shows what kind of new tunisia we're talking about the main problem is the political parties which have been given a chance to the young people who gave their lives and blood for the revolution the western media has hailed that there is an evolution as the beginning of a new democratic chapter in the history of the country and northern africa region a year has passed and people who live here is the very few of the soldiers they have asked for have actually taken place there. everything is still as it used to be the actions have come and gone and the town hasn't seen many changes unemployment is still the same if not worse the only things that changed you can now express our opinion but the rouge main goals haven't been accomplished. the
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fervor which sparked a revolution maybe on a slow burn for no one but if the grievances which is parted for mean so with the people's inspiration to all together it goes carty city was it tunisia. turned. to new zealand the road to revelation is bracing itself we get more violence at least nine have died and over three hundred fifty have been injured since friday after the army moved in to despise demonstrate is that you protest. square and never. says the army's frightened at the prospect of an egypt being run by is going to spend. there are a symptom of a wider power struggle that's taking place between the military and the islamist led parliament a new parliament that's been elected that's being elected in phases i think that the military is very frightened of the prospect of an egypt that would be led by islamist political parties they're worried about security they're worried about the
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economy what this could do to tourism and the reluctant they've got used to being in power for many many years since the fifty's i think they're very reluctant to let go of that power i don't think that there actually has been a revolution yet i think that what's happened is that the figurehead of the military regime has been deposed very dramatically certainly that's a hugely significant event it's an earthquake but i thought i would define a revolution as the ousting of the elites from power and i think that the elites in egypt which which are the military i think they're still in power and once the military is gone from power fully gone from power then i think we can describe what we're seeing in egypt as a revolution until then when i think these two sides are stuck in their current position fighting it out through a range of ways and one of these ways is street battles between the military security forces and the people so i think it's going to be unpredictable violent in some cases and it's also going to damage egypt's ability to maintain law and order on its streets. people have reportedly been killed across syria as the arab league
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demands damascus let's say an international observers. threatening to turn to the u.n. security council for action over the request is refused comes as russia has put forward a new draft resolution to the u.n. security council on syria demanding the assad regime and the opposition to end the violence and begin to dialogue well bring out foreign intervention and sanctions but the u.s. and its allies want the russian version amended and seek to put the blame for the bloodshed on the damascus or sorties alone that's despite thousands of army defectors claiming to be fighting to bring down the assad regime. well violence has flared up in kazakhstan with twelve now dead for the neon rest in the western part of the country protesters have blocked araya way station in support of al it demonstrations in our town and this can off as across them a sense for us in kazakhstan hello there you who are so we're hearing reports of new violence what's going on in kazakhstan right now where you are. according to
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the latest reports from. a group of protesters block to really station and passenger train with over three hundred people on board in the west of kazakhstan and i guess in total seven basden trains and three freight trains were delayed at around eight pm local time six pm moscow time the police came in to disperse the crowd as authorities say instead a group of around fifty people showed a few years resistance he said i welcome all of on the fire of the molotov cocktails both at the train and at the police some of them moved into a nearby village sort of a christmas tree and started writing other things on flyers shop windows car windows and so on and thirty say at some point their actions and not threat to the lives of the locals and police so they had to use force including a live rounds and twelve people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds one of these
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people died now this round organized initially in support of another rally also in the west of the country in the town of genoa was in on friday which was a protest rally against and beat salaries but it was combined with the celebrations of twenty years of independence and the entire thing just spiraled out of control and still not clear what exactly triggered it but at one point the angry crowd began setting buildings on flying leading state facilities through the see that forty six buildings and then. been burnt down and there were clashes with police as well so they had to use. that's actually eleven people were killed several dozen others more injured although some sources suggest the figures are much higher now the prosecutor's office says that this violence was organized from abroad and this is backed by a local journalist who witnessed now unfolding. oh workers in
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generalising have been striking for fairly long already for several months if this treasury note if those people in the old dressed in clothes when they got uniforms this is fairly strange for strike two uniformed you know they were just rushing things around. and they were behaving too organized and they were attacking authorities and. the police came in it looks like this is been. the situation in that's down and it was and is now under full control we have heard a state of emergency and the next we think. this is. because our constitution. party is your piskun off reporting there live from kazakhstan you go many thanks indeed. and. now breaking news story this hour
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we're hearing more reports that an offshore drilling rig seventy six people on board and more than a sword has overturned in the sea over hot skin the russian far east and it's not yet known how many may have survived a distress signal had been sent as the platform was being towed by an icebreaker sea conditions have been a very severe with waves me says high and winds of seventy kilometers per hour in their area their platform is now two hundred kilometers of land and of course we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. moving on now russia's own national interests will guide its actions on the global arena president to me that have spelled out the country's priorities in heal the recent rift with the u.s. and its missile defense shield in europe which most poses a threat to its security when washington failed to give written assurances that this show is not aimed at russia moscow deployed to raid a system on its western most border. when you go into that. we must not let
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ourselves be intimidated or confused we must clearly understand the goals we are heading for politics is a concrete think whatever friendly relations we have if we are not being heard we will answer that's what i had to do it wasn't against obama but against the policy that the us has adopted if they continue to be rude we will respond if they hear our concerns we will work together. in the wake of protests against this month's election results which have been held across russia the president said he saw and heard the people's concerns but he said political changes in the country should be started from within and never be a result of outside pressure one rally wrapped up in moscow on saturday with a turnout of some one on the whole a thousand supporters of the yabloko party which didn't make it past the seven percent threshold needed to win seats in the state duma moscow's below in a square where they gathered became the focal point for protests last week when tens of thousands converged to voice their dissatisfaction with the poll results. a
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russian vote soyuz rocket has successfully blasted out from the european spaceport in french guiana it was carrying french and chilean spice satellites into orbit so french observation stations will be gathering military intelligence and providing three d. images of targets on us while they treat an eye in the sky will mainly be used for mapping farmland it's only the second time a russian rocket has launched from outside the former soviet union following a similar successful mission last month also from french guiana after america's space shuttle program was shut down so use remains the only means of taking people and satellites into space. quote the room down that iran provided material support to al current after the nine eleven attorney by the hearing was settled by the forward because the defendants including iran's supreme leader did not have pain called professor paul sheldon food from california state university says this is part of the campaign to demonize iran and bring plans to attack the country this
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is what we call a kangaroo court in america this is totally outrageous it's advised by the american government if we want to look for blame we can start was saudi arabia where most of the hijackers came from having lived and worked in arab countries i can tell you there is no way that the arab government did not know what was going on in saudi arabia we could look to germany where many of them live we could look at american flight schools we could look at f.b.i. agents reported disappear ears and spurious did nothing but a iran has no involvement in this whatsoever no they neoconservative warmongers are trying to demonize iran even more and build up to it war and unfortunately the average american voter knows so little we knew congresswoman michele bachmann a couple weeks ago was able to say that she would close the american embassy and bring home the ambassador and staff and that wasn't subjected to great ridicule every american i've talked to so far doesn't know anything wrong with that
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statement right after nine eleven i was shocked that the iranian leadership said they would permit american military to use their airspace to attack afghanistan that they would help any downed pilots they that they would help supply anything else they bent over backwards to help america beyond belief that iranian journalists had been murdered by the taliban there was no love lost between the taliban and the iranians. a u.s. military court has opened pretrial hearings in the case of alleged whistleblower bradley manning by rejecting a defense request that be presiding officer should step down they claim his other role investigating they found a week in leaks makes him biased private manning who served as an intelligence analyst in baghdad is accused of leaking classified military and diplomatic data to the whistle blowing web site and has already been held in detention for nineteen months i could face life in prison or even execution of convicted and kevin if these from the bradley manning support that works as a soldier will they receive
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a fair trial after president obama has stated that he is guilty. we think that manning is not someone who is a traitor he was. documents to foreign enemies he didn't profit from them he is accused of giving them to the media and what he gave to me were allegedly were very low level documents low security internet i probably should not have i documents at all were also worried i mean i can't get a fair trial president obama has already announced that he's guilty he's the commander in chief it's a command structure in the military cerebrally who is involved in the judge the jury under president obama's command and their careers on the land line there is no choice but to say manning is guilty if they want to keep their military career since the president already said he's guilty a soldier who is in that situation is a choice of ignoring the nuremberg principles and becoming complicit in these crimes or exposing those crimes meaning is guilty of what he's accused what do you get what he's guilty of is telling the truth telling the truth so the american
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public can see what the u.s. military and state department actually are doing this trial is embarrassment to the u.s. military and the united states it shows a great deal of fear of the truth and fear of the truth is what's driving this prosecution. at least fifty people by wall street protesters have been arrested for they broke into a private paulk in manhattan as the movement said month anniversary the demonstrators who were evicted from their zuccotti park headquarters last month attempted to set up a new company in the city's do our city park service to whip holes in the fence around the private grounds and use this to climb inside police just past protests as claiming that the occupiers would not call on the show to end to the park where turning violent. information on their right thing you had to a website all to home and you can also find out how the occupy rallies and it was new quad downs in north carolina and iowa. from the
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u.s. as well you know where whole thing is only relevant to new york hospital that what at that time and of a subjective view of the news with the mainstream media being by sea. are you sick of the media being biased this week let's talk about that do you feel like the media's biased sure they are the discredit pick the right one that you want to listen to is the right one around one know. you're going to listen to them all or make up your own why do you k.'s very political party is it government is in power but i can't. see things on the media i absolutely do think it's important for the noose a try to be on bias but unfortunately everybody brings their own slant to their reporting i don't think it's avoidable even though it's desirable obvious puzzle for anybody beyond bias so why would we expect
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a news organization to be unbiased because they're professionals as we journalists job but they're still human. well they have a lot of stuff you either read or the news is untrue and a lot of the television isn't that a shame that the news would be untrue. but the thing is it sells papers and it sells news and people watch it people have to channel that bother you know not at all just the way they were. believe what you want to believe do you think it would help people be more informed if news organizations admitted they're biased. i think so but people wouldn't believe them and then they'd turn to whoever was bias anyway there's a lot of people that think the some channels are fair and balanced other channels aren't leaning in any direction well i mean i think we all know that's not true right we all this into the news every single day and we all hear the ridiculousness on both sides yeah but i think fox particularly will report both sides in both
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views and they have people of opposing views on very frequently they don't think they're biased that i think they themselves they may be slant but i think it's a moniker that people have put on them. i don't there's no good here but they are they are but that's ok they should just admit it they do i think now i think so no they're fair and balanced orders and each person should be these experts they come in every individual has his own personal bias you can't get away from that maybe instead of demanding our media be less biased we just start demanding their bias and maybe they'll at least be accountable for the opinion they report. and more news in brief for you this hour massive floods triggered by an unexpected topical storm has missed four hundred fifty people in the southern philippines with schools more missing many residents were asleep when the floodwaters tool through
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towns overnight after hours of torrential rain tons of southerners have sought refuge in evacuation centers across several provinces. ship carrying more than three hundred illegal migrants from the middle east has sunk of indonesia's jobber island only seventy six people have been rescued so far and hundreds are still missing as search teams continue walking on the spot emergency officials say the wooden ship was wrecked by strong waves meanwhile local media reports the boat was carrying more than twice its capacity which they blame for that accident. israeli soldiers have killed one palestinian civilian and injured two others on the border with gaza a military patrol reportedly opened fire off a hearing a large explosion aiming for what they thought was an area known for terrorist activity gaza has retaliated by launching rockets into israel through no casualties reported. the united nations has been eased the assets of to be down by nixon efforts to ease the country's financial troubles that allow that even government
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access to billions of dollars of funds from abroad sanctions were imposed this year on banks formerly controlled by the ousted leader colonel gadhafi but even economies something significantly alter the uprising talking about his regime with a new critic of oil industry virtually grinding to hold. up next we head to one of russia's most restive republics and find out about the battle to stop young people from falling prey to terrorist. start often makes headlines for the wrong reasons with frequent reports of insurgency and instability high unemployment and low living standards are sometimes blame as the root causes which help feed the militancy auntie's magickal channel has been. the caucasian republic of dagestan in russia is one of the most volatile areas in the country groups of militants operating in this part of the
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caucasus are reported to have strong links with al qaida look to draw people in when they're young and to tell rays are constantly carried out in a time to eradicate the problem although militants usually target police and government officials tourism has often go into the lives of many innocent families across the region because of that a number of organisations have sprung up fighting for victims' rights and helping is also affected piece their lives back together i had it turns to spend the day with speed. after losing her son three years ago has dedicated her life battling for her people's future. it's a called mr winter morning in the speed line a sign of as always is first in the office the telephone starts to ring right as she enters the room it is the usual start of the day for the mothers of dagestan a human rights organization created four years ago and now known across the region
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today's headline is heading to the outskirts of the capital a single mother of four lives that her husband was killed by robbers and she was left with nothing but her children sitting on the brings food clothes and talks to her talking as soon as the most important part offering reassurance to victims that they have not been forgotten your bible should not be unusual our organization mostly helps women it doesn't matter what situation they're in if they're in need to come to help most of these women don't know their rights or who to ask who help three years ago with lana was in the same position when one day her son failed to return home she didn't know what to do and lost a valuable time that could have been used to rescue him. that he won't even knew then what i know today my rights the right people i could have saved him i could have found out where he was a good have done something. son was accused of helping terrorists in dagestan she
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fears he was killed but where she still doesn't know these accusations are common in this region young and immature people often become the victims of terrorist brainwashing high unemployment also boast this quite often people that fall under the influence of those with no financial or social prospects and see going into the forest use them as one for joining terrorist as the only way out for them that's what happened with mariam and it cost her her life she had a difficult childhood was raised without a father and her mother couldn't provide for the family her mother her normal remembers how when her daughter started working at the market she met very religious people that. proust i thought there was nothing bad in that but then my little girl started to change she talked a lot about being a real new slang going to paradise i tried to talk her out of it but she never listened she only listened to her new friends who were. her new friends turned out
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to be extremists and the last year of her life she disappeared for several months the next time her mother saw her face was on t.v. in a report on the latest special forces raid against suspected terrorists these dudley's skirmishes are part of a bigger conflict being played out across the north caucasus region the terrorist led by dog who is russia's most wanted militant and on the list of america's most wanted terrorists want to establish a pan caucasian islamist state. in the last decade parts of pakistan have become really just theoretical ice this region is now the heart of precious islamic terrorist problem and almost every day the authorities are engaged in shootouts with terrorists and very often that happens even in the capital city of the region . locals say it's hardly surprising muslims are turning to radical islam as the. we see it as an alternative to the hard life in the region the older members of the
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community believe a large proportion of those who went to the four is a simply bandits from an dissatisfied younger generation. if anyone told me thirty years ago that life in dagestan would be like what we see now i would never believe that. locals want the rule of law enforced and respected again return to a time before terror played such a dominant part in the lives of so many marginal question archie close up in the republic of dagestan. and breaking news again now and off shore drilling rig with seven to six people on board has overturned in the sea of a halt in the russian far east and they just see and emergency rescue operations underway and it's not yet known how many way have survived the disaster a distress signal had been send as the platform was being towed behind icebreaker sea conditions have been a very severe with waves up to four meters high and winds of seventy kilometers per
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hour in the area the platform is now two hundred kilometers off sakhalin island and we'll be bringing you the latest details of this unfolding disaster as soon as we get them. and that's the way the news looks this hour on a special report on the former soviet republic of as a version is next but i'll be back with a recap our top stories. twenty
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years ago the largest country. disintegrates into. what had been. the beach began a journey. for where did it take them. to move.
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if you. are going to take three. hundred. arrangements
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three. three. two three. three blown in video for your media project a free media oh god r.t. dot com. welcome back this is on sea island breaking news a saw an offshore drilling rate with seventy six people on board has overturned in the sea overhauls and the russian far east a major at sea and that's a rescue operation is underway but it's not how many may have survived the designs that are. also today's m all of the fast and a vast array of its revolution it was a monument to the mind who set himself alight and whose destiny step protest movement that gave birth to the arab spring that's when the country are frustrated at one of trying says they are prize.


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