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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 1:31am-2:01am EST

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the syrian regime has rushed right through its draft resolution at the un aimed at solving the crisis peacefully. plus the wait is finally over as russia has accepted as a police member of the world trade organization after eighteen years of tough talks . but next we'll talk to the e.u. trade commissioner for his perspective on russia's deputy a membership. the e.u. trade commissioner called the goodies in geneva to welcome russia into the world trade organization he warns it comes at a time when the euro crisis threatens the world with recession mr de gucht leaders are insulting each other the euro's fall into new lows how worried are you about this stage of the euro debt crisis i see that. people some people continue to fing that. sooner or later we will have serious problems with the euro. and that's
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obviously influencing the debate but this is simply not true i mean the euro is going to continue there to stay and europe will do everything that's a see to preserve the european union it's not a matter of choice you know it's not a matter of having different turn of this that is one very clear cut political decision the you know is there to say full stop nicolas sarkozy's just call david cameron an obstinate kid while e.u. leaders getting personal it's not up to me to make comments on what president sarkozy is saying but generally i think one should avoid to become personal in that kind of discussions these are difficult discussions for everybody we're going through a tough time and so let's keep cool i mean. i would say don't get personal francis said britain's credit rating should be downgraded before it's do you agree with them when you look at the financial position. of great britain it's
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a lot better than the let's say consolidated position off of the european monetary union obviously not. the difference is of course that there you have a state with a central bank that is a lender of last resort and that makes the difference look at what the situation of of the dollar is so i mean and look at the debt situation in the united states it's also certainly not better than the european one nevertheless they don't have problems to borrow money on the international financial markets for exactly the same reason you know and i think we should learn from that and go in the direction of. mutual izing did that then you will see the interest rates going down if that's to see the european central bank should also intervene vigorously and make it clear to the financial markets that only speculation it's also about fear that banks that is in the markets there is no reason for that was promised at least ten billion
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dollars through the i.m.f. to help the e.u. with its debt crisis what role can play in the e.u. to me it is our fears that everybody so old states have an interest that. nothing dramatic happens with the euro. because europe is the biggest economy in the world you know so everybody has a clear interest in that so it's not by accident that for example a couple of weeks ago the fed the reason the. the british national bank. switzerland to japan. were taking together with you to be a central bank were taking concerted efforts to put liquidity in the market the inside some by accident because obviously this is of major concern to everybody in the world and russia being only our neighbor but also. being the major source of
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energy to europe which means that you are the biggest and probably also the best clients they have an obvious interest in not letting degrading the european economy the united states thinks exports to russia can double over the next five years off . how much can you expose to russia also go up i see several big advantages in russia becoming a member of the w t o. for example that is part of those accession conditions it's. a completely new set of rules that respect to spears which respect to fetal sedentary norms for for food is also very important what we having concluded proceed back to the automotive sector where russia had been taking. measures and now well that we have come to a two a compromise on these that will certainly contribute to more trade although that
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vantage i see is that russia it will be possible to attract more foreign capital because. their access into the w o will. give them assurances they were in a. legal environment that is more transparent so than it was so that it was before so i expect to. trade with russia to rise considerably some economists think countries have put in meaningless barriers to stop russia joining with. how fair has the process been i haven't been active in this file for the last eighteen years have been. steering the process for the last six months let's say. and. i believe fair negotiations yes i mean some time stuff and they go about with a view by both parties to get to results and they're also major interests at stake
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you know it's not a chat of course it's a negotiation but i believe that they were fairly treated and they were also asking us to be let's say lenient in them for example in the automotive sector was not easy to come to decision because there was this new scheme with very high level of local content and so on so it was not easy i think it's a fair deal you know and once you have a concluded the deal you should stop discussing the content of the ones that is a deal is a deal and then you execute it many russians think they've made too many concessions in agricultural industry to join the w.t. how can you show them that's not the case it's certainly not true that they made. too many concessions. we know we already know. russia is a big market for our agriculture products and that has to see also with the fact that they cannot. answer the demands on their own they cannot so they do not
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produce the necessary food and vegetables and be for their own population but there is no reason that they could not develop that industry no the same with cars they have to renovate their whole automotive industry because it had become its i believe that it is agreement that we have been making will result in more than the automotive industry but of course we have been negotiating in a way but also our own interests are protected that's where they go sation is about you have to negotiate having in mind your own interest but also having him by then also the other party needs to find its interest in the negotiation because if not. even if you were to conclude a negotiation it would never be a fruit off america's jaxon van dijk amendment bulls favorable trade relations with russia has been called a relic of the cold war should washington now get rid of it it's up to the united states to decide that but. i believe such a move. would have quite some traction on the hill is the european union along with
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the united states this fall the most complaints against china since it joined the world trade organization we should be treated any differently we treat everybody exactly in the same way i mean. when we get the complaints. we analyze it very carefully and then we take a decision and whether it's china or russia or even the u.s. that doesn't make a difference i mean once there is a problem we take action and i think we should do that and we do it in i would i say almost. i wouldn't call it automatic but very much. rules based approach you know so we are not. looking for four victims all enemies i mean we are not interested in that game so for us it's the same whether it's china or russia or they run the us when china's trade with the jump it's almost three hundred percent in the ten years that it says it joined. how much do you expect
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russia's trade with the e.u. to go up by isn't exactly the same i believe because. the chinese have been doing. from a historical point of view this is tremendous is developing an economy which is very much across the board. russia's economy yes and much more focused on a more limited number of sectors and i think it really depends upon russia which direction they take and they take that action off more than rising debt economy off being involved told so in new sectors and probably the agreements to get into the euro will be more food for them but that's up to them energy prices in russia are much lower than in the e.u. how this despondence be resolved we have. a scheme in accession. whereby they will have to call two to market prices over time.
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so that is not only is only a truck by the way but once you are member of the you know you have to go to market prices and you cannot have a double pricing e.u. trade commissioner karel de gucht thank you for speaking with l.t. . i. think.
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it was we were going. to france. and was just trying to. on the price of healthy eating. we need to test these foods from time society allergenicity immune response lower nutrition even for environmental contamination don't you feel like a brot some consider the experiment each human treatment i'd be significantly different it sees me to be the g.m. fed that they both at the cio tried that but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one carrier if you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of
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our breaking news story here in r.t.e. a russian oil break off the country's far east coast has gone down during a storm with more than sixty people on board a search operation is in full swing with fourteen people confirmed rescued but today. fresh clashes flare up in western kazakhstan just days after a demonstration or work has ended with eleven people dead in. the west and its allies known pressure on the syrian regime as russia fights to pull through its draw for a solution un and that song crisis peacefully. plus the way to spawn the over as russians accepted as a member of the world trade organization after eighteen years of tough talks.
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but unions here with sunday school spirit. joining us for this edition of sports today there's plenty head this sunday morning including these stories including. can't win them all after five games in charge russia's new ice hockey coach zillah to love bill or dean off his first defeat china won. best of the past football giants barcelona and santos meet later on sunday in the final of the world club cup. and zero caliber the north american nation dominates the slopes of the opening ski cross world cup stage and winning gold in both the men's and women's advance. russian national team ice hockey. suffered his first defeat since taking over the reins in june the red
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machine going down to sweden in game two of their home euro hockey tournament the channel one cup constantine but top off watch this one force. russia and sweden started the clash cautiously however. isn't a lot of smen didn't seem to be as solid in defense as they were in the opening match of the tournament the swedes went by laying on the pressure and finally broke the deadlock midway through the first period stuff from cornwell sent them back home up to a week a share converting a powerplay one thing and the guests headed to the dressing room in the right frame of mind in the middle period sweden's defenseman cornwell doubled his tally after a powerful shot from the blueline the russians pulled one back having one man up and xander out all of made it pinpoint pass and sergei chirac of found himself on marked on the floor poorest and set it to the net three minutes into the third period and the red machine levelled mannerism a ball played to the delights of the full effect mega sport arena. if managed to
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fire it into the top corner and there are record one more assist the crowd was still cheering the home favorite but track rumor took the lead again in just a minute carl cost and dick axel son put his name on the scoreboard three to gauge shell superstar defenseman cohen momente that two goal lead with his third scoring with a four distance left shot with ten minutes to go russia threw everything into the final minutes of the game and pulled the goaltender for an extra player but failed to cut the deficit for two was how it's finished. our skating time. this is a big key to success and we were fortunate to miami and win a lot of walks down the pan there and create a lot of chances for that whether it's real it's hard to name the reasons for our defeat right now we have to analyze our mistakes we shouldn't be too disappointed too we just have to work hard to improve our play so russia suffered their first
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defeat with the help however the head coach was optimistic about the lessons his charges can learn from this loss i think we deserve this defeat sweden played really well aggressively and put constant pressure on our defensemen that's why we made so many mistakes we didn't expect the swedes to play like this we have to draw the right conclusions we understand that from now on all our opponents will play in the same manner russia will be eager to finish the home tournament on a winning note as they face the czech republic on sunday because i am about out of our team. in the days of their clash the czech republic went to town on world champions finland beating the nordic side five warm the czechs take on russia in the final game of the competition a little later today. now it's been a hot topic of debate between two football legends pele and maradona on the world's about to find out if some tall striker neymar is indeed a more complete player than. messi like pele claimed the team is meeting today in
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the final of the club world cup in japan giants have been peppered with questions about facing brazil's hottest young talents like nineteen year old name or his twenty two year old team it paulo henrik a gun so pep guardiola keen to play di and his team status hot favorites despite seeking their second global title in just three years of trying to be up against a team who could only manage a tenth place finish this season domestically despite that their star man is relishing the chance to go up against the best. but she's the most important but i mean i think it's going to be a historic game not only for me but also for my santos team me it will be a very important match but i'm not nervous i'm very calm now of course our opponents are a formidable team but as i always say no matter who we played games or where we're playing we'll just play your own game. now watching the game in tokyo will be free for president sepp blatter the swiss also taking the time to soothe worries over
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the rate of progress for world cup twenty fourteen in brazil before intriguingly adding he's to meet top government officials from the country anyway. but the executive committee has voted to block that good we're not so much worried about the construction because in all the world cups everybody said they will not be ready but they will be ready finally but i will myself now take up. on a presidential level and then the person months or second months of this year go and meet the heads of state. let's move to english football where the top two are in premier league judee on sunday manchester city host arsenal in the much of the day but it's their cross-town rivals united who open proceedings away to new boys q.p.r. after a less than stellar member domestically alex ferguson's side look to be back on track this month he'll be seeking a third straight win in london after that villa host liverpool while spurs will be eyeing third spot at home to sunderland the main course wrapping up sunday's games
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table topping manchester city at home the fifth seated arsenal the gunners go in confident mood boosting seven wins from their previous eight matches. we had one point you know i was interested in showed you because you had not gone away before . the second big to steer us away from one for us. and we know wolf of course we do want to be at your best but. we are prepared and ready to give between two to read again it's been a great start to the state cross world cup season for team canada brought the lehman. climbing on top of the podium in both the men's and women's events following the opener in italy the men's event seeing women get off to a great start against russian yes give me clear up off so be in my ear with a new sense of himself trying to take korotkov seconds but the frenchman would
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crush leaving the russian with so for another comedian david duncan he was slippery slopes meanwhile in the women's portion three spears colliding early on before thompson crushed a little later to stop lifts all alone to top spot. so we finish up a boxing for a look at the man fight fans all across russia are hoping nobody else from the country has managed to beat one of the klitschko brothers robert for more. b. . he's known as the russian knight some call him the white lion whatever his nickname. is russia's main contender in boxing his most prestigious division heavyweight a rising star in two thousand and four when he won olympic gold he soon gained so it could be station as
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a pool punching out one win after another but that being steered a steady course with a single this nation title belt against the king of he'll which go at the man who currently holds five major belts with his elder brother. the w.b.c. crowns to be their family collection nevertheless one of the most anticipated belts of recent years is yet to happen having been called off several times because of injuries or contractual disputes i think. sometimes the brothers came on i don't want this fight yours meanwhile some people tell me they don't want those fights it doesn't make any sense let's just be fair and square it was only serious injuries that stopped me from fighting and all those who are close to me know true i hope we will face each other in the ring sooner or later on satellite our scores on the best way we can with your boxing or sherman although the question
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of when is still a pressing one after the family has dealt with the title earlier this month so that in his next set the base mark of these the reigning there will be zero cruiserweight champion a year ago defeated can still make the next level after birth. controversial sleep decision which is what you're suggesting we shouldn't work for you i would love to see dennis never deface marco hardcourts again but you'll see what it looks like it's my turn to fight him well i'm ready i've never picked out opponents so i would fight anyone i have to stay with him so i go but this will mark a hall mark or mark expressed a desire to fight alexander but that killings on that where you always pay attention to these kinds of offers is if a man wants to fight let him get the fight is mine and we said yes alexander is also obliged to defend his title against the w.p.a. he's number one contender has emerged. so the epic battle between the russian
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knight the bed and doctor still harmer. still keeps boxing fans waiting making them even more curious though the. girl will you with a movie it's hard to make any predictions for this fight but we will see what happens of course i will train hard to avoid his job it's no secret i will need to break the distance and get inside but it's just words for now let's wait for the fight and see the talk made real. not many would argue but it's on there but they're going to still one of the most dangerous strips vocalise course reign in the world books he wrote. that this fight has to take place in the name of the sport of boxing itself. on our team. i for one would love to see it happen that's all the sport for this hour i'll be back in just under two hours with more well expect.
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thanks. well for the. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our. breaking
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news on a russian oil rig off the country's far east coast. during a storm with more than sixty people on board. clashes flare up in western kazakhstan just days after a demonstration by oil workers ended with eleven people dead. the west and its allies mounting pressure on the syrian regime as russia fights to get its draft resolution accepted at the u.n. and that solving the crisis peacefully. the way to finally over russia is accepted as a member of the world trade organization after eighteen years of tough talks.


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