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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EST

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breaking news on r t a russian oil rig off the country's far east coast sinks during a storm with more than sixty people on board. the search for scores still missing in cold waters as for well over a dozen safety greece the latest in just a few moments. fresh clashes flare up in western stan just days after a demonstration by oil workers ended with eleven people dead in. the west and its allies mount pressure on the syrian regime as russia fights to get its draft resolution accepted at the u.n. aimed at solving the crisis peacefully. plus the wait is finally over as russia is accepted as a fully fledged member of the world trade organization after eighteen years of
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tough talks. this is our team and our weekly news with you but first our breaking news story a russian oil rig has gone down in a storm in a sea of the hearts in the country's far east let's get the latest details now from artie's. the rig capsized several hours ago how is the rescue operation getting. the bodies have been pulled from the water so far just fourteen survivors found. out of a total of sixty seven who were stricken before it caps. we have just been told that the search and rescue operations had to be suspended. that was involved. planes had
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a cult set the scene also search and rescue ships scouring the sea birds had to be spend suspended have to stress as well very bad weather conditions in the area just two hundred comes off the coast of saka lay in very bad weather conditions also a temperatures below freezing there as well as jacob what's the latest take on why the request down. well actually occurred as a mensch just off to a to close off the coast of sakhalin in russia's far east and then it was being towed as means hoed by a spray two quarts and that's when it capsized song is supposed to a sortie thought within about twenty minutes we have spoken to someone involved in the search and rescue operation he described the scene for us. while we watch for more new costume user nuclear safety suits floating around the area but there are new people in them he means the crew was unable to get down to the lifeboats the boats were washed away with the flow of the water. so the search and
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rescue operations so far suspended its thought that the whole rig filled with water prior to capsize things and very few of those actual life boats ray which is a ploy because of the weather conditions now an investigation has already launched in kernel proceedings have been started and they're looking into warley this. this break was being towed is such bad weather conditions they say that's against regulations so investigations will continue for now though the search and rescue operation has been called off owing to nightfall and there are still extreme weather conditions in that area talk about minus ten degrees celsius air temperature awar so temperatures just above freezing. ok jack agrees to keep us updated on that story thank you. well. more details out of cole sky sank what it
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was being tugged back to port arthur had finished drilling in the sea of hearts that's why there's no major threat of oil contamination in the sea unlike previous instances of the oil rigs well. includes the mexican gulf incident of twenty ten when a b.p. oil rig sank after explosion and major fire broke out the disastrous leak was plugged in the off to around five million gallons of oil spill in the sea the russian rig in today's instance was built to nine hundred eighty five was one of the largest in the country at seventy meters long and eighty meters wide it was due to set sail for drilling off the vietnamese coast at the end of its current assignment. stay with r.t. for more on that breaking news story as we get it here. moving on now and fresh riots serve reportedly flared up in western kazakhstan one person was killed and eleven others injured at a railway station where people were protesting against a fatal crackdown striking oil workers in
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a town around one hundred kilometers to the northeast what is your place going off the latest from kazakhstan. on saturday a group of protesters blocked a really station including bass engine train with over three hundred people on board in western kazakhstan in total seven bastard trains and three freight trains were delayed and at around eight pm local time sixty a moscow time police came in trying to disperse the crowd but instead google around fifty people and the authorities call them now who showed fierce resistance they'll be set a locomotive on fire of. the train and the police some of them reportedly moved into. setting a christmas tree going for a breaking shop windows car windows and cetera and authorities say that their actions at one point became a threat to the lives of the locals and off the of the of the o.t. so they had to use force including a live rounds and as
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a result twelve people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds and one of them died this particularly rally was actually initially organized in support of another one which happened in the town of june i was in this all down also in western kazakhstan and what happened there on friday is that a protest rally against the salaries combined with celebrations of twenty years of kazakhstan's independence just spiraled out of control it's still not clear what exactly triggered it but at one point the angry crowd began setting buildings on firing looting state facilities say that forty six buildings have been burned down in the clashes with the police as well and also unfortunately the authorities say they were forced to. retaliate and retake the sensualist situation under their control so some live shots were used there as well and according to official
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figures eleven people were killed in that incident several dozen others were injured although some sources suggest that the figures are much higher than that. as a local journalist she told r.t. she believes the unrest was triggered from abroad. oh workers in general i think have been striking for fairly long already for several months it is treasury now which if you know people the old dressed in clothes when they got uniforms this is very strange for a strike here but your uniform you know they were just crashing things around. and they were behaving too organized and they were talking authorities and. the police came in it looks like this is being let down even one of the opposition leaders said that this is not in the interests of what we see that people are getting killed because they are not fighting for their own ideas. so coming up for you a change of name but not
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a purpose the street previously known as blackwater undergoes rebranding to secure new contracts in iraq despite being kicked out of the country will attack on civilians who lives ago. the arab league has given the syrian government until wednesday to end its crackdown on the opposition letting observers otherwise it's threaten to turn to the u.n. security council for action meanwhile russia is defending its own proposed resolution on syria that the u.s. and its allies want to see changed wasco is appealing to the regime and the opposition to any violence and begin dialogue while grilling out foreign intervention and sanctions but some western states say they can't accept the proposal of bloodshed the mask of supporters known as despite thousands of army defectors claiming to be fighting to bring down the assad regime the middle east politics professor jeremy salt since western governments have to admit all sides must put down weapons before solution can be found.
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right now so far there's very little bonsa very large one word. directed towards. them is very very little reference to the violence of ongoing project there. bonnets began almost from the beginning. gangs of hiding behind. them according to law. recently by the activists. they want to monitor. this now i think. a way out of this. and it's not just the syrian government has. issued orders for the army to down but somehow some way has found. its waiting. period to get very hot so whatever happens in syria very serious regional and global implications
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starts agree we're very very with russia's position and sort of our russia. this resolution today is going cranking up the fun part that russia changing position i personally don't see it like that i think russia is going to try and find a way out of. first of all putting out. because so many charge. being made it would be almost impossible to get. so that they way that now is trying to stop the killing. a country that's already seen change one of international sanctions banks offer paying for a much needed cash injection that's un economic restrictions while that's will help the problems still bring thousands of protesters rallied in the city of benghazi to see gets the transparency the national transitional council. then they take that would then began also at the end it. was room patrick haze of course of online
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magazine spiked believes the n.t. doesn't represent the people. the national transitional council was never actually really part of a democratically forward libya anyway they were never on the streets really fighting for the with the libyan people against gadhafi a lot of them in fact were in other countries at the time waiting for my speech helicoptered in where when it was safe enough to enter tripoli it was made up of gadhafi cronies people who were basically cherry picked by the west as being suitable people to represent the libyan people now we have a situation where the libyan people say you have got to meet these people don't represent us we don't even really know who they are. a few minutes we return to libya to see how schools that have changed children don't need to praise the doctor's name every morning now they can thanks to the martyrs of the revolution that is the change only skin deep. and controversy in court retreat hearing on
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the register which in the bradley manning tinnies to saying he deserves a medal not a prison sentence. but before that russia's leaders have spoken extensively this week into the changing political landscape after the recent parliamentary elections as a means for the rest members of the ruling united russia party he urged them to reform introduce new faces people have grown tired of a new system a minister who also held his annual q. and a session mr allegations of widespread court during the recent election and promised new technology to help make presidential elections next year what transparent. a nuance can be a little commission to install web cameras at every polling station in the country and the over ninety fields and of these cameras should be on around the clock so that everyone can see what's happening in every station any allegations of fraud.
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well russia has finally been accepted as a full member of the world trade organization after a wait of eighteen years move is expected to strengthen the country's global ties and provide greater incentive for investment as r.t. explains accession comes at a price. with all my studio cases of hard talks now over it's still not clear exactly what russia's w.t.r. membership is offering the country and was amazed all the details only grievance to firmly behind closed doors experts are left to try and little crystal ball gazing which. their predictions begin with agriculture two into the w t o russia had to pledge to reduce in-state support to farming we've already travelled to hundred and fifty kilometers away from moscow and what we see here is a sad picture goes through it is like this one a spread all across russia and with a struggle in agriculture industry there number is only crazing thirty percent of
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the countries are well land currently not in use and the rough areas that cut of foreign subsidies like sessional grain will only make things dramatically worse for russia's currently importing forty five percent of all food products or may soon become fifty to seventy percent local producers will be unable to compete with all that because. meanwhile those competitive enough will stay afloat and benefit alexander and his family run a small business just outside moscow their one hundred twenty goats skiff enough fuel to produce feelings of high quality cheese and a bit back in the crystal ball the future doesn't look bright for wrong that mr kopper use is happening on the may start to w t o critics say russia's making history will be unable to meet the increased competition the accession of a tract offering a gloomy prediction that once the country's in bad lines will stop factories will shut and thousands of people will be left out of work and out of la however the
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predictions continue to go away with foreign investments said to be ready to rocket the cable gains we believe or roughly three point three percent of russian g.d.p. in. early years after accession. more like ten years with the grocer would be about eleven percent of g.d.p. but apart from economic achievements the country's political image should benefit not been part of the global body would have passed a little strange russia has been the biggest economy not to be integrated into the w t o but after an eighteen year marathon of negotiations all the world's key players finally come together under the same umbrella. written off now t. mosco. remind of our breaking news story now a russian oil rig has gone down in a storm in a sea of hearts off the country's far east coast more than sixty people on board
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including passengers and crew a search and rescue operation is in full swing fourteen people have been plucked alive from the ice cold waters but two bodies of also been recovered strong winds and highways are complicating efforts officials say there's no danger of the cars barely any oil was on board stay with r.t. for latest on this developing story. the military hearing of the so-called wiki leak it continues in the united states with bradley manning having to spend his twenty fourth birthday in court this week he made his first public appearance since being detained for a year and a half ago or hearing is to determine whether prosecutors enough evidence to bring manning to trial if found guilty he could receive a life term the army private faces twenty two charges of distributing government secrets which eventually passed to wiki leaks aiding the enemy and to war activists brian becker says if manning is convicted he'll become a nationwide hero an icon of truth telling. i think that bradley manning if it's
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true that he was the one who released the documents to wiki leaks will be considered in u.s. history as a hero because he took a stand and is obviously willing to pay a very difficult price possibly life in prison possibly the death sentence for exposing a criminal war the iraq war is a crime against humanity it's a war crime in fact bradley manning had an obligation to reveal that this country was carrying out criminal activities of course we all knew that and one sense but by releasing these hundreds of thousands of classified documents if in fact it was he who did it he did a great deal to expose to shine a bright light on those who are committing crimes against the iraqi people and in fact against the american people bradley manning has been held wrongly he's been held in solitary confinement he's been pre-judged by the military and by the media he has been stripped naked in forest in solitary confinement that's a kind of torture and he's being treated as the worst possible lowest criminal in
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fact somebody who's not even part of the judicial system since he's been pre-judged in. at least fifty occupy wall street activists have been arrested they broke into a private parking manhattan as a movement octets three month anniversary the protest is who is day two from zuccotti park last month are tempted to separate you can from the city's duarte park seventeen holes in the fence using letters to climb over place dispersed the protesters claim the occupiers were dating private property and turning violent was wanted by a number of marchers in different areas of new york including times square thousands of people have been detained and arrested across the united states during the ninety nine tests. but you can read more updates in the background on the protests that have been shaking america for months that's our website autumn dot com here's what else is waiting for a few just a week away is the first anniversary of tunisia's anti-government protests became
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a catalyst for the entire arab spring movement party looks into the changes which the revolution brought but also failed to deliver. also online so use it takes in the sky russian rocket of the six ritchie satellites into orbit france and jodie foster launched on the you tube. news today volunteers once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. they need tourists american security contractor which used to be called blackwater
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announced on monday that it's returning to do business in iraq it was expelled from the country in two thousand and seven for using dubious tactics including attacks. civilians to leave then things later is coming back and akademi wants to win contracts with a multitude of companies in building the war torn country and the former cia officer told us it's a lot to get then despite its countless need to see thanks to the high level connections in the us news and joining. they have very deep pockets and they also have a very very good connections you can call this company anything that you like whether it's blackwater whether it's the whether it's academy whether it's john smith it doesn't make any difference the sad part is though is that if you go to a restaurant and you have a bad meal just because they change the name on the front door doesn't mean the food's going to be any good when you have this close relationship between essentially mercenary groups they're not u.s. government or european or brits or german or anybody else these are actually independent companies that you hired to do things that you don't want to do the
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real question is the ability to control them and the americans did not do this very well but one of the biggest problems that they had was i think they didn't want to they wanted to be able to show off certain things to these guys and say don't do this my problem is that there's a certain culture that blackwater has and you can change a couple of the guys at the top of the heap they're hiring the same kinds of people who are doing the very same way you are doing much of the same work and the leadership comes from the same places with the same connection so my fear is the failures of the past and they have been dramatic will continue into the future. and as iraq begins to rebuild itself it says goodbye its u.s. troops nine years after a military invasion people took soldiers to kuwait on sunday morning president obama marked the end of the war earlier this week along with the iraqi prime minister conflict that the deaths of more than one hundred thousand iraqi civilians and thousands of u.s. troops operation cost washington almost a trillion dollars. the world headlines this hour
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floodwaters that have swept through the southern philippines and killed more than five hundred people all the hours of the dead this rain from a tropical storm. that waters raced down mountain slopes and tore through homes killing hundreds search more than three hundred missing is ongoing many were swept out to sea even more to struck. ten people have been killed and hundreds injured as clashes between the kitchen military and civilian protests to me demonstrators are demanding power be transferred from the military to civilian authority protests turned violent after forces moved into this person sitting on friday. just two months after the end of libya's civil war and the school curriculum has already drastically changed its sort of reading colonel gadhafi is green book peoples are now praising the heroes of the revolution but some of the words have
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changed the system son of a worker has been finding out. it's a new day in the new libya but it starts with an old preacher oh students assemble different classes to see a new flag be hoisted and to sing a new national anthem. that was like the revolution the rich tricolor to him is a flash back to the prison after an era with a few verses tweaked to represent in the action of the country's recent liberation the decades under get out the still evil students were expected to ram rise long passages from his brain book without ever questioning that and it looks like this tradition may continue on this ignoring the dishes while his children are too young to understand the meaning of life the city of the new route wish their anthem of their own ready expected to know it by heart next comes a speech that unambiguous the explains who are the heroes of the new libya the were
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over the rebels to talk hard to gain freedom they told us to how the had high they told us to not our country this is the only new material students in this triple a school have learned since september regular classes like math or chemistry are suspended until january when the new curriculum is expected to be introduced nisbett in the english will definitely introduce foreign languages into a curriculum now kids will start studying english from the first grade because they have to be prepared for university with them again in the meantime the students are preoccupied with making drawings and trinkets to commemorate the february seventeenth revolution teachers here say they try their best to explain to students what has happened in libya over the past few months in this nobody tells us what to tell students who are free to say whatever we want it we don't say bad things about gadhafi in fact we don't talk about him at all here as they say sometimes
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a picture is worth a. thousand wards to get after emblazoned car could not just the euro go adorned the principal's office is now strategically placed in front of the door several hundred copies of his green book from the local library have been thrown away the forty two years of his rule that how brinkley based literacy rates from point to sixty about ninety percent is a distant memory he did a good things but what she didn't present months for but then it says here they are no you don't but if you don't talk about what you know what you done to turn over to but what you did in the past eight months is killing. murder out of four hundred fifty students that attended the school a year ago half are still absent some fled the country others were pulled down by their parents who disagree with the new values taught here those who laugh and run because traders go for tools i think it's better to catch me now when
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i something good bad about the gadhafi well the study of english was banned under gadhafi words like freedom and revolution a familiar to every first grader here but when asked what's the difference between gaddafi is due me here a year she literally man's power of the masses only be a new democracy both students and teachers are close i don't actually know the answer to that question of what's in the boycott artsy. or mind of our breaking news story now a russian oil rig has gone down in a storm in a sea of a hoss in the country's far east there are more than sixty people on board including passengers and crew a search and rescue operation is in full swing fourteen people have been plucked alive from the ice cold waters but four bodies have also been recovered strong winds and high waves are complicating efforts officials say there's no danger of an leak and oil is on board with r.t.
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for the latest. stay with us the headlines up next in just a few. days france's new trichet and this is product on the price of healthy eating. we need to test the sometimes the city allergenicity immune response lower nutrition in for
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environmental contamination don't you feel like a lab rott some consider the experiment in human treatment very highly significant differences between the g.m. fare that they both at the dawn g.m. felt that but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one carrier if you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career i am. going to. be the man.
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