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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EST

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breaking news in from paul to the rescue was all working through the night in russia's far east where an oil rig with sixty seven people on board has capsized killing at least four people. it often is more deadly violence in the wake of because it sank down which saw thirteen striking oil workers killed at an independence day gathering. the arab league gives damascus until wednesday to stop the bloodshed russia pushes its presentation at the security council calling for both sides in syria to told. an russian's welcome to the global trade club after almost twenty years of tools in a move that brings both advantages and some tough competition.
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a very warm welcome see this is our live from moscow first some breaking news here on c.n.n. well wake with sixty seven people on board has capsized off russia's far eastern coast for people to have died while fourteen others have been rescued emergency teams are working through the night to find more than fourteen missing workers but it's not an easy task is aussie's town barton explains. at the moment conditions in the rescue site two hundred kilometers off russia's far east coast of very difficult indeed it's nighttime there and there is a huge storm whipping around those that are in the water and there's been four bodies found in the water but such were the the horror of the gale force winds and
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the and the high waves that those bodies couldn't be recovered there has been life jackets and boats around but nobody has been in them rescuers do say that there is some hope left because all people on board this oil rig sank wearing diving suits we could help to stave off the cold for a little bit longer than usual as we heard from one of the rescue organizers is of a small those rescued wearing diving suits every single one of the rigs crew was wearing a diving suit we should have kept them afloat in these icy waters. more ships have arrived at the rescue site and they will now provide extra manpower to try and find anyone still alive in the water or to recover any bodies that may be there however with water temperatures only just above freezing and the air temperature of minus ten degrees c. hope is fading that those people in the water but any of those will be found alive
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the search efforts have had a lot of difficult setbacks mostly because of the weather two helicopters that helped pluck fourteen people to safety earlier were forced to turn away ours was an aircraft because of the horrendous weather conditions and a tugboat that was also helping run into difficulties itself it started to take on water in the being battered by those waves the rig was being towed back to port when the storm brewed up around it and the pumps in the rig that usually just just chuck out the bit of water that sloshes into into the rig totally. procedure those pumps were totally overwhelmed by the amount of water that was coming in the rig sank in just twenty minutes and that meant that all the people on board had no real time to organize a proper evacuation life jackets were found in the water but it seemed no one had time to put them on as we heard from one of the rescuers earlier. there are
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safety suits floating around the area but there are new people in them he means the crew was unable to get down to the lifeboats the boats were washed away with the flow of the water some of those that have been rescued are now in a nearby hospital they will be given medical treatment and the also big question to find out just what happened and why this rig sank so fast investigators do say also that it seems safety protocol may well have been broken and that's official language what it really means is that the rig should never have been towed in these weather conditions in the first place it was very dangerous to do so president medvedev has said that all help must be extended to those people that have been rescued and to those that may still be rescued and also that a full investigation must be launched to find out what's has gone on and what caused this for the moment though it's a race against time to try and find those people that may still be alive before
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it's too late for the coal sky oil rig sunk wasit was being towed back to port after finishing a drilling expedition in the sea of a horse there's no threat of an oil spill unlike previous incidents involving oil elsewhere in the world the biggest ass disaster of course is last year's gulf of mexico accident when a wave operated by exploded it took months to cap it but not before around five million gallons of oil leak into the ocean the russian platform in today's incident is the country's largest and was built in one thousand nine hundred five it was cheap to set sail for drilling off the vietnamese coast at the end of its current assignment but of course keep you in touch with developments on the tragedy in the sea of hossein to stay with us. now more deaths have been recorded in kazakstan officials now say thirteen people have been killed in independence day clashes striking oil workers classed with police in the west of essential asian country friday sparking more rallies across the region. in office
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in kathak sound for us because of what's the situation in the country right now. or getting to the latest reports we're getting from kazakhstan stories the death toll from friday's violence in the town of version i was in in the west of kazakhstan has now risen to thirteen people with over eighty others injured this is according to official figures and according to other sources these numbers may be much higher and authorities also say that on a sunday afternoon he's managed to stop an attempt to storm of the local courthouse in regionals and and also attacks various attacks on police the violence there started on friday it was a proto surround the against and beat salaries combined with celebrations of twenty years of gather stones independence and the entire thing just spiraled out of control it's not clear. what exactly triggered it but at some point the angry
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ground began setting buildings on fire including state facilities clashing with police and authorities see that forty six buildings had been burned to the ground and as a result police had to use force including live rounds thirteen people were killed there this is the latest figures and like i said over eighty others were injured now authorities say that they have the situation in general was an under control deployed a state of emergency for the next three weeks there in accordance with because our constitution since then has been in force around sixty people have been detained and also three a russian journalists have been detained as well this is a warning to official information and they are reported to have been released. do you know how the initial violence spreads. well. initially it's started on friday but unfortunately it didn't start there continued
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into saturday in another village also in the west of kazakhstan where a group of protesters blocked our way away station including a passenger train with over three hundred people on board of thirty say that seven passenger trains and three freight trains would delete as a result and at around eight pm local time six pm moscow time police came in to disperse the crowd but instead authorities say that a group of around fifty hooligans as we call them showed fierce resistance they said a locomotive on fire threw molotov cocktails balls at the train and the police moved into. a nearby do it setting things on fire there as well breaking shop windows car windows and so on and thirty say that at some point their actions became a threat to the lives of both the locals and of the police so they had to use force
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there as well including live rounds also and twelve people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds one of them died there's also another story which is clearly also developing in town a lot also in washington kazakhstan where more than four hundred protesters have gathered for a protest rally but so far fortunately everything there is reported to be going quite peacefully but of course we'll be monitoring the situation how many people are just going off their fourth line from catholics down. moving on now syria is leaders have been given until wednesday to stop provided for that and you know what the arab league says it will turn to the u.n. security council for action russia is defending its own proposed resolution on syria but the u.s. and its allies want it changed while moscow is appealing to the regime and the opposition. and the bloodshed and begin talks put rules out foreign intervention
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and sanctions but some western states say they can't accept that and blamed the address on damascus alone last despite thousands of army defectors claiming to be fighting to bring down assad's political analyst chris bambery says syria's now in danger of echoing libya. i think there must be worries that there are increasing call for foreign intervention in syria not least in the syrian national council a body which is based both in the country and outside the country i have to say that many of those forces demonstrating in the assad regime did not feel that demand for foreign intervention or indeed for the north strikes on what is happening in syria know is that what as a popular revolution other forces are moving in to try and take that all for and use it for its own ends in the syrian national council this body of the sea which is both in the country and save the country is no seeing and if it would several ties with iraq it severed ties to hamas and hizbollah it would treat russia as
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a special relationship i don't think that sounds very very good by the way and it would strengthen ties with qatar saudi arabia the other gulf states and with america and france now it would seem to me an agenda should be joyous the years of people in paris. in washington and in soda and saudi arabia and i think there is a developing a difference here between for the people who have been organizing the peaceful demonstrations the uprising if you like inside syria on the grown to many of the old forces the people in the grown by and watch are opposing as i understand the foreign intervention people have been organizing the demonstrations have not come up with a demand for western intervention this is coming i think that extraneous to the movement and i think it's something which should be a pause and indeed those forces are opposing it and indeed they have said they are against the violent overthrow of the assad regime they want to see it toppled by peaceful means and i think has to be applauded in that situation they don't want syria to go down the road of civil war. maybe as for getting some much needed cash
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flow again after the u.n. let it some economic sanctions and while it helps the new leaders grapple with the regime change they brought there are problems elsewhere following the toppling and killing of cannot get to clashes between tribal groups of up to here the capital to sweep libya's governmental saying. the banking protesters. let them have closed down they want the interim leadership to quit saying it's not. political journalist to the ground but the country is back on the brink of civil war. now you're going to see. people are very dissatisfied the way things are going they fought hard especially in gaza they don't seem to be improperly rewarded and now you're going to see the country just fall apart into different areas of warlords just like in afghanistan i don't have any confidence in t.c. those people in t. c. or all complicit in the duffy's crimes they're going to set things up so they're going to do very well again and they're probably going to try and emerge as a new rulers a new dictators of libya which is where it's going to be headed for example. who
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heads the m.t.c. was gadhafi justice minister that just makes a joke of the whole council his response of for a lot of crimes and the gadhafi i don't blame these people been ghazi for having no trust me and to see it all. so to come this hour a champion or traitor the wiki leaks military hearing about the manning appears for the first time exclusive siphoning sensitive army data but his supporters rallied behind the singled out soldier. russia's political priorities were set straight by the country's leader this week at both the medvedev said russia's national interest will guide its actions globally warning the u.s. on its missile defense shield in europe which force wasco to escalate its border security and following several rallies against the parliamentary election results but they're there for the ruling it out it brush a party to move with the times then bring in fresh faces prive minister vertebrata putin dismissed allegations of voter fraud but defended the people's right to
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protest legally at his annual live q. and a session with the public he also promised to make the presidential ballot in march more transparent logo. a new asking me a little commission to install web cameras at every polling station in the country and there are over ninety three thousand of these cameras should be on or around the clock so that everyone can see what's happening in every station not ruling out any allegations of fraud. almost two decades of talks finally came to fruition by the end of the week with russia being accepted into the ranks of the world trade organization being a member should free up business opportunities and possibly impact on prices but there are those who could find the competition a bit too tough as where for national explains. with almost two decades of hard talks no over it's still not clear exactly what russia's wu membership is offering the country and with most all the details of the agreements to firmly behind closed doors experience will have to try a little crystal ball gazing. their predictions begin with agriculture to enter the
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w t o russia had to pledge to reduce in-state support to farming we've already travelled to hundred and fifty kilometers away from moscow. and what we see here is a sad picture goes through it is like this one a spread all across russia and with a struggle in agriculture industry their number is only increasing thirty percent of the countries are will land currently not in use and the raw fear is that cut of foreign subsidies like session will bring will only make things dramatically worse with russia's currently importing forty five percent of all food products it may soon become fifty to seventy percent local producers will be unable to compete with it all down because. meanwhile those competitive enough will stay afloat and benefit alexander and his family run a small business just outside moscow they one hundred twenty go skiff enough fuel
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to produce coolers of high quality cheese in taipei but back in the crystal ball the future doesn't look right from wrong to mystic copper uses happening on the main stock and the w t o law business critics say russia's making history will be unable to meet the increased competition exception of a tract offering a gloomy prediction that once the country's in bad lines will stop factories will shut and thousands of people will be left out of work and out of la however the predictions continue to go away with foreign investments said to be ready to rocket the cumulative gains we believe or roughly three point three percent of russian g.d.p. in the. early years after accession after more like ten years with the grocer would gain about eleven percent of g.d.p. but apart from economic achievements the country's political image should benefit not been part of the global body would have passed a little strange russia has been the biggest economy not to be integrated into the
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w t o but after an eighteen year marathon of negotiations all the world's key players finally come together under the same umbrella. reason ocean are to moscow. well we're online at r.t. dot com whenever you want to catch up with what's happening in the world beyond those. here's looking at you this russian rocket successfully launched from french guiana carrying a balance of thumb to life little people i lost all but tell you he's keeping watch . on the devoted dulcie refuse to abandon his dead mate in russia's far east but straight home to are determined to destroy him r.t. dot com reports in the race to save the courageous canine. now the military hearing of the soldier accused of passing secrets american
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government data to wiki leaks got on the well friday bradley manning had already spent more than a year and a half in detention hearing it's time and whether there's enough evidence to put manning on trial if found guilty he would spend life behind bars private manning served as an intelligence analyst in iraq and is accused of leaking classified military and diplomatic data to the whistleblower website foremost for an activist kevin v. says manning has already been prejudiced by top officials and faces a dark future. we think that manning is not someone who is a traitor he was. documents to foreign enemies who profit from them he is accused of giving them to the media what he gave to me were allegedly were very low level documents low security and that i probably should not have been divisive i darkens at all were also worried that i mean you can't get a fair trial president obama has already announced that he's guilty he is the commander in chief it's a command structure in the military cerebrally who is in the wagners trial from
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a judge the jury will under president obama's command and their careers on the land line there are no choice but to say many is guilty if they want to keep their military career since the president or is that he's guilty a soldier who's in that situation is the choice of ignoring the. nuremberg principles and becoming complicit in these crimes or exposing those crimes it's meaning is guilty of what he's accused what does he get what he's guilty of is telling the truth laying the truth out so the american public can see what the u.s. military and state department actually are doing this trials embarrassment to the us military and he united states it shows a great deal of fear of the truth and fear of the truth is what's driving this the prosecution. now at least fifty occupy wall street activists have been arrested in new york after they broke into a private park manhattan of the movement called up its three month anniversary the protesters who were victims from zuccotti park last month attempted to start up a new account of the city threw out a policy by ripping holes in the fence and using latin supplying mover police
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disperse the protesters claiming they were invading private property and turning violent the clash was followed by a number of marches in different areas of new york including times square thousands of people have been arrested and detained across the u.s. jury the anti corporate protests. still ahead this hour turning teens away from terrorism we had to one of roughs is that most volatile republics is the what's being done to ensure the young generation not seduced into extremism . but style take a look at some other headlines around the world this hour and heavy handed gyptian soldiers have been caught on camera pulling a woman across the pavement by her head during protests in the capital this comes after reports of military officers throwing rocks and using batons on demonstrators ten people have been killed one hundred wounded so since the clashes began on friday demonstrators are demanding power be charles bird from the military to
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a civilian authority the fallout is video of the violence can be found at our website dot com the may find the images disturbing. the czech republic's first post a communist leader about hubble has died at the age of seventy five that is the playwright turned president oversaw his country's transition to democracy as well as the peaceful breakup between the czech republic and slovakia have all died at home on after a long illness. a mammoth rescue operation is now underway in the southern philippines after floods tore through the area killing over six hundred and moving . hundreds missing that's how i feel heard on friday night causing a month's worth of rain to fall in twelve hours tens of thousands of were forced from their homes by the deluge the rescues currently being humbled by widespread power cuts the floods grades. the follow us troops have officially withdrawn
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from iraq and nine years after the invasion that analyst as you say the soldiers crossed into the brink kuwait during the night many now feel a surge in terror attacks following america's military departure the conflict saw around one hundred thousand iraqi civilians killed and cost the united states almost a trillion dollars. next we head to one of russia's most volatile waiters and the battle to stop the young falling prey to terrorists. dagestan often makes headlines for the wrong reasons with frequent reports of insurgency and instability high unemployment and low living standards are sometimes blamed as root causes which help feed militancy as ours has been a quarter of that explains. it's a called mr winter morning in the speed line a sign of as always is first in the office the telephone starts to ring right as
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she enters the room it is the usual start of the day for the mothers of dagestan a human rights organization created four years ago and is now known across the region today's headline is heading to the outskirts of the capital a single mother of four lives that her husband was killed by robbers and she was left with nothing but her children sit on the brings food clothes and talks to her talking as soon as the most important part offering reassurance to victims that they have not been forgotten longer gravel should not be rolled our organization mostly helps women it doesn't matter what situation they're in if they're in need we come to help with most of these women don't know their rights or who to ask to help three years ago said lana was in the same position when one day her son failed to return home she didn't know what to do and most valuable time that have been used to wrestle. with that he won't even knew then what i know today my rights the
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right people i could have saved him i could have found out where he was going to have done something you said le son was accused of helping terrorists in dagestan she fears he was killed but where she still doesn't know these accusations are common in this region young and immature people often become the victims of. terrorist brainwashing high unemployment also boasts this quite often people that fall under the influence of those with no financial or social prospects and see going into the forests at used them as and for joining terrorist as the only way out for them that's what happened with mariam and it cost her her life she had a difficult childhood was raised without a father and her mother couldn't provide for the family her mother honeymoon remembers how when her daughter started working at the market she met very religious people that. at first i thought there was nothing bad in that but then my
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little girl started to change she talked a lot about being a real nuisance and we're going to paradise i tried to talk her out of it but she never listened shown listened to her new friends who were. her new friends turned out to be extremists and the last year of her life she disappeared for several months the next time her mother saw her face was on t.v. in a report on the latest special forces raid against suspected terrorists these doubly skirmishes are part of a bigger conflict being played out across the north caucasus region the tarus led by dog who is russia's most wanted militant and on the list of america's most wanted terrorists want to establish a pan caucasian islamist state. in the last decade parts of dagestan has become really just theoretical ice this region is now the heart of precious islamic terrorist problem and almost every day the authorities are engaged in shootouts with terrorists and very often that happens even in the capital city of the region
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. locals say it's hardly surprising muslims are turning to radical islam as they see it as an alternative to the hard life in the region the older members of the community believe a large proportion of those who went to the fore is a simply bandits from an am dissatisfied younger generation. if anyone told me thirty years ago that life in dagestan would be like what we see now i would never believe that. locals want the rule of law enforced and respect it again every turn to a time before terror played such a dominant part in the lives of so many minds in the question r.c. close up in the republic of dagestan. a reminder now the breaking news we've been covering here on our air rescue operations are underway in russia's far east where an oil rig with sixty seven people on board went down fourteen people have been plucked from the icy waters four are confirmed dead while forty nine are still
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missing rushes the merges and ministries expanding its mission in the sea of the homes by sending more ships of the disaster site the operations being hampered by poor weather conditions called sky oil wake up five smallest on its way back to port in fact in just twenty minutes. the rigs port holes were damaged by ice and waves and water began flowing inside the sea as a thousand meters deep in that area will keep you informed as we get more details. surely we look at how two scientists are paid with their careers for revealing the truth about genetically modified food that's after an update of all meanings in just a few moments. did
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stress you did. and this is products on the price of healthy eating. meat to test these foods for toxicity allergenicity immune response lower nutrition and for environmental contamination don't you feel like a law brought some consider the experiment in human treatment i believe significant differences between the g. have both at the g.m. that. they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one carrier if you ask one question. and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the
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end of your career. move just so. used to. just say. it. will fit into the future.


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