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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EST

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it's both advantages of tough competition. hello it's eleven pm here in moscow this sunday night you're watching the weekly here on r t it's our round up of the day's news and the week's top stories with me in and the breaking news just mentioned updating you on what we know an oil rig with sixty seven people on board capsized earlier on today off russia's far eastern coast four people are known to have died fourteen others have been rescued emergency teams are working through the night then to try to find more than forty work is still missing but it is not an easy task because of the weather tom barton is the latest. at the moment conditions in the rescue site two hundred kilometers off russia's far east coast are very difficult indeed it's night time there and
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there is a huge storm whipping around those that are in the water and there's been four bodies found in the water but such were the the horror of the gale force winds and the and the high waves that those bodies couldn't be recovered there has been life jackets and boats found but nobody has been in them more ships have arrived to the rescue site and they will now provide extra manpower to try and find anyone still alive in the water or to recover any bodies that may be there however with water temperatures only just above freezing and the air temperature of minus ten degrees c. movie is fading that those people in the water but any of those will be found alive the search efforts have had a lot of difficult setbacks mostly because of the weather two helicopters that helped pluck fourteen people to safety earlier were forced to turn away ours was an aircraft because of the horrendous weather conditions and
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a tugboat that was also helping run into difficulties itself it started to take on water in the being battered by those waves the rig was being towed back to port when the storm brewed up around it and the pumps in the rig that usually just just chuck out the bit of water that sloshes into into the rig totally normal procedure those pumps were totally overwhelmed by the amount of water that was coming in the rig sank in just twenty minutes and that meant that all the people on board had no real time to organize a proper evacuation life jackets were found in the water but it seemed no one had time to put them on as we heard from one of the rescuers earlier. newcrest. there are safety suits floating around the area but there are new people in them he means the crew was unable to get down to the lifeboats the boats were washed away with the flow of the water some of those that have been rescued are now in
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a nearby hospital they will be given medical treatment and the also big question to find out just what happened and why this rig sank so fast investigators do say also that it seems safety protocol may well have been broken and that's official language what it really means is that the rig should never have been towed in these weather conditions in the first place it was very dangerous to do so president medvedev has said that all help must be extended to those people that have been rescued and to those that may still be rescued and also that a full investigation must be launched to find out what's has gone on and what caused this for the moment though it's a race against time to try and find those people that may still be alive before it's too late but we came across the latest developments we'll be updating you throughout the night. more deaths have been recorded in kazakhstan officials now say fourteen people have been killed in independence day violence striking all
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workers clashed with police in the west of the central asian country on friday sparking more rallies across the region can office in kazakstan for us. on a sunday afterwards managed to stop an attempt to storm of the local courthouse. and also attacks various attacks on police while it's there started on friday it was a protest rally against an beat salaries combined with celebrations of twenty years of stan's independence and the entire thing just spiraled out of control it's not clear. what exactly triggered it but at some point the angry ground began setting buildings on fire including state facilities clashing with police and authorities say that forty six buildings had been burned to the ground and as a result police had to use force including live rounds of thirty say that they have the situation in under control deployed
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a state of emergency for the next three weeks there in accordance with the kazakhstan's the constitution since then has been in force around sixty people have been detained and also a russian journalists have been detained as well and they are reported to have been released also in the west of kazakhstan a group of protesters blocked our way away station including a passenger train with over three hundred people on board thirty say that seven passenger trains and three freight trains on i would delete as a result and at around eight pm local time six pm moscow time police came in to disperse the crowd instead authorities say that a group of around fifty hooligans as we call them showed fierce resistance they said a locomotive on fire threw molotov cocktails balls at the train and the police moved into. a nearby do it should setting things on fire there as well breaking shop windows car windows and so on and story say that at some point their actions became
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a threat to the lives of the locals and of the police so they had to use force there as well in. live around so also and twelve people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds one of them died down a lot also in western kazakhstan more than four hundred protesters have gathered for a protest rally but so far fortunately everything there is reported to be going on quite peacefully but of course we will be monitoring the situation. he could off they're in syria at least fifteen civilians and six soldiers are thought to have been killed in weekend clashes the government says it's considering letting in foreign observers now after the arab league gave a wednesday deadline to do so or the arab league says it will turn to the u.n. security council russia meantime is pushing for its resolution on syria but the u.s. and its allies want it changed the wording changed moscow's calling on both sides to end the bloodshed and begin talks but rules for intervention and sanctions of
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some western states want to blame the rest soley on the assad regime's aspies thousands of army defectors claims to be fighting to bring down the government because of political analysts in the week chris bambery told me serious now in danger of echoing libya. i think there must be worries that there are increasing call for foreign intervention in syria and not always in the syrian national council or body which is based both in the country and outside the country i have to say that many of those forces demonstrating in the regime did not feel that demand for foreign intervention or indeed for the north strikes on what is happening in syria now is that what as a popular revolution other forces are moving in to try and take that off or and use it for its own ends in the syrian national council this body of the sea which is both in the country and save the country is no seeing if it would several ties with iraq severed ties to hamas and hezbollah or it would treat russia as
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a special relationship i don't think that sounds very very good by the way and it would strengthen ties with qatar saudi arabia and other gulf states and with america and france now would seem to me an agenda to be joyous the years of people in paris. in washington and in soda and saudi arabia and i think there is a developing difference here between for the people who have been organizing the peaceful demonstrations the uprising if you like inside syria on the grown to many of the forces the people in the grown by and watch are opposing as i understand. foreign intervention people have been organizing the demonstrations have not come up with a demand for western intervention this is coming i think that extraneous to the movement and i think it's something we should be a pause in if those forces are opposing it and indeed they have said they are against the violent overthrow of the assad regime they want to see it toppled by peaceful means and i think as we applauded in that situation they don't want syria to go down the road of civil war. violence in egypt meantime continues for
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a third day now with at least ten killed and hundreds injured the protesters want power transferred from the military to civilian authorities more urgently even though elections are under way heavy handed egyptian soldiers have been caught on camera now dragging one woman along the pavement by a hair let's talk about the latest mideast expert. who is in london for us tonight hi terry good to see you in his prime minister denies the military is using force despite the images which show our viewers now we've got on our web site as well showing soldiers beating protesters including women how should he be reacting to what we are seeing do you think rather than denying it. well it's an old tradition in their country to deny it all we're all watching it the whole of egypt is watching it there was one young woman in particular who's been dragged off you could see her. being dragged by police when there are other images coming out of egypt of soldiers you're unleashing from the rooftop of the parliament building
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onto demonstrators below and this really takes one back to the colonial period in history and the history of region when they were occupied by the british empire that is what they were told to do and the fact that the military is now turning on its own people. under the your wonders obviously of wheat and the egyptian ruling elite is a sign that things are in a very serious. serious situation developing in egypt and the soon the sooner bio is transferred to a civilian government an elected government the better whatever that government may be i mean no one i notice is talking about restraining the compassion miller create about sanctions on be gyptian military the u.s. gives to you know millions and millions of dollars each year why is there no talk
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of sanctions on cairo and yet masses of pressure on damascus so i mean they should be some equal a-t. as to what is going on here to what we were talking about looking at the. pictures you showed in saying that the lady you were talking about there lying on the floor also seeing people being beaten with sticks let's go up to the pictures actually coming live now we're told one of our camera podiums they're stationed near tahrir square following closely what's happening it's difficult to see terry because there are there's always these dark there now but what you can vividly see. an awful lot of people gathered in the square there and quite sure of something on fire there it's difficult to see we saw police in the in a background of the shot there earlier on you could still if you focus very clearly you can focus and you just see them in the darkness but it doesn't look like there is any huge violence there tonight but definitely the protesters are these protests
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seem to be gaining traction now will the military's heavy handedness spark even more on rest like we saw before well if they carry on like this it will there is a great deal of fun rest for instance within the egyptian working class and there is under arrest in the factories sort of threatening to come out on strike in order to push this process further and it could be argued that the gyptian military overreacted to the demonstrators to in fact try and deter a gyptian of workers from coming out in joining the process so it's fear if that was the attempt it's completely failed and these disgusting things that are being done to the demonstrators in very square not only it's rangers bound to create a great deal of anger people are now asking in egypt so what's changed we've
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sacrificed star life several hundred gyptian start in the process more of being killed today so what is change why doesn't this army retired to the barracks and let us get on with running the country i mean that's everyone. is saying that and i think the army is deliberately cruel king this anger in order to create the impression of the violence is coming not from them they're being defensive and that he really has to be run by the military and definitely that is their remit it's not going to work well terry i guess the authorities saying you know what vascular question. why is this happening now because we have got a lections underway but i guess the protest is trying to make their mark now again the flip side of it trying to make their mark and make it bigger impression as they can to try and sway votes and i guess that's the case here that's the timing of it now well it could be that that is the case but i think generally the protesters are
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very nervous. military will almost pressure on the islamist alliance that seems to have won the elections to do. insisting that the new constitution has a strong military component to it and i think a large section of these various sort of resistance and my own view is that the demonstrators are just making it clear to even the elected. chief that party is that dominant don't you make don't you do a deal with the army or we're going to be out on the streets again including many no miss thanks for your thoughts of the program mideast expert and author tariq ali joining us from london appreciate it thank you. to the come this hour on the program a champion or traitor at the wiki leaks military hearing bradley manning appeasing for the first time accused of siphoning sensitive army data but his supporters
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rallied behind the single soldier we've got more now on going story. saying in american courts to iran and its supreme leader of being judged to have given support for a tide of nine eleven attack again we're covering up for you as well. almost two decades of talks finally came to fruition by the end of last week with russia being accepted into the ranks the world trade organization being a member should now free of business opportunities and positively impact on prices but there are those who could find the competition a bit too tough to. explain. with all my studio cases of hard talks now over it's still not clear exactly what russia's w t o membership is offering the country and with most all the details the league remains still firmly behind closed doors experts are left to try and little crystal ball gazing. their predictions begin with agriculture to enter the w t o russia had to pledge to reduce in-state support to farming we've already traveled two hundred and fifty
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kilometers away from moscow and what we see here is a sad picture goes through it is like this one are spread all across russia and with a struggle in agriculture industry their number is only increasing thirty percent of the countries are well and are currently not in use and the raw fear is that the cost of farming subsidies like sessional grain will only make things dramatically worse for russia's currently importing forty five percent of all food products and may soon become fifty to seventy percent local producers will be on able to compete will go down and. meanwhile those competitive enough will stay afloat and benefit alexander and his family run a small business just outside moscow their one hundred twenty goats skiff enough milk to produce kilos of high quality cheese and a bit back in the crystal ball the future doesn't look bright for all the missing carpet use is happening on the main stock and the w t o obvious critics say
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russia's making history will be unable to meet the increased competition in the accession of a tract offering a gloomy prediction that once the country's in bad lines will stop factories will shut and thousands of people will be left out of work and out of la however the predictions continue to go away with foreign investments said to be ready to rocket the cumulative gains we believe or roughly three point three percent of russian g.d.p. in the early years after accession. more like ten years with the grocer would gain about eleven percent of g.d.p. pilots from economic achievements the country's political image should benefit not being part of the global body would of the past be a little strange russia has been the biggest economy not to be integrated into the w t o but after an eighteen year not a phone of negotiations all the world's key players finally come together under the
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same umbrella. reason otieno most go it was the military hearing of the soldier accused of passing secret american government dated wiki leaks got underway on friday bradley manning already spent more than a year and a half in detention hearing as to whether there's enough evidence to put manning on trial if guilty he would spend life behind bars private manning served as an intelligence analyst in the racket is accused of leaking classified military and diplomatic data to the whistleblower web site former cia officer rev a government told me the american people needed to know about the alleged abuses carried out by their own army. these charges are greatly over rush. gates's term so there has been no indication of serious damage to u.s. personnel or those who cooperate with the united states what's the damages is the revelation of things that the american people should know about and that's what
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bradley manning was doing by his own players own e-mail see indicated that he wanted this to lead to a discussion in a debate and some reconsideration of the kinds of policies that he witnessed the effect so there are gradations of values here there is the promise of the written promise that i and others assigned before we became employed and got access to classified information they will not release information that would endangered the national security but the supreme value there is what ethicists call a. supervening value and that's what bradley manning saw he saw the torture he saw the other abuses he saw the feckless war and he said i can go back and keep my mouth shut like my superiors say or i can follow my conscience at great peril to myself and this is very clear in his emails a great peril to myself the american people need to know what's going on so they can make more enlightened decisions. the internet spin built on
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a bedrock of free speech since it began but those principles could be under threat with the building that cutting online piracy being debated by congress of the us senate activist aaron swartz who says the move could end up with the web falling into government hands the things. the government doesn't just take down the infringing material it takes on the site entirely and it does it without even a trial to find out whether it's illegal or not and as you know copyright laws are extremely complicated so lots of things that look like copyright infringement that turn out to be licensed in one way or another part of this is a larger crackdown on freedom of speech there's pretty much no other law that would give the government the power to censor the internet they wouldn't be laughed out of congress you know if you said the government needed to censor the internet to protect national security it would be widely seen in america as totally unacceptable and beyond the pale but by using copyright as a wedge issue suddenly we're able to put this power in the hands of the government and then once they have it it can be expanded and expanded to deal with
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a whole range of other things one of the interesting provisions in this law is it doesn't just shut down websites it also increases the penalties for people caught in gauging and copyright infringement so for example if you make a video on you tube of yourself singing a copyrighted song this bill would increase the penalty to that to ten years in jail so there's all sorts of people who do these things that would just be considered part of natural life as a teenager that now are facing huge felony charges as a result of this law more on line and also you don't call me if you want to catch up with what's happening in the world will be going. to we're going to be on his look at you this russian rocket successfully launched. the pictures of the week coming about satellites to keep him honest pictures will tell you more. as well as devoted dog who refused to abandon his dead mate in russia's far east on his trail. to destroy it we've got a story about. an american court has ruled that
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a rand supported the nine eleven plotters and hijackers the lawsuit in new york was followed by some of the victims' families and was settled by default because the accused including iran's supreme leader didn't court already an american activist thinks the case is part of a smear campaign to prepare things for intervention. i don't see any evidence that is particularly compelling that iran had a direct role in nine eleven i know that we have seen. in washington there's been a campaign in new york to link iran very publicly to nine eleven on the anniversary of those attacks earlier this year there was a billboard campaign in times square with. its face and something along the lines of you know the silent partner of al qaeda. there's clearly
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a campaign right now to try to ratchet up the pressure for yet another u.s. attack on a middle eastern country and i just think this is so dangerous if you go back to when those attacks happened immediately afterward iran condemned the attacks there were candlelight vigils on the streets of broad in solidarity with the americans who lost their lives. in cooperating with the united states in helping topple the taliban who. is the enemy of iran as was osama bin laden what we're seeing now is this strange self-fulfilling prophecy process and i'm worried that this is exactly what we saw with iraq this is this is a campaign to go to war. russia's called it is part he's held peaceful protest against the results of the parliamentary elections around three thousand people gathered with this similar number to protest and simply this election so the ruling united russia party gave the majority of seats however the opposition claimed the
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vote it was rigged the new one promise of a team of putin said all cases of violations will be thoroughly investigated and congress should install the polling stations to minimize forward to future elections. i'm now asking the election commission to install web cameras at every polling station in the country and there are over ninety fills and of these cameras should be on around the clock so that everyone can see what's happening at every station little rule out any allegations of fraud yes let's take a look now at some top stories from around the world the czech republic's first post communist leader first but how boys died aged seventy five the decision player i'd turned president over saw his country's transition to democracy as well as the peaceful break up between the czech republic and slovakia have all died at home after a long illness. israel's to free five hundred palestinians in a final stage of a prisoner swap with hamas brokered deal agreed the release of over
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a thousand palestinians for israeli sergeant gilad shalit who was captured in gaza in two thousand and three israel freed the first round of four hundred seventy seven prisoners in october including dozens of palestinian militants serving a life of deadly terror attacks. finally u.s. troops officially withdrawn from iraq nine years after the invasion that ousted saddam hussein the soldiers crossed into neighboring kuwait during the night many now fear a surge in terror following america's military departure a conflict saw around one hundred thousand iraqi civilians killed and cost the united states almost a trillion dollars. a month rescue operations now underway in the southern philippines after floods tore through the area killing over six hundred and leaving hundreds missing as well a typhoon hit on friday night causing a month's worth of rain to fall in just twelve hours tens of thousands were forced from their homes by the deluge the rescues currently being hampered by widespread power cuts and flooded roads. main story tonight the breaking news we bring you up
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to date with throughout the day the rescue operations underway in russia's far east where an oil rig with sixty seven people on board gone down fourteen people were plucked from the icy waters four were confirmed dead forty nine still missing russia's emergencies ministry's expanding its sea mission off the cycle in peninsular by sending more ships now to the disaster site the operations being hampered by poor weather conditions the name of the rig was the cause sky it capsized one its way back to port it sank within just twenty minutes giving hardly any time for the people on board that are trying to get off it's believed the rigs portholes were damaged by ice and waves such was the ferocity of the storm and then water began pouring inside the seas a thousand meters deep in an area we'll keep you posted as we know more. soon tonight we can. profiles of nations that grew from the disintegration of the soviet union this time it's as a buddy john that we're looking at all for a couple of our top stories in just a few moments here on a model t.
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from moscow with me kevin know.
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if. it's.
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hello this is r t live from moscow breaking news rescuers who worked through the night in russia's far east are an oil rig with sixty seven on board capsized earlier today for a known to have died fourteen of been saved from the icy waters the rest are still missing. in a week violence in kazakhstan these fifteen dead across the west of the central asian country spread during the weekend from independence day gathering when striking all workers clashed with police some friday.


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