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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. to report on our. welcome back this is honestly the headline. the desperate search continues for for tonight people in a single fractious far east stuff are going to break capsized on sunday morning welcome some sad and full to compensate for the schools remain unaccounted for in stormy icy scenes with high winds and waves up to me says concrete rescue. and having used this hour hundreds of people call push nearer to the show moving into the crowd in kazakhstan fifteen protesters clashed with police in the west of the country since friday because the horses have corporate come from demonstrators . the arab league gives damascus until wednesday to stop the bloodshed and allow
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international observers into the country threatening otherwise to go to the u.r.l. discounters russia pushes its present resolution of the security council coding but of find syria to into the whole. director's membership of the world trade organization has finally been approved after almost two decades of trade accession to the elite club is expected to bring both benefits for business and investment as well as some tough competition hala pull domestic production since. let's get some perspective on that from the e.u. trade commissioner who talks to our team. you trade commissioner called the goodies in geneva to welcome russia into the world trade organization he warns it comes at a time when the euro crisis threaten the world with recession mr de gucht leaders
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are insulting each of the euro's fall into new lows how worried are you about this stage of the euro debt crisis i see that. people some people continue to fing that . sooner or later we will have serious problems with the euro and that's obviously influencing the debate but this is simply not true i mean the euro is going to continue your is there to stay and europe will do everything that's a see to preserve the european monetary union it's not a matter of choice you know it's not a matter of having different turn of this that is one very clear cut political decision you know is there to say full stop nicolas sarkozy's just call david cameron an obstinate kid while e.u. leaders getting personal lives not up to me to make comments on what president sarkozy is saying but generally i think one should avoid to become personal
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in that kind of discussions these are difficult discussions for everybody we're going through a tough time and so let's keep cool i mean. i would say don't get personal francis said britain's credit rating should be downgraded before it's do you agree with them when you look at the financial position. of great britain it's not better than the let's say consolidated position off of the european monetary union obviously not. the difference is of course that there you have a state with a central bank that is a lender of last resort and that makes the difference look at what the situation of of the dog. i mean and look at the debt situation in the united states it's also certainly not better than the european one nevertheless they don't have problems to borrow money on the international financial markets for exactly the same reason you know and i think we should learn from that and go in the direction of. mutual izing
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did that then you will see the interest rates going down if that's to see the european central bank should also intervene vigorously and make it clear to the financial markets that only speculation it's also fear that banks that is in the markets there is no reason for that. ten billion dollars through the i.m.f. to help the e.u. with its debt crisis what role could play in the e.u. to me this feels that everybody so old states have an interest that. nothing dramatic happens with the euro because europe is the biggest economy in the world you know so everybody has a clear interest in that so it's not by accident that for example a couple of weeks ago the fed the reason the. british national bank. switzerland
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japan. are taking together with you to be a central bank were taking concerted efforts to put liquidity in the markets the inside some by accident because obviously this is of major concern to everybody in the world and russia being only our neighbor but also being the major source of energy to europe which means that their biggest and probably also their best clients they have an obvious interest in not letting degrading the european economy the united states thinks exports to russia can double over the next five years off . how much can you expose to russia will also go up i see several. big advantages in russia becoming a member of the w t o. for example it is part of those accession conditions it's. a completely new set of rules which respect to. respect to future sedentary norms for a for food is also very important what we having concluded pursued back to the old
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the motive sector where russia had been taking a united through a measures and now well that we have come to and to a compromise on the use that certainly contributes to more trade although that event that i see is that it will be possible to attract more foreign capital because. there are exceptions to the w.t. oh we'll. give them assurances they were in a. legal environment that is more transparent so than it was so that it was before so i expect to. trade for pressure to rise considerably some economists think countries have put in meaningless barriers to stop russia joining the w how fair has the process been i haven't been active in this file for the last eighteen years
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have been. steering the process for the last six months let's say. and this or i believe fair negotiations yes i mean some time stuff and they go about with a view by both parties to get to a result they're also major interests at stake you know it's not a chat of course it's a negotiation but i believe that they were fairly treated and they were also asking us to be let's say lenient and for example in the automotive sector it was not easy to come to new decision because there was this new scheme with very high level of local content and so on so it was not easy i think it's a fair deal you know and once you have a concluded the deal you should stop discussing the content of the ones that is a deal is a deal and then you execute it many russians think they've made too many concessions in agricultural industry to join the. how can you show them that's not the case it's certainly not true that they made. too many concessions.
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we know we already know. russia is a big market for our agriculture products and that has to see also with the fact that they cannot. answer the demands on their own they cannot so they do not produce the necessary food and vegetables and be for their own population but there is no reason that they could not develop that industry no the same with cars they have to renovate their whole automotive industry because it had become its i believe that it is agreement that we have been making will result in more than the automotive industry but of course we have been negotiating in a way but also our own interests are protected that's where the negotiation is about going to have to negotiate having in mind your own interest but also having and by then also the other party needs to find its interest in the negotiation because if not. even if you were to conclude a negotiation it would never be
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a fruit it's america's jaxon van dijk amendment bulls favorable trade relations with russia has been called a relic of the cold war should washington now get rid of it it's up to the united states to decide that but. i believe such a move. would have quite some traction on the hill is the european union along with the united states this fall the most complaints against china since it joined the world trade organization will should be treated any differently we treat everybody exactly in the same way i mean. when we get the complaints. we analyze it very carefully and then you take a decision and whether it's china or russia or even the u.s. that doesn't make a difference i mean once there is a problem we take action and i think we should do that and we do it in i would i say almost. i wouldn't call it automatic but very much.
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rules based approach you know so we are not so. looking for four victims all enemies i mean we are not interested in that game so for us it's to say whether it's china or russia and only us when china's trade with the jump it's almost three hundred percent in the ten years that it says it joined. how much do you expect russia's trade with the e.u. to go up by isn't exactly the same i believe. because. the chinese have been doing. from a historical point of view this is tremendous is said developing an economy which is very much across the board. russia's economy yes and much more focused on a more limited number of sectors i think it really depends upon russia which direction they take. off being involved. probably the agreements to get into the deal will be more food for them but that's up to them in the due process much lower than in the e.u.
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how this be resolved we have. a scheme in accession whereby they will have to go to market prices over time. so that is not only. by the way but was a member of the you know you have to go to market prices and you cannot have a pricing you trade commissioner karel de gucht thank you for speaking with ulti. the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster
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and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution and the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spread of. more than hundred thousand people. to be ten times more likely to be. seen as a five hundred dollars life long. unpunished. move. the
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circle on r t. v it is easy to be. easy. to. see. wealthy british style. sometimes that's because. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports on. the desperate search continues for inflation i know people in the far east often already sometimes don't sunday morning for comfort for seem to have been saved but schools remain unaccounted for installing the isis seize with high winds and waves up the coal reserves country residents and. nothing is to sweep hundreds of people cold for a period of official mourning to be declared in kazakhstan full of timber tents are trying to out in clashes with police in the west of the country since friday. have called for calm demonstrating. the arab league gives damascus until wednesday to stop the bloodshed and the international observers into the country pressing otherwise to go to the line this comes as russia pushes its resolution of the security council calling for but find the secret to. russia's
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membership of the world trade organization has finally been approved down to almost two decades of trolls accession to the elite club is expected to bring both benefits for business and investors as well and some tough competition colorful domestic victories. as the headlines sport with a victory is a. call to not have a company again and coming up in the boats. channel one can't rush fail to finish a hunk stage of the euro hockey two on a high note as they lose to the czech republic in the shootouts. best of the best football giants possible in a rush in the final big problems caused. home
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advantage chinese calculates dominate play badminton super serious twenty eleven on home soil. but let's start with biathlon where team russia has won the combined relay race at the third stage of the world cup in whole foods. the mixed quarter at all given who cannot see both of and. left their rivals with no chance to look and i had some problems with the shooting but so team made sights of a gradual it put russia among the ladies by the end of the second stage russia's men were shooting and lost on the track that beat their closest rivals czech republic by twenty seven seconds who won silver in france. with. over to the ice now where russia failed to finish their home stage of the euro hockey on a high note they suffered their second straight defeat at the china one cup since it was meant a loss to the czech republic in
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a shoot out for three because they did not up of what's the game for us. sweden guaranteed themselves a channel one cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eight after meeting new russian team on saturday while the hosts faced the czech republic in a battle for second place and the visitors needed only thirty one seconds to put their noses in front of a misplaced pass in the zone and then i'm sure to be made the most of his chance knitting to go however russia kept attacking the goal was in the air and then equaliser was just a matter of time. before rifle decisive makes lead shot in the top corner on a powerplay a minute and a half into the second period and the red machine took the lead. deny it alex on that it is dog and so we shot from the blueline but i think i was alone in front of the empty net on the rebound to one to the delights of a back to fourteen thousand capacity mega sports arena but the czech republic made it all square in nine minutes s.k. chelsea one guard forward to the anchor scored his second of the night converting
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however the russians restored their one goal lead as alex on the spot on the round and back up to his backhand a ricochet to bust the goaltender into the third period where the czechs levelled mather's once again nick was the quickest on the rebound as russia deflected the shot in front of him three all in the game went into overtime which ended goalless in the shootout turned out to be a between being the goal and that idol of where the czech forward netted all three exams while twenty five year old or a dual of only managed twice and the czech republic climbing from behind to quality in their old four three victory in the shoot out. has been a is our best trip and assures house official he heard his skills at training and it's very hard for me to deflect the shots and it seems like the duke of was unhappy to see you to go three times in the shootout it was our first home tomans on the billet delf and
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we were nervous because of the pressure we should have performed better. the full impact home arena we were a little bit unlucky we fought until the very end and i think this team has bright future so zinging two i believe suffering the second straight defeat at the channel one club to finish in third place but still top the overall standings of the euro hockey tour complain about out of her team. and in the final game of the competition the reigning world champs finland playing sweden for free russia are still on top of the euro hockey after two stages with twelve points sweden have nine the czech republic eight while finland seven. have won the club world cup that's after beating brazilian outfit centers in the final question your home or japan it finished fourth in favor of have got those men the game advertised as mess of pay to be against centers goalkeeper rough the catalyst
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dominated the game all the way through with the opening coming from my seventeen minutes and. soon after that of a double the length for the european champions for the precise strike from inside the box. girl killed the rest of the intrigue at the end of the first half because the score there after the break messi made it through wanted to pass the second club what cup title. i. i. and tara clarke. on penalties in the third place match. in the meantime fifa president sepp blatter held a news conference and talk for a third that many mistakes him made in the past year but he called on colleagues to continue with a positive attitude the fifa boss also expressed hope that brazil would properly
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complete its preparations for the twenty fourteen world cup despite the slow progress of construction. the executive committee is ready to book that could be i'm not sure much ready to go to construction because the world cups everybody said they would not be ready. i would myself now take up. on a pretty durned two level and then the person month or second month of this year go with me to be a two state. staying with football where in the english premier league manchester city are again on top of the standings stats after beating us no one on home in the match of the day david silva scored much of his men in the fifty third minute of the game meanwhile city's cross-town rivals much to claim their third successive league victory in london alex ferguson's charges were too good for the league's rookies queens park rangers who defeated the rubbles by an ounce of gold from
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rooney and carrick in the meantime top goal in the table following a narrow victory over sunderland to malta the chunkier with the gold medal aston villa away to. no marcus million has won the men's half pipe at the snowboarding world cup in finland the thing turned out to be best adapted to the conditions last four months saw him pull off a range of daring and spectacular moves documents steve can border his best to claim second place another thing. completed the podium victory second. standing behind furphy in the article. in the women's event the most french woman of the sea the third who called. average at one point eight points which was enough to win the competition compared to. less than two points finishing with eighty one. finland to bronze at first.
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lee westwood has won the title in golf championship by seven shots on twenty two and after a final round of sixty nine the victory also puts englishman second in the world rankings westwood started the day with late south africa kept up the pressure on the englishman and eagle on the path eleventh on the twelfth the twenty eleven u.s. must champ and drained the long birdie part to temporarily cut question to just two short but the englishman immediately replied to the challenge with his own along part of the twelve to stay for a short clear then on the thirteenth westwood fended off once again when he rode to another birdie to regain the shortly. to be the turning point for west.
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tournament. definitely in the right direction i see a lot of improvement. and really just enjoy the work finish the year the last three events. go into winter with a lot of confidence trying come out next year playing the same kind of played this week. but a bit leaner and well rested. so to hark last badminton now where the world super series twenty eleven has decided the names of the winners in the doubles competitions to the three trophies say in china where the finals were held in the mix competition it was a not chinese affair much to the delight of the home crowd the world number one. year later proved too strong for their compatriots and. taking out the match twenty one thirteen twenty one fifteen in thirty nine minutes to happen outstanding yet it was a final title of the season. in the women's doubles the world number one parent of
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sally and you left south korean opponents absolutely no chance as that date younger. and maybe in thirty three minutes the chinese pairing completely dominated the game winning in straight sets twenty one eight twenty one twelve goals. and finally the men's doubles final saw the pressure of my first goal and cost a modest sum of not taking on the seven franc chinese. as you don't do wall number three day two in the first set winning it twenty five twenty three to save six points there then they come to me so the next one to drop seven for their second consecutive title vi and fourth overall. ok out today now more sports news for rather go for. what is next good bye.
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culture is that so much in which you called me on it in terms of you're not even going to believe the phoenix rising from the ashes newt gingrich again shows himself to be a major figure in american politics does he represent the republican party.
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