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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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you're watching r.t. broadcasting live from moscow and breaking news this hour north korea's a long standing leader kim jong il dies apart at the age of sixty nine his death sending shock waves across the country and the region he's youngest son kim jong un has reportedly been named as his successor. nine more dead bodies have been found in the freezing waters of russia's far east coast when the oil rig capsized and went down things that told teen people are still missing.
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fifteen people are confirmed dead and dozens more injured in a series of rallies in the west of the country towards say the situation is back under control and you can rest was sparked by clashes between police and that's. when i talked to russia's deputy foreign minister on what's ahead in missile defense talks between moscow and washington. we're sitting down with. russia's deputy foreign minister he's heading the russian side of the us russia working group that deals with issues of global security arms control missile defense thank you very much for joining me mr you off russia's amboy to nato said the u.s. seems to be surrounding russia with military installations like an anaconda and that was his comparison and that russia would have to try and break out of that not how deep is the misunderstanding on the issue at the moment and does it seem like
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all of russia's concerns are falling on deaf ears in washington i wouldn't describe this issue along the lines as you did i think we have a very very productive and all the way straightforward a difficult one but a very productive dialogue with our u.s. partners we are making no secret of our concerns we are definitely disturbed by the fact that the strategic instability will grow according to our assessment because of the u.s. effort to deploy anti-missile assets in several regions of the world including in europe according to what was described by president obama and his people as european face the dept of approach when you're saying strategic stability will be disturbed what do you mean by that strategic stability is a very multiverse the term and notion that implies several things we
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can for example not allow for further cuts in or fence of strategic weapons in nuclear weapons in the absence of a meaningful arrangement in the area of missile defense in the area of. conventionally armed or fancy weapons of strategic range. in the absence of real settlement in the area of imbalances with regard to conventional weapons it would be very irresponsible to believe that we just move forward in cuts in numbers of strategic weapons while advantages. and even predominance of u.s. and nato parties as a whole in other areas just grow you know it will always stretch the very concept of strategic stability and it may well break apart we are very sponsible in this
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regard how close or how far is moscow from possibly pulling out of the start treaty of the us advances with their missile defense plans in europe we have a very clear explanation of this situation by a president with video of who on november twenty third presented what i would describe as a phased adaptive answer to the phased adaptive approach our phased adaptive answer means that we are not rushing into any dramatic decisions like you have just described we begin with a very minute limited response to what we think is a real danger a real threat to our assets if situation develops in a negative way if we. are still and will be still unable to arrange with the us on something meaningful in the area of missile defense sold
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them further action may been besieged including our withdrawal from the new start but we do still hope that we have sufficient time to make a deal to break a deal with the u.s. on missile defense is it just hope or do you actually hear something from your american colleagues that suggests that this may actually work out we are not seeing any changes in. the american position and we have the very same preoccupations and concerns as you have already heard on our part for quite a while so how to bridge this gap this is still a task to be resolved washington says they have iran in mind when unfolding the missile defense shield in europe how big of a threat iran's really is in your opinion i think the overall assessment of iran's missile capabilities is hugely exaggerated by the us we do not think that
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what iran is doing in the area of missile technology is in the area of development of long range missiles that all this underpins the u.s. stance that this you know technological hage against security risks is validated and that much attention should be paid to the development of missile defense capabilities in fact this is one of the areas where we have considerable differences of views with the u.s. that makes this whole discussion even more difficult did you get a sense that washington would not attack iran even though we hear all kinds of bold statements here let me tell you the following we are concerned by the very focused and forgive me for the word one day mention all u.s. approach to the rayney an issue there you know looking just starts at sanctions but they are pretending that they would be able to engage your brain as
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diplomatically but we cannot see any concrete any specific move on their part towards this sand while they after day week after week we are witnessing sanctions and other new sanctions i do not believe this is the right way to go i don't believe the iranian party would ever offer any concession under that much of a pressure. we on our side we have long ago declared that according to our view this sanctions policy has exhausted its meaning and it simply makes no sense to continue this way we cannot share responsibility for address to belie the situation in the whole country which may fall further expansion of sanctions we think the only way of a way forward is that of compromise we can i think we still able to find
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a deal breaker with the arrangements and what russia presented in form of the so-called lover of the land i think is a realistic alternative to the current impasse but it's things in washington they're really afraid of the words compromise with iran what if they do attack iran what would russia do i hope. i really hope that this will not happen we are doing our best to encourage the u.s. and for that case also always really friends to refrain from resort to force i think this is simply the way to know we're i here completely share the view of former national security adviser zbigniew brzezinski who just used the word catastrophe in describing what it would mean if this war would begin even iran would be attacked this is a very dangerous path and i do believe we still have chance and time to avert this development and find a meaningful negotiated solution the u.s.
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is winding down wars seeing iraq and afghanistan but for example they're expanding their military presence in the persian gulf what will the american security architecture look like after the pullout we regularly exchange views with the u.s. on this issue regional security in the gulf is a very relevant topic with thing that the point here. to underscore on my part would be first. this should be ensured a real local regional ownership for security arrangements should be made that no one feels that its security is threatened because of the u.s. pullout secondly with respect to afghanistan we are telling our u.s. partners that we cannot understand for what purpose they're contemplating a long term presence in forms of u.s. military bases in this country and in some of the us and there is i think we need
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further explanation for these plans you were talking on withdrawal i think this withdrawal should be full and complete how would you assess the results of the operations in afghanistan what kind of afghanistan is the u.s. leaving behind i think it's a bit too early to tell of results i think we are me the way towards something different i think in many ways. the al-qaeda capabilities have been undermined by the us and by seth campaign where we see u.s. results or where we are not that satisfied with how things are moving is the area of drug production narco trafficking here we have a lot more to do also in the area of interdiction of america loads destroy all of laboratories and stockpiles and definitely also the case of crops here we have a lot more to do with i serve and we hope for u.s.
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and nato would be able to cooperate not only by a lateral deal with russia but with the collective security treaty organization this is an arrangement with our immediate neighbors in central asia that is very active in the area of counternarcotics with regards to syria the possibility of a military intervention in syria do you sense that it is diminishing. and as far as armed rebels in syria does russia have any information on who is arming them we do not want a repetition of the libyan scenario there the problem here is not that much of who is arming whom and through what channels although this is also an important part of the whole equation and we are in constant discussion of this aspect but the major political point on our part here everyone all actors around all in all foreign powers everyone who really wants us. there should
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avoid action that may be regarded by opposition elements in this country as an incitement as you know a push towards a military solution. should be left that this is possible we should. reverse we should encourage and urge these forces and the government for that case as well to find compromises to move together towards a better future for the country to reform the country and we're working with both sides we should not take part is there the whole goal would be a more democratic and more stable and more inclusive syria rather than a divisive towards a yet another civil war in a country that is that centrally placed in in a very dangerous situation in the middle east thank you very much for the thank you .
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bygone days vital to get around. the lifeline. what drives people to quit their modern lives and settle in. to survive in the freezing cold. discovered. the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster.
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had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution is spreading. more than hundred thousand. five hundred dollars.
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reclusive country. that's reported as a success. and more dead bodies have been found in the freezing waters of russia's spar east coast where an oil rig capsized and went down this brings the death toll to thirteen while forty people are still missing. explosives moved in kazakhstan fifteen people are confirmed dead and dozens more injured as a series of violent rallies in the west of the country authorities say the situation is back under control in the region around the rest was sparked by clashes between police and striking oil workers. for sports news is next now here
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in alt. call to not have a company again and coming up in the boat. channel one can't rush fail to finish a hunk stage of the euro pocket to go on a high note as they lose to the czech republic in the shootouts. best of the best football giants possible on the russian center's. really big problem. home advantage chinese calculates dominate play badminton super serious twenty eleven on home soil. but let's start with biathlon where team russia has won the combined relay race at the third stage of the world cup in whole foods. the
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mixed quarter at all given who cannot see both of and. collect their rivals with no chance to look and i had some problems with shooting but so teammates sites of our graduates put russia among the ladies by the end of the second stage of russia's men were shooting and lost on the track the closest rivals czech republic by twenty seven seconds who won silver in france. with drawn. over to the ice now where russia failed to finish their home stage of the euro hockey on a high note they suffered their second straight defeat at the china one cup since it was meant loss to the czech republic in a shoot out for three because they did put up of what's the game for us. sweden guaranteed themselves a channel one cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eight after meeting new russian team on saturday while the hosts faced the czech republic in a battle for second place and the visitors needed only thirty one seconds to put
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their noses in front of a misplaced pass in the zone and then i'm sure to be income made the most of his chance knitting to go however russia kept attacking the goal was in the air and then equaliser was just a matter of time. to defend rifle decisive makes lead shot in the top corner on a powerplay a minute and a half into the second period and the red machine to the lead. the night alexander peters jorgen cerise shot from the blueline but i think i was alone in front of the empty net on the rebound to one to the delight itself went back to fourteen thousand capacity mega sports arena but the czech republic made it all square in nine minutes s.k. trails on one guard forward to the anchor scored his second of the night converting however the russians restored their one goal lead as alexander i'll do all of spawn the round and the back up to his backhand bust the goaltender into the third period where the czechs levelled mather's once again nick was the quickest on the rebound
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as russia deflected the shot in front of him three all in the game went into overtime which ended goalless in the shootout turned out to be a between being the goal and the idol of where the czech forward netted all three exams while twenty five year old or a dual of only managed twice and the czech republic climbing from behind to quality in their zero four three victory in the shoot out. has been a key to go is our best triple and. he heard his skills at training and it's very hard for me to deflect the shots and it seems like the duke of was unhappy to see you to go three times in the shootout. it was our first home tournaments on the billet doux you know and we were nervous because of the pressure we should have performed better the full impact home arena we were a little bit unlucky we fought until the very end and i think this team has bright future so zing too i believe suffering the second straight defeat at the channel
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one club to finish in third place but still top the overall standings of the euro hockey tour constrained by the up of her team. and in the final game of the competition the reigning world champs finland sweden for free russia are still on top of europe after two stages with twelve points sweden have nine the czech republic eight while finland seven. have won the club world cup that's after breaching brazilian outfit centers in the final question your home or japan it finished fourth in favor of those men the game advertised as mess of pay to be against centers goalkeeper ruff the catalyst dominated the game all the way through with the opening coming from my seventeen minutes and. soon after that of a double the length for the european champions for the precise strike from inside the box. girl killed the rest of the intrigue at the end of the first half
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because the score there after the break messi made it for me it's about the second club what cup title three yes i. i. and tara clarke. on penalties in the third place match. let me turn fifa president sepp blatter held a news conference in talk for a third that many mistakes him made in the past year but he called on colleagues to continue with a positive attitude the fifa boss also expressed hope that brazil would properly complete its preparations for the twenty fourteen world cup despite the slow progress of construction. but the executive committee is ready to book that would be i'm not sure much ready to go to construction because in all the world cups
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everybody said they would not be ready. i would myself now take up. on a pretty durned sure level and then the person month or second month of this year go with me to be a two state. staying with football where in the english premier league manchester city are again on top of the standings stats after beating us no one on home in the match of the day david silva scored for roberto mancini's men in fifty two minutes of the game meanwhile city's cross-town rivals much to claim the third successive league victory in london alex ferguson's charges were too good for the league's rookies queens park rangers as they defeated their rivals by an ounce of gold from rooney and carrick in the meantime top goal in the table following a narrow victory over sunderland to malta the chunkier with the gold medal aston villa away to. no marcus million has won the men's half pipe at this snowboarding
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world cup in finland the thing turned out to be best adapted to the conditions as high class performance saw him pull off a range of daring and spectacular moves documents steve can border his best to claim second place another thing. completed the podium victory second. standing behind furphy in the article. in the women's event the most french woman who called. every one point points which was enough to win the competition compared to. less than two points to finishing with eighty while. finland two problems first. lee westwood has won the tile and golf championship by seven shots on twenty two and after
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a final round of sixty nine the victory also puts an englishman to second in the world rankings westwood started the day with late south africa up the pressure on the englishman and on the path five eleventh on the twelve twenty eleven u.s. musters champ and drained the long birdie putt temporarily cutlass listening to just too short but the englishman immediately replied to the challenge with his own along but a part of the twelve to stay three shots clear then on the thirteenth westwood fended off wattle again when he rode to another birdie to regain the shortly. to be the turning point for westwood with virtually no real tournament. definitely in the right direction i see a lot of improvement. and really just enjoy the were finished the year two of the last three events. go into winter with a lot of confidence try to come out next year playing the same kind of golf played
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this week. but a bit leaner and well rested. hard class badminton now where the world super series twenty eleven has decided the names of the winners in the doubles competitions to the three turkish stay in china where the finals were held in the mix competition it was an old chinese affair much to the delight of the home crowd of the world number one. proved too strong for they compared to chan and. taking out the match twenty one thirteen twenty one fifteen in thirty nine minutes to happen outstanding yet it was a final and title of the season. in the women's doubles the world number one parent of sally wang and the gang you left the south korean opponents absolutely no chance as that date young and made in thirty three minutes the chinese pairing completely dominated the game winning in straight sets twenty one eight twenty one twelve gold
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. it's finally demands doubles final saw the. cost of. taking on the seven franc chinese. the wall number three day. in the first set winning it twenty five twenty three to save six points there then take off to mexico next month to draw a seven for their second consecutive title and fourth overall. ok up to date now more sports news from rather go for. not see what is next good bye. well for the future science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style.
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market. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. here
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in bygone days dog sleds were vital to get around. but today no more leisure than life line. one drives people to quit their modern lives and settle in remote woods. one finds them up to survive in the freezing cold. a new beginning in russia's nals discover the arctic circle on r.t.e. .


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