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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EST

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series of violent rallies sponsored by striking oil workers and. a very warm welcome to this is r.t. live from moscow a raft floating near the site where a gyal to a russian oil rig went down has been found to be empty that shattered initial hopes of up to fifteen people could potentially survived more than twenty four hours in the freezing waters off russia's far east so far sixteen people have been confirmed dead while the search operation continues for dozens still missing fourteen people were rescued within the first hours of the disaster jacob greaves has the latest from the city of. close to the site of the maritime disaster. initially there were reports same it actually there being a boat located
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a large boat located which may hold up to fifteen people in total you know the condition of their health now i've been told by emergency ministry that that isn't the case that they have spotted a lifeboat and located it but it has no body no survivors on board this is a similar story to what we've heard throughout the course of the day and indeed yesterday as well where lifeboats life rafts being located but no survivors present and the hopes now somewhat dwindling because serious matter time has passed and still taking over twenty four hours and those who may still be out dealing with a lot of extreme weather conditions minus twenty degrees celsius here second in under water conditions not very good either and all of this being helped by the fact that those are trying to pursue and find more of people alive have lost
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one their key. things to search with that is their airplanes and helicopters that are not helping the issue either of course an inquest has already been opened and people looking to answer certain questions questions such as how and why one of the possible reasons being given so far is that water flooded on to this before it capsized and sank and gave people very little time to get to large boats and to safety now there has been official to investigation already launched criminal proceedings as well and they're asking why this was towed is that all rick was towed to port despite such bad weather conditions. i will be closely monitoring the rescue operation rotters a far east to bring you all the latest. the instant updates are available on our twitter feed of course follow us at all to dot com to keep on top of this breaking
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story. north korea's veteran needed came dong ill has died at the age of sixty nine state media announced he passed away on saturday after suffering a heart attack kim jong il's youngest son. has been named his successor meanwhile as the news broke john young's longstanding enemy south korea put its own forces on high alert while the government declared said the situation on the emergency. body is lying in state in a more than the end of the capital before a funeral service of the summer twenty until then a period of mourning has been declared in the country and is that our take a look back at the life of a man who became a symbol of the reclusive states. a mystery to the world what now for north korea with its leader kim jong il gone this massive military parade was held in two thousand and eight to mark north korea's sixtieth anniversary general wasn't there
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to greet the crowd support suggested he suffered a stroke in two thousand and three reports claimed kim jong il died of diabetes and had been replaced in public by stand ins hired previously as a security measure he never spoke to the media had a profound fear of flying and ate with special chopsticks which could detect poison rumors have surrounded the so-called supreme leader throughout his life beginning with. according to one source he was born in the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred forty one during his father's exile. official biography claims his birth was heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow. our people take pride in the fact. the pair blessed with great leaders from generation to generation. the leader of the democratic people's republic of korea since one nine hundred ninety four he succeeded his father kim il
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sung keeping korea close to the world kim jong il was also named supreme commander of the people's army one of the largest in the world with one million active troops and over four million reservist it's believed enormous funds allocated to its military might ate up north korea's resources needed to fight famine and other social problems but kim jong il and his regime tried to put on a different show when allowing the globe a glimpse inside one hundred you know in our thoughts are the general kim jong il thank you so much you know after the korean war the demilitarized zone was drawn up sending north and south korea into very different directions. decades on the north remains a closed communist state this is a modern democracy and innovative success story north korea has caused global outrage in recent years testing patience by carrying out underground nuclear test and short range missile launches leading to us in un financial and military
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sanctions it is now not a matter of the united states and north korea it is really a matter of the region saying to north korea that it has to change its behavior russia has tried to be a mediator for peace on the peninsula by pushing for negotiations or in the asia pacific region this serious potential for conflict and there's no alternative but to set up dialogue and improve understanding between the soils in twenty ten new cars who operate in the north with talk of the possible next leader that's when kim john on became a four star general and first moved into mind to take over for his father november saw tensions reach its highest point in decades after the north launched an artillery strike that left four dead south korea continues to hold large scale war games with the u.s. and japan and want to conflict would break out if another attack was launched now came john on a young and inexperienced leader is apa helm and will either open the door or
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continue to keep it shut this roadway station was built in two thousand and two with hopes of connecting seoul and palin yang but the north korean regime backed out at the last minute making this the last stop train heading back into the south now with kim jong il that there is a new power that perhaps soon we would see a train heading in. that it might have the most secretive and reply. in the world and he's now r.t. korea. let's get some more international perspective now on the kingdom il's death from riddick a friend he's a professor of the station economy and society at the university. vienna professor frank many thanks for joining us here at r.t. now the news prompted south korea and japan to put their militaries on the high alert how is their leaders definite to affect security in the region do you think. well that actually depends on the succession question bill actually be resolved it
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will indeed regarded kim jong un who will take over from his father who will not see any major change in the security issue there is another scenario that is a collective leadership. under a corporation by kim jong un or without. in any case that would lead to a more peaceful solution than we have the third scenario would point to total chaos no leadership anymore and then everything is possible. you mentioned the succession issue is being a key to how they situation pans out in the region and of course one of it came john mills sons we now know is lined up his successor how do you see the future of north korea under his rule well again i can only say it is totally unclear whether he will really be able to take over power he has been announced only one year ago he's very young he's an experienced there are other ambitious people in north korea
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if you would indeed take over he could probably do so not as another sole single leader but as part of a group of leading people usually within the party which would then move slightly towards the chinese model which is chinese are actually actively promoting. well as you say russia and. china they hope to maintain a friendly relations with pyongyang despite the leader's death they've already said that publicly conversely though we know the american stance is different previously considered to be a part of the access of evil under george w. bush we've seen a slight change in direction under obama but of course some politicians in the u.s. do say they still consider the kim dynasty something of a crime family outing the king is no exception do you think washington and he really are ready to turn a new page with the nor i don't think washington or brussels play any role in the
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current situation. we can see more about that maybe five six months from now when this situation has become hopefully more stable and more clear in north korea right now i think the parties that really matter are china as a potential supporter and also south korea because a lot depends on the how. south korea will be able to maintain security at the border. and it is a new leader if he takes over he might be more reform oriented you know so little about it it's very hard to tell at this point and of course one of the main sticking points in north korea's relations with the rest of the world is its controversial nuclear program how do you see this developing now do you think you can expect any sort of a change. again that depends on one of those three scenarios if kim jong un takes over i think north korea will continue to play the nuclear card as
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a bargaining chip in negotiations if a collective leadership along the chinese example will be installed there are chances of actually north korea giving up its nuclear program because it doesn't need it anymore and if the third scenario of chaos would become reality then you might even have to fear that these weapons are used in one way or the other ok all eyes on north korea today for sure professor read again frank from the university of vienna many thanks. thank you. now fifteen people have been confirmed dead and about one hundred others injured following a weekend of math violence and we think having found the situation has had to asian republic remains that volatile after deadly clashes between the striking oil workers and police sparked more unrest across the region cannot think i think that . it seems that the authorities resort to order in these parts of the country were
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these were this while unsee erupted we've heard reports from the town of walked out on sunday in the west of the country were for over four hundred protesters gathered for a rally in front of the local building of the administration but for she knew that went on she's fully but the other rallies didn't go in the same fashion unfortunately for example on saturday a group of protesters blocked really station and about retraining to over three hundred people on board and also in the west of the country and when police came in to disperse the crowd they see around fifty people all of hooliganism as they're called now by the authorities showed fierce resistance and as they said a locomotive and on fire they were throwing around more of cocktails both at trains and at the police some of them moved to a nearby village setting things on fire there as well the violence erupted in the
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city of ours and also in the west of the country where on friday brought this rally combined with celebrations of twenty years of independence turned into a very ugly picture where the broadest setting buildings on fire including state facilities story say that forty six buildings have been down they started firing warning shots into the air that didn't help to calm the crowd down they have deployed. a state of emergency in this town i was in i was in or sixty people had been detained. including three russian journalists who've been released we will be of course more into in the situation continues here in gaza stand. for our local journalists because we now believe the peaceful rallies by the
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catholic oil workers were hijacked by both wanting to use them for their own gains it has been going on for several months but this time for some strange reason it has turned out to be very violent. as authorities think there must be somebody else behind it who are just covering up with their we just. even have seen the video there people are behaving strangely organized and they're all three very in the same uniform it looks like somebody who's interested in harming their government or as we can say the virtue of social movements is a trained. event you're the situation it looks like it is either somebody outside the country who is interested in harming the government to overthrow the regime or that it is somebody inside the country who is also interested in grabbing the power i don't think there is going to be any more violence it is all very local all concentrated in one small region so it is pretty easy to curb it. coming up
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later in the program a battle of billionaire a mega money between russian tycoons and the final straight we've got more now from london where the case is being heard. now israel's planning to build a fallals a new settlement homes in east jerusalem and the west bank it's speeding up construction plans time or membership to the un's heritage body in october personal leaders say peace negotiations are impossible without a settlement freeze. in tel aviv. paula a turn for the worse seemingly between israelis and palestinians what exactly is being planned. but certainly what we're hearing is that the israeli government has announced it will be building more than a thousand housing units across the green line on palestinian land the israeli housing and construction ministry says the decision was made last month after it
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was announced that palestinians were being accepted into unesco the united nations education scientific and cultural agency now the purpose of the housing units is to try and help alleviate the shortage of accommodation particularly among young israeli couples in the jerusalem area but no doubt this announcement will draw the anger of the international community as indeed have similar announcements in the past whenever the israeli government and non-state settlement expansionist policies the united states the united nations the european union as well as the palestinians have expressed their anger and growing frustration so it does not bode well for any kind of resumption of peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians it seems out a strong message that the netanyahu government is not interested in sitting down and talking with the palestinians while at the same time continuing to build settlements on palestinian land paula this is all despite the law mop prisoner swap between the two that being completed where does this exchange leave the peace
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process. well the peace process at the moment does not seem particularly hopeful i mean while we're talking palestinians in the west bank are celebrating and this is because of the release last night sunday of five hundred and fifty palestinian prisoners from israeli jails this was the second phase of an israeli prisoner exchange swap that was carried out back in october you remember there that the first phase of this prisoner exchange deal started that will ultimately see more than a thousand palestinian prisoners released for one israeli soldier gilad shalit who has already returned to israel now there was a time when clashes broke out shortly before the exchange last night took place these clashes were between israeli soldiers and families who were waiting for prisoners to come back the soldiers were firing tear gas and rubber bullets the palestinians were throwing rocks and burning tires most of the palestinians who were released yesterday have returned to the west bank they are mostly supporters
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and members of fatah although this was a deal that was carried out with a mass so you do have this policy which seems quite strange to some observers on the one hand israel that hearing to a prisoner exchange deal and seemingly one thousand to move forward and create some kind of of negotiations with the palestinians but on the other hand we do have this flare up in violence and we also have this continuation in settlement building by the netanyahu government ok paula many. jews paula through their reporting for us from tel aviv. now rage is continuing to be felt on the streets of the u.s. and the occupy movement the three month anniversary of its fight against economic injustice head online. to read about dozens of protesters who've been detained a man. trying to set up camp on the church own property a month after all forty is a victim from those across the pond cation also. the i.m.f.
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financial part of the year of crisis is explored in depth analysis on the debt drama and log on to our web site. now one of the biggest civil trials in british legal history is entering its final stages with two russian tycoons in the spotlight but is but is suing the chelsea football club. claiming that more than six billion dollars in damages on monday after a move which is lawyers will start giving his final statement bennett's following the case for us in london. russia has a history of epic tales and the one playing out in here is up there with the best of them with no shortage of intrigue mystery and menace to former friends now foes
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as long as out over the small matter of six and a half billion dollars around every move it. used to be close just how close is what this case rides on the various claims they were business partners equals and what became an enormous empire built on oil. and ill gotten gains he wants the biggest slice than the one point two million dollars he received back in two thousand and two is to add remove it to meet cash payments were made to his former mentor but says this was just protection money a necessary business expense at the time to benefit from mr berezovsky is political capital in trying to prove their stories both men have disclosed damaging details of their own as a way of trying to humiliate their rival even more mr and remove it even passed off one payment to bures or ski as an artificial transaction freely admitting he was a way around the money laundering regulations as for berries or ski he claims his stake in sydney their company was twenty five percent but has been forced to come
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clean on how for several years he took much more than that sometimes even more than the company's own profits is this sense of lawlessness that his lawyer will emphasize in the closing statement of his defense he's already like a ninety's russia to medieval england and that's the get out clause both are using for their previous misdeeds the difference is every moment is using it also to show that legitimate business simply didn't exist at that time prime minister vladimir putin has recently acknowledged that fact even in his recent televised q. and a where he said this trial should be held in russia because that's where the money was stolen and that's where it should be divided. now elsewhere around the world a rescue operation is underway in the southern philippines all the killed more than six hundred people left nearly a thousand more missing a typhoon hit on friday night causing a month's worth of rain to fall in just twelve hours tens of thousands have been forced from their homes by the deluge the rescues currently being hampered by
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widespread power outages and flooded roads the philippines suffers about twenty times periods of storms each year. iranian state t.v. has released a video of the man it claimed was a cia spy who tried to gain access to the country's secret service iran's intelligence ministry identified. about a gram airfield in afghanistan agents kept track of him as he entered the country in august and arrested him when he tried to carry out his mission. hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the italian parliament in rome demonstrating against austerity measures lawmakers recently approved a forty three billion dollars package to save the nation of the crippled economy is expected to be passed by the senate before the end of the week critics say the cuts are unfair and will impact on the poorest in society. violent clashes between protesters and egyptian troops in cairo containing through the weekend the
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demonstrators have been demanding the ruling military handover of power to a civilian administration soldiers were seen beating protesters with battens as they lay on the ground ten people have been killed a hundred injured they just wait. for the news this hour here on r.t. business up next with cutting. hello and welcome to business here in r.t.e. thanks for joining me it's been called the deal of the year by russian business magazine company the country's two stock exchanges the r.t.s. and the wise except completed their merger business artie's marina co survey has the details. financial experts have been debating and proposing this for years in the opening bell at the start of the traded they made it official but investors struggled to see the difference for the time being my sex r.t.s.
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as it's now known will work under the same conditions offering the same services and they will also maintain separate indexes for the time being now the merger is expected to reduce transaction costs drive profitability and diversify the revenue pool and this is of course seen as a major step towards establishing moscow as a global financial center and some of the new bourses main priorities will be to lure more companies to list in moscow rather than the broad and also to attract more funds from local investors that another big reform is to improve the issuance of securities in question to enable easier i.p.o.'s locally and my six r.t.s. is itself planning an i.p.o. in two thousand and thirteen the capitalization of the combined company was estimated at four and a half billion dollars ahead of the merger and of course an i.p.o. would give the company that boost that it needs but investors are of course waiting
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to see changes in the edition of news services they want to see and it's a great a trading platform as well as an integrated clearing system the president of the bourse promises there will be a detailed plan of action next year which will not only result in the new brand identity but which will also help create a world class one actual infrastructure in russia. but nearly large stock exchange will seek to lower firms to less than moscow and attract funds from local investors the president of one sex r.t.s. says this will require a great deal of work with state regulators. i think two key themes for us next year one is the internal investment and getting the pension system the life insurance mutual funds industry to start working collecting the money and investing them in the market those providing unique market support and. liberalisation of the corporate.
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let's take a look at the markets now and here in russia equity markets are lower. trading half a percent in their bread now let's have a look at some individual families on them isaacs this hour banking stocks among the losers with largest lender bt dropping nearly half a percent energy majors are also in the red with down a quarter of a percent that's on lower oil prices and food retailers are heading lower than it is now dropping point six percent the european stock markets have recovered from early losses and are mostly higher this hour stocks in france for the most in morning trade on news that fitch ratings revised the country's outlook to negative over shares are on the rise with shares of pleasure one point seven percent in paris and i learned folks wagon up one percent and point eight percent respectively in frankfurt now here's the oil it's trading near its lowest in six weeks on concerns about the european debt light sweet is trading at night over ninety three
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dollars a barrel while brant blend is that over one hundred and three and then dollars about. russian tycoon dmitri live has bought the most expensive home in the history of manhattan real estate the new york observer says he's paid eighty eight million dollars for a ten room penthouse measuring since six hundred twenty six square meters and it runs the world's biggest producer. and his wealth puts him in the top one hundred richest people on the planet according to forbes magazine. well that's all the business news for this hour but i'll be back in about fifteen minutes with more drama than. you.
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lose. it's cool.
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it's all bob now ahead in moscow this is all tina wrong found near the side bar a giant oil rig capsized and sank and russia's far east on sunday has been discovered to be empty rescuers are still trying to find any survivors of the sixty . it will kind of dead so far. north korea's longstanding leader came jong il dies of heart a baby at the age of sixteen his death same thing plays across the river collusive country out of the whole region his youngest son.


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