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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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none of the eleven bodies recovered from my single friends have been identified two days after an oil rig capsized in russia's far east fourteenth survives a disaster but rescuers are continuing a desperate search for the filter to is still missing and hoping for a miracle to find those and the people in a mine so they can see. the cloud of uncertainty that sandinista nature as the death of north korean leader kim jung il leaves neighbors on the edge with growing fears that a violent conflict before going to my. job assures for more settlements announced a thousand new homes in east jerusalem and the west bank their response to that started toward state.
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news from russia and iran the world this is the with me you their ship of allah thanks for joining us nine of the eleven bodies recovered from the icy waters have been identified as today's after an oil rig count size in russia's far east rescuers are desperately continuing to search for forty two people missing after an oil rig capsized off russia's far east coast on sunday morning jacob greaves is in the used in the coastal region nearest where the tragedy occurred. it's looking increasingly unlikely that any more survivors will be found search and rescue teams have made contact with lifeboats and life rafts throughout the course of the day but no people so far no survivors crucially have been found as a very similar story to that of sunday and largely this is owing to the fact that this all wreak sank so quickly in bad weather conditions that swept away many of
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these lifeboats before it seems people could board them and we're looking at a very grave picture present if there are any survivors though being in the water for well over twenty four hours now given nighttime conditions that means planes can't fly and can't be used to try and search out any signs of life indeed throughout the course of monday we have seen the number of people found dead and mounting as for those who have been found alive for so far fourteen in toto took place on sunday where they're plucks from the water shortly after the sinking of this oil rig for the were immediately flown out to sakhalin here for further treatment a day have been ruled that they're in fits and good state and that she those four have undergone questioning in it because certainly in this case is a criminal case has been opened to try to find out what exactly happened some of
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the theories that have been put forward so far looks or perhaps as this oil rig took on a significant amounts of water which meant it sank very quickly it's all occurred approximately two hundred kilometers off the coast of south carolinian in russia's far east as it already has been towed support by an icebreaker a very bad weather conditions now of course the search and rescue operation is still ongoing there are many more still missing and expecting it to continue throughout the course of the evening. and he has a news team in the region monitoring the situation and the rescue at that and more coverage of the little known website calling putin and eyewitness account of the tragedy it from a survivor who tells of the final minutes before that will read polanski so i'm not going to ask you to get ready to get his remarkable story. and also on our website
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finding the plane is an angry mobs have dozens of buildings and lives in kazakhstan as bonds in the central asian states park by a north strike leaves at least twelve dead after clashes with police. and occupy amplified the ok by wall street movement celebrate the three month anniversary demonstrators in iowa have been detained while protesting against defense spending and jobless benefit. japan is voicing fears of a possible military escalation in the korean peninsula following the death of the north's needed came young knew the warning follows a state of emergency and move declared by south korea china in turn has expressed its condolences but is also reported to have sent troops to its border with the
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reclusive state and it's all being driven by fears of a possible succession conflict as the late leaders youngest son kim prepares to assume power that entry is declared a period of mourning with state t.v. showing outpouring of emotion from across the country and he said now reports of the mine that sort of by his south korea's communist state. a mystery to the world what now for north korea with its leader kim jong il gone this massive military parade was held in two thousand and eight to mark north korea's sixtieth anniversary general can john wasn't there to greet the crowd reports suggested he suffered a stroke in two thousand and three reports claimed kim jong il died of diabetes and had been replaced in public by stand ins hired previously as a security measure he never spoke to the media had a profound fear of flying and ate with special chopsticks which could detect poison rumors have surrounded the so-called supreme leader throughout his life beginning
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with birth according to one source he was born in the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred forty one during his father's exile all kim jong il's official biography claims his birth was heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow. our people take pride in the fact that they are blessed with great leaders from generation to generation. the leader of the democratic people's republic of korea since one nine hundred ninety four he succeeded his father kim il sung keeping korea close to the world kim jong il was also named supreme commander of the people's army one of the largest in the world with one million active troops and over four million reservist it's believed enormous funds allocated to its military might ate up north korea's resources needed to fight famine and other social problems but kim jong il and his regime tried to put on a different show when allowing the globe
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a glimpse inside one hundred you know in our father the general came john thank you so much. after the korean war the demilitarized zone was drawn up sending north and south korea into very different directions decades on the north remains a closed communist state the south. modern democracy and innovative success story north korea has caused global outrage in recent years testing patience by carrying out underground nuclear test and short range missile launches leading to us in un financial and military sanctions it is now not a matter of the united states and north korea it is really a matter of the region saying to north korea that it has to change its behavior russia has tried to be a mediator for peace on the peninsula by pushing for negotiations. in the asia pacific region this serious potential for conflict and there's no alternative but
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to set up dialogue and improve understanding between this site in twenty ten new cars blew up around the north with talk of the possible next leader that's when kim john on became a four star general and first moved into line to take over for his father oversaw tensions reached its highest point in decades after the north launched an artillery strike that left four dead south korea continue to hold large scale war games with the u.s. and japan and want a conflict would break out if another attack was launched now kim john on our young and inexperienced leader is at the helm and will either open the door or continue to keep it shot this railway station was built in two thousand and two with hopes of connecting seoul and callen yang but the north korean regime backed out at the last minute making this the last stop train heading back into the south now with kim jong il tell you that perhaps we could see it frame heading in.
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that it might have the most secretive group. in the world and it's now our team korea. a south korean media is reporting that the north has test fired a ballistic missile as its new leadership seeks to establish its authority. but at its over the colbert report dot com is the first warning shot and those with a vested interest in the communist state. it's quite a tense situation and one would imagine that diplomats of every stripe would be interested in getting their fingers in this pioneer trying to stabilize the relations now is especially because of course we know north korea is a nuclear armed country with a ballistic missiles and it serves i think a useful function for a number of parties in the region not only as a sort of proxy for china which has been really propping up the regime internationally by giving it its the its support on the international skitt stage which can then use the menace of north korea and be seen to be keeping north korea
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in line but it also serves a sort of strange function on stage for for example the united states which one would think would be interested in disarming north korea but in fact in every single stage of north korea's nuclear armament even united states has been deeply involved duke with that the other vector by which north korea supposedly became a nuclear armed nation was through the a.q. khan network which we now know through a series of whistleblowers and courtroom document revelations and leaked documents that that network was infested from top to bottom with the cia and other assets of the american intelligence they're also concerned i think that they could potentially even lose what what group they've managed to maintain over jong il and his regime so they want to of course be able to make sure that they can secure the nuclear weapons or whatever might be floating around in north korea in the event of some sort of truly mad man type situation where kim jong un turns out to be even more maniacal than his father and so bush international consultant and author
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believes that peace on the korean peninsula is not determined by relations between north and south but they stand between china and america. the important thing here to understand is that for example the top of south korea being on military alert it's not south korea it's on military alert it's the united states that is actually using south korea as a beachhead ever since the end of the korean war on the other hand we have to understand or should really be asking ourselves will the military the north korean military which are very powerful one million strong army four million reserved nuclear arms ballistic missiles will they really be subordinated to the new government or will they have a larger stanford is probably the key question is how will all of this unfold what will china do china has a very special relationship with north korea it's sort of a love hate strict father versus problem child relationship i cannot see how all these things because north korea will undoubtedly do that which
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china does not allow we have to always interpret north korea within the scope of the regional geopolitics of china which is the key power in the region this is c.n.n. still ahead for you squeezing syria the u.n. general both you can see where first crack down on the cia in which an estimated five thousand have been killed but damascus bans to arab league pressure to allow international observers into the country. troops opened fire on un to military protesters in cairo as violence in egypt braiders into its fourth day the details just ahead. israel's plans to build over a thousand new homes in east jerusalem and the west bank it's part of a speeding up of settlement construction in response to palestine succession to unesco palestinians say peace negotiations are impossible while settlement expansion continues all his policy is following developments. what we're hearing is
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that the israeli government has announced it will be building more than a thousand housing units across the green line on palestinian land now the purpose of the housing units is to try and help alleviate the shortage of accommodation particularly among young israeli couples in the jerusalem area but no doubt this announcement will draw the anger of the international community as indeed have similar announcements in the past so it does not bode well for any kind of resumption of peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians it seems out a strong message that the netanyahu government is not interested in sitting down and talking with the palestinians while at the same time continuing to build settlements on palestinian land while we're talking palestinians in the west bank are celebrating and this is because of the release last night sunday of five hundred and fifty palestinian prisoners from israeli jails this was the second phase of an israeli prisoner exchange swap that was carried out back in october you
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remember there that the first phase of this prisoner exchange deal started that will ultimately see more than a thousand palestinian prisoners released for one israeli soldier gilad shalit who has already returned to israel now there was a time when clashes broke out shortly before the exchange last night took place these clashes were between israeli soldiers and families who were waiting for prisoners to come back the soldiers were firing tear gas and rubber bullets the palestinians were throwing rocks and burning tires so you do have this policy which seems quite strange to some observers on the one hand israel that hearing to a prisoner exchange deal and seemingly one thousand to move forward and create some kind of of negotiations with the palestinians but on the other hand we do have this flare up in violence and we also have this continuation in settlement building by the netanyahu government and israel's aggressive settlement policy threatens to split the jurors state from its western allies while the tree with no real political goal as the view of dr ron pundak from the palestinian israeli peace or.
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the whole idea of punishing the palestinians by building another one thousand units . and the west bank is a big mistake for the point of view of the israeli interest. is the direction that this government is taking they were action is to work. against the palestinian demands of stopping the buildings but more so i'm afraid that it works also against the israeli interests. our friends our allies in your. building in united states american cities and now the. new settlement building on a loving statement building this is not the time to have a fight with your buttes or with. the u.n. general assembly has condemned syria for its nine month crackdown on protesters and
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human rights abuses and wage an estimated five thousand have died one hundred thirty three countries have voted in favor of the resolution drafted by britain france and germany activists say at least one hundred people have been killed across the country on monday the day damascus signed an agreement to admit arab league observers to monitor how the regime is dealing with the rest and he threatens to ask the u.n. security council to take action unless syria gave the green light favored based political analyst come out was named believes however that the real situation in the country is being highly exaggerated by arab states. well i think the syrian spoke very clearly they don't have anything to hide they have to they let those observer to witness how the weapons smuggling from turkey from lebanon on from jordan are coming into the country and how these weapon infiltration causing. those how to feed into those terrorists and how they terrorize certain area in syria
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today. there was a propaganda. actually launched by some satellite satellite trying to betray the different pictures i was in syria just two days ago i was in damascus there is nothing. more than i was there i went to the country i went to a lot of places but when you listen to the satellite you think there is like the whole war is going on so there is reality and there is a propaganda and i think the observer on the ground can testify to some of the facts on the ground. security forces have opened fire on to military protesters in cairo killing at least three egypt's health ministry says the death toll has risen to fourteen following days of renewed violence with seven hundred reported injured and. local blogger and journalist says it's the military rulers who deliberately initiated the violence not
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a single month has passed without the army creating some sort of violence there are so many reports that it's always the army that starts it's always the army that instigates protesters and they've been doing very provocative. things we don't know what's going to happen after elections some people think that confrontation between us and the military is bound to happen in the very end we don't expect that things will calm down because the way things have been run in the country is really just like a mob running running the country rather than a real government and let's take a look at some other world headlines and brief this hour a mass burial has been organized for nearly one thousand victims of the flash floods in the southern philippines efforts continue to help survive it's called by the deluge triggered by tropical storm and high tides saturations have been hunted by flooded roads and wrecks infrastructure the red cross estimates that over eight hundred people are still missing. iran has reinstated and all but for u.n.
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nuclear agency officials to visit tehran the inspectors are supposed to scrutinize the country's controversial nuclear program and medication as is geared towards creating atomic weapons iran is under un sanctions for refusing to stop your aim in richmond but insists it's for purely peaceful and that your purposes diplomatic sources say a top level international atomic energy agency mission could fly to terror on in late january. dozens of people have staged rallies across italy in protest at austerity cuts which include tax and pension changers a large package of over thirty billion euros was recently approved by lawmakers headed by mario monti his new technocrat government and it's expected to be passed by the senate by the end of the week but many believe the brunt of the cuts will be borne by the poorest. up next hour he talks to russia's deputy foreign minister about what's ahead in missile defense talks between moscow and washington.
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we're sitting down with. russia's deputy foreign minister he's heading the russian side of the u.s. russia working group that deals with issues of global security or arms control missile defense thank you very much for joining me mr you off russia and boy to nato said the u.s.
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seems to be. surrounding russia with military installations like an anaconda and that was his comparison and that russia would have to try and break out of that not how deep is the misunderstanding on the issue at the moment and does it seem like all of russia's concerns are falling on deaf ears in washington i wouldn't describe this is along the lines as you did i think we have a very very productive and although a straightforward a difficult one but a very productive dialogue with our u.s. partners we are making no secret of our concerns we are definitely disturbed by the fact that the strategic instability will grow according to our assessment because of the u.s. effort to deploy anti-missile assets in several regions of the world including in europe according to what was described by president obama and his people as
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european face the dept of approach when you're saying strategic stability will be disturbed what do you mean by that strategic stability is a very multiverse the term notion that implies several things we can for example not allow for further cuts in or fence of strategic weapons in nuclear weapons in the absence of a meaningful arrangement in the area of missile defense in the area of. conventionally armed or fancy weapons of strategic range and in the absence of real settlement in the area of imbalances with regard to conventional weapons it would be very irresponsible to believe that we just move forward in cuts in numbers of strategic weapons while advantages. and even predominance of u.s.
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and nato parties as as. the hole in other areas just grow you know it will always stretch the very concept of strategic stability and it may well break apart we are very sponsible in this regard how close or how far is moscow from possibly pulling out of the start treaty of the us advances with their missile defense plans in europe we have a very clear explanation of this situation by a president with video of who on november twenty third presented what i would describe as a phased adaptive answer to the fees the dept of approach our phase the dept of answer means that we are not rushing into any dramatic decisions like the kind you have just described we begin with a very mill limited response to what we think is a real danger a real threat to our assets the u.s. is winding down wars seeing iraq and afghanistan but for example they're expanding
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their military presence in the persian gulf what will the american security architecture look like after the pullout we regularly exchange views with the u.s. on this issue or regional security in the gulf is a very relevant topic thing that the point here to underscore on my part would be first. the should be ensured a real local regional ownership for security arrangements should be made that no one feels that its security is threatened because of the u.s. pullout secondly with respect to afghanistan we are telling our u.s. partners that we cannot understand for what purpose they're contemplating a long term presence in forms of u.s. military bases in this country and in some of these years and there is a thing we need further explanation. these plans you were talking on the withdrawal
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i think this withdrawal should be full and complete with regards to syria the possibility of a military intervention in syria do you sense that it is diminishing and as far as armed rebels in syria does russia have any information on who is arming them we do not want a repetition of the libyan scenario there the problem here is not that much of who is arming whom and through what channels although this is also an important part of the whole equation and we are in constant discussion of this aspect but the major political point on our part here is everyone all actors around all and all foreign powers everyone who really wants us stabilize situation there should avoid action that may be regarded by opposition elements in this country as an incitement as you know a push towards
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a military solution no illusions should be left that this is possible we should do the reverse we should encourage and urge these forces and the government for that case as well to find compromises to move together towards a better future for the country to reform the country and we're working with both sides we should not take part is there the whole goal would be a more democratic and more stable and more inclusive syria rather than divisive towards a yet another civil war in a country that is that centrally pleased in in a very dangerous situation in the middle east thank you very much for the interview thank you.
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with. russia. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today.
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