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if you are just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is. your headlines now signs of within the syrian opposition. decision to let observers into the country slam the deal with the arab league there instead calling for an arab military intervention to protect civilians the syrian authorities. the groups. hopes fade of finding any more survivors from russia's oil rig disaster but still missing two days after the drilling platform sank into icy waters as the last of the fourteen crew members
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are found alive have now been shipped back to last. three months since the start of the protests in the united states the occupy movement is still gaining momentum despite police heavy handedness some critics claiming the rallies with into the. north koreans are paying their last respects to the longstanding leader kim jong il . the reclusive nuclear states. fearing that his death could spark instability in the region. and next we speak to the former chief of the un's nuclear watchdog to discuss the security situation in and around north korea you're watching.
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well i'm joined by mr hans blix from stockholm mr blix chaired the international atomic agency for energy agency for sixteen years and was the head of the u.n. inspections team in iraq prior to the second iraqi war mr blix it's great to have you with us sir now i'd like to start with i say latest news came young male who during who seventeen year old rule north korea has emerged as a nuclear state has died of a heart failure now his son is the next national leader what do we know about him are things going to stay pretty much the same or a race where general security under threat how vigorously will he have push for nuclear weapons. well we are generally rather it dinner and about the. architecture of the power building new in north korea. but the change has been underway for some time but of course with kim jung un. group didn't figure is.
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there's always a risk to in such a structure that there can be changes so. i think it is important to the outside world. does not make them over us because they will feel themselves in a situation of weakness and then the threats from the outside lives of notes and provocative for the last few years iran was number one nuclear energy for the united states do you expect maybe a shift of interest from iran to north korea or does a country need to have oil as well to justify that much attention from the west. no i think both places are of great importance in the north korean situation first of all we know that within artillery range for all of north korea so even without
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nuclear weapons the situation there would be a risky one and if north korea were provoked at here there could be a risk also of encouraging their. forces in japan. i don't see that now. but that would be a risk in the case of iran. on the other hand we see that already. they're working in iran to develop a capacity. has increased threat tensions enormously and there is a great arms race going on and we hear hooks in israel and in the united states saying that they should bomb iran others say that they are all the nuclear installations are and that it is meaningless. to the presidential candidates that he thinks work for
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a regime change but i don't think he explained whether he would like the a regime change to be the half. or the iraqi model but also the service is very similar similar to what happened in iraq. could we be seeing an iraqi scenario unfolding here as far as iran goes well there are some similarities in the. escalation of the language and the threats. that we had in the case of iraq and now having case of iran on the other hand we must remember that in case of iraq they talked about. weapons that in fact did not exists. today they are talking about iranian intentions of may or may or may not exist. but the difference is that iran certainly has a lot of nuclear installations iraq did not have that but in your own opinion is
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iran of any imminent threat to any nation at this point i don't think so really and it is true that year after the nearly died has come out in the area very bad language about israel wiping israel off the map of the world but i think most people with me think that he is really talking to the arab streets he has one to one to the destabilize arab states that have supported the united states. iraq iran does not have a track record of aggression in fact there was iraq that attacked iran so i don't see an immediate threat from iran but i can understand that israelis are nervous but the u.s. and israel maintain the latest i ate a report provides very strong evidence that iran seeking any nuclear weapon. here's
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the question do you think iran has a nuclear weapon no i think in nobody really thinks they have a nuclear weapon and i think one must read that report rather carefully what they say is that they see some evidence that could explain could be explained if they were dealing with a weapon or a mere other weapon and that there seems on the other evidence that it's very hard to explain unless they were working towards a weapon. but they have not said that they established that iraq are actually intends to do it they might stop short of their weapons well judging from your experience how shit this intelligence be treated and how far can actually i.a.e.a. go in checking the credibility of such intelligence well they do it on r.t. every city here in the iran. it's
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a big country and many places can be hidden so i think there are limits to what they can find out but that doesn't really affect what the outside world should do in my view they must continue to talk to iran and to persuade iran that they will not need any nuclear weapon nor do they need any enrichment capability. if some european says the u.k. and france and germany started such talks and they have been expanded to also russia and china and the united states are participants in it and i think that is the wise road to go they have offered iran some good things and i think they could offer more things there is also on the way in a big conference about a nuclear weapon free zone in the middle east which will take place in helsinki next year and or originally the idea was to get the israel to do away with this
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nuclear weapons but i think if this conference were to try those to do away with the israeli nuclear weapons and uranium enrichment capability and get the other states in the middle east to come along then there might be a more hopeful future you know many believe that iran actually may be willing to get to a point stable to produce a nuclear weapon but doesn't actually do it unless its security established threaten to start a likely strategy. it is possible though from the case of israel that they do not admit that they have nuclear weapons they say that they will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the middle east maybe one day the iranians will say that we also will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the middle east and maintain the situation ambiguity but i think it would be better if all the
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parties came to the conclusion that they should have neither nuclear weapons nor a richmond capability and israelis would be in were secure there would be a warning now that say saudi arabia and egypt might also go for richmond's and iran certainly should be nervous that is aliased might bomb them just as israel did iraq in the 1980's and syria in two thousand and seven what is the likelihood actually that israel may be at this point now that it has isolated itself from turkey also from egypt it has disappointed sarkozy it has disappointed obama very strong rhetoric going on back and forth between iran and israel what is the likelihood that it has become more dangerous and maybe it will actually show for the first time that in the us hast it does have nuclear arsenal and use it probably to bomb iran well it's hard to judge some in some people think that this kind of
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language and threats by the various individuals in israel and also by a hoax in the nie the say that it was the are a nuance from their present course. however i am somewhat doubtful that one can scare a country away from. nuclear weapons i think that carrots are better than them that they can gain quite a lot by staying away from weapons and from enrichment. saying there will be a point where i will be convincing israel not to use its nuclear nuclear arsenal i think the israelis are very well aware of the game its weapons and even when they talk about bombing iran there is nothing to suggest that they will use nuclear weapons for it and i do hope very much that if anything
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came to a war that no nuclear weapons would be used and it would also be very bad if they attacked the civilian nuclear reactors that iran has in bush or but any kind of attack i think is. in the middle east the. sitting in to twiddle their thumbs they will have a counterattack of course and maybe they will drag in the united states in the war so it's a terrible fire that they are playing with. and one last question why do you think iran is so reluctant to accept all the incentives offered to them by the international community is it just not simply enough well it may be a question of pride also i think that the western states that have talked to them some sometimes sounded rather high handed they have said that if you will suspend your to richmond we may be willing to sit down with you.
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told of crowd people. and then the others are and i think that the. they will have to talk to them say important partner for important states state that they are and to discuss with them what would they gain by abandoning in richmond they can gain a lot and i do not see that they have much advantage on their richmond because they can import the fuel they need from russia or from other places they have owned it to nuclear power reactors this country sweden where i'm standing now we have ten and we import a richer a new message. it is cheaper so i don't see iran would loose a very much by doing away with it they may be a lot of pride in this mr blix thank you very much for this interview.
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the official. from the. video. and. with the palm of your.
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comb. the headlines on odds he signs a fractured within the syrian opposition while some welcome the government's decision to let observers into the country others have slammed the deal with the arab league there instead calling for an arab military intervention to protect civilians while the syrian authorities persist being fighting extremist groups during the ongoing nine month uprising. hopes fade of finding any more survivors from russia's all over disaster still missing two days off for the drilling platform sank into icy waters as the last of the fourteen crewmembers found alive and now around arrived.
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north koreans are paying their last respects to the late longstanding leader kim jong il the neighbors of the reclusive nuclear states stay on high alert for his death could spark instability in the region. and three months since the start of the protests in the united states the occupy movement is still gaining momentum that's despite police heavy handed. some critics claiming the rallies would never last into the winds are. those are the headlines here on our two next there were time to dive headfirst into the world of sports with andrew farmer rushers a mega rich club that just never move ahead in the asteroid constantly being linked to big names they are but it doesn't look like the former russian manager guus hiddink will end up there any time soon find out why just after this.
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holiday you're watching the sport and these are the headlines. chase hitting his agent denies the doctrine is a back to sign as the new coach of russian super rich side and g. . plus a sleek footballer cristiana dhoni is among seventeen arrested as italian police investigate a match fixing i'm betting scam. spies in barcelona strike it down a deer is set to miss the rest of the scenes in our twenty's breaking away. but first hitting sage and says there's been no contact between the dutchman and russian premier league side and g. the club are searching for a new manager but latest reports say they've now offered the job to form a local motif moscow boss. and russian sport website champion that claim class museum is expected to take up the offer and will also be allowed to continue his role of coaching the russian side the marketing sage and keys brand new from holds and says have not approached the former russian coach who is on holiday in africa
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adding he won't be making a decision about his future until he returns in january and g.q. are owned by billionaire actually also being linked to big name players chelsea from a looter is the latest supposedly on their shopping list although the club have not confirmed that report. former is league footballer christiana dhoni has been a. arrested along with sixteen other people as part of an ongoing investigation into match fixing the inquiry is focusing on several marches in city of the over the past two seasons and three of the games involved three of the games involved only former club atalanta he was arrested on suspicion of destroying evidence alone denies any wrongdoing tony was banned from football for three and a half years earlier this year following an investigation by the italian football federation and in this latest probe three syria matches from last season are also under investigation is home games against bari and lead che and napoli's meeting with sam doria prosecutors say those arrested have links to criminal gangs in
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singapore and eastern europe the rest come five years after a separate match fixing scandal resulted in the event is being relegated to city. meanwhile ac milan will hold talks with manchester city on thursday about the possible transfer of karla's tevis milan president adly on to go the army will travel to manchester to discuss a deal it's thought the english premier league leaders will will let the argentine go on loan in january if the italians commit to buying him in the summer or their man's previous offer of twenty three million euros was turned down tevis hasn't played the city since september after refusing to warm up in a champions league game with by munich. and a new spain in barcelona forward has had surgery on his fractured shin bone but is expected to be out for five months so he suffered the injury during last week's club world cup which basso went on to win doctors say in good cases a player can recover from such an operation within five months that would still
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mean he'll miss the rest of the season of barcelona and could possibly miss out on the european championships in spain next summer so you've got to say they've been impressed with the is early progress and that achieved. a list of the neighbors if you don't mind to have the blue. room broken and bitter moment has been a very good since being you where he wants in the hospital and you look at how much in japan with the president in front of him he started to ask questions one after another regarding what he should do when he could start and which one was the best method so he could start playing as soon as possible. meanwhile chelsea have played down an injury suffered by john terry in training england captain had to be helped off the pitch during a session open to the public the club says he pinched me kelli's tendon but he's expected to be fit for the game against tottenham on thursday chelsea could leap into the picture. there's a crucial game at the foot of the e.p.l.
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tonight basement side bolton travel to the second bottom blood who are just appointed by the relegation zone it's a common knowledge. also tonight we are madrid looking to put their place in the last sixteen of the copper del rey the defending champions take a two goal advantage into their second leg with third division. and although reale are overwhelming favorites and are playing at home. marina i think they will be a competitive. i expect a good atmosphere. because we have a very good atmosphere. so i hope we can give them a big night because they deserve because they were. very. very very very competitive so that we can be. this for them two more probably not. a good experience for them and after that we have to
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play serious because two zero is not five zero zero. now in the n.f.l. the san francisco forty nine ers defensive again show their strength they sent the pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger three times in twenty points to three when the game was delayed for twenty minutes at the start after a transformer exploded here and cut the power at the appropriately one candlestick park in california but when it got going again it was the forty nine ers defense that shined brightest for me since roughness tried to pass the colors rogers but was intercepted and that happened three times the quarterback in the sky but after the intermission the forty nine ers got a touchdown alex smith connected with vernon davis put san francisco for thirteen three up and the defense maintain the pressure roughness berga sank in the fourth quarter by rain mcdonald and smith in the forty nine is made the most of the turnover driving right down the field i'm finishing with a touchdown from running back frank call twenty points to bring to san francisco
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the finest goal. and since any snoozed things where humans is down for the strike you know you can in january because of health problems the former number one is pulled out of the a.s.b. classic in new zealand which is being held in the run up to the first grand slam of the year she is something from disease which affects the immune system to no hundred three in the world and had received a wildcard strain open which begins on january the nineteenth. we will end with the sable football players from russia keeping alive their dreams of playing the paralympics despite missing out on next summer's games from one cost to rev as the story. this is not your regular soccer ball it's much heavier and has special features for the visually impaired now the key to this game is to actually hear the direction of
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the ball and when a player kicks and all throws it it makes a sound like this. this is gold ball and along with food they make up two different events at the modern paralympic games in russia fail to qualify for the london games from the latest european championship in turkey where a coin toss decided their fate after the match against the hosts thirty ended in the goal this draw was because we all knew that it would be hard to qualify for the london paralympics who knows what would have happened if we reached the semifinals but they decided to throw a coin after all we draw with to a few instead of a penalty shoot out which is not very sportsmanlike so it's placing them. these guys know that they are strong enough to compete with the best however the luck of the draw at the european championship in syria is not the only factor hampering russia's efforts lack of support and little to no funding from football authorities and respective governments sports apartments adds to the already obstacle filled
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lives of these courageous athletes and use the plus for the sometimes we have to be seen for uniforms and even some of the trips to competitions like the latest presidents cup for example we had a loss training camp and so much it had to play for our own way there as well as well hopefully the team's financial woes will soon be over but it's apparent that money or lack of it will never become a barrier for the guys who are not used to giving up that go schnee to liberia devoid still doesn't have an official status within the sport of stories but over the last seventy years his team became five time champions of russia and the base of the national squad. a month off the my team defeated road runners up spain at the domestic international tournament and continued on beating the likes of england and germany and even greece financing was suddenly cut and the team was inactive from time up until may so apparent victory and futile from the beginning the passion of blind football is evidence the first time delay arrives on one of the
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training sessions which sometimes can be more dramatic than any other olympic sport the medical wellbeing of injured players is in the hands of just one doctor with spends all of her free time with that scene. as the typical injuries for the visually impaired usually happen when they collide against each other and get bumps and bruises pulled muscle or a broken limb are unfortunately also a regular occurrence i didn't come across a player who mistakenly kicked the economy's head instead of the ball visually impaired football in russia is far from the level enjoyed by some other countries but this hasn't stopped the national side from getting the better of a. powerhouses of blind football with success still largely dependent on individual enthusiasm and rare acts of support among calls for an artsy moscow. i'm not brings the end of the school for the moment we've got more stuff.
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well into the. science technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style stock. market. can't. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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