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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2011 10:01am-10:31am EST

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penguin's. a positive housing report in the u.s. and declining stockpiles of the russian markets with. and then tuesday session up almost two percent more in the market said latest business news in twenty. hours just after seven pm on tuesday here in moscow this is arts he lives with me wrong. syria could be the next subject of a foreign military intervention if some opposition groups get their way their calls for our side help but growing louder and system is the only way to protect civilians from government security forces the libya style demand comes despite the latest decision by damascus to allow arab league observers to monitor how the regime is dealing with the rest between recent reports suggesting that dozens of army deserters have been killed by syrian troops and as sarah first found out the
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situation in syria now looks more like a civil war rather than that of a government crackdown. but here in the city of homs and you can hear heavy gunfire in the background that is really hard to hear insurance is the civilian population here live here as we call it the week a month after month they've had to endure this conflicts with the violence is taking its toll best and they are the real neighborhoods that are being suffocated surrounded by armed groups there many people who could not have had enough who did we did to deserve this holmes is being described as the brink incident world. series this is fighting his breaking out. driving through the streets there are clear signs of conflict bullet holes and when they paint. slogans there's a heavy military presence we went to visit some of the areas where concentrated
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fighting was continuing. dangerous to visit. us in other areas of the fifty day life struggles on movie it's in the backdrop of gunfire. you can see the children playing in the homes that this is the one of the major. as this conflict continues for the safety of the civilians to continue living here in the city the situation in homes right now is far more complex than simply one of the opposition against the regime had deep seated sectarian conflicts with their heads. from the very beginning home. because their numbers. are much more than. three funeral held yesterday gets under way for five soldiers killed by what the government says increasingly militant me. and on the same day with calls from the opposition the harrowing accounts of civilian deaths around the country make
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serious decision to allow the arab league to send observers the more important this is naturally want. to. in the same time preserve our sovereignty so really it depends on the intention do they really want to help syria or corner. was the decision by the main opposition outside the country yes and see. the opposition inside the country has welcomed in the north. we hope it's going to be implemented on the ground as it stated in the pros a call and we remain completely against international intervention it would lead the country to destruction. with a fractious opposition and rising death toll with facts and information still very hard to verify even on the ground the observers a rival here in syria will be an important step but it's going to be just one of
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many more that we need to pull away and seeing to ensure that no more lives. the city of homs. the first arab monitors are due to arrive in syria this week while the rest are expected by the end of december some analysts in the region are calling on them to paint a real picture of what's actually going on in the country and help prevent a full scale war prompted by the opposition. they have reached a point after nine months of attempting to destabilize the situation and syria where they really are ready for the total. full fledged war and destruction and city and that is why the sitting government is trying as much as possible to act positively and to find the positive measures to be taken in order to calm the situation down when the city and opposition or at least part of the syrian opposition. answered that positive moves with with a more insistence on foreign intervention in syria in
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a fair that actually shows once again that the intentions of these of polls are all part of the position is that is not an intention that is for the well being of the syrian people the observers that will arrive soon and one hopes that the observers will function according to ethical standards and to professional standards i mean they have to do a comprehensive overview not just a selective one that would show the casualties on both sides because apparently there is shooting on both sides and there are some serious interventions in syrian affairs. you're watching nazi law from moscow still to come this hour on the program by the club the e.u. bungles its own bailout cash. struggles to convince member states to chip in for the common good i think you are. also. going to be the transformative moment. when economic growth in america is not backing down and the occupy movement
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gains momentum after three solid months of their worldwide crusade against global financial for. now for the oil rig that capsized in russia's far east on sunday where rescue operations are continuing despite fading hopes of finding any more survivors a total of fourteen have now been safely brought to shore and are being treated in local hospitals. some of them as they arrived in the port. dry land and the end of a nightmare for the weary few on board this ship rescued from a horrific ordeal in which friends and colleagues were lost they are among the few to be found alive after an all rig on the toast sank in freezing waters for the seven p. four about some make port and their families awaiting them the moments will no doubt be one of intense relief but their tale of survival differs greatly to that
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the majority of those aboard this ill fated. psychologists and doctors met the survivors upon arrival filled likely to be an experience that will haunt them for a lifetime. my swam away from the rig a bit turned around inside capsize and i started swimming away as fast as possible in fear that i could be drawn into the board tax but those found alive you can see that in comparison they are the fortunate few dozens are still missing in the icy hoxsey following more than two days of searching planes are flying sorties to try and locate those lost and they're being accompanied by boats in the area but the hours spent scouring the horizon so far prefer as only the numbers found dead appear to grow and angry relatives for they know just who's to blame and seem to like why did they need so many sixty seven people and then rick why what was the purpose of having six to seven people there. yes you know i'm the wife of captain
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because look for the voyage here dressed every official morning down there to talk to him was prohibited in the winter months because of the heat it may have been on the largest oil rigs in russia but disappeared beneath the waves in a matter of minutes on the other what was the investigators are looking into three possible causes of the accident firstly it could have been due to violations of safety regulations during the tugging of the drilling rig one secondly the condition of the rig itself might be to blame and lastly the. the rig might have been taken without consideration of the weather conditions at the wreck site. but the official findings will take some time but whatever the outcome the families of those involved the little comforts come to terms losing their loved ones. spirits the hope remains of. discovering further survivors. in russia's far east. and our team will continue to follow the rescue operation as
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it continues for more. follow on twitter monitoring developments as they happen and one of. the anger of the victims' relatives who are raising questions over why the. twitter feed and our web site. is. here in the russian capital the body of north korea's veteran leader kim jong il
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who died of a heart attack on saturday has been put on display in pyongyang his successor kim jong un was the first to pay his final respects video from the country also shows a thousands of mourners weeping in the streets the news of. the north's neighbors on high alert fearing instability in the region japan called a special security meeting. depends on how much pressure the outside world puts on the north this according to the former head of the atomic watchdog. i think it is important that the outside world. does not make them for us there near threats from the outside might make them provocative we know that within artillery range from north korea so even without the nuclear weapons situation that would be
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a risky one and if north korea were provoked at here there could be a risk also of encouraging their. forces in japan. and you can watch the full interview with hans blix next hour here on r.t. . public apologies and embarrassing explanations the fate of one of russia's opposition leaders after recordings of some of his phone conversations surfaced online boris and yourself could face a split within their ranks after using insulting words to describe his allies harvesters and cowardly penguins were among the least offensive terms that he used as are his time barking reports. revelations were published in life news dot grew a notoriously tabloid sensationalist website in russia and they concern six hours of private phone conversations recorded boris nemtsov an opposition figure in which
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he insults fellow opposition leaders using very profane language and calls protesters how would leap penguins and internet hamsters those protesters turning out on the reports of widespread vote rigging in december's parliamentary elections boris nemtsov one of the all denies of the protests has hit back saying that this is kremlin phone tapping and that they've been released these phone conversations to try and discredit him and to split the opposition he doesn't ever admit that some of the phone conversations did happen and he's apologized for any insult caused in those but he says the others were falsified life news is oh no for its part has also added to the controversy by refusing to say where they got the recordings from and all of this is caused a great storm of controversy on the internet with people shocked by words and his use of language about other opposition figures and the possible splits in russia's
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opposition that that could indicate. for you right there well conspiracy in russian that political life isn't just a case of internal affairs if you are. now you can never know many other issues there we look at how washington's man in moscow is playing big politics turning nudge the country under the influence of the united states. and the protest too far the search for a well known group of topless activists who went missing after staging a naked demo against the belo russian president takes an unexpected turn. just not on a quarter past the hour here in moscow and the antiballistic missile has been test
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fired in kazakhstan as part of the russian military's defense modernization drive this is the first time of the russian the ministry of defense has released footage of its a and detests the display of firepower comes amid the long lasting russia nato standoff over the u.s. backed missile defense system plan for eastern europe and turkey which often says it will not threaten russia's security while moscow demands legal guarantees it also suggested the actions of the u.s. could undermine the recent start nuclear reduction treaty. in watching r.t. now the e.u. misstate self-imposed monday deadline to come up with two hundred billion euro for its latest block wide bailout scheme the union fell about fifty billion euros short of his target with political bickering paralyzing the project the cash pool was intended as a debt fire wall to become one of the last lines of economic defense but the plan stalled on takeoff and britain among others refusing to pump more cash into the
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euro their reasoning is that the eurozone should sort out its own problems as are to use alexy going to rescue reports that may be asking too much for a member states struggling to stand on their last financial legs. on paper these people live in one of the most prosperous economies of the baltic region reality their whole lives. is the e.u. poorest country and after spending a year being part of the euro zone these people say the positive changes they were promised are nowhere to be seen at the home of a lot recently euro commission check their pensions are authorities told they received an average pension of six hundred euros this is far from reality pensions in greece which fifteen hundred euro we hear get around two hundred. stoli adopted the euro last january but despite a general positive attitude towards the move until now it is mostly big businesses and politicians that are really enjoying the transition there are clearly some
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political advantages in terms of if you want locking your study and more firmly into the you economic advantages as well in terms of investment the support for the euro is holding up very well people seem to be to see the advantages you may be politically rather than economically but the year award. brought painful hangover since september a stone has agreed to take part in the european financial stability facility the body created to combat financial crisis and bailout countries like greece and now experts say this membership comes at a price and can not afford to buy the formula for us very bad because we need to. or. from our g.d.p. then rich countries something more than nine percent from our budget poorest country and now we need to pay that debt off my trichet countries the country
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central bank has even warned of a possible recession recent polls suggest up to sixty percent of historians are against their country's membership of the. the government however doesn't seem to pay attention and refuses to drop out of this relief fund meanwhile members of this community say they would rather help greece with potatoes and four who would then see their pension money heading their adopting the euro soon or later was a necessary condition for a stone you to join the european union but being part of the european financial stability facility was not in the agreement and while economists are speculating whether stone you should continue its membership in this organization ordinary people are left to wonder why they have to pay someone else's debts. reporting from in a store. what relations between the e.u. member states are deteriorating as fast as their economies the most notable example
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of the exchanges between france and britain which have been getting progressively more diplomatic one of the themes being discussed in today's kaiser report coming your way in approximately fifteen minutes time. better to be french the british sprenger finance minister and really this childlike behavior going on as the last resort when all else fails you throw mud pies that each out there on the playground right it's a roast beef versus the frogs going on of course any sane person would rather be french and british just look at a recent study that came out about facebook users seventy five percent of british facebook users feature photos of themselves drunk so that should tell you something about that country all the policy makers are drunk mervyn king is mostly in the bag all the people who are trying to do business over there the city of london are for the most part in the.
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you can see the cars report in about ten minutes time here on r.t. police in denver have dispersed dozens of demonstrators who actually set fire to their own shelters following attempts to evict them it comes after protesters recently marked three months since the start of the movement against corporate greed in the united states artie's anastasio reports from where it all began. these are the images of america over the last three months that. must be smacking them selves in the forehead because they've given such a life to this movement not welcome by authorities a movement against wall street wealth inequality and government corruption exploded in new york and spread all across the us nexus of all of our grievances was the profit motive the fact that. the corporate sector dominated by the financial sector
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has our ostensibly democratic politics gridlock and owns it. occupy wall street has just marked its three month anniversary what we fall into on september seventeenth with this momentous moment in anger with the masses this time now i think that we've kind of injected the idea of economic inequality and see the public discourse where i'll get my wall street started that it would not last long enough to deliver any significant message but three months into the biggest nationwide movement here what's happening here is it's clear that the protesters are feeling stronger and more united than to be one critic said the protests would not survive until winter they have we can't fund education we can't fund health care but we can fund the police state and fund these wars until the cows come home at what point is it enough. when does the greed stop opponents said the demonstrations would never track tens of thousands they have i would love to see
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a peaceful revolution or really would the media ridiculed them as a joke they just want a party if there was trying to have burning right. but kidding they were not. many believe the uprising has transformed the face of america it's totally changed the conversation in the united states on saturday the occupiers of new york facts relax. camp place after being a victim from zuccotti park. attempting to occupy a new public space to use as their base. but confronted by police about fifty were arrested others kicked out with pretty resilient so i think you know in a short amount of time. to be sure the. demonstrators plan to keep going until they see a revamp of the high land and political system in the us the financial elite is
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still lording it over everyone the economy is in trouble foreclosures are continuing to grow all these real reasons for protests and the movement will continue no matter the obstacles the goal of occupy wall street is to make history and we're growing and we're going to be the transformative moment maybe very social and economic justice in america. archie. harper forced me to read the business so let's get to the world update here on some of the international headlines for you this hour troops and riot police have swept through cairo's tahrir square before dawn on tuesday in another attempt to evict protesters beating them and using live ammo in the process fourteen people have lost their lives in five consecutive days of clashes in the capital the demonstrators are calling for an immediate end to the rule of the armed forces and military took power off of the former egyptian leader hosni mubarak was ousted in
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february. the philippine government has shipped more than four hundred coffins to two flood stricken cities to help local authorities handle the growing number of dead almost one thousand people most of them women and children were killed by the dead which struck the south of the country as they were sleeping dozens are still reported missing as the rescue effort continues. iraq's sunni vice president tariq al-hashmi has lashed out against terrorism charges brought against him by the government he said the allegations had been fabricated and proclaimed his innocence by iraqi officials issued an arrest warrant for him on that was yesterday hold on suspicion of running a hit squad that killed the government figures the episode is increased tensions between sunni and shia groups just days before u.s. forces complete their withdrawal from the country. time now for the business of dimitri is in the studio with the latest for you.
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demand for potus fossilize is coming under pressure from the ongoing financial turmoil in europe russia's largest potters producer says it's most likely to cut production at the beginning of next year to maintain prices. so it's a general stick sentiment on the market people are cautious everybody is afraid that there will be a good pages of fact from financial markets will that agricultural business which is not the factor for the time being that's why we think that most probably in the first quarter of two thousand and twelve we will have to do so all of this waste it's a reduced demand on the market we can expect. somebody to auction off ten fifteen percent can be expected and will use of this window in order to. implement it's a maintenance and the function. of the markets this hour and oil is very
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strong futures are high on tuesday as forecasts say the u.s. stockpiles are declining adding pressure speculation of further sanctions may be imposed against iran opec's second largest producer of. secular good us stocks and they're slightly down at this hour despite a positive housing report caterpillar is the top gate however is up three and half percent european stock markets are positive helped by banks the dax is up after a survey of german businesses this surge sentiment exceeds expectations footsie is trading flat to positive it's still way down by the drug sector astra zeneca is down as it's abandoning and to a very of a cancer drugs. and this is the goes in picture in russia where the r.t.s. m i six gained almost two percent psychoville was moving the my sax energy shares
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were some of the strongest performers gas problem adding almost four percent at the close on those high oil prices that we mentioned earlier the program carry out thought also gaining as a snap profit rose by more than a further in the first nine months of the year reaching three hundred ninety four million dollars and also preferred shares of trans dept up two point three percent . while pipeline operates a reported a my month's net profit rise eighty percent to four point eight billion dollars bucks or some call from capital believes at the moment investors should stick to defensive stops. the overall expects a market them fortunately to be weak in first quarter two thousand and twelve largely driven by increased instability quite few school instability in europe so we avoid quine's to stoop to such names as say why didn't folks in the investment and those industries looked old to selected who are to
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retails who will stay away from you know high but cyclical names like steels for example we are neutral and banks still like to be our bond but i think you know if banking situation will be on the pressure of billabong come later to be defensively in russia a mermaid. the headlines are next outing with hoarding. food
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welcome back you're watching live from moscow on the headlines for you syria is a decision to let observers in the country splits opposition groups some welcomed the move while others intensify calls for outside a military intervention to end nine months of unrest. despite fading hope of finding more survivors from a capsized in russia's far east the search goes on seven people who were pulled alive from the freezing waters are now being treated in hospital.


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