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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2011 6:31pm-7:01pm EST

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mr. guys it's time for show and tell on tonight's program the last time we spoke about the president reversing his promise to veto the national defense authorization act which includes that indefinite detention provision that includes american citizens just the latest civil liberties betrayal on a very long list but do you think the president ever really cared about civil liberties let's go to producer patrice and sent you to find out what you had to say . the sixth amendment of the u.s. constitution protects the rights of suspected criminals to have a speedy and public trial with an impartial jury along with the right to an attorney and to be confronted by witnesses now provision to the n.d.a. the six hundred twenty two billion dollars defense funding bill for twenty twelve circumvents us constitution and allows u.s.
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military to indefinitely detain anyone on u.s. soil even a u.s. citizen suspected of terrorist activity and last week president obama an attorney who talked constitutional law for twelve years at university of chicago announced that he would not veto the bill from passing this after he failed to close gitmo revved up the u.s. led drone war and assassinated an american citizen without due process so does the president really care about our civil liberties well chris said sure when he wanted our vote since his election he has spoken about civil liberties done little in the way of legislation to defend them if this bill passes i am out governmental flew told us i don't think any of them in d.c. or the president gives a rip about any of our civil liberties and chile toes told us the president is a wolf in sheep's clothing he did the usual song and dance and little mary kins with his slogan for change when in reality he never wanted to change anything and the bad feelings about this bill becoming law just kept rolling in from you guys
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now jason told us the president has never done anything that would suggest he care . about civil rights now president obama campaigned on his ability to protect americans while leaving no civil liberties and the rule of law intact that promise seems to have flown right out the window almost immediately after he assumed the presidency leaving many to wonder if he ever wanted to keep it in the first place. now as always we appreciate responses and here's our next question for you or the show we spoke about leon panetta as recent statement on the war in iraq the price of the war was worth it to stablish a stable government in iraq many of our viewers out there i think would probably disagree but what would you like to hear leon panetta say to americans about this nine year long war on facebook twitter and you tube and those responses just might make their. own mind will come down. so much still carries will be singing.
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and i we have a true glimmer of hope. today that it would be giving up on its thirty nine billion dollar attempt to merge with t. mobile deal which was widely criticized by consumer groups as anti-competitive what have merged the fourth largest telecom with the second largest creating one superdelegate to rule them all but luckily for consumers as merger was met with an anti-trust lawsuit from the justice department with deputy attorney general james cole saying the following we believe the combination of eighteen t. and t. mobile would result in tens of millions of consumers all across the united states facing higher prices fewer choices and lower quality products for their mobile wireless services and eighty's decision to nix this deal today which would have put them out at least four billion dollars does come as a little bit of a surprise they've remained defiant until the end of valuing to buy the government's lawsuit in fact just eleven days ago they said that they would not be
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backing down and despite their ultimate realisation that they would not win this costly suit defiant they were made and. press release today eighteen to do their best to blame the f.c.c. and the part of justice for the failure of the merger saying if they do not understand the realities of the u.s. wireless industry fall poor eighty and see the big bad government ruined your attempt at screwing over consumers too bad now they even have the nerve to say that ultimately the customers will lose out in the collapse of this deal saying that customers will be harmed and needed investment will be stifled somehow i kind of doubt that so for once i actually congratulate the u.s. regulators for doing their job and if you remember correctly eight hundred he pulled out all the stops to make sure that they did it promising lots and lots of american jobs. when you believe in the future you're always looking to what's next to pitch possible confident the taking. is the way to create a better tomorrow that's why we're announcing it with
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a plan or two with team eighteen will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas we will invest eight billion dollars more and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. now they really try to sell it but the government decided for once to stand up to a powerful corporation they didn't back off and they wore a t. down and that i say is a true glimmer of hope. now this past saturday marked the three month anniversary of the occupy movement and as we highlighted yesterday in three months a lot of changed only a few encampments remain standing around the country including the one here in washington d.c. and city officials in new york to los angeles eventually lost patience carried out of the actions in some cases peaceful others not the activists involved will tell you that this is by no means signifies the beginning of the end for occupy one of
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the developments that we've seen or actions have become more focused towards a specific goal a vent or organization i was now following suit activists are planning to target the iowa caucus on january third aim to hit both the republican and democrat parties even try to get occupy likes voted in as delegates to next year's democratic and republican national conventions so could this plan work joining me to discuss it is gavin aronson editorial fellow at mother jones gavin i want to thank you for joining us tonight and if you can just start by giving us a few were details as to exactly what is they're going to try to do on january third at the caucuses are they going to try to disrupt the vote and try to stop others from doing it to a protest. or to make very clear that they're not going to try to disrupt the democratic process the building itself. they are going to encourage people to come to the caucuses either. they're either democratic or republican caucus. uncommitted with the intention of going to county convention district in
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the state convention and they have candidates staying qualified for the national convention next august september so this is kind of an interesting development right they want to have they want to have candidates from within the occupy movement that my actually qualify have they. how exactly would that work you know what are the chances that that would work considering that there isn't a massive money machine behind this like there is for the other candidates that are out there. others. skepticism and the people who started this idea that you can admit that it may be a long shot but. on the republican side there's going to be a lot of mobilization that's going to be much stronger than what occupies going to be able to do on the democratic side since obama is running unopposed there might be more of an opportunity there to get some uncommitted delegates to the democratic
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convention so in that sense if they have delegates which thought highly of marilee's i thought i was going to elect think that's a big transition that we're seeing happening right now within the movement that you know as a movement that has been leaderless and now are they actually going to be choosing specific leaders well i don't think that's the idea i think it's more an indication that you know the camping phase of the movements over and this is one of many direct actions there's another plan in iowa starting on the twenty seventh of december which is called the people's caucus and that's going to be kick off a week leading up to the convention of various direct actions might checking politicians i assume teaches occupying campaign offices in des moines things like that. now you've been covering the movement for a little while now you've been in different cities do you think of that's a good strategy and i think that a lot of people are asking questions as to whether the movement is going to survive
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because so many of the camps have been effected and have been dismantled and are no longer there so do you think that this targeting strategy might even get more people on board i think that the movement is more focused and has specific goals. yeah i think it will probably end up being. a positive development certainly the camping aspect was not going to last forever and that's already a deal already done a lot of things to transition from that the home foreclosure efforts are one example it comes to mind so. i think. focusing on the electoral process twenty twelve elections. come up is a natural. step as well so are they hoping that this carries over to other states and their primaries and maybe new hampshire might be the exact same thing next. something that one of the people interviewed said to you he said you've been if the efforts fail in iowa. it's not necessarily
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a failed effort because i inspire other. states to follow suit with similar play and see if they can elect any delegates now the scariest set of course if they're trying to paint what's going to happen in iowa as being nonviolent as you know being completely peaceful they're not going to strap the democratic process but howarth or it is preparing for it or they seem like they might get a little scared i also saw the republican party thought that hacktivists might try to somehow you know play with the numbers and who votes for who. yeah it's interesting there was a video. attributed to anonymous i believe that came out in the beginning of november and there are some people are disputing where that actually came from but it was planning a more direct assault on the caucus process and trying to do something with that and i will governor terry branstad he came out right away and said that he was going to get authorities involved in the effort is going to get seriously more
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recently i believe yesterday i saw an article about. some concerns that there may be an effort to hack the vote. so there will definitely a lot of. state officials on this process are i guess going to have to wait and see what happens but you know it will definitely make the point that they're going after both parties democrats and republicans nobody here is safe but if they did get some delegates in there think that we're really cool develop that garen thanks so much for joining us tonight they. are still to come tonight the g.o.p. candidates have been exhausting a very phrase nerve to win over voters details besides full time and happy hour party frank thinks that it's casual friday on capitol hill and some seniors take a stab at starting their own flash mob back. into that only military mechanisms to do the work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want
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to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realize everything. is a big. welcome
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to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. the. the to lead the lead in. the. one protest and nobody seems to know. but never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic.
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are guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight we're giving it to a republican presidential hopeful michele bachmann has been on a bus tour throughout i were prepping for the january primaries by visiting all ninety nine counties not only does he seem confident that she'll that clear victory in america's heartland but he's also been touting one very strong message that she's not a politician she's a real person she's you that's a point that she reiterated as she is reduced result before last week's fox news g.o.p. debate in iowa and she's echoed that same i'm just like you theme for months now. i say what i mean i mean what i say and i don't dance around i'm not a politician i'm a real person that's a people are looking for people wanted to know who could they trust they knew that in me they may not always agree with me but they knew that i was a woman who says what she meant and meant what she said and they respected that
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level of authenticity and sincerity i worked very hard in the united states congress in the brief time that i've been there fifty five years old i spent fifty years as a real person and now five years going toe to toe with barack obama. michelle is really working hard to make sure the point is set in stone and just make her a real person status official she even signed her name on a wall at a cafe in alice in iowa now from a strategy standpoint this is a pretty standard method used by politicians and tell their voters that they're not just going to use a typical approach in washington they want the public to know that they aren't like every other hated politician out there another tattoo that trying desperately to hammer this in is mitt romney now mitt doesn't use the i'm a real person lines he appeals to the business owners by touting his own experiences in that field versus the people who have never worked in the private sector. now i'm a conservative businessman i spent most of my life outside politics dealing with real problems in the real economy career politicians got us into this mess and they
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simply don't know how to get us out i believe i'm the guy that's in this race with twenty five years of private sector experience also having won an olympics and run a state i've demonstrated what i can do. so you get the gist the politicians are the enemy in these elections and with current congressional approval sitting at eleven percent it makes sense romney bachmann and the rest of them don't want to associate with those bad people in washington but there's one hundred problem with all of that is that they are politicians as much as those guys don't want to be associated with government that's who they are cat's out of the bag sorry you all work for the government for years they all speak in platitudes and talking points they all a void the pressing questions like the plague and they all try to tell their experience while at the same point trying to deny it it's pretty infuriating michele bachmann just takes it over the top now i also like to point out something else here even though people might be disappointed in their elected officials whether it be in congress as
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a governor or newt's case house speaker holding elected office is a job just like any other the whole point of having somebody do that as a full time job is because they're supposed to have a better understanding of how legislation works so they know the ins and outs of how laws are made so i guess the bottom edges hopes that the public forgets about her current career after all she's been in politics for the past decade from two thousand and one to two thousand and seven she served in the minnesota state legislature and currently is in her third term in the house of representatives but for some reason she wants to pretend like she is not a politician well guess what michele the every man doesn't get to run for president with other people's money pretending that they get it most people have to actually produce results in their job they have to be productive and the last thing i want to say about this is what is even need to say i'm a real person is there somebody out there who isn't a real person does the president live in some magical neverland perhaps because to be honest with you if there is some magical non real land out there i kind of want to check it out so for exhausting the false phrase not a politician i'm
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a real person show bachmann is tonight's to a time where. hi guys it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening is lauren lyster host of the capital account here on r.t. and derek thompson senior editor at the atlantic thanks for joining me guys thank you for having some fun videos today and they all kind of deal with older generations of people. let's first start with barney frank and something that he wore on the floor of the house that. this is so wrong just just take a look at this like ten second clip you know get it. are you supportive i do want to make clear that nothing in the past. should be taken as your criticism of the.
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exit was like casual friday you don't need to wear a collar just for anywhere but. those are the massive man boobs yeah yeah they are the only thing that would be better is to see him do one of those interviews where he's really combative with journalists in that outfit that's what i want to see next because i don't know what could. leave the man who issue aside every day is casual friday in congress i mean they don't do anything they can't pass a payroll tax cut extension to save their life we might as well dress up as they were hanging out in our living room when they're trying to tell you i don't like their doing work and i pretend like they're going to seriously want to get to hear it he's not even trying to do any of them were good. enough for a guy can't get a break he also had the whole issue of farted on live t.v. that video went viral and everybody was making fun of him but you know that was an accident then i think was no accident no i actually think that's where i think he
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didn't look in the mirror before he left the house or maybe this is his p.r. attempt to deflect attention from washington by being like woo we don't want to see this as a swan song i respect oh yeah i guess if you know if you're going to go out just be like you know what i don't care anymore and i ain't about honoring your broad. let's move. to another there. is just really love this obviously the flash mob thing is a phenomenon of their t.v. shows about flash mobs and they really are fun videos to watch but so this is an attempt at a flash mob at a target by some senior citizens take a look. and.
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i mean. this is senior exploitation i think we're going to find out this is some kind of target marketing . sales law nor see. i i i should leave that they chose to be in that shop listening to that cover of the wham song i will say this. to actually be a mob i mean that's six people sort of hanging out and six people hanging out means i have a flash mob every single saturday in my living room before i go out this is not a flash this is the this is we're trying to do it on the internet wait a few years until you're elderly and then it'll be a plateau with the other problem is the word flash doesn't really apply you know like they said lego and why don't you watch the beginning of the video when you first get started it is like they all take one like. it's just so slow moving and you can see the person behind the camera signaling for what the next movie they
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remember their choreography. that exploits. the better. or what they can't think for themselves. there were two for going with each other i am for barney frank and i am for this flash mob so to speak so. let's see what you think about this but actually this one is kind of funny this. this is all the. national defense authorization act and they put a little spin on it and this is go read me to this but a guest on the show. grandma. you could claim you had it right now so. let's focus in the congress. i like that one more experience out of the i've now been singing grandma got run over by a reindeer all day because that's been stuck in my head you know sort of my
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politics do not align perfectly with reasons but i do think the politics and always use especially policy and politics can always use a little hint of the whimsy and to the extent that you can take a public policy issue and dress it up in a christmas rhyme and sing it acted out more power to them it also goes with my theme of senior exploitation because they use grandma to bring attention to what is a really worthy cause that they have to utilize the you know seeing what anybody that was reading it was like twenty five who dressed up like a grandma on the. way to hear a song that they were using lauryn not alone that do not is not logic it is not going to see my way as they actually always try to use children to this certain legislation like protect the till now i think the children or it would be worse if it was an actual grandmother like we saw in the flash mob footage that was used for this. buzz kill let me find it. to the next one this guy came up with the occupy vest all the occupiers out there might want one
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and it could be yours for just three hundred bucks take a look. that's my occupy best it's group stun gun proved to. be proof but. it's proof that i can say what i need to say without getting hurt in case things get out of hand. yeah like three hundred dollars i don't know i don't know if i believe that it's not going to protect you from tear gas well how many people that are out there protesting because they don't have a job and they are talking about you going to that's three hundred bucks for an occupy best. sort of industry because occupy wall street is actually got an outsized portion of it sympathy when bad things happen to its protesters so this is the kind of thing that is being exploited top down you would actually think that they would ask the protesters not to buy the occupy vest because frankly when they're hurt that's when they tend to get you know some of the most sympathetic was
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you know the a.d.l. is being attacked you don't need to actually be and there is no you can't give the you know it's clear he's right. but i hear you say right now it's the twelfth century couldn't just wear just armor you would also have to wear something over the face because people get pepper spray rightly how does that flower and pepper spray or you know it's likely did you know there was unfortunately some massive confrontation to show what excessive force by the police and the occupiers just. from all of it like superheroes i think that some people might be fired but they're the best. imo and i try to put a positive spin on it i don't know who's going. to get her last story but we're out of time so thanks so much for joining me tonight guys and that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back tomorrow conor friedersdorf the atlantic is to be on the show to discuss what would happen if campaign contributions kept secret in the meantime to africa to become a fan of the launch on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night so you can always catch the you tube dot com slash the i want to show you can find the interviews and the show in its entirety
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there and coming up next. this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution or the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spread of. food continued to be more than hundred thousand people in. groups walking and. ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest of the
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country. in the scene as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong injuries and. unpunished. wealthy british scientists on the same spot on the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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a u.s. drone captured in iraq helicopter shot down in afghanistan army private bradley manning accused of leaking classified information three separate incidents with the one common theme cyber insecurity by the u.s. military. and it was this classified u.s. military video that showed the nation to its poor the man behind the leak now facing a military hearing coming up next we'll discuss how this case could potentially change the way you think your whistleblowers are treated by the you.


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