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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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the syrian opposition is plays hard with the government's move to allow for an observed is longer than the rest of the country and some welcomed the decision but others want international military action let's listen travolta just a hundred and fifty more of the killed in a ballance involving secure simple system to take. over to answer violence from a consummate old reagan russia's far east have been brought to show for treatment of hospital while another people like me trying to add a surgical procedure to missing in freezing seas continues to spring current but i wasn't quite a candidate for the post when doing that tucker is maybe the guy. and one of russia's opposition leaders finds himself in byron's rise in cells he made against
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allies that leaks under the eaves not private phone conversations of fairies and so on i think the damage to his relationships with other protest leaders and demonstrations being paid for their rights as constant starting to bring. up next hour into the show spotlight this time alexander good old talks to full my k.g.b. officer and russian poet entry deputy under a new good boy who is wanted by british police as the main suspect and then his sons and i think a murder case but in which most could consider him to be a victim to. culture is that so much could be is going to make it a lot of people a year isn't bad luck and one came to the next passage of north korea's dear leader again highlights the acute insecurity on the korean peninsula and beyond.
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and a welcome to the interview show on party. this political season brought the let's go case back into the world the british authorities keep claiming and for now a russian n.p. is the main suspect in the murder plot has dramatically changed as it has launched an investigation into the attempted murder considering a victim of. what's true and how will this matter keep spoiling. is there any chance that both sides will finally trundled for asking the victim and the suspect himself the former security officer turned politician liberal democrat and a. british citizen i'm sure my k.g.b.
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operative alexander litvinenko died in london five years ago his death was later attributed to poisoning with rare and expensive polonium two hundred ten which made the case a true story and dre little boy who was the last one to meet with him and then call before he was rushed to hospital is reduced chief suspect but the russian side treats him as a big team to conduct speed solem best to gauge moscow's refusal to extradite lugovoy after the killing has long sound. it's relations with longer. this until mr lugo boy and welcome to the show. first of all i'd like to congratulate you on your reelection to the state duma you kept a seat in the parliament true we needed and will continue to work for the benefit of russia. straight to the case you have been involved in russia with i sees as far as i understand russia has never stopped its pro bowl to look for one cold case and
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you have now been officially found to be a victim why did investigators announce the decision just recently five years says those events took place in london worked in the investigators uncover new evidence . something i'd like to point out is during these five years russian investigators have been quite active they questioned a large number of witnesses personally i had to testify several times a year as i understand they managed to get some new information and since we're talking about the radioactive substance called polonium two ten this to gators how to conduct some serious examinations must have been very complicated because it's apparently was the first time law enforcement ran into such a kind of substance use obviously they got some data from these examinations at the same time they were detectives kept working of course i don't know any details of their attitude is so based on all of that is the lead investigator made the decision he made. russian investigators say that the late listening. to the
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polonium at that i've used the two to improper handling. one yes they allege that he was attempting to sell its. and they say that was exactly well made saying with you in your pardon mr colton. that he was handling the name improperly even is that true we don't. have to it was my theory it was me tree cotton and myself who suggested that little income may have been poisoned for improper handling. polonium you know much the same way you may have improper handling of a firearm for example naturally in the course of these five years we conducted our own investigation perhaps we can truly call it in this to give but at least we often pondered would trying to figure out what could have been the cause us where the russian investigators i don't know what theories they're looking at because they don't tell us anything about it but what's important is that they're able to question and conduct examinations involving russian citizens in two thousand and
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seven on russian investigators went to london they were denied the right to question anyone except for borys it is also anyone with very soft skin the transcript of the questioning appeared later on the internet and it was called an interview interrogation and there's also given them a budget in contrast to scotland yard who was not limited in its activities during their trip to russia and after they questioned us we were not allowed to cite any of the facts mentioned there because we sign a nondisclosure agreement that would let us know that the russian investigative committee has arrived at this new conclusion does it intend to go over to london for further investigation that what is the next stuff. you probably won't deliver but the fact is that over these five years russian investigators have received only one a formal request from the british authorities their request for extradition so suddenly in their turn russian this to gators have filed more than ten requests asking their british counterparts if you conduct certain activities examinations in questioning
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of some witnesses unfortunately the u.k. never replied to any of their requests submitted by the russian prosecutor general's office which may be the u.k. does not respond because it's a tradition request was declined. because here's what i have to say on the issue many countries in the world do not hand over their citizens and it's not true that the u.k. and the u.s. have similar laws in fact every year russian records appear about three hundred cases where russian citizens are accused of to. crimes they committed abroad the police requests from abroad you feel they committed a crime outside russia the country in question gathers evidence and sends its going over to russia through official channels. the fact that russia's law enforcement has named you a victim in this case is actually a blessing for you you're not facing the courts here you are not viewed as a murder suspect in russia any longer in fact i've never been regarded as a suspect i was a witness in the case anyway this is positive news for me personally as well as my
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lawyers and the prosecutor general's office have called on scotland yard to send over all of the evidence or for their investigation there are many documents in this case we have never received the results of the examination is all we will get is a positive news for you know what we have to remember about the price you had to pay for it you were exposed to radiation were significant was the damage to your health it was serious enough to detect the early symptoms over radiation sickness it was a serious as that which you would believe but what you said was treatment yes i did i had to spend about a month in a hospital that was moscow clinical hospital number six which is now part of the federal medical biological center employees specialists who previously work its nuclear power stations and so on the treatment involved many intricate procedures so we had to do a long list of tests iridium samples were analyzed using some complex math formulas and thanks to prompt intervention by russian doctors the disease was in the bud.
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as if it would. have any symptoms and no long term effects on your health. no there's been no effects except for the fact that i have to do medical checkups more often than a regular person would have two or three times a year the doctors advise is to sell it yes sort of pretty used to fine russian investigators now say that all of you a little boy who were victims in this case should be. but who do they accuse of. attempted murder. it was well i believe it is as follows. with any crime you should look for a person who benefited the most from it i did not have any motive to kill it finance and in fact he's family thinks so too. so who could benefit in this case i think it's very soft. for me personally he's among the prime suspects and look
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let's not forget that it was. very soft to get political asylum in the us they. came up with a story about a former soviet citizen who was supposedly assassinated with a poison pen my lawyers told me about that case they have free access to it's near to the peepers listen in ca was the only witness in a case of very soft getting political asylum it's true i didn't invent this it's true that very soft he was granted political asylum illegally six months before the left litvinenko without any money it's important to realize that litvinenko lived off the loans provided by berezovsky and stayed together with your family in a house owned by very soft even though there is also often says that he can encode to get an apartment the truth is that the house still belongs to berezovsky in linton and co so we know does not deny that it is. said that your initial theory was improper handling of radioactive material. it's probably just
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a word now you're saying it was better results kayo benefited the most from literate enclosed. to accuse the result of being behind this tragic event what do you still think happened by accident. it's not a car show only one theory i can give you two more possible scenarios for example according to littering call himself he was actively involved in what he said was exposing russian mafia and the murder could have been intervened. to report. did mention the name of some spaniard yes also with an enclosed widow confirmed that he worked for the intelligence service or for the security service i'm not sure which they have subordination so he could not have acted on his own initiative this whole story geopolitical. story it was a huge scandal no doubt about that i just want to police it on the timeline two thousand and seven the murder of. the death of lithonia and thousand in the
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conflict between south a city in georgia there was a whole chain of high profile events the latest the which is hillary clinton's statement that the russian parliamentary election was a legitimate also this murder could have played into the hands of some circles oprah dish and maybe american society. but as you will have to not society's but some political forces british secret services did have played a big role in all the cars so you don't accuse anyone they just say you had several theories but anyway the trail first leads to bear results it was various off he could prove bill clinton and co to make clear his kinds of allegations it was berezovsky who made lytton in coal leave russia in i think it was beer is also a british secret service his approach to first maybe is just personal and that's a toss up all its brightness to business partners of other. in fact we did not have any falling out there was no enmity of prior to this event even after the death of luton income and despite the fact the various office was making those
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allegations very self skews family members while in london were protected by russian border guards from security agency in moscow the contract was not canceled until two thousand and eight so there is often family at the currently had a reason to trust me he didn't train the c.s. well badri patarkatsishvili i last talked to him but that in two thousand any which was a year and a half since the death of lynn in several days before his own death was at arkansas it was. believe i did it with him stayed in touch with me so personal nothing to do with it perhaps somebody would like it to be this way but that's not true says voice four were security officers spotlight will be back for break so stay with us we'll continue this interview.
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just. welcome back to spotlight i would love and just to remind you that my guest on the show today is. of the i let me quote alexander litvinenko as we
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said among other things the show would like you to show some courage and come to london and until your side of the story to the british court what sort of summit let's go a lot of periods in london since litvinenko was murdered what do we do you intend to go there at some point yes of course there was an old like to tell you that i signed a contract with a major british legal firm this summer associated to my interests in london are now represented by british lawyers league corners scored at its first session on mark case in october. who were there by the way they found out about the hearing by accident and then when you were not notified about the hearings if it was not for that kind students either they could as easily accuse me once again of hiding from injustice but my lawyers appearance at the corners court was a shock to them since no one expected me to be represented there a tall we made several statements demanding that hearings be conducted in the standard format we also demanded the status of a party in interest in the case so in the study corners court is quite an
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interesting institution there's nothing like that in the other european countries it was the coroner's court that used to identify the cause of death before the case goes to. the corner scorch it does not convict but it gives all parties involved an opportunity to state their positions and certain the court documents we called for an expanded hearing just what the british government at scotland yard and the crown prosecution service objected because they don't want the documents in the case to be made public the gluten in because we'd also called for a wider inquest so now we're waiting for the next hearing which will probably take place early next year in the. case has for years been the main stumbling block in russian british lation spotlight you know the need of a has more on this story. the last ten years have seen moscow's relations with london more of the by mutual aspinall shelagh ations and extradition disputes though it in and case caused the russian british relations plunged to
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caldwell levels of the relations have recently improved. remains part of the gender of the three high profile meeting between the two countries politicians on xander early to an anchor a former russian security officer fled russia in two thousand escaping legal charges of abusing his power at work in two thousand and one he was granted political asylum in london where he became a journalist and a writer criticizing the kremlin spolar says in two thousand and six litvinenko fell ill the doctors established he had been poisoned by a rare and expensive radioactive matter oh poor on him that one could died three weeks later on the day he fell ill that even then commander russian businessman andrey lugovoy and me trick often british investigators can see those who were to be the chief suspect in the case and want him extradited to the u.k.
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russian laws does not allow for russian citizen to be extradited to other countries without a trial at home but british officials have refused to send their evidence to russian investigators the russian investigative committee has meanwhile declared lugovoy was also a victim of poisoning as he was exposed to pull on him and had to undergo serious treatment in moscow. voigt how do you feel about the fact that many people consider you personally love with to be the main hurdle that is preventing the russian u.k. relations from improving their rights or certain extent of the you know i have thought about it i find it a little strange and it's a disservice difficult to come to terms with the idea that i am now a historical. figure that he so to speak. not in the sense that i have to reform some great deed of course it's strange to be an issue that to be construed as cannot agree on my position is that the british side using entirely to blame for
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that. let us return to the current us call it. isn't is better typical for the u.k. court system. said the court is to determine the cause of. the current us courts recognize the name was intact killed doesn't support your version about him and as a result of an accident. the court has yet to look into that the hearing this case was preliminary its objective was to determine the interested parties in the case these parties have been recognized myself mr litvinenko presented to absolve the u.k. government on the court's own initiative mr kaufman unless i'm mistaken there is no suggestion was made to recognize the russian government as an interested party as well i don't know that for certain well i know is that the coroner's court has submitted some questions to the russian embassy which is i understand. sized the
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same question he says over and over whether we are him please of the. begin i have to repeat that that we were employees of the k.g.b. during the use a saw a period and then we work for the federal guard service. i did a next question is whether if he blew up residential houses in moscow in one thousand nine hundred ninety provoke a war in chechnya this questions have nothing to do with the case. and in the past couple of years you have been the owner of a private security firm. that yes yes that's right it's a private security firm but that's just the main business and apart from that we also had stakes in a large number of other companies. let's get back to the courts the easiest way to stop. the cause of death is to study the post. as far as i know to date no one except for those who did the examination you didn't actually see and of course some of the other papers delivered to the coroner's court there were not even when the
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coroner who presided over the course but it's a question to the official from the crown prosecution service explaining that he needed to decide on whether to hold an expanded door closed hearing it was a barrister from scotland yard stood up and requested the courts to put off the hearing for two weeks because they needed together some more documents two months have passed since this court session has not taken place nor his scotland yard provided the papers. i don't think there could be any new information as far as post-mortem papers are concerned whatever they were filled in five years ago when luke and saying the same information until their turn to dust up in the archives you will know exactly maybe scotland yard was not prepared for such a situation maybe they expected this first hearing which was a preliminary one take some decision lose it with. them there are also reports in the lead that the crown prosecution service. in some new evidence on the case which was handed over by scotland yard if you heard anything about that evidence i don't
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think it's anything serious must be just the media reporting the journalist must have misinterpreted the facts at the coroner's court hearing to the officers of scotland yard rose up and said they needed two more weeks to hand over the remaining papers to the prosecution service would you maybe there is a certain procedure maybe it's do you do something else where you can my lords doubt that there could be new documents what's more likely is that they just need to provide more people or some type of those that they submitted along with the extradition request also heard another interesting interpretation russian investigators say you're no longer a suspect and a witness say no longer a witness but a victim yes of particulars is it possible that the british authorities move mr to be a friend of yours who. from the witnesses latest on to the list of suspects this is really this is it possible now is that i read of such an option in the paper of the reporter from the sunday times. because they're always taking an aggressive stand
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was apparently were it the same is great. but you know if that happens i will discontinue any contact with the british side and i will not comment or in any way participate in this case why is it then that it's ok to suspect you but not ok to suspect they weren't suspecting me that's all very messed up but when the truth is that there is no new evidence and i must tell you that that meeting of ours and i was in there were ever captured by anyone. as to how many people there were and who they were because the location we used was not equipped with surveillance cameras and it's also unclear what foundation there can be for prosecutions to come up with any charges merely polonium traces in regards to that i'd like to say once again that is a substance that requires some very serious studies i don't know whether what i'm going to suggest a possible for legal reasons i just have this idea if there are x. person russian experts in britain why not submit both these reports to some third
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country where they're reliable expertise in nuclear materials so that they could carry out an unbiased chad. because they were you just mentioned that one of the theories is that litvinenko was employed by british secret service as. something you've always been saying there was no proof to back it up if this is been proved in the court and breaking it in that that indeed collaborated with britain's secret service is what does this make your position stronger. i think it does first of all whenever i was seeing previously i was accused of lying no it turns out that i was right so no it's the other side that's lying that's one thing nothing is and that's something i want to emphasize which is the british secret service or. are a very serious secret organization with strict subordination between employees and different levels and therefore no matter what lieutenant could did he could not have done it on his own initiative and finally this is going to prove all my
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previous statements to be true that being an undercover british agent and listening to travel to georgia that he would cross the georgian border and through the gorge would further cross border to chechnya and i think to come barging about cari as well. ok five. thousand which written has charged a number of russian citizens with a spear and there were a series of spies scandals. do you think that britain's obsession with seeing spies everywhere was triggered off the so-called polonium scandal or isn't perhaps true that russia's secret service has a soul really active in great britain. you know the secret services are a separate room no matter what the relationship is like it's mean to states and they always do their work a bit i'll give you one example back in the soviet times when russia was france with a warsaw pact states he's sure me for instance that on their secret services still work against each other to wipe off that and that's why i cannot truly shocked especially if you consider who those ten russian undercover agents arrested in the
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us were swapped for i see it three out of four worked for m i six strange isn't it these are opportunists were arrested in the us but this will force with britain are going to get that's the game's secret service has played its place about thank you very much for being with us and just through more and get back where you publish ok well i'm getting more politician and form of security and also for all of us if you want to tell yourself like you could always go. back a little bit and comment on what's going on in and outside russia until then they on our team and take.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day.


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