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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2011 11:31am-12:01pm EST

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under fresh around between britain and the e.u. brussels is london to latin stringent benefit rules saying newly arrived immigrants and must be as eligible as britons themselves. the russian soyuz spacecraft carrying three thousand to international space station crew members is in their rooms but it's a little bit off to successfully launching from a story baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan. next the head of the french institute of international relations. paints a picture of the present landscape across the globe stay with us. to the longer we all thank you very much for being with us today it's
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a pleasure sir so you had one of europe's think tanks i was wondering in terms of policy what do you promote and is there such thing as european approach for example there's an american approach there's russian approach is there such thing as a european approach not really in policy terms because you know europe is not yet. single unified decision making specially for foreign policy i think it will take a few decades before europe is able to act as the single voice in international international affairs nevertheless i think there is a so to the sensibility you know or sensitivity about international affairs europe is much closer to the e.u. or you should continent than the united states perhaps we are a little bit more realistic but do you see russia as part of europe yes of course russia is part of europe but it's not part of the european union you know i was reading the economist couple of years ago and they were making predictions on how
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the world would be in time years and one of the predictions was that russia will be part of european union do you think it's possible you know why not first of all. russia is much too big you know and i think that. europe president loves a lot in since the collapse of the soviet union twenty years ago then we have not they just. the newcomers don't forget that we have a huge controversy about. just cannot imagine the candidacy of russia. in a time when we are still struggling and debating a bangle so. about turkey so thing that i'm not saying that russia will never be in the european union you know my own vision is that in one hundred years from now or two hundred years from now the european union will have extended to the whole planet actually because i think we are the seeds of a new model of world government so the european union is
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a very serious thing but if you tell me in ten years that that is not the slightest chance for russia to join surprised to hear that theory for every many people now that are the. basis for your play. well specially with a. badly you really think such a strong foundation that you can last and actually expand. again i'm talking long very long term horizon for fall for one simple reason you know globalization means more and more interdependence with more and more interdependence the risk of small incidents or accidents have a huge consequence is all over the world this risk is increasing very fast which means that we will have to invent totally new modes of governance this is exactly what we are experimenting. european union level of course but progress is
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difficult of course in the case of the you will now at a very defining moment. my guess by the way for the euro is that we will come out of this stronger not weaker because we will be forced you know to invent into the new devices the new instruments of governance to avoid the repetition of such crises and but but there is no alternative for europe is supposed europe. suppose you have destroys itself itself it could happen of course. but it would be a cup a straw for every single member of the european union it would be catastrophic for the world so my point is that of course the bases are really shaky but it is the most interesting model in politics that has
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been invented in the last since world war two. and i repeat i think it will be a model for the whole world and invite me again in one hundred years from now and you will see that i am right the first polish for example right now america regardless of the crisis is considered to be a hedge and i continue to be number one i don't think it will be in ten years we are talking about the new cut cap and governance of the world first of all i think that the us is no longer the hague model and that it's the beginning of the end and we made but it will be at this stage comparable to let's say the great britain at the end of the don't see into century. talk about seventy or eighty years for the u.k. to lose entirely its predominance and i think we have a more or less similar evolution with the us my point is that the degradation for
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instance of the of the note. to us by standard and poor's seems to be an anecdote but it's deeper than that because it shows that no the united states is becoming a country like the others that is they have to to put their house in in order but it will take time and the problem is that the u.s. you know they are not accustomed to thinking in those terms because the custom to think about themselves. all the other countries following the leadership is no longer the case but you know we also china you know china. hates. also to discuss and to to to negotiate the economic policies with the with the others so we have one country we have two countries that are three the u.s. and china for different reasons the do not like to cooperate to really corporate we other countries they have to. to learn to learn how to cooperate with others and
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with the europeans in particular on financial matters but it's going to take time now what are your predictions for russia because i know you've been traveling to this country since ninety seven a lot of people say you know cynics in the west that only declarations that change there really russia a stack of mentality what do you predict for russia what how do you see now and how how do you how do you see it coming up in the next five ten years well first of all i really like this country. like think it's a great country it's a civilization in itself and i think that what they have done over the last twenty years is quite remarkable remarkable in spite of all the huge difficulties of transition after the collapse of the soviet union and i think that most westerners and his teammate who do not recognize. the kind of a nightmare you know the collapse of the soviet union with all its institutions its
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economy and so forth and so on well so i think what has been achieved is quite remarkable i think this country will gradually evolve in. the way in the more liberal way but all this will take time do you agree that image of russia in the west is slightly distorted if not iraq it is yes i think the. worst country in particular but not only in france. tendency to look at russia in a very very good. because the way. i think this is probably has a negative backlash as a consequence because i think that for the for the for the russians if the op will see them constantly criticize for not being good enough democratic and so forth and
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so on but in the end it can have a negative feedback effect so we should be more tolerant but by the way many of the people who put the size russia constantly do not even trouble in russia still nevertheless russia and france do share a very special relation and role do you agree that these two countries are clearly closer than any other european countries president but america we kind of have good relations but we have fundamental blocking point with france we share. nearly what i think we get ourselves as opposed to other countries. i think that russia is in many ways a much stronger relationship with germany than than with france but particular in economic terms but i think it is true nonetheless that france and russia has always kind of a special relationship and it's very interesting because when
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a new president in france for instance want to change the relation and that was the case with sarkozy at the beginning because at the beginning of his terms of course he was a little negative about about russia but usually after the while when the when the newcomer sees job so to speak to the classical relation is restored. so it's exactly what happened with president sarkozy you know by the way so and also it's important to see that in russia in france. russia is culturally quite popular for instance many of you know our best hope. because the deal we even though we do have this special relationship that you have a lot more of you know right now we don't always agree politically for instance in case of libya sarkozy was so adamant for khadafy to go not so much why do you think so well. i think two things. at least.
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if there is you know when you have circumstances such as the so-called arab spring that some people prefer to call the islamic spring which i think is a little bit exaggerated but the way to behave is not obvious at all because we know that doing nothing is not desirable and acting too quickly has also some drawbacks so the choice is is difficult and we know that there are many obstacles for instance the postcard efi will not be an easy one. but this being said i think it's important for russia not to give the impression that. it is always on the on the side. of dictators. so to be too much conservative to be on the side of saddam hussein in
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their fee. kim jong il. it's not it's not it cannot be a long term policy so. it's a difficult balance but i think that was also heavily criticized france france is against the military intervention differently it's not that we really stick you know there is no support for military intervention nobody wants to intervene militarily in the in the case of libya it was risky but there was after all support in the security council and more important than that there was support from the arab league in the in the end there was actual military involvement of some arab countries in the case of syria it's a totally different situation. thank you very much for this interview the
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be. wealthy british style and some of us went on to subscribe to the times when. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. guys report. it to.
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the. twenty six thousand airstrikes and no civilian casualties our wage increase nato's claims before this libya intervention orders a new and just as bloody campaign unfolds against down things for my support since . russia's freshly elected parliament has chosen its speaker the new state duma convenes for the first time in two weeks after its election sparked massive protests and calls for a recount. under fresh britain and the e.u. new brussels old has long been to relax stringent benefit bill was saying you would hear arrived immigrants in the u.k. must be is eligible for handouts britain's themselves. a russian for you spacecraft
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carrying three future international space station crew members is in mir. this except to launch you know we baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan. more news at the beginning of the next hour first though let's get all the latest sports with kate. welcome to the latest will listen and hear the headlines on the brink fears grow that russian premier league club tom could collapse and made a mounting debt crisis. racism in football chelsea in england captain john terry set to face criminal charges for alleged racist comments on the middle luis suarez's balance for eight games. and forging ahead scholar top of the k h l standings off to thrashing to scout five two in moscow. but first russian premier
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league side f.c. tome are on the brink of going bankrupt debts of four and a half million dollars and allegations of embezzlement well the president said again has stepped down saying there's no hope for saving the fifty four year old rob thomas hardy bottom of the league and seven points from safety officer i think sixteen game winning streak you need to believe the twenty three million dollars needed to run the siberian side every year has become an affordable to make matters worse local government has decided they were no longer sponsor the son of one of the sponsors have called out as a result of an ongoing police investigation into claims to club officials bezel phones tom's next game a shared tour to be at that icon march third the first game after the winter break . while the icon draw is one of the league's wealthiest clubs and he has once again being linked with arsenal midfielder and russia captain and they are shoving his former agents they still lack this says the thirty year old who is hoping for a move from the emirates back to form a club's needs but isn't read his words not expressed in. dressed as his role is
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now filled by portuguese dancing so a move to angie in january could be more likely die a sign for love was bought by billionaire sort of in cary a move in january and has since signed such stars samuel eto and brazil legends are about to call us. and england captain john terry will face a criminal charge of using racist language towards keeping our defend anton ferdinand after liverpool striker luis suarez was earlier banned for eight games and fined by the f.a. for racially abusing manchester united defender patrice evra while terry is alleged to have verbal abuse twenty six year old ferdinand during the blues one nil defeat at loftus road on october the twenty third the thirty one year old center half has vanished to fight the charge to send my old and chelsea have offered terry their full support the decision to charge terry was taken after police received a complaint from a member of the public he is due in court on february the first faces a maximum fine of just under four thousand dollars. while the football association
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this war is guilty of making racist comments to ever in the reds one one draw at home to united on october the fifteenth year ago i started nicely allegations and has a fortnight to appeal while liverpool said we find it extraordinary louis can be found guilty on the word of patrice evra alone the ban will not start until after any appeal as the twenty four year old is expected to play at wigan this wednesday though he could miss the carling cup semifinal against manchester city plus league matches against manchester united and oss not. one of the reasons why we need as much the city entertain stake this wednesday evening hoping to at least retain their two point lead over rivals manchester united and city manager bertha mancini says the aim is to finish the packed christmas programme still at the summit it is important to stay on the top. as important as they agree is most. important to state in the end you know this isn't because we know that can happen
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also that we came for the second position you're in this is going to happen is if you've got to stay on the top for thirty six games thirty eight games. but we drive is possible. while in other games this wednesday rivals united get a full on fifth place all star travel to aston villa newcastle who've only lost i want so far this season to take on west brom everton face one is a sunderland travel to neil warnock's keeping are they produce a valiant showing last sunday's teeing off defeat tina said which was noted by black cats possibly o'neill. first of all a good a lot of respect for the manager he's. an excellent manager for a long time in the game so you would know what to expect from his teams. and they could consider themselves. i think i was really having a look at the not just united. they had a number of chances of course much as you did it seemed to me so i don't think the
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confidence would be good to losing. well on choose day nine more pressure with each i'm glad the manager steve kean as his science look to the bottom of the bay to one hundred sixty basement and local rivals bolton while wolves twice came from behind her door to a two with marriage but are still just two points above the drop zone. while over in spain defending champion israel madrid are through to the last sixteen is a call for del rey a comprehensive five one home went over thirty year old better data so when three seven one on i get said here espanyol and why orca also had its arms. under the mean time the russian national team lost twelve behind denmark in faeces year ending world rankings world and european champions spain reign supreme for the fourth year running with the netherlands and germany completing the top three while us were the biggest gainers of the year collecting more points than any other country to break back into the top fifty while at the other end of the table american samoa finally moved off the bottom after recording their first victory
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last month after thirty straight defeats. to moscow midfielder than these can shake off has been named russian player of the year after the twenty four year old finished twenty eleven as la coste top scorer became a regular member of the national side she felt quarterly reports. paid to difference a year makes them to go denise. was just one of a number of talented russian field is the idea at the end of two thousand and eleven season started to turn so much made of his country's key players in this position. bush of course has no particular reason for his rapid improvements though he did pay tribute to his new coach looking mighty for. the fact that the college believes in me is vital and when you have this belief it's much easier to play on the field than i remember back in two thousand and eight when i was playing and the coach at that time that i shared that i he didn't believe in me even though
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i was scoring regularly belief for me is everything. bush record has been at like a mighty five a vast majority of his career two thousand and eleven has been a frustrating campaign for the team fail to live up to their potential however crucial call has been perhaps the team's key plan and a former coach anatoly bush advance says denise is developing into an excellent midfielder. just that you know when you have he's a very versatile player and has everything you would want to find in a modern day footballer defensively he's very sound while he is excellent to getting food and schools a lot of goes especially for midfielder i'm really happy that he managed to break into the national team and i'm sure he can continue to go from strength to strength . bush recalled was like a much each top scorer with eight goals which is an impressive return from that field. and that helped a twenty four year old break into the russian national team and he managed to grab
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his first of a goal for his country against andorra denise looks certain to be selective to pick up a cut squad of the year of two thousand and twelve finals however he's taking nothing for granted. patil of the i don't even want to think about trying to break into russia starting eleven at the moment i would just like to make the squad as there is six months till the euros get under way and a lot can happen in this time in the end it's dick of the cost decision and if she decides to call me up then i'll be delighted. two thousand and eleven proved to be an incredibly productive year for denise now. they're trying to. still be looking to improve and if he continues to progress at the rate he's currently going at it he could become a key member of the catch russia side of the euro two thousand and twelve championships which a bentley from a diety. to ice hockey now a scotsman petersburg on top of the k h l standings after winning five two at their
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sister club tesco here in moscow the higher side to take in an early lead to things russian but that's going to spark stock into life tales by how low and grace is this i intend to split my time. no question put on back to make it forward to including that of the final go tonight it's still fun to go on t.v. i just think needs to start in eight places western conference with the class of two to attend this third stint in a quest to secure their place. in winter sports now russians got that in a study out over has come up just short of her first podium finish at this season's freestyle world cup it was the second most go event of the season in the french ski resort of mother bell and although star you're right that was the first across the finish line in a small final against heather and the judges sided with the american awarding the bronze on points fellow american hannah kinney took first place to extend her fixed
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up to the season to two that chris. had let's finish with a football goal which should have been at least in the running for the gold of the year award but for one small matter well this cracker found the back of the net in the hong kong top flight over the weekend and amazingly after as you go ahead kick the likes of which tonight is when you go i mean with envy but the trouble is he was a young goal his nigerian defender first as bad as attempted to clear the ball controlled magnificently fortunately his side citizen went on it's a winning streak to those efforts since going viral across the internet. was and that's all the sport for this pose and please join me again for another update in just under two hours when so then i think. here in bygone days dogsleds were vital to get around.
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but today they're more leisure than life line. one drives people to quit their modern lives and settle in remote woods. one finds them up to survive in the freezing cold. a new beginning in russia's nose discover the arctic circle on r.t. . culture is that so much of the same good news going to make even a lot of the plane carrying the book in one came to the next kasich of north korea's dear leader again highlights the acute insecurity on the korean peninsula and beyond. on. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china
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corporations are old today.
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you. twenty six thousand airstrikes are no civilian casualties and will rage a great nation whose claims of off towards libya intervention as a new wind just body campaign unfolds against without these former supporters the. russians freshly elected parliament has chosen its speaker the new states to make it begins for the first time two weeks song to its elections months riots in this one camp. a fresh round between britain and the new brussels borders london to relax stringent benefit nor saying newly arrived immigrants in the u.k. also visited.


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