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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2011 7:31am-8:01am EST

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on america's controversial death penalty the e.u. plugs the flow of drugs used to kill u.s. inmates. now as the years on faces an uncertain future with the e.u. leaders struggling to reach an accord on how to solve the ongoing economic problems we discussed the efforts with an e.p. from the united kingdom that discussion is now. well today we're joined by conservative any please mr daniel hannan thank you very much for joining us first question that everyone is asking is where do you see the eurozone headed well we can now see very clearly that the euro is a recessionary instrument and it's making people poorer it's causing deflation and emigration in the southern states is causing tax rises in the northern states if we were looking at this completely logically we would immediately move towards an orderly unbundling of the single currency but of course the european union is not
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looking at it logically they come at this with so much political capital and actual capital invested that they can't bring themselves to admit that it was a mistake and so i'm afraid we risk the very thing they purport to fear which is a disorderly breakup of the euro caused by having tried to keep it together for too long an orderly break up is that really the cheaper and least painful option here i mean there are those that would argue that a breakup would be the more expensive option but do you think there are no good options from here there are no easy outcomes when you are looking at states with the level of debt that some of the e.u. member states have so we're dealing with lesser evils but there is no question that allowing each country to return to its own currency to start pricing its way back into the market exporting its way back to growth is less bad for all the maybe some . short term uncontainable transitional costs is less bad than carrying on with the current crisis while december ninety e.u.
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leaders agreed most of them at least agreed to move on into forming a fiscal compact and the u.k. used its veto to prevent any treaty changes now when it comes to those who are saying that the u.k. probably will have less influence now in making decisions in the e.u. would have been better if the u.k. had just got on board with the rest with this was the argument of course. that we were given when the euro was launched in the first place you have to be part of it or you'll lose all the influence you know the city of london will decline and so look who was right you know i mean look there is nothing less attractive in politics and saying i told you so but there is no there's one thing less attractive and that is listening to the same discredited arguments from the same shameless politicians who got it wrong who got this badly wrong ten years ago and who are now trotting out exactly the same logic what else has to happen before they accept that their logic was flawed all wish logic is flawed do you think the economic or political logic mainly the impossibility of jamming widely divergent economies
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into a single exchange rate and a single interest rate there is also a democratic cost it's not only a political cost last month we saw crews in two e.u. member states initially as in greece elected prime ministers with truffles in favor of bureaucrats is trying to leave home years in remission and a former vice president of the european central bank says they had what are called national governments but the governments have been put together for the sole purpose of pushing through an agenda that would be rejected at a general election so that we see the if you like the anti democratic tendencies that were always there implicitly in the eurozone we now see them explicitly apparatchiks in brussels deal directly with apparatchiks in athens and in rome the people and their representatives have been cut out all together all the e.u. is still continuing to look for help from outside the european union outside of the
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euro zone for money to beef up their. those mechanisms to help the bailouts of the euro zone countries as well as the i.m.f. what do you think of this measure of trying to look for help from the outside will it actually help solve the problem i mean this is this is treating a debt crisis with more debt and you don't help an indebted friend by pushing more loans on em. when a country can't meet its existing liabilities it's crazy to extend those liabilities we should move towards a. partial orderly default in countries which simply can't meet their debts and an agreed separation of the of the eurozone so you're saying that a euro collapse is the only solution here the collapse of the euro will be. the beginning of a solution or you see the end of the euro as it currently stands will be the beginning of a solution but the real solution will come when there is
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a proper devolution of power so that decisions are taken more closely to the people that they affect and if you if you look at one of the really successful prosperous countries in the world the little ones the hong kong's the swiss saloons lichtenstein's the channel islands the monaco's the brunei's you know now you could say oh well they're all tax havens that's making the question they became tax havens because they had low tax why did they have low taxes because they had the small state advantage without the duplication without the big government and if you want a simple explanation for why the european union is falling behind further and further in the world economy that's it and the european union would argue that because of these projects they are in fact helping the growth expansion and progress of member states of the european union do you think the good does outweigh the bad in this case if he knew funds were the way to growth greece would now be the richest country in the union and germany would now be the poorest. and crowds would be
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marching furiously in kiel in hamburg and duesseldorf protesting about the greek loans right. just as with individuals so with entire states if you become dependent on subsidies from somewhere else that some sort enterprise you start perfectly rationally early ranging your affairs around qualifying for the grounds instead of creating wealth and this is the tragedy of the recipient countries the best and brightest people in those countries the entrepreneurs the people who could have done so much making things inventing things selling things creating businesses in their home states because nothing can compete with the advantages of being on the e.u. payroll they all start gravitating towards either directly the brussels bureaucracy or in directly becoming contractors or consultants dependent on loans we in the contributor countries grumble about it but the real pain is felt in the recipient countries and one of the recently approved budget. as for the acquisition of new buildings for the european parliament for example do you think the spending is
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justified and necessary i mean you know how crazy at a time like this when everybody i mean you know in every member state people are looking at how to trim budget you know do they do they really need two cars can they find a cheaper mobile phone operator all of my constituents are making these decisions we're all seeing a real decline in living standards and the european union is. fire these euros these of millions and hundreds of millions of euros and visitors centers and museums and you know more entertainment allowances for commissioners and you know extraordinary my favorite story of the last commission was that. manual barroso flew to the same summit in russia in separate private jets leaving brussels within four hours of each other and austerity is for the street sweeper and sluggo for the classroom assistant in corfu it's not for the euro project you've been an m.e.p. for about twelve years now what do you know now that you didn't know before when we
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joined the european union we thought it would be a common market that was the phrase that people used and if pushed what we meant by common market was mutual product recognition right if i can sell a bottle of mineral water in britain i should be lopsided in france or germany and vice a versa so what we found instead is that it's a highly regulated market. so you find that in order to sell a bottle of mineral water the bottle has to contain the following minerals but not any of these you know the volume has to be not greater than x. and not less than why the water has to comprise the following elements you can then find that even a bottle of mineral water that was never intended for export that is only consumed within a very small radius of where it can fall foul of the e.u. regulations and be declared illegal and so instead of getting a common market we have the opposite we have a restricted market where instead of being extended consumer choice is diminished
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so following your train of thought here are you saying that a european union can exist in current form for example if only decentralizes power instead of consolidating it wouldn't exist in anything like its present form i mean in one hundred seventy three which was the year that the united kingdom joined western europe was thirty six percent of world g.d.p. today it's twenty five percent in twenty twenty would be fifteen percent why is that the main constraint. a big inefficient government is international competition. you can raise your taxes up to a certain point and then the money starts going abroad to friendly jurisdictions and you have to cut it and you can bestow incredibly generous entitlements on your workforce maternity leave and paternity leave in a forty eight hour maximum we can go up to a certain point then the jobs start relocating but the european union gets you out of that problem it obviates the challenge of external competition it allows you to
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export your costs. to your rivals. and you could just about see the rationale for that fifty years ago when the main competition was coming from greece it is of course ridiculous when the main competition is coming from india china and so on and that's why the european union through this policy of centralization of harmonize ation of uniformity has consigned itself to economic and significance of the. skeptic what are the advantages that you see european part of it the one thing the one thing that the european union has done is it has made it impossible. the secret diplomacy on any given day in brussels will be a meeting of agricultural ministers of transport minister is it doesn't even make a press release and i would such a normal thing for that to be happening so that is a good thing that we should be talking together that we should be collaborating on matters that we can't achieve singly and we should be arbitrating i'll just use these things no one is going to disagree with that but i have that big you really don't need all the rest you don't need the bureaucracy you don't need the common
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agricultural policy you don't need the common fisheries policy you don't need the euro all of the rest is not only irrelevant to that goal but is actively harmful to it because as we now see the extent of integration far from spreading peace and goodwill in europe has had the effect it's actually increased national antagonisms to a greater level than they've been up since the second world war so many of the leaders right now want to forge on the. current form especially german chancellor angela merkel she has equated the survival of the euro and to the survival of peace what's your take on that the e.u. is a consequence rather than a cause of peace in europe the idea now that peace in europe depends on these massive bureaucracies in brussels is crazy in europe is maintained by trade by friendship and above all by the fact that we are now liberal democracies rather than tearing countries thank you carol.
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this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spread of. more than hundred thousand people in. groups walking and. need to be busted banks and children. in the
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sea as little as five hundred dollars. unpunished. areas. touched by. case paintings on display for.
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russia needs but. the primary challenges for russia the country's. political every voice. and international. death penalty. the flow of drugs used to kill us and. stay with us here in. the sporting.
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hello welcome to the latest sports and here at the top stories. fighting talked chelsea and england captain john terry vows to clear his name after police charged him with racially abusing q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand. while also giving both luis suarez will appeal against his eight match ban and fine for racist remarks made to manchester united three separate. and unbeaten army. your only regular season in style ten wins from tank after victory over twenty in spain. first chelsea in england captain john terry has vowed to fight tooth and nail to prove his innocence after being charged with racially abusing q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand also if you want to all center half will appear in court
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on february the first over claims he virtually abuse twenty six year old ferdinand during the blues one will defeat at loftus road on october the twenty third police a press charges after receiving a complaint from a member of the public well if found guilty terry could face a fine of up to four thousand dollars although his manager and they be of course says the club will continue to support him and the skipper will lead the blues in this thursday's crunch london derby at tottenham. but he has my my full support he has the club's full support. represents this close to a maximum level and. we are very grateful to have a player of his quality. you know what he represents in terms of history and achievements even within the club. we know exactly. as you move all yours and his personality. so well for supporting whatever the outcome. well meanwhile liverpool striker luis suarez will appeal against his eight match ban and sixty two thousand dollars fine the english f.a.
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found the required guilty of racially abusing manchester united's patrice evra on the one one draw down field on october the fifteenth suarez did play in the reds goalless draw a week in a wednesday night and his team mates more t. shirts with the space in the show their support. meanwhile is matched to city who leave the table this christmas for the first time since nineteen twenty nine roberto mancini side won three in a time just to stay two points clear of manchester united who kept up the pressure on the top and support back suddenly with goal difference gap with a final triumph that followed robin van persie netted his thirty fourth goal of the calendar year and asked no one to want to aston villa west brom hung on for a three two victory at stuttering newcastle martin o'neill made it's two wins from three a sunderland also defeated q.p.r. three two one ever to edge swanzy one nil but it's city to hold with psychological and the points lead. by. christmas i made before i was born because that.
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is most. back. to you guys i'm setting that is important in the end though this is not and for this. is difficult because we never. got going on but it's better to stay on the top of that cycle. well as we mentioned earlier third place tottenham host fourth place chelsea in a key london dobby this thursday night spurs could go back to it in seven points of manchester city and still have a game in hand if they beach the visiting blues but despite their second best ever run this season the top manager harry redknapp reckons it will be a close game. for you which is a very tight game you know between two good teams and. here we have come a long way for sure you know a few years ago we would be sitting here talking about. you know an even game if you do it between us and chelsea and it looks at the moment to be evenly matched.
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while over in spain maslen are aiming to reach the last sixteen of the copper del rey with victory at home to third division side with a lead pep guardiola side holds a one belief on the first leg from neighboring minnows but he will rest several key players after sunday's four nil club world cup triumph over brazilian champions santos that victory means boss have now won thirteen out of a possible sixteen trophies and even the rail madrid coach chose a marine your suggested that last achievement was minor audio believes it will benefit the club. reid said yesterday as a compliment we thank you and that's all each word coach says is highlighted by the media way too much we were likely to played and lucky to win and we're happy and i think that the fact that a spanish team can win this cop is a positive thing and that is all. well meanwhile just like manchester city in
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england the french league's big spenders paris sanjay man will enjoy life at the top of the table this christmas the capital club twenty three points clear of month following a one male victory is something the end record signing have you a story made a good job of a decent chance but. swiftly made up for the argentinians blip just after half an hour on the home side well they went all out in search of an equaliser in the second half but the s.d. held on to them narrowed down to each one will take the out right lead in the lead off the money lost for two with a view yet in the day. well meanwhile the russian national team will play two time world cup winners uruguay in their final friendly match before the start of the european championships next summer they gathered as men will face the south american side even moscow on may the twenty fifth and will then head to a week long training camp in switzerland before the tournament starts in poland ukraine on june eighth russia will play in one other friendly before the tournament
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which is away to denmark on february the twenty nine. now another news boxer floyd mayweather has been sentenced to ninety days in jail for assaulting an ex-girlfriend the five division world champion admitted hitting his former partner josie harris during an argument at her home last year mayweather was also ordered to pay a two and a half thousand dollar fine and complete one hundred hours of community service the thirty four year old agreed to a plea deal meaning he will not have to answer felony charges beating the sarus and threaten two of their children. basketball now tesco moscow have completed the year only greg in a season unbeaten for the second time the army men were the first love to do so six years ago and that ninety one points to eighty three win over any car in spain again gave the muscovite side ten wins from ten in group b. this got scored within seconds of the tipoff and that sets the tone. for the games which they dominated milosz chipping in eighteen point zero the visitors young men
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were already guaranteed a place in the last sixteen but i was determined to keep up that unbeaten run and with the right side to beat coming into the next round. what else were fellow russians i don't excuse i also finished off their regular season in style tyrrel right away. to a sixty three seventy six road trip. and in korea in slovenia. qualifying for third spot in green day so in the end meanwhile finished bottom of the table the sylvania side ending up looking worse in last place in the end of the season just one victory ninety six. to i second and you gotta have posted their sixth consecutive victory in the k h l after coming from behind to into on a spot at moscow the siberian team only joined the elite league last year and
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they're already causing quite a stir but one closer effort courts. ice hockey club you grow up from siberian city of hunted man ceased was founded in two thousand and six and spent the next four years blowing its way into russia's elite and its rookie cage show year the team which was certainly lacking in star power still managed to end the regular season in center place and what if one for the playoffs one first example do you grow was knocked out cold for his work finals in twenty to end hunger for postseason action is evidently as strong as ever. we have a very close knit squad which is vital for a team without any so-called star players and as you proved last year when our okies and made it into the k h l playoffs which despite a slow start this season for various reasons we're back on track and will be fighting for a whole season qualification again in their latest match hugh grant managed to come from behind and. feet sports must go to record their six successive victory said
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berens now sits in the middle of the cage while standing the leg by four in better shape than their wednesday opponent the posted their fourth loss in a row obviously i'm really happy with the score we stuck to our game plan and we worked hard and we were able to come back there again and again so it's a victory point for us danny groupies you draw us canadian import was signed with the same period less than a couple of months ago though his november debut was more brain injury the defender got back into action in almost no time in order to continue helping his team get to the coveted playoffs so we're going progress we've been playing well lately i think we haven't lost in five games now so i mean we're definitely headed the right way and hopefully we can go in and get ready for the playoffs you grass' roster is by no means star studded however even this regular season match against spartak moscow showed that this siberian sign is capable of reaching new heights on pure passion
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and character. ramon cossar of archie moscow. and finally only a select few all immortalized in prongs while they're still alive and australian cricket legend chang has just joined that elite one of the greatest bone as a full time was present in the flesh at the unveiling of his statue championship in one cricket ground war and is a former record holder for most of it's taken five hours in test cricket tally was an incredible seven hundred night at forty saying he still takes the pitch but only in a domestically born is everything i let us astray in sports want to be discovered was such an honor and was lost for words. but looks fantastic it's very very good so i was very proud it's a great on us was sort of weird seeing yourself up there but it's a very good likeness and very proud of it. that's all those postings by for that.
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russia's president orders sweeping reforms making it easier to run for political office and proposes a return to direct elections of regional governors in his annual address to the palma. league monitors head first syria of the cult like the bloody paid and international sanctions calls on living conditions to detail. and talking the noose on america's controversial death penalty the e.u. plugs the flow of drugs used to kill us and it's.


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