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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2011 7:30am-7:59am EST

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four thirty pm on friday here are you watching the headlines now dozens are killed in syria's capital and the first suicide bombing since the uprising in the country . to mediate a peace deal. tensions are running high in iraq seventy people were killed in an atrocity days after u.s. troops pulled out of the country this comes against the backdrop of political crisis with government leaders putting blame for the. opposition.
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your every move could be recorded and used against you. surveillance cameras to be installed in every taxi in the city but. compared to the public safety it's. ok to stay with us. gripped by festive fever making ready for christmas right here in the russian capital to stay with us from moscow.
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hello welcome merry christmas. to the christmas holidays it's a long. but still some people everything. including that one. the good old. tree. and the new year period. this happens much later as christmas in the country's most celebrated. christmas. as a more important holiday and as the day when. it was. fifteen years ago. christmas day.
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here soul. expect. christmas. tree the choice. online companies shops. like this one. when it comes to choosing a christmas tree as it's called and people are increasingly divided between those who opt for convenience. the genuine one each has its advantages. much cheaper i could be wheeled out of the year and doesn't drop needles on the floor. from artificial trees are in fact dangerous be used to decorate streets offices but not hundreds when you play such a train it might release some dangerous chemicals while authentic pine and flatteries produce natural antibacterial substances which can help kill. trees if
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grown especially at christmas environmentally friendly choosing a tree can be a great fun family occasion coming in all shapes and sizes no two little ones are of the same the problem now is transporting it back home and a great workout and then comes the fun part the decoration. time for christmas shopping now and there are hundreds of last minute places to shop in moscow for markets to discount stores and price ranges covered however if you want a grand christmas experience take a look at this next location the do department store. the spectacular fountain centerpiece has been covered by a huge model of a christmas carousel the cherry on top of the cake is a gigantic slide which children of all ages and enjoy.
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everywhere you look decorations christmas trees impressive garlands festive silhouettes and sparkling lights. well talk about the makeup of this place that's about six in the run up to christmas and then the really good acetic all the all the stops we got in the decorations this year situated right that's the red square it was the best place to get into the festive mood something all simply people watch and there's even a christmas band if you know it's. d.c. band members dress in a typical blue costumes that represent the russian father christmas rose playing out soviet russian and international christmas hits he creates a wonderful atmosphere and visual feast to shop as he passes by.
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way of on they were perform music from various countries here at groom to create a special festive atmosphere for all shoppers we want to wish everyone happiness health and wealth in the new year. is certainly one of the most glamorous stores in russia what else can you expect from a mall that stands right next to the kremlin known for its expensive shops this year a display of decorated trees has also been set up the she's been designed by luxury a popular brand such as christian dior at a mass of quito it's very interesting how a festive ornament can look so different there are some great designs here. shopping for the ones you love is a great thrill over malls for your wallets. bags in hand i'm full of the festive mood moscow during the holiday season never fails to impress if it's a real winter wonderland experience here was this is the place to come.
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moving on and what made you decide activities or occasions i was mentioning in the russian capital. one of the most sought after productions in the country is the performance of the not kaka ballet at the bolshoi theatre. britain at the end of the nineteenth century by the outstanding wishing composer go to tchaikovsky the ballot has been performed in the bolshoi stage for decades tickets for the show on the as eve are sold out months in advance and prices on the black market could be as high as thousands of dollars a true new year's treat. for those who are not looking to get to the thirty first december there is another quite popular way into the new year. in fact celebrating the holiday with family and friends at home is a widely followed tradition in russia several hours before the clock strikes midnight people start creating various dishes with salad being among the highlights the president addresses the nation on t.v.
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everyone raises a glass of champagne and makes a wish. charms. while some prefer to watch fireworks and celebrations on and others prefer to moscow's red square full of thousands of excited muscovites tourists and this is its application to meet in. the heart of the russian capital. there are various films around the world that have become associated with the festive season in russia is the romantic ninety five comedy called the states. title yes. it's based on the similarity of houses in the soviet times many people across the country lived in similar blocks main character travels from moscow to st petersburg by mistake. just like the sound of music in the west millions of russians watch this film and have to the decades.
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arriving at our final location although moscow's ever changing restaurant scene is busy throughout the whole year it's clear things are certainly stepped up for the various holiday periods special. events celebrity gatherings elite parties and decorations. and at the top of. a new restaurant called white rabbit aims to be the highest flier in the new restaurants that have taken to the skies. you know one thing i love about living in a swanky developing restaurant seriously is now one of the best in the world and over the past six years that i've lived here a whole range of spectacular eateries have opened close and now seems that many of them are battling it out against each other to become the highest and most glamorous entire city. views of the capital. offering incredible images of high rises. and.
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impressive to say the least. views of course. prices but it's christmas. celebrate in the restaurants casual atmosphere. at home. is the ideal. christmas. turkey. it's very tasty an aromatic served. with cheesy cream crunchy parsley and white truffle oil. business in russia and the public is celebrating the twentieth century but now with the festivities of fifty first. it's clear the whole country is. huge. and
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whether you rejoice at a christmas. capital is one of the leading cultural hot spots in the world but always a fantastic choice of events and attraction as it anew the experience. of christmas in moscow the city. incredible. fortunately that's that's how we have left on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week. goodbye a very merry christmas. plan
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that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster. had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution or the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars. unpunished.
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wealthy british soil holds. what's really happening to the global economy. headlines.
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if. louise.
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headlines on our t.v. dozens were killed in syria's capital and the first suicide bombing since the uprising in the country began in march besides arab league observers get down to business in the effort to mediate a peace deal. tensions are running high in iraq after over seventy people are killed in a new bombing atrocity the need days off the u.s. troops pulled out this comes against the backdrop although a political crisis for the government leaders putting the blame for the violence on the opposition. privacy matters your every move and word could be recorded and used against you human rights activists in britain fight an increasing number. to be
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installed in every taxi in the city. authorities insist that the risk of intrusion is acceptable compared to the public safety benefits. or i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour in the meantime though it's kate and the latest world of sport. hello welcome to the latest sports update this friday and here's what's coming up football focus chelsea captain john terry puts his racism charge to one side as he helps the blues draw one want to talk them into a crunch premier league london darby. while the rise fall out lands go second in the care charles western conference after having tasted out their seventh straight defeat for to here in moscow. and legendary dreams russian pole vaulter yelena isinbayeva sets her sights on her story but
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a limping gold medal next summer's games in london. the first chelsea captain john terry was back in action on thursday night twenty four hours after being charged with racially abusing q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand with terry helping the blues grab a one one draw in a pivotal london derby a top then the thirty one year old center hopeful appearing in court on february the first after remarks he allegedly made in chelsea one zero defeat at loftus road on top of the twenty third however blues manager and they did for us still selected his skiff but for the games spurs to get eight minute lead through emmanuel adebayor or a quarter of an hour later the visitors levelled thanks to daniel sturridge both sides had more chances but one one is how it finished and afterwards when i first praise terrorist commitment or how you read not praised his side season so far it's performances have increased since the incident there but for the strictly his commitment to the ring dogs and his quality and talent is never in doubt so all i
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mean is completely for good stewards of the causes. before which is a. simple look we've got a great start six thirty four point draw city stage of the season is incredible charlie losing the first two games so we're going great liverpool be their own. children. going to be choice talk for is going to be very close. after that much of white hart lane talk of say thirty nine points adrift of the top part of the game in hand chelsea remain fourth to force behind spurs russia city are top of the table for christmas two points and ten goals ahead of rivals not just united not in the mean time to city's yacht touré has been named the african player of the year the ivory coast midfielder beat barcelona say to cater my ses and dry you to rate there's twenty eight was voted for by managers of the african national teams. and over in spain basel i to reach the last sixteen of the coppers our a with ease
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thrashing the thirtieth but i let the line know that the new count to go through ten now and i guess despite resting several key players but i also went through to the next round with a foreigner when i got cut if. i stuck it out and in the k.h. outlands are up to second in the western conference after winning forty one misfiring to sky here in moscow atlanta opened through dimitri i think. it's the first period they were two up let you down on target from a tight angle the second i did and added another in the next period i myself think we are going to make it three no i want to stay i did think back to streamline this to see the another one this week in the function we used the deficit again. this effort for two is how it finished a worrying seven straight defeat to the army men who stayed eight in the west. well
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that game so atlanta star alex a couple of return to action for the first time in three months following an injury but while he's been actually the former n.h.l. great has also helped to teach the kids and supporter charity that's close to his heart one cos are reports. nine hundred ninety four stanley cup winner and one thousand nine hundred sewell unpick champion and the sake of an elf has spent almost his entire career in the n.h.l. following eighteen seasons across the atlantic the thirty eight year old right wing signs at city here deal with moscow regions auckland's last summer but away from the club makes sure he uses his talents to help future generations of players it's exciting for the kids because you always put yourself in a deposition when you're there age and they never had a chance to say you know had a chance skate with some superstar or whatever because a player. but they have the chance and a lot of a lot of players by the common good to counsel to come for practices and stay with
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the kids for which is this exciting for them and i know how they feel like i want to feel the same way helping out lots of juniors is just one way and it's a good little gives back ache a twenty seven as he was loving good jobs in the n.h.l. has his own share it seemed canada which helps kids with cardiac problems around the world heart trouble is something alex is just too familiar with as he spends two years in treatment himself from the age of eight there's a lot more about things you could do in russia about to start with all charity and all help the kids help the little sick kids through out to be active to to believe in self and trying to you know fall tired and not afraid to meet the friends or do other activities said be just because you think if you're sick in bed they cannot break things but you have to make them believe you know you are flying you can get or you can do anything you want whatever you want an exam is that relentless athlete at thirty eight the thought of brits i ring has never crossed his mind my
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mind is still in the game of my mind still i have a drive for this game i enjoyed it that are kind of gone for the ring i really enjoyed that he is in a locker on the way in the gym on the ice so i like all the kids to having fun which is important when you don't have that in them. russian ice hockey has gradually increased in recent years and the seasoned veterans from the n.h.l. has added to the. don't hurt either. athletics now in pole vaulter yelena isinbayeva says she hopes to become a legend in her sport the russian is preparing for the london games and is a need to become the first female in track and field to win three straight golds while she set a world record at the two thousand and four olympics in athens and then at the beijing games she became the first woman to clear the five metre mark but since
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that achievement in china the twenty nine year old form has dipped although her ambition hasn't wave it isn't bias is training hard in her adopted home of one to carlos and he's aiming for a historic third the gold. the other should do it i knew that if i became the first woman to jump more than five metres then i would be making athletics history i will always be remembered and are achieving and all of the other women who managed to do this will always be number two to a certain degree and being the first in sports is always good i'm really happy that my name is forever in the history book of track and field despite my children's i don't consider myself to be living large in your heart you know female track and field after that has managed to become an individual and be a champion in three successive games this is my go and i want to become a legend i don't know it would be the most difficult. action from the n.f.l. now where the indianapolis colts clinched a dramatic nineteen sixteen win over the houston texas reggie wayne getting the vital touchdown with just nineteen seconds left on the clock well the colts have
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been without injured quarterback peyton manning this year called owner jim israel same who tended to keep the staff and next season well in the meantime replacement down last week had a bad start in such a history trying cashing just just then going ahead after a touchdown for me and a third that russia carrier foster who texans led ten six at the half and were clinging on to a sixteen twelve lead late in the fourth grade execution in the final minute so orlowski reggie wayne. was just twenty yard line and the pair went to began with a vital touchdown. the cults nine hundred sixty one is their second consecutive victories the easing thirteen strikes that it's. possible now and every team's fate has now been decided in the europa league after the final day of the regular season with fenerbahce has come up and emporio armani among it seems he would dance to the top sixteen group stage wells like a champ instead about
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a run out of eighty three seventy six winners at italian side come to finish top to play the host but also guaranteed an all sixteen spot as they already place however county fails to contain done by dunn of age and with nineteen points one teammate argue subash also had a new precedent point with season i went to one point. and also qualify for group a where spanish side has caught up the first time they've reached this competition the rolling to a seventy seven seventy two win over fellow spanish side kyle about how mark obama with a game fight eighteen points to get into the same spot that clinched a historic tiebreaker when just sneak into the second phase of the viewer league season. on the group same body amani prevailed in a winner takes all clash advances on an outright battle for a top sixteen spot in belgrade sort of his demand side to raise an eleven point
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deficit has not gained height eighteen points one solid defense help haiti seventy two sixty six is the final school. and finally only a select few are immortalized in bronze one less to live under strain cricket legend shane warne has just joined that elite one of the greatest bowlers of all time was present in the flesh at the unavailing you can statute on the greatest champion was in melbourne cricket ground. is the former record holder for most kids taken by a balloon after test cricket is not impressive tally of seven hundred eight in the forty two he still takes to the pitch not just in the domestic league one is only the elevons a strain of sportsmen troops so to such an honor i was flattered by the result. that's looks fantastic it's very very good so i was very proud it's a great on ice was sort of weird seeing yourself up there but it's
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a very good likeness and very proud of it. and that's all the support for this bulletin this morning just under two hours please join me again. witnesses. to history in the making. testimony. ten stories that shapes two thousand and eleven on our t.v. .
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brighton if you knew about someone from funds. for instance on t.v. . and.


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