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in the. markets find. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines june into gaza report on r g. eight thirty pm in moscow these are your r.t. headlines dozens killed in syria's capital and the first suicide bombing since the uprising in the country started in march this is our league observers get down to business and an effort to mediate a peace deal there. tensions are running high in iraq after more than seventy people were killed in a new bombing atrocity only days after u.s. troops pull out of the country this against the backdrop of a political crisis with government leaders putting the blame for the surging violence on the opposition. and every move every word could be recorded used
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against you human rights activists in britain fighting an increasing number of surveillance cameras there are now to be installed in every taxi in the city of oxford authorities insist the risk of intrusion is acceptable compared to the public safety benefits. up next we go shopping for a fur tree or you'll bring you our best selection of the capital's new year's eve activities coming your way all in moscow out stay with us. hello welcome merry christmas. to the christmas
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holidays. but still some people everything. including that one. the good old. tree. and the new year. this happens much later as christmas in the country's most celebrated. christmas. as a more important holiday and as the day. presents. its. goal. christmas day. here soul. expects. christmas
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day. the choice. online companies shops and. houses like this one. when it comes to choosing a christmas tree as it's called and people are increasingly divided between those who opt for a convenient trait. to have to genuine one each has its advantages . much cheaper i could be wheeled out. and doesn't drop needles on the floor. artificial trees are in fact dangerous be used to decorate streets offices but not hung when you play such a train it might release some dangerous chemicals while authentic pine inferred trees produce natural antibacterial substances which can help. real fur trees if growing especially at christmas environmentally friendly choosing a tree can be
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a great fun family occasion coming in all shapes and sizes you know two real ones are of the same the problem now is transporting it back home and great work outs and then comes the fun part the decoration. time for christmas shopping now and there are hundreds of last minute places to shop in moscow for markets to discount stores all price ranges covered however if you want a grand christmas experience take a look at this next location the department store. the spectacular fountain centerpiece has been covered by a huge model of a christmas carousel the cherry on top of the cake is a gigantic slide which children of all ages can enjoy. everywhere you look all decorations christmas trees impressive garlands festive silhouettes and sparkling lights. well
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talk about the makeup of this place that's about six in the run up to christmas and then the really good of sceptical to all the stops we've got in the decorations this year situated right that's the red square it was the best place to get into the festive mood something all simply people watch and there's even a christmas band it's. d.c. band members dress in a typical because she was that represent the russian father christmas rose playing out soviet russian and international christmas hits he creates a wonderful atmosphere and visual feast to shop as he passes by. the. way his ball game would perform music from various countries here at groom to create a special festive atmosphere for all shoppers we want to wish everyone happiness
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health and wealth in the new year. is certainly one of the most glamorous stores in russia what else can you expect from a mall that stands right next to the kremlin known for its expensive shops this year a display of decorated trees has also been set up the she's been designed by luxury a popular brand such as christian dior at a mass of quito it's very interesting how a festive ornament can look so different there are some great designs here. shopping for the ones you love is a great thrill over for your wallets. bags in hand i'm full of the festive mood moscow during the holiday season never fails to impress if it's a real winter wonderland experience here was this is the place to come. moving on and what made you decide activities or occasions i was mentioning in the russian capital. one of the most sought after productions in the country is the
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performance of the not kaka ballet at the bolshoi theatre. britten at the end of the nineteenth century by the outstanding wishing composer go to tchaikovsky the ballot has been performed in the bolshoi stage for decades tickets for the show on new year's eve are sold out months in advance and prices on the black market could be as high as thousands of dollars a true new year's treat. for those who are not lucky to get to the thirty first december there is another quite popular way into the new year. in fact celebrating the holiday with family and friends at home is a widely followed tradition in russia several hours before the clock strikes midnight people start creating various dishes with salad being among the highlights the president addresses the nation on t.v. everyone raises a glass of champagne and makes a wish of criminal charges. while
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some prefer to watch the fireworks celebrations on and others professor venture to moscow's red square full of thousands of excited muscovites tourists and this is it's happening location to meet in. the hearts of the russian capital. there are various films around the world that have become associated with the festive season in russia is the romantic nineteen seventy five comedy called the irony of fate or ensure your buff title yes. it's based on the similarity of houses in the soviet times how many people across the country lived in similar blocks main character travels from moscow to st petersburg by mistake and finds. just like the sound the musical may poppins in the west millions of russians watched this film on new year's eve after decades. of rioting at our final location although moscow's ever changing restaurant scene is busy throughout the
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whole year it's clear things are certainly stepped up for the various holiday periods special fiends night's festivities celebrity gatherings elite parties and decorations. and at the top of smolinski a new restaurant called white rabbit aims to be the highest flier in the new flock of moscow restaurants that have taken to the skies. you know one thing i love about living in moscow is the swanky developing restaurant scene seriously is now one of the best in the world and over the past six years that i've lived here a whole range of spectacular eateries have opened and closed it now seems that many of them are battling it out against each other to become the highest and most glamorous means higher city. the capitol skyline offering incredible images of highrises. impressive to say the least. views of course. prices but it's
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christmas. celebrate in the restaurants casual atmosphere. at home. is the ideal. christmas. turkey. it's very tasty an aromatic serve. christmas in. public to celebrate the twentieth century but now with the festivities of fifty. it's clear the whole country is. huge. and with christmas merry. the capital is one of the leading cultural hot
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spots in the world. a fantastic choice of events and attraction as it a new period. called christmas in the city. incredible. food. fortunately that's that's how we have on this week's program i'll see you again. next week. goodbye a very merry christmas. well dreams of the future cruisers wishes on technology updates next generation
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playfields made from super strong holds for lightly building materials to help with the coastal nuclear isotopes clean your planet thanks to the revolutionary new ways to get rid of our growing man skills and a long listen to the russian invaders. the central. league. moves. to sleep. just so.
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on. more news today violence is once again flared up flow from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as true for chinese corporations are all today. from.
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dozens killed in syria's capital in the first suicide bombing since the uprisings in the country began in march this is our oblique observers get down to business in an effort to mediate of peace deal in damascus. tensions running high in iraq after more than seventy people were killed in a new bombing atrocity only days after u.s. troops pulled out of the country is comes against the backdrop of a political crisis with government leaders putting the blame for the surge in violence on the opposition. privacy matters your every movement to be reported it ever recorded and possibly used against you human rights activists in britain fighting an increasing number of surveillance cameras are now to be installed in
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every taxi in the city of oxford authorities insist the risk of intrusion is acceptable compared to the benefits of public safety. ok departures up next with all the latest from the world of sports stay with us here on our. thank you for joining me and here are the latest sport headlines football focused chelsea captain john terry puts his racism charge to one side he helps the blues draw one want to talk in a crunch premier league london w. why the rise and fall atlanta go second in the k h o's western conference after having to scour their seventh straight defeat for two here in moscow. and legendary dreams russian pole vaulter at yale a necklacing by about sets her sights on her story her limping gold medal at next
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summer's games in london. but first chelsea captain john terry was back in action on thursday night twenty four hours after being charged with racially abusing q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand with terry helping the blues club a one one draw in a pivotal london davia top of all the search and one year old son to home for the pier in court on february the first i will remark he allegedly made in chelsea one zero defeat at loftus road on october twenty third however his manager under a village voice still selected to skip out to the game on thursday night the first of an eight minute lead through emmanuel out of my all but a quarter of an hour later the visitors levelled thanks to daniel sturridge both sides had more chances but one one is how it finished. so off to the top and stay third in the table nine points adrift of the top but with a game in hand chelsea remain forty two points behind much to city are top of the table for christmas two points and ten goals ahead of rivals manchester united although after the match at white hart lane glasgow us praised terry's commitment
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bahari read not reordered his side season so far. this is performances of increased . distinctly his commitment to the window and his quality and he's never in doubt sure if. briefly focus to the causes of the football club and its performances of not to drop the single level without a great start say forty five points or a city stage a season is incredible tally losing the first two games so we're going great liverpool be there arsenal chelsea are going to be top top four is going to be very close. looking ahead and there'll be a single premier league matches next monday for the traditional boxing day programme with chelsea again in action hosting following a lunchtime west london derby sunday lunch perseid only to leap from talk them into the early victory i asked him to keep up the pressure on the top four as they struggle second from bottom bolton newcastle who covers one hundred six liverpool
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welcome and battled steve keen's rock bottom blackburn united seconds but still missing nine players through injury to take on wigan recently drawn with little more than chelsea leaders manchester city go to west brom and stoke welcome aston villa and imagine darby while someone who won two out of three games under martin o'neill has to financially strapped everton hoping to get in the striker when the transfer window opens. so if you try to go forward don't you know i would certainly love to bitch. because we know we're all a little bit short so if we could do that it would help us if we do it. well a quick look back at the top half of the table sees newcastle incidents on my part as well as high as thirty but have no one since november the fifth and not one of the sports direct arena since the grounds name has changed since then james's park four days later alan pardew side are after second bottom involves a lot on monday and the manager says his side's dippin form is just
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a blip. that just happens in the premier league of these periods where teams in form and things like you feel like things are going against you. but you know we've got to be mentally strong and if we just do what we do. we do it well then we should win this good. while in spain barcelona have breezed into the last sixteen of the copper del ray after a nine mil home demolition of thirty left to go through ten milagros lengthier also went through with a foreigner i went over this well i think i would have signed for me to further diego simeone yes then you. coach after firing that i go to a month on the following thursday shot copper exits two thirty i'll bet that there were forty one year old argentinian takes on his seventh coach role in five years after he got struggles in selling striker is set to go i go at off and diego for long enough tenth in our league or four points off the drop zone. plus
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a one hour following the sum a surgery and triumph the russian women's basketball team have started their first training camp as they target their maiden olympic gold and next summer's games in london russia qualify for the games by winning this year's european championships in poland in july and while the team has a tournament leaving three continental goals but only managed to bronze medals in three olympic appearances well coach but it's like a lovesick as a mixture of proven stance and up and coming talents to choose from twenty five year old shooting guard danny that's going up is in the running for the european player of the year award and he's into muddiest about about is also getting for it too the russians are expected to take at least another bronze in the next year. we dream about. the gold medals.
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athletics now a russian pole vaulter yelena isinbayeva is preparing for the london games with the aim of becoming the first female track and field athlete to win three straight olympic gold and become a legend in her sport while the twenty nine year old set a world record at the two thousand and four olympics in athens and then she became the first woman to clear the five metre mark at the beijing games four years later but says that achievement the russians for has dipped although bishan hasn't wavered and by ever has been training hard in her adopted home of monte carlo and he's going all out for that historic third gold in london. the other should do it's got that up i knew that if i became the first woman to jump moderns five meters then i would be making atlantics history i will always be remembered and that she learned all of the other women who managed to do this will always be number two to a certain degree and being for instance paris is always good and i'm really happy that my name is forever in the history book of track and field this might be my children's i don't consider myself to be a living legend you know female track and field after that has managed to become an
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individualist champion in three successive games this is my go is i want to become a legend i don't know if. ice hockey now and the k h l afghans are up to second in the western conference after winning for two misfiring to sky here in moscow well visit to atlanta opened soon dimitri up up and running and was the first favorite player to allow a collage of this on time get. a tight angle. and then went on scene and another in the second period sufficing seeing the army meant to make its radio. contest although they didn't play back to spain longer than conceded another and even though danny's function to juice the deficit again this affects fourteen is how it finished a worrying seven straight defeat for the army men who stayed eight in the west. while that game so atlanta star alexei come by he also returned to action for the first time in three months following an injury but it's what had been announced the
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former n.h.l. great would also help teach some children and support a charity that's close to his hans come across referee ports fifty nine hundred ninety four stanley cup winner and one thousand nine hundred sewell and pick champion alex a commonwealth has spent almost his entire career in the n.h.l. following eighteen seasons across the atlantic the thirty eight year old right wing signs at city year deal with moscow regions auckland last summer but away from the club make sure he has his talent to help future generations of players it's exciting for the kids because you always put yourself in their position when you're their age and they never had a chance to you know had a chance skated good with some superstar or whatever because of where. but they have the chance and a lot of a lot of players become and are good to come so they come to practices and school the kids for which is it's exciting for them and i know how they feel like i would feel the same way helping out lots juniors is just one way alex
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a couple of gives back a k two ninety seven as he was loving good jobs in the n.h.l. has his own charity in canada which helped. kids with cardiac problems around the world heart trouble is something alex is just too familiar with as he spends two years in treatment himself from the age of eight there's a lot more things you could do in russia about just overgrown chardy you know called the kids help the little sick kids to be up to two to believe the cell phone trying to you know fall tired and not afraid to meet the friends or do other things these should be just because you think if you're sick in bed they cannot bring things but you have to make them believe it or you are flying you can get all you can do anything you want whatever you want. is there in that athletes at thirty eight the thoughts of brits i ring has never crossed his mind my mind is still in the game and my mind is still i have a drive for this game i enjoyed it the other kind of down for the recovery and joy
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to be in a locker room in the gym on the ice so i could still having fun which is important when you don't have that amount of the stories are bringing us up and on the ice russian ice hockey has gradually increased in quality over recent years and the return of seasoned veterans from the n.h.l. has added to the popularity of the kontinental hockey league and their off the ice activities don't hurt either room on cost or of artsy moscow region. that's almost forced by thanks. to history.
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