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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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thank you for joining us of three thirty here in moscow here's a quick recap of your headlines thousands have turned out to rally in the russian capital in a second mass protest the largest and yet against last month's parliamentary result the opposition claimed the vote was rigged and they want a rerun while the government has promised political reform. in syria the festive holiday spirit is broken by a new round of violence in damascus that leaves dozens dead now follows the arab league deploying observers to try to mediate a peace deal. and fueled by his apparent successes in libya david cameron has revealed plans for potential intervention in somalia next year the oil rich african
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country has been described as a threat to british security and its fate will be decided at high level talks in london in february. those were the headlines kaiser report is coming up next stay with. i am as times are this is the kaiser report merry christmas merry christmas oh it's happy christmas time is so exciting stacy her rexy almost like a central banker they're printing money yes there's another billion from of global or there's a true for jamie diamond or your story is surely for wall street oh here's david cameron the paper go to. well max let's look a little bit back on twenty eleven this has been the year of obama's wars the currency wars and the biggest war of them all with
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a global insurrection against banker occupation and so you know a few weeks ago i invited people to send in images of their own job of dogs because i had g.i. bill harry why i wanted to show you a few of those little gifts to the audience here this is from the mad ape and that face is a face only a mother can love s.g. awful george george keep it real ugly. this is not a very nice red christmas eve right no question here is a dog from seattle sent to us by craig and this is as you see he's holding a sign there democracy gone to buy wow and actually were sent to jabal katz this is from brat school as you could see he's making fun of teva cameron there pretending to be a submissive let's make an appearance at the punk group the seventies bow-wow oh yes david cameron the cat he's a little pussycat isn't a timid over there trying to get his way in europe and then they throw the get out
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the door finally and job i want to turn to episode one fifty four where we first saw giago become international yes max the raging greeks have staged the biggest protest yet and that. seen in this headline giago thieves hustlers bankers so giago of course is the global insurrection against banker occupation yes the episode was actually even called the album x. and we were talking about the athens protesters on their signs they were starting to connect what was happening in some thomas square with what was happening in terrorist square and but in ghazi and tunisia well we on this show predicted the global insurrection against banker occupation had a few manifestations like u.k. uncut occupy wall street uprisings in mid east and north africa it's all connected to the same thing the same corrupt banking system that created hundreds of trillions of dollars with a bunch of stanwell debt that peaked in two thousand and seven and then started to collapse and now they've got their austerity measures but the banks don't want to
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stop getting paid and now this is the tension you know i mentioned greece since in thomas square and while the people are rising up the bankers are fighting back with more more and more ever more astaire to the measures and in fact have installed the former greek central banker who is in charge of taking all those fraudulent goldman sachs swaps while he's in charge an elected official now but i want to turn to this headline max greek woes drive up suicide rate two highest in europe statistics released by the greek ministry of health show a forty percent rise in those taking their own lives between january and may this year compared to the same period in twenty ten lloyd blankfein is a blot of a sense so does john paulson that's one manager they plotted to destroy the greek economy these guys are dripping in blood the whole wall street group of bankers and blood soaked rags that they live and breathe and it's the same companies the same banks doing the same kind of economic terrorism around the world you know you've
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got suicides are great you've got suicides in india the farmers in india and something like twenty every day commit suicide there because of the same companies whether it's goldman sachs or month or wal-mart they're all practicing financialization the. transform the business of doing business to the business of financialization which requires an increase in debt to these incredible levels of people kill themselves all based on their corrupt model the article points out that before the financial crisis began to bite three years ago greece had the lowest suicide rate and europe at only two point eight per one hundred thousand inhabitants it has now almost doubled that number the highest on the continent despite the stigma in a nation where the orthodox church refuses funeral rights for those who take their lives to regulation the steve forbes and international chamber of commerce who were there during the riots carving up the greek economy and encouraging the suicide rate good going and now i want to turn to this tweet speaking of the sovereign debt and nations defaulting in the crisis that causes and it's from daniel knowles of
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the telegraph and he says this is still awesome the correlation between percentage of men aged twenty four to thirty five living at home and sovereign debt risk as you see the number one is greece where the percentage of men in that age group have to live at home and next you see portugal in places like spain and italy and there appears to be a correlation not that correlation is necessarily causation but they they do are correlated that the c.d.s. spreads on nations that are very high that they also have a high percentage of young men living at home maybe they live at home but they're not breast feeding from their mother like the bankers on wall street are still doing from the government remember to welfare for the rich in america and work fair for the poor and they are there suckling on their government teat all day long in america maybe to live at home but doesn't stop them from you know suckling but now the number one source of inspiration for this global insurrection against banker
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occupation of course was the bankers and their crimes in the central bankers and their crime wave but another source of inspiration on the positive side or wiki leaks and anonymous because remember it was information that we keep leaks released into the public domain regarding tunisia and how their dictator ben ali was low. thing and the same for mubarak in egypt that allowed the population to rise up as they themselves were being hit with massive inflation so i want to turn to this headline tango down that was one of the phrases of the year for sure that is anonymous of course and when they've taken down the site this is just this past week max they've taken down the sites of egypt because once again while they overthrew one dictator they still have the military operation in their back by the u.s. of course and the fight for freedom still goes on the fight the global insurrection against banker occupation still goes on mon when we are in cairo we met with people in tahrir square and they were still talking about barack obama's speech in cairo
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not long before our visit to cairo and i had to warn people in tahrir square don't take obama seriously this always happens america goes into these countries whether it's vietnam or egypt or cairo and makes big promises and then that when the going gets tough they bolt and the people who support of them get burned beaten up in the streets well you should never trust the banker or the banker apologist because i'm going to flash back to another headline from earlier this year we keenly khadafi turn down made off so even despotic leaders it turns out can make sound investment decisions libyan leader moammar gadhafi turned down the chance to invest with bernie made off and accused ponzi schemer allen stanford according to new diplomatic cables released by wiki leaks the wiki leaks cable was dated january twenty eighth two thousand and ten but this year we learned that in fact they didn't turn down however khadafi did welcome in goldman sachs who promptly lost within three or four months ninety eight percent of the billion dollars handed to
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goldman sachs no doubt they would still be alive today if they traded in that criminal suit for their maze tie it's that simple two hundred billion dollars stolen wealth fund that would have made him. buy lunch with warren buffett for you know twenty million dollars have lunch with them at smith and wollensky say house in manhattan sit down warren tell me you're sort of buying this and buying that you know like the alley what that study guy is no different than good opportunities from an oppressive regime but he plays the banker you know wear a suit when he asked me like yeah absolutely bit like a financial terrorist max actually a viewer of this program sent in this video called khadafi should have been a banker. see.
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the for millions of nice choice i believe i saw an image of you wearing a vermilion boat out of a million boat tie and there's brazenly that was such an outrage against it that i haven't worn one sense let's turn here to bill black because we've had him on the show and he is one of the real thinkers behind this global insurrection against banker occupation he provides the legal the legal framework and he's in this headline max bill black dantes divine comedy banks there's edition he's responding to this quote from obama where he was interviewed on sixty minutes one of the things that surprised me the most about this poll is that when asked who your
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policies favor the most forty two percent said wall street only thirty five percent said. average americans my suspicion is that some of that may have to do with the fact that there's not been any prosecutions criminal prosecutions of people on wall street i can tell you just from forty thousand feet that some of the most damaging behavior on the wall street in some cases some of the least ethical behavior on wall street was in the legal. that's exactly why we had to change the laws so he's responding to obama claiming that there was nothing illegal done on wall street and bill black looks at it and he says that it was all based around these liar loans only fraudulent home lenders made liar's loans liar loans were endemically fraudulent lenders and their agents put the liason liars loaned appraisal fraud was endemic and led by lenders and their agents c.d.o.
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is backed by a liar loans were inherently fraudulent and he goes on and on so he said it's all fraudulent it's not under existing law and obama is wrong to suggest otherwise well what does this tell that from obama i can tell you from forty thousand feet in other words he's in the air force one on his way to hawaii to play a round of golf and his mind is on the golf course he'll say well you know from forty thousand feet looking down doesn't appear like anything's wrong and by the way i'm missing my do you done what i mean four thousand feet six me. like you know mental model what the actual gooks you know the airplane you fricken loser you know and this is where bill black picks up on your theme of the dante circles of hell he comes up with ten and he says level ten is septic tank scum they deserve eternal hell these banks toure's deserve a physical hell of infinite torment and duration he said this is reserved the
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circle of hell is reserved for officers that directed control frauds that involve making predatory loans to more than ten thousand homeowners who lost their homes as a result of the frauds but all the way down at level four max he places the banks jurors who cost us our money instead of our homes goldman sachs and friends and he says they should be sentenced to a generic prison a life of boredom and a severe loss of freedom advocate equivalency if the bankers and the bank stirs want to go back to the. middle ages of service and lords they want to get rid of magna carta they want to get rid of a b.s. corpus they want to go in then under oath frickin obama he wants to get rid of anything that would stop the government from putting americans anywhere in the world including american jail for any reason like they i they think he's an idiot for example they could put me in jail for this how about if we bring back punishment from the middle ages to go with your moral equivalency of the middle ages that means you get you. off well max for this first half of our christmas eve
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special i want to end with a comment from r.t.e. dot com forward slash programs for slash kaiser dash report i remember smoking weed at around the age of fourteen i remember laughing looking at a palm tree because it looked like a bart simpson frog your show has the same effect that's obama from forty thousand feet and a spliff hawaiian sense of malian put down the bong pipe start covering the country that's right ron paul's taken over all right states never thanks much me on the cars report we'll see you right after the break don't go away more stacy herbert on the kaiser report. welcome to the. new year's wishes on technology to the next generation places made from super slow really building materials help with the museo isotopes clean your
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plate it seems to be a revolutionary way to get rid of your growing landfills and along with the. leaders. i am actually eyes are welcome back to the christmas episode of special of the cars the report i understand that after a leveraged buyout a hostile raid by kohlberg kravis and roberts that was white knight in defense from warren buffet of santa claus the seven elves unfortunately were working with him had to be sold into prostitution but santa was made whole and mrs claus
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unfortunately has to pick cookies for the rest of her life in a gulag somewhere in the south pole things are still happening in centers work some states are heard to just follow all the apparently fences stopped in at the kaiser report in the break max yeah he left this for me some silver right here some blank let me check it out we have that silver some silver blame directed to stacey herbert i also got totally gangsta i got this ten ounce coin of gold and there's a bad luck for you max let's see what you got. yours max is back i'm playing valuable . oh. you got to remember. this is what santa gives really. good. this destroys one of the goldman sachs last clients who walked into the office looking to gather money managed that's how they walked out of the office well but lloyd blankfein
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a slur but they unfortunately they stole all the egg laying capacity for the duration of the life of the chicken that they sold forage in the egg laying futures market they took all that bonus money so they'll be getting to him back that silver here. give me back this rover chicken because silver was one of the big stories of this year to max yeah crash j.p. morgan by silver campaign we had many many many many many work sent in from that but adweek all. covered a big important magazine in the ad and marketing industry and they said silver bug goes viral with marketing war max keiser has become a fringe media star thanks to the web it's not about the price of silver it's not about crashing j.p. morgan necessarily it's crashing well it's crashing the fraud that they represent in particular the silver market little did the rest of the world know that though max had this sense that it was the comix and the commodities markets where real
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things are traded in which you would have the biggest black swan fraud or in this case a rubber chicken fraud that's right and what is that soon turned out to be absolutely correct because the f. global scandal it turns out that morgan silver short position that we talked about on this show they have struck the m.f. global junk or seem to make coal contracts to pay off loans that were commodified by silver that are now in the balance sheet of j.p. morgan you know that there are some are positioned one up by the exact amount of the silver that was stolen from m.f. global customers hello it's you know this is call wealth redistribution you know used to be called communism now it's called wall street if they're redistributing wealth they're taking wealth they're seizing wealth a comment that came in via tweet from my car key looking back in two thousand and eleven of the reports he said the most memorable moment for him was max screaming at the top of his lungs for jamie diamond cuffs has been my most memorable moment
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hair raising let's turn to a little clip of that what i can tell about their jail unless that jamie dimon the cops now max this was before the m.f. global fraud and j.p. morgan's role in in seizing we think the client funds so all of it was a hey you know so much the wall street how can we not on wall street making millions because i see what's coming. it's not good i don't want to end up like jamie diamond ok this is jamie diamond after the mob gets through with. but speaking of jamie di win here is an image that was a hit this year and from the kaiser report and this is jamie diamond on the verge of this kind of fits in with the theme of christmas eve show that's the way could which life masters who invented or created or spawned from are corrupt lawyers and the credit default swap machinations that allow for the u.k.
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to become the debt capital of the g twenty it's all goes back to blight and her wicked witch ways well it also goes back to the city of london and that's been a big theme this year as well because without the city of london allowing infinite paf the cation m.f. global would not have collapse without the city of wondering who launder it. longer i mean london who visit the of london london but all of the frauds happened through london so when those riots happened this summer max and all of the media in london was like wow this is all spontaneously evil these rioters are just uniquely evil and have nothing to do with anything else all of the fraud and plundering happening in the city of london here's max crisis response that went viral we need to show the world which shows look tone from people that the
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perpetrators of the streets are not you anyway representative of the country nor of all young people as you can have both david cameron you can't allow plundering in the city of london and then outlawed in the ghetto that you created from the city of london plundering there is blatantly obvious that your own bankers are financially your people. out there. government. was bad because their and their pocket because. their response of the people in the street looting was not spontaneous it's based on the fact that they've been oppressed and repressed with financial apartheid whereas by masters of the credit default swap that was spontaneous it was immaculate conception it spawned out of the lawyers after she had a thought about how to defraud people effortlessly using digital manipulation that
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was an effortless spontaneous event but this looting was was you can see it coming a mile away if you steal money from the impoverished and you give them no recourse . revolts it now the other big bank in the news this year was goldman sachs and first i want to turn back to this little clip of you on france twenty four zero about two or three years ago where you said this about goldman sachs do what is it about goldman sachs or how does emotion because i like. goldman sachs are scum so bottom line they basically have co-opted the u.s. government they've co-opted the treasury department the federal reserve functionality to the obama administration barack obama you know dances to goldman sachs. and they're really crooked and abominable in what they've done they just remember hank paulson the congress hostage to go in the back room and said give
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a seven hundred billion dollars going to crash this market he's an arsonist he's he's an outlaw and yet he's given you're a strange researcher who was c.e.o. of. goldman sachs sure but if you go down the list they're all goldman sachs at that time that was considered kind of like a spirit see theory and even france twenty four which is closely allied with sarkozy they were like this is crazy but i want to turn to a clip just very. sent in the last month or two where france twenty four is now saying this about goldman sachs the european freemasonry of goldman sachs and what they mean by freemasonry is the way in which the freemasons operation it's a network and goldman sachs essentially according to the long correspondence i mean it's pretty difficult to refute what he says have put in place a network across europe who does not include you've got mario draghi let's have a look at his photo here online he is the former he's the new head of the european central bank a former vice president of goldman sachs europe you've also got the current prime
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minister elected prime minister of italy that's mario monti he was a former advisor to goldman sachs from i think two thousand and five open to the point when he was made prime minister you've also got the prime minister of greece by the name of lucas but then most of them and he was the former head of the europeans of the greek central bank at the time when greece came into the eurozone and what they're saying here is that the figure is the greeks present we've been hearing this for a long time now that the figures were not honest and in fact it seems that goldman sachs helped greece to present a better face to the world right and remember the baby saying somebody made a similar comment many years after i made that observation and this was the story of the day it got over a million view is. because of the b.b.c. presenters were gobsmacked to find out the truth that goldman sachs runs the world
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only at the b.b.c. could they be so oblivious to what's happening in the real world in the actual news well actually you were on there with a former director a managing director of goldman sachs and he was the only one that agreed with you on the b.b.c. program like everybody else was like this is preposterous and even the goldman sachs guy saying oh yeah it's all true and they were like that's conspiracy theory like nobody even when confronted with the facts that proves that we're in a cold. like situation that they themselves have invested much of the population has invested so much in this dream that they have been sold that they can never have to work again and will magically be wealthy for here to eternity you know it's like we're going back to the medieval days and remember the old days those medieval doctors used to cure people by leeching them you know this is like cameron now he's trying to cure the u.k. economy by leeching it of all its financial unsavory through austerity measures he's living in the seventeenth century this guy the fifteenth you know the twelfth century and then we have to turn finally to
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a few little images here max the kaiser report audience has been amazing at providing some of the best art work first i want to turn to one that was a big hit this is. this is. this is max kaiser tearing down the city of london with the big back that's fantastic. that's me at fifty feet tall and then of course when you're when you burst the i blood vessel you know when it was really bad we had the maxon nadir. of course right there was fantastic so so let me get this straight to recap santa claus on the north pole has endured a hostile raid by kohlberg kravis roberts and the various the reindeer the war and mrs claus been farmed out to a third world gulag we have david cameron has proved an episode of tom's economics
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max's exploding eyeball was the most viewed viewed you tube made of the entire year and you got all the good stuff across most of i got a rubber chicken that's right and before we go thank you so much for all of your comments and postings but please do you know there is only one facebook page that is official for kaiser report and that's facebook dot com forward slash kaiser report and for max keiser it's facebook dot com max keiser there is somebody who is perhaps lloyd blankfein or jamie diamond operating a max keiser page pretending to be you and is one of the twitter wars. that's right follow me on twitter i've got many more followers and stacy. well well well that's going to do it for the christmas edition of kaiser report with max kaiser and stacy herbert you want to send us an e-mail please send it to kaiser report at r t t v are you until next time x. guys are saying bio.
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