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testimony. ten stories that shapes two thousand and eleven on our t.v. . thank you for joining us i'm karen tara with a quick recap of your headlines thousands have turned out to rally in the russian capital in a second mass protest against last month's parliamentary poll result the opposition claim the vote was rigged and they want a rerun while the government has promised political reform. in syria the festive holiday spirit is broken by a new round of violence in damascus that leaves dozens dead that follows the arab league deploying observers to try to mediate a peace deal. and fueled by his apparent successes in libya david cameron has revealed plans for potential intervention in somalia next year the oil rich african country has been described as
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a threat to british security and its fate will be decided at high level talks in london and that's where. those where the headlines up next join me most scout team for some festive cheer. hello welcome merry christmas. to the christmas holidays. but still some people everything. including that one. the good old. tree.
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and the new year. this happens much later as christmas in the country's most widely celebrated. christmas. as a more important holiday and as the day. presents. its. goal. christmas day. soul. expect. christmas day. the choice. online companies shops and. houses like this one. comes to choosing
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a christmas tree as it's called in russia people are increasingly divided between those who opt for comedians. to have the genuine one each has its advantages. much cheaper i could be wheeled out of the year and doesn't drop needles on the floor. from artificial trees are in fact dangerous be used to decorate streets offices but not when you play such a train it might release some dangerous chemicals while authentic pine in furniture is produced natural antibacterial substances which can help kill. trees if growing especially for christmas environmentally friendly choosing a tree can be a great fun family occasion coming in all shapes and sizes you know two real ones are of the same the problem now is transporting it back home in great workouts and then comes the fun part the decoration.
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time for christmas shopping now and there are hundreds of last minute places to shop in moscow for markets to discount stores the price range is covered however if you want a grand christmas experience take a look at this next location the do department store. the spectacular fountain centerpiece has been covered by huge more christmas carousel the cherry on top of the cake is a gigantic slide which children of all ages can enjoy. everywhere you look all decorations christmas trees impressive gardens festive silhouettes and sparkling lights. well talk about the makeup of this place that's felt sick in the run up to christmas and then the really good ascetic all the all the stops we got in the decorations this year situated right next to
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red square it was the best place to get into the festive mood something all simply people watch and there's even a christmas band if you. d.c. band member stress in a typical because she does that represent the russian father christmas rose playing out soviet russian and international christmas hits it creates a wonderful atmosphere and visual feast to shop as he passes by. the battery. we were performing using from various countries here at groom to create a special festive atmosphere for all shoppers we want to wish everyone happiness health and wealth in the new year. is certainly one of the most glamorous stores in russia what else can you expect from a mall that stands right next to the kremlin known for its expensive shops this
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year a display of decoration trees missiles are being set up the she's being designed by luxury a popular brand such as christian dior at a mass of quito is very interesting how a festival ornament can look so different there are some great designs here. shopping for the ones you love is a great thrill over malls for your wallets. bags in hand i'm full of the festive mood during the holiday season never fails to impress if it's a real winter wonderland experience here was this is the place to come. moving on and what major festive activities or occasions i was mentioning in the russian capital. one of the most sought after productions in the country is the performance of the not kaka ballet at the bolshoi theatre. written at the end of the nineteenth century by the outstanding wishing composer peer through tchaikovsky the by has been performed in the bolshoi stage for decades
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tickets for the show on the as eve are sold out months in advance and prices on the black market could be as high as thousands of dollars a true new year's treat. for those who are not lucky to get to the thirty first december there is another quite popular way into the new year. in fact celebrating the holiday with family and friends at home is a widely followed tradition in russia several hours before the clock strikes midnight people start creating various dishes with salad being among the highlights the president addresses the nation on t.v. everyone raises a glass of champagne and makes a wish. charms. while some prefer to watch fireworks in celebrations on and others prefer to moscow's red square full of thousands of excited muscovites tourists and this is its application
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to meet in. the hearts of the russian capital. there are various films around the world that have become associated with the festive season in russia is the romantic nineteen seventy five comedy called the irony of fate or ensure your bath title yes . it's based on the similarity of houses in the soviet times how many people across the country lived in similar blocks main character travels from moscow to st petersburg by mistake. just like the sound of musical made in the west millions of russians watched this film on new year's eve after decades. of rioting and final location although moscow's ever changing restaurant scene is busy throughout the whole year it's clear things are certainly stepped up for the various holiday periods special fiends night's festivities celebrity gatherings elite parties and decorations. and at the top of. a new restaurant called white
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rabbit aims to be the highest flier in the new restaurants that have taken to the skies. you know one thing i love about living in a swanky developing restaurant seriously is now one of the best in the world and over the past six years that i've lived here a whole range of spectacular eateries have opened close and now it seems that many of them are battling it out against each other to become the highest and most glamorous entire city. the capitol skyline offering incredible images of high rises. and. impressive to say the least. views of course sky high prices but it's christmas. celebrate in the restaurants casual atmosphere. at home. is the ideal.
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christmas menu for starters i've created a turkey. it's very tasty an aromatic served. with cheesy cream crunchy parsley and white truffle oil. is not publicly celebrated much in the twentieth century but now with the festivities of fifty first. it's clear the whole country is. huge. and whether you see the christmas. capital as one of the leading cultural hot spots in the world will always be a fantastic choice of events and attraction as it a new period. called christmas in moscow the since an.
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incredible. fortunately that's that's how we have left on this week's program i'll see you again. next week for me and the rest of the crew goodbye a very merry christmas. this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become
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a source of pollution or the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. the more than hundred thousand people in. groups welcome the fact that children see the children to be ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest of the country. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong. unpunished.
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you. change. the little.
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have turned out to rally in the russian capital and the second mass protest against last month's parliamentary poll result position claim the vote was rigged and they want a rerun while the government has promised political reform. in syria the festive holiday spirit is broken by a new round of violence and damascus that leaves dozens dead that follows the arab league deploying observers to try and mandate to mediate a peace deal. and fueled by his apparent successes in libya david cameron has revealed plans for attentional intervention in somalia next year the oil rich african country has been described as a threat to british security and its fate will be decided at high level talks in london in february. those are the headlines sports is up next.
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hello welcome to sport on artsy come and see you from the russian capital with me or i'm on call for of the following are just some of the stories we're covering for you today. losing streak over spartak moscow finally gets a win and the whole match against visiting out on guard. speeding to another title twenty seven all round speed skating world champion the bonds call but if he wins the russian side all ahead of european championship in hungary. three in a row that's the olympic gold set by the queen of the pole vault signed by the champion deny the symbiote. let's start with ice hockey and the continental hockey league where struggling puts up an impressive fight against the clowns in
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a losing effort the moscow region men escaping slovakia with an overtime win thanks to a clutch effort by patrick zach prince and live for the final score as love having now lost three straight and sit nineteenth in the table plants on the other hand have extended their win streak to four games and i ranked third overall league leaders sky meanwhile have lost three nothing against the top five teams in a men's in a tough road outing in bella bruce second string goalies for both teams in that one . and staying with ice hockey and they can tell where sports find they ended a disappointing run of four straight defeats after a beating i have on guard three one right here in moscow concept of has all the details. sports on the route to flying and with tim defeats in the women richards and surprisingly traded a captain began to a mood for a fee from dr just before the encounter while i'm on guard lost two previous games
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and shoot down boost. size zero to place their head coach is a recent spartan exam bracy that income and rhyme assume anyone from on guard while looking for their first wins behind the mansion this season in the red and white stop t.h.o. statistics only conceded the old one hundred sixty however it was the host good to believe just five minutes into the game mark so far so fast i think somebody called mechanic busted goaltender one thing after the opening period three minutes after the restart and sport that doubled their the and if you go to me with a wrist shot from the right circle and cause a brother because i spun around to net the second there's a meter inside seemed to be confused but managed to jump back into the game seventeen seconds before the second intermission as i mix on the bubble for a direct to the bar that flew past they want us to tend to want to support after forty minutes however in the decisive period the red and weights managed to withstand the one birds attacks and then one more next season why don't you get
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a breakaway and couldn't use them to their visitors had pulled the goaltender and that sealed the final score so we won they have a very good club over there i think was playing well you know we have the player best game so. that's all we have to get. everything depends on us if we continue to play the way we did tonight i'm sure we can soon forget about the disappointing performances of that though it's an honor it suffered their third story defeat while sparkler one second time in twelve manchester to end their four manchu losing streak sitting nine points behind a play of sport this time out of a party. one see eleven all round the world and european champion. has defended his national title in a skull now vancouver olympics silver medalist called after going to only need in the three day event at for finishing first in the fifteen hundred meter race that
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just. by posting a third best results in sprint the following day the champion still retained his lead by winning the five k. run cemented his triumph on the final day of the competition with a convincing victory in ten kilometers events called it is now gearing up for the european championships which will take place in hungary at the beginning of january . but. i've successfully completed an intensive training competition period and i'm in good condition i won't put him sponsor all time so everything is fine and i like the way things are going i'm very pleased with the relationship issues now i'm going to train for the european championships which will be you know durant so apart from the rivals badly from the title the weather may also create some difficulties with the big maci guarantee basketball now and following this summer's a third european triumph the russian women seem to have started their first training camp as they target their maids in the olympic gold at next summer's games
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now russia qualifies the london swans it's twelve by winning this year's european championships in poland in july and while the team has a thirty minute leading three consider mental goals they've only managed to bronze medals in three of them pick appearances. as a mixture of proven stars and up and coming talents to choose from twenty five year old shooting guard. is in the running for the european player of the year award as is better and sensor money is to all the russians are expected to take at least another bronze in london. for. the gold medals. and in the meantime russian pole vaulter you get an ace in by is also preparing for the london games that's what a nine year old aims to become the first female track and field athletes away in three straight olympic golds and a legend in her sports. set
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a world record at the two thousand and four olympics in athens and then became the first woman to clear the five metre mark at the beijing games four years later but since that achievement the russians format has zips although her inhibitions hasn't wavered isn't bible has been training hard in her adopted home of malta choro and is going all out for that historic third gold in london there that she didn't cut up i knew that if i became the first woman to jump muslims five meters then i would be making you fanatics history i will always be remembered and then achievement all of the other women who managed to do this who always be number two to a certain degree and being the first since paris is always good and i'm really happy that my name is forever in the history of the track and field is not going to disappoint my cheated once i don't consider myself to be. your new female track and field athlete has managed to become an individualist champion in three successive games this is my the idea that i want to become
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a legend i don't argue with. music entertainment plenty of skiing and the chance to win sixty thousand a year olds things could hardly get any better for some of the winter sports maine says they hit the peaks in northern italy the biannual giant slalom sprint competition sold the likes of olympic gold medalist excellence pencil and bodie miller go airborne on a fast course which you can better start of the day but for participants were eliminated after each round american ted ligety was among the last man standing and his liver an absolute heartbreaker to local favorite giovanni burst saudi beats out in finnish just two hundreds of a second behind getting watching the two thousand and six olympic champion clinched a prize the defending champion from two thousand and nine freshman cyprian over shar was third. and while football remains the king of sports in africa plenty of uganda's top athletes have been choosing volleyball as their new competition of choice lately the pearl of africa now has. every reason to root for
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its national volleyball team as the sport rises to prominence. set up in the country's capital bringing together participants of all ages and while sizable tournaments are host to domestically the national team rarely gets to take on continental neighbors what's with so much enthusiasm for the game it's not a long shot to see the national team finally get into its first global event that's once the third seen all african games are on the agenda for now could this be that seemed to be to the world championships and summer olympics of the not so distant future. moving on to the long distance once it's all in big games where the hosts are feeling the pressure of the world on their shoulders than saturates heather fell among those expected to get a podium finish again after a silver during the two thousand and eight beijing olympics that's when eight year old faces plenty of difficulties on her quest for the big gold domestic competition
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is fierce as only two spots in the national team are available why women are ranked high enough to make the squad right now the new rules which combined the shooting and running disciplines have also slowed down the preparations of many athletes the challenge of making it to the games as formidable as winning in london but phil sees those domestic rivalries as a competitive advantage. it's incredibly tough in britain and the great part is because it's a tough moment if you know you've got a really good team but it's that guy will have a good chance of. getting a medal at the gates and that's what we're about as a country competing especially in tough and we've got a great history and we are going to get to get a medal. while over in new zealand and you shock but still are is continuing his rise to the medics world jacksonville will be taken for in the points of twelve games in london after taking the junior circuit by storm this seventeen year old
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has all. already amass numerous world records as he moves up through the age groups and the youngest ever male junior champion has given up school for now to focus on his sporting him bishop. the opportunism of the my room with all going to the men saying the same it would mean i'm not going to have much which is that when i'm older sometimes we do it now and because we're back to school. there were two in three of my stories that. that's all we have time for right now but don't forget that some of the stories seen here are also available on our youtube channel at artsy sports news so check it out so when you get a chance thanks for watching. witnesses . to history in the making of. testimony.
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ten stories that shapes two thousand and eleven on our t.v. . which brightened if you. soon from friends to transition. from stunts on t.v. don't come.
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