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and it's our pandering to them with flawed patriotism. very disciplined very. very serious for their. very good study to be topical he didn't like to do. he's been labeled as a dark horse and everyone wants to know what north korea's next of him will do as he assumes his father's role are as he has an exclusive interview with his former classmate and he gives some insight into what the new leaders plans maybe. it's tuesday december twenty seventh eight pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching r.t. well despite an intense smear campaign ron paul is surging in the polls throughout the years his message has remained the same and now his consistency seems to finally be paying off let's take
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a look at some of the presidential candidates stance stances that make him fundamentally different from his rival well when it comes to foreign policy ron paul remains antiwar he wants to bring home the troops close military bases abroad and stop being the world's policeman and when it comes to government he thinks it should be much smaller he wants to slash spending lower taxes and believes government interference should be at a bare minimum and when it comes to the war on drugs he wants to put an end to what the doctor believes drug abuse is a medical not a criminal problem well it's these ideas that his supporters serry show a candidate offering real change fresh ideas that differ from those of the failed establishment but instead of focusing on his policy the mainstream media is busy digging up dirt from his past controversial newsletters published under his name decades ago are resurfacing take a look at some of the coverage of ron paul today. you know ron paul is not going to
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get the republican nomination is not just a guy who has a libertarian philosophy but also is really on the fringe if the weather is bad and it's real tough to get out when you don't really often meet undecided voters in iowa who are considering ron paul ron ron paul is not going to the nomination not to win the nomination and is not the president ron paul is going to go the way of many other primary candidates which is he looks good from a far but when you take a look at him up close here and so attractive anymore. so as you can see it appears the mainstream media is no fan of paul but as he's surges in the polls could he be the change many americans long for and if so why is our campaign to silence him well to help me answer just that i spoke to director of grassroots political consulting. and as a ron paul continues to resonate with voters across the country i asked daniel why the mainstream media is choosing to focus on old letters rather than his message here says take. well i think there's
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a lot of it that is being fed to them by other campaigns and other candidates and so and it's sensational to discuss that point and try to bring another scandal to bear burden on another conservative in this race and it's being fed to them i mean as the media shouldn't they be able to determine what is important what is relevant what they should be reporting on they should but you're right there is an all out very consistent attack being coordinated against them to make him look so for and of the fringe for wanting to draw down our troops not engage iran over aggressively militarily first option wise to tackle the fed to return us to the gold standard i mean there are many things that he brings to the table. a lot of the american electorate is looking for on both sides of the aisle and that is why he is subject to so many attacks and absolutely use the word friend and certainly in the
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mainstream media they are still trying to perpetrate him as this fringe candidate i want to take a listen to what former presidential candidate mike huckabee has to say about paul's chances ron paul is not going to be elected president he's not his views on foreign policy are so much an anathema to the republicans much less to democrats and and what i call middle of the road people that he has a very strong core of fanatical believers but they do not represent the mainstream of america. and the business tycoon that now seems to be attempting to make a career and politics today tweeted. a vote for ron paul is a totally wasted vote if you wins iowa it's bad for i was credibility so it's no matter what he does no matter what you know surge or numbers he gains they just twist it around to make it seem like there's something wrong with what the system going back to what mike huckabee said you know he used the word fanatical believers
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so it seems to he seems to be implying that if you are for ron paul if you are outside of the mainstream you are there for crazy. is that how people people that are against this you know the status quo or business of usual. they're being portrayed by the mainstream media that that you know fanatical it definitely is i think this though there's a foundation to the whole problem here speaking of it was specifically there is a lackluster motivation for participation in these caucuses you can see it just by even the ad spending you look back to two thousand and eight which had a little bit better of the field than right now and the ads there was eleven million spent on ads five million on the ground in street money now there's over ten million spent on ads with still another week to go of flooding and who knows how much has been spent on the ground and this comprehensive consistent attack from
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the media and also establishment republicans against anybody that is supporting ron poll is meant to dismay those that are he clearly has the most motivated caucus goers at anybody to go out in the middle of the cold weather for a few hours in the night it's not like typical going out to a poll without that crop of a jeb bush or a poll ryan or anybody to be excited about you need to have a very very credible ground game with a lot of funds spent to keep people out there and ron paul seems to have the only group that consistently is believed in him for over twenty years. yes and the attacks are coming but you look at the old turn of and caucus goers have to be scratching their heads on who is the most credible to beat the president at the same time who could be more consistent in their record then what congressman paul has to offer right now now do you think it's possible that the establishment the mainstream media are scared of him they're seeing that he's actually making this
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mark he's getting people's attention his message is coming through is it possible that some people are scared that he is gaining some leverage now in a way i mean this is and it's perplexing though because this is an era look at even today we're going to go raise the debt ceiling another trillion and a half dollars after that was supposed to have been sold this is an era were bold big things need to be done to turn this country around he is probably out of the field of candidates maybe speaker gingrich offering some as well one of the ones offering the most bold sweeping change in direction from the thing that is taking this country to an insolvent state at this point in time and that is causing him both sides are scared of it because of that groundswell of support that surround those ideas that it crosses party lines and the threat that it could mean that members of congress and others are get it would have to get in line with some of this thinking there are some of the international foreign policy things that of
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course are a little concerning at times and also i think his or lack of articulation of the drug war decriminalizing and tying that to. not fighting the drug war is intensely i mean he needs to kind of separate the two points so there are some issues there but consistently there's a lot of big broad sweeping things that one of the public's kitchen on and you know there certainly are a lot of that on both sides a lot of republicans he's running as a as a republican candidate but a lot of conservatives that are be humanly. posed to him. you know but ron paul if you look at what he advocates things that you hear from him over and over again going back to the constitution freedoms civil liberties are these all words that conservatives love yes and you know that dead to the phenomenon of the tea party itself and the conservative groundswell in this country originated from him maybe
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twenty years ago i mean he's a purist libertarian very conservative member of congress but he has always been that way and very consistent in his answer to this point as well thank you so much for weighing in on all of this that was director of grassroots political consulting danielle. welcome log patriotism and the of the voters ability to choose the best candidate be our next man who will determine if americans lack of knowledge will lead to a poorly chosen leader when we come back. to the police. but what will test the but nobody seems to know. but never
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a pepper sprayed the face of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. welcome to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old and just you know the true.
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confession i am a total get a friend that i love grabbing hip hop music and. that was kind of yesterday. i'm very proud of. its place.
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thanks. well we are just one week away now from the iowa caucus and the presidential campaigns heat up most of the g.o.p. candidates have taken quite aggressive stance is when it comes to foreign policy and there is a segment of the country that supports expanding military presence and military spending when it comes to foreign policy and the conflicts abroad how much does the average american on the street really know about what's going on around the world artie's on the stasi a target explores. it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone commerce education and the what's the third one there let's see he's looking to to actually fire tens of thousands of federal workers and eliminate an entire cabinet level position and you can even remember its name and asked me who is the president
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of you beki beki beki beki stan stan i'm going to say you know i don't know do you know it's not the fact that he doesn't know it's the fact that he doesn't think he should look it up so you agree with president obama live you. when the basic knowledge of those attempting to spearhead a country can leave much to be desired where does this leave americans choosing their politicians and their country's potential future let's find out. heard of it. for some reason i don't know anything about libya do you know what is becky stan is no i do not know what becky stands back you. know do you know the us is an airbase there. oh yeah we know about libya. you know dispel libya yes yes do you know the united states was involved in
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a war with libya. ok. you know why. i know absolutely nothing about them honestly about new mexico is that a state or a country what is that. i mean i think. it was my first or now. it's the old me under bush. well actually. come on it was not that long ago you vote cheney who is the vice president of the us. you know i have no idea i know. the vice president. cheney so was secretary of state police arise stella now we would be fools and nice to ignore their purpose and their plan some countries are at the top of politicians list to attack verbal eat i am literally but how much do people really know about those faraway places. was governor it. was
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a president. you know the president of iran is now capital capital of iran do you know the capital city of iran. negative so if you guys know what iran is yes yes what's the capital of iran shares with the president. whose presence he just died with at the capitals around the capital yes i do what is it you're asking me i can't tell you that either top secret con analyze them in . libya rich text anything you get. a little something is the president of iraq iran iraq right all right you know his name but a gentle jefferson when it comes to picking a future for the us to see what comes next may be tough without the knowledge of
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what has gone on in the past and even the very presence that is hurting us for t.v. . and to talk about all of this and more i spoke to founder of wide awake news and dot com calligraphic. it certainly seems that way i mean if we watch the national security debate everybody up on that stage you expect the exception of a ron paul you know talked about the prosecution of the war on terror some of rick perry said that he's already called for a no fly zone inside of. inside of syria so it seems to be this this. never ending war is going to continue on until the next presidency and it is the talking points that the seem to be being put forward at every possible opportunity and you know it it's completely and totally other american you know your segment before there shows you how truly in trouble of this nation it is i mean we have these pop culture icons that we run for election time and time again the same candidates
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regurgitated over and over again and they have the same talking points and it's all expanding in pyar america and waging illegal wars i think that's why ron paul is so successful right now inside of iowa because he's the only one up on that stage that is taking the constitution into consideration before he opens his mouth. and this one talking about our correspondent we decide to play and she took to the streets and asked americans average americans on the street about some of the things that are going on abroad and as we saw there a lot of them didn't know what was happening. what was it what's your reaction to that so many americans not really knowing you know about these these conflicts abroad you know it we're living in this bubble and this bubble that everything's going to stay the same and everything's going to be ok we're going to continue with this high standard of living at the expense of oil from around the planet and labor
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from the pacific rim the what's unfortunate is a lot of these people are going to wake up and it's not going to wake up but because they're tuning in to a great alternative media like our t.v. or other alternative media they're going to wake up because the sledgehammer of reality is going to hit them you know. the fact that america is an employer in decline this is going to hit them this notion that you can just walk around to pretend everything's ok and not know what's going on what not know what's being done in your name that's the frustrating part to people like me you know they show pictures of mahmoud ahmadinejad and people don't even know what country he is from we're ramping up the the war machine to invade his nation next it's absolutely terrifying that the average person on the street you know that at least the people that were interviewed in this in the r.t. piece there had no clue what was going on and they only cared about you know their next consumer purchase their next you know pop culture icon coming down the road and we see that in our political system where they keep you know giving us these
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pop culture legends they've become as potential candidates to be president i think we're in a lot of trouble in this country and the national defense authorization act is the latest piece of legislation that the american people just have no clue about you know all the mainstream media was harping on for two months was are we going to have this this tax cut with the with the payroll tax you know this this news the payroll tax news is meaningless we get a sixty day break on a tax cut big deal the national defense authorization act you know your liberties are being usurped america right before your very eyes it is truly time to wake up and see what's going on because we're going from this soft hearing that we've had since two thousand and one to the police state unleashing hard tyranny on to this country and why do you think that there is that focus as you said that this focus on the story that may not a fact as many people a large scale something like that offense authorization act which could have profound consequences. there doesn't seem to be as much interest in something like
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that what is behind that. well i think it's mainly because you know the politicians in washington d.c. don't want to talk about the difference authorization or you know they they wrap this thing up this six hundred billion dollar bill they wrap the wording in it section thirty one that gives the government power to snatch american citizens off the street and hold them indefinitely because they commit a belligerent act this is the actual verbiage of this legislation you know why there is people talking about there are people like stuart rhodes of oath keepers who was you know starting to recall motions here in montana to get to danny reaper max baucus to get these guys recall for voting for this unconstitutional legislation but unfortunately you know most people are just tied up with the pop culture media watching whatever comes across to the television of are tending that everything's going to be ok with it when you get all our freedoms on libya our constitution continues to be shredded almost every single day and it's to the point
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now where it's just it's not even talked about by the mainstream media you know artie's the only want to hear talking about the national defense authorization act you know it's staggering to me that there's not more outrage over this lastly just want to ask you you know when we see that ad as you were just venting about that a lot of americans don't even know about these things that could have profound impacts on their on their daily lives and on the country and end on a national and global perspective how does this play into voters' ability to elect a president. well you know i we don't really have a lot of choices right when we have the finance juggernauts candidates the people who get the financing you know from the wall street firms from the big banks the one percent you know these are the ones who are financing the people before us the people that are put before us these pop culture candidates none of these guys are going to talk about dismantling the security industrial complex because it brings in too much money you know we've spent one point two trillion dollars since nine
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eleven in homeland security and the idea the somebody is going to point to the constitution other than ron paul it's a pipe dream so unfortunately you know i get this from my radio program a lot we deserve what we get well you know what we really don't the best candidates are not always presented to us it's the best funded candidates that are presented to us but it is every american's. it's their duty to find out what is being done on their behalf what's being done to them and what's being done in their name and i'm afraid to lose the time is rapidly running out i mean we're continuing to see this evaporation of liberty and when you can have a piece of legislation slip through the senate with a ninety seven percent or ninety seven to three vote for the in the double it it is absolutely terrifying this piece of legislation that will make it i mean this turns us into east germany i mean it's like having the stasi the legislation that enabled the stasi to go in black bag somebody and get rid of them just because they commit
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so-called belligerent acts it's charlie thank you so much for weighing in on that that was found there out wide awake news dot com tom mcgrath. well after the break we'll get some insight from a former classmate of can john on about his personality his school year is and what might be in store for north korea as the next step cam takes center stage. pepper spray that just burns your eyes right right i mean it's like a derivative of actual pepper it's a food product essentially. most. it's stronger than anything you buy a lot of sort of these is thousands of times we're stronger than any kind of ever put you know. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't i'm sorry welcome is a big issue. and what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who can you trust no one who is you can be you know with the global machinery to see where are we cutting state controlled capitalism at its core fashion so when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question morning.
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well north koreans will finally lay their late leader say but the world still wants to know what lies ahead and their country after cam jong il has anointed successor and youngest son is now in charge but very little is known about him. now went back to school to undercover more about the man who has big shoes to step into. tom you can see the death of the north korean dictator has raised questions and hopes over whether the dictatorship one of the last in the world will follow or will this extremely close to society remain isolated and its new leader to so little is known
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about the late leader's great successor his third and youngest son kim jong name is a bit of a dark horse even his age remains a subject of speculation his thought to be twenty seven or twenty eight his new ascension to power increases the media hunger for information about him so his expensive education in switzerland said led tracked it a lot more interest an entrepreneur in moscow with russian origins alys on a hug and she believes he could have been one of kim's classmates when news spread that kim chani may have gone to an elite school in this week's margins in late ninety's the businessman brought out his all the book to refresh his memory there were quite a few koreans some quieter than others. a lot with with the last name came. as kim is the most common name in korea alexander remembers the
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koreans always different from other students they were very disciplined very disciplined as a group of students. very serious for their interaction. they wouldn't always take part in. fun and games at the other students were very hard studying to be top of the class they didn't like to do that although some think this is leaders son may be a figurehead overshadowed by his recently promoted uncle who is thought to wield the real power alexander says the three years china has apparently spent in europe may change the country's future forever i think that. it will make him realize that he has to do something good for his people for his country and make a change in terms of. past experience has his knowledge of foreign languages and the skills that he managed to retain being a world the outside world used to get most of the news from behind north korea's
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iron curtain through the country's strictly censored state run media covering the live all the secrets of society from the inside has been an almost impossible task for international journalists but the details now emerging about the new leader is exposure to the liberal west or for a glimmer of hope that he may ease bag the rigid control over the two terran regime and begin to open north korea to the world and maybe their war old to north korea. ati morse code. well that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to r.t. dot com slash r.t. america you can also check out our youtube paid at youtube dot com slash artsy america you can follow me on twitter as well for now have a great night. download
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