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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2011 1:31am-2:01am EST

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an opposition is bursting with amateur footage showing violence that's claimed to be recent arab league observers have yet to report any atrocities after three days in the country. next the moscow team sets out to recap the most exciting events of twenty five and in this special program. hello and welcome to the program on this weeks moscow out special will be looking over the highlights of the past year twenty eleven has been an exciting year for the world of russian culture and indeed for the moscow out so over the next twelve minutes we'll be really introducing you to some of the best bits from culture news and shows we've produced over the past twelve months and first up what had to be the most exciting events of the whole year the reopening of the bolshoi theatre. as
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the main cultural symbol of russia twenty eleven saw the bolshoi theatre finally returned to its former glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shines proud of the years of being covered by scaffolding canvas and building materials. the reconstruction took six years and cost billions of rubles but now the fall of space is open to the public it can continue to nurture and showcase the present and future of russian and international talent. it's a once in a lifetime experience or for me it's. going out on to the stage and seeing really. how big it is and how grand it is and how beautiful the restoration has been it's it's really once in a lifetime. next up on one of my favorite moscow shows of the year was film the star city the cosmonaut training facility originally
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secret and for space we ventured off to russia's only school for cosmonauts and then i was put through a whole range of training procedures underwater weightlessness zero gravity and being spun around inside a centrifuge. it really pushed me to my limit. the program also highlighted how american astronauts from she calls from the us now what you call missions so she's the international space station project. to celebrities in twenty eleven now in many eva sticks around the world have made their way to the russian capital to film premieres concerts and private parties moscow sees many of the world's top axes saying it's impossible to come here every week. pushing crowds love them and they didn't seem to be impressed with the city
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honestly there's an energy in the city. even more than when i was here two and a half years ago. very vibrant kind of this is under the surface you feel. a really positive energy. where anything can happen the possibility is there we went to the museum that houses the faberge eggs and the coronation dresses and. and perhaps the most exciting part of yesterday in some ways was going and standing outside the bolshoi theater it's been a dream of mine it's been great the people have been really welcoming and enjoyed my brief time here so far and i hope i get to see some of the city this time but i'll definitely come back they're going to come it's summer and i'm going to figure my dates out here but it's you know it was very it was colder last time. so many tourists come here that get the christmas eve it's beautiful it's beautiful city going you know seeing the christmas trees exclusive interviews that moving on and working capital is a totally different place during the summer months terraces dominate the restaurant
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scene and people can enjoy a whole range of sun filled activities including some bathing swimming and water sports temperatures are high and so is the entity of the capital's entertainment saying let's take a look at some of the shows we produce during the summer highlighting popular tourist destinations lot of law. hot and happening activities and excursions. when the capitol heats up tens of thousands of sun worshippers head to moscow's forests seventy board is an island surrounded by an artificial lake and waterways in are some a show in the area i took to a jet ski to prove how much fun metropolis in the summer being. the temperatures thirty's the trip to one of the beaches is the perfect way to cool down. next stop and as the oxford street or fifth avenue of the russian capital the street first sky has unquestionably been the city's most
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important person for centuries if here is the district has fundamentally changed over the centuries from a narrow medieval wooden surface road to today's slightly overwhelming eight lane highway. are some show on the famous street highlighted that from various statues to modern day sushi cafes this diverse berry will impress the most diehard of tourists. how weakly and salmon showing arctic spoils every aspect of arts and culture we also explore cities outside of moscow in the summer so me in the team travel to st petersburg to discover the exciting attractions surrounding the white's knights also known as the venice of the north and the eighteenth century it was piece of the great stream to create a window to your and with a vast canal network breathtaking architecture and palaces that were built to rival their your pink counterparts his vision has been well achieved. our series of some of programmes in twenty eleven looked at the city's hotels
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restaurants waterways attractions and various some activities for visitors to enjoy . a city of palaces and museums broad avenues and winding canals simply this place history has provided the city with a well funded textual and artistic treasures. oh the best time to be here is the summer for sure i just definitely love it really and love all the beautiful buildings the architecture everything the people there are so happy in the summertime this goes far beyond my expectations is incredible is something. you can only dream about one of the episodes was about the hermitage museum and the spectacular fountains of pisa half rivaling such will be seems as the loser in paris and the metropolitan in new york damage truly is a cultural wonder. and peterhof which is often referred to as the russian best sign
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is one of the most breathtaking sights and popular tourist destinations in russia. now one thing i love about my job here at r.t.s. the crazy adrenaline filled activities i'm constantly asked to try out speed boats planes jumping heights being set on fire the list goes on for many shows we produce and try to give you an insight into the real russia from the food they eat the music they enjoy developing pastimes to adrenaline filled sports so with that in mind here's a small selection of this from twenty eleven and me in action. compering on the subject of flight was not experience i will never forget invited to take to the skies in a young airplane to experience aerobatics it was a stomach churning roller coaster at ten thousand feet as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees and experienced brief weightlessness.
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not the face hearty to any paying descent can experience what zero g. feels like to battle terms under the loops the views from above are impressive but it felt very different to a typical commercial flight that's for sure. a programme called moscow my mom wants to be expelled the police fire and ambulance emergency services in the machine capital we saw how such facilities are constantly at the ready twenty four hours a day. and of course such a program involved lots of action sequences. water. finally the action sequences. action sequences represented by filmmaking in modern day moscow explore the most film studios and we're invited to set up a new country and she has a drama called white tiger. the program finished off the
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stunts must go well i was asked if i would like to participate. so you can ship and take shots i was given instructions away was placed on my head and i'm just on the cream was applied to my face with everything ready for school on my back and legs of my suit and the flame was. cut really. badly cut. to be tried. as an efficiently run program to really prepares its students to safely undertake to define feats the world of russian cinema and t.v. but by now. i live to
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tell the tale i lied to them both in one take well it's long london is a market for many russians today they said to be almost half a million russian speakers in britain many joe can call the capital london grab as the ever changing multicultural city becomes a melting pot for new russians so early in the year the must go out. in the british and french capitals to explore russian influence and connections abroad. delve deep you'll find just how much russian culture is imbedded into many aspects of western society one thing for sure promoting football clubs to major newspapers russians are certainly making their mark on the british capital. moving south into a sea reason paris russians have also been fascinated with french culture for centuries shows showcase how much christians devoured the social scene in paris and as we proved the modern day french capital is scattered with russian connections
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and cultural aspects. well that we have a small selection from the dozens of shows we produce for you could buy twenty eleven how many people i meet in the u.k. for example i have no idea about the cultural diversity of this country has to offer and from palm trees in the south in the east i think russia is one of the most misunderstood destinations moscow st petersburg offer two of the most spectacular cultural scenes in the world but if you haven't explored them well you don't know what do you best thing the moscow out team has a whole range of exciting programs planned for next year so stay tuned and watch out for more cultural excursions in twenty twelve hours hard flies in the mean time best wishes for the moscow team and a very happy new year. among
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the least explode areas. pure and untouched by money. surrounded by steep rock. case paintings on display for thousands of years. eastern science and beyond the time. the film on t.v. . the close up team has been to die you stuff birthplace to the most ambitious football club in the world.
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if the phenolic argy goes to the far east where the timber industry affects the legendary siberian tigers where the ancient native community loses its way in the modern world. and where the country's mental well starts its way across the ocean. well come to the bars creature russia close up. with or you dive from high or to the depths. catch the power of the wind or drift in the beauty of the currents. the well prepared is a must and if you're lucky. you'll never forget your experience we only need them a screen that's going to be heard. in the flight see up close and below the ice
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on our team. iran of the u.s. and closer to a military conflict as a verbal spat over a vital well maritime route reaches boiling point. after the outgoing year to get still audie number of euro zone governments many doubt the so-called bureaucrats now in charge to bring relieve some of them were behind the euro's failings. while the syrian opposition is bursting with amateur footage showing violence that's claimed to be recent arab league observers have yet to report any of the problems after three days and the country. doesn't have eyes here in our
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team sports next with kate. hello welcome to the sports and these other head. back for more world number one novak djokovic wins is open as in abu dhabi exhibition the event of an illustrious year on the a.t.p. tour. while i was up the celtics beat rangers one pocket to win the old and he felt that on travels at the top of the scottish premier league. last up and down argentina legendary go maradona faces a fine for insulting a fellow coach in the arab emirates but still wants to manage the national team. but start with tennis where this year's star novak djokovic has kickstarted his preparations for the fast approaching new season the top ranked serbian outmuscled
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france's gold one feast at a year ending exhibition event in abu dhabi talk of asia seem to have put behind him any fatigue and open proceedings with a trademark by comes down the line around some of the rallies did look more like entertainment than competition but the match turned into a pitched battle with djokovic eventually gaining the upper hand next up for the world number one is third ranked roger federer who had received a buy into the semifinals talk about spearheads the six strong star studded lineup in abu dhabi is the twenty four year old aims to emulate this year's outstanding season which saw him capture three grand slam titles and the record five masters types. before that came from behind to knock out another frenchman joey wilfried tsonga the world number six was head and shoulders above the fifth ranked spaniard the open at notts was taking the distance in the second set and lost it on a tie break. but from then on the momentum was with farah and the twenty nine year
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old didn't fail to deliver wrapping up the decider at six two and patrick and defending champion rafael nadal is waiting in the semifinal after receiving a by the abu dhabi events doesn't offer any ranking points to those taking part the winner takes a check of two hundred fifty thousand dollars he's at state. football now and back in russia says go moscow's prolific striker so you do do india has been voted the premier league player of the year but the country sports journalists the twenty three year old is the top flight's leading scorer going into the winter break after netting an impressive twenty four goals in thirty games for the arguments so far and the in-form ivorian has also starred in the champions league adding another five in as many appearances as this that put a place in the last sixteen. in a moscow captain and three that are in came second in the journalist poll he's netted eleven goals as well as not gin up a leading twelve assists and named also ukraine's player of the year last week
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while the needs alexander cocksure golf completes the top three the russia star has scored sixteen goals for the defending champions this campaign including memorable hat trick against ricky's class and in august. for me when i leave the ball will miss striker luis suarez for friday's premier league game at highlands new fossil the first of six days of top flight action the iroquois star was banned for one match after giving an obscene hand gesture to follow fans earlier this month suarez has scored five goals this campaign while record signing andy carroll has netted three times the low scoring reds are unbeaten as home in the league so far they've drawn six of those nine games on newcastle last only twice on the right. that is what he wants that it would for the fantasy play the just different shop but he goes call him soon looking ten year pursue that goal. and i'm sure next year will be all the better for this being said before this year was
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a strange very early camp program you know everybody drew ourselves and so on my new one so i was very helpful for us. now we're going to two tough goings and we're looking forward to the new going to those going to the press spirit conference about yourselves and we're looking forward to going to our field so this is how the table looks with six big days of football to come and launch the city are still top on goal difference over manchester united tottenham are thirty seven points behind the leaders for the game in hand a fourth best and liverpool sixty one place about friday's opponents newcastle while at the bottom wolves are two points clear of the drop zone that we can off in it two points ahead of bolton platteville a five points adrift with manager steve king under mounting pressure israel said to face the daunting task of a trip to ny just united on saturday. when chester united done you know seventy
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eight games ago you know they went back to been solid and you know really hard to beat know the became a little bit more expansive again so we know that the strengths that we have within the squad i think we can take a lot of confidence when we went to anfield you know when you look at what you know kenny put on the pitch on the bench as well and you know a fit with stuck to the task well defensively sure you know that's going to be key because normally we score when we play we for more. than when timing things native scotland celtic have leapfrogged arch rivals rangers at the top of the s.p.l. following a tight one no victory in the old firm darby at parkhead chances came and went begging for both sides in the first half before joe ledley finally but the deadlock soon after the restart charlie mulgrew blasted in a corner and ledley to head home to be the winner celtic hung on for the ninth
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straight went to rangers by two points which is in stark contrast to early november the trial by fifty five for two games in hand. argentina legends diego maradona is again facing the consequences of his temper the. outspoken former midfielder has been fined just under two and a half thousand dollars to seventy abusing a rival coach who a top flight the fifty one year old owl was so manager has been engaged in a feud with one of his opposite numbers since losing an ill tempered match last month. a carton it table while he says he would love to stay on at the helm or even also take up the job as national coach of their merits. i think if i was given the opportunity to coach the u.a.e. national team i would accept with pleasure i'm very proud of what has been mentioned and what i've heard but first of all i was give my time to old boss so i have a mission here and i want to complete this mission and who knows maybe one day i
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will coach both teams. basketball and ryan white nailed a late shots to hands the miami heat their third straight win since the start of the season the n.b.a. dream team fighting back to edge the charlotte bobcats on the road by a single point well the ball cats went out of their way to place their record high at meeting twenty thousand people breaking away right from the off stump in cruise control for most of the match dustin and gerald henderson connecting for forty one points between them but the bron james also ran wild for the heat point a game high thirty five points chris bosh added another twenty five then with less than three seconds to go wade what looked like a tough shot. at the way people bad for gusto missed a buzzer beater and straight points out that would save the day to charlotte for ninety six ninety five to miami is how it finished.
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and we finish with well basketball rushes to a famous goal was instrumental in the denver nuggets victory at home to the utah jazz on wednesday but speed for the season finally started and on the revis at home in the summer the center talked to our own lancaster with. despite it's not quite making it to the top of the bill just yet to my famous golf had already managed to make the headlines in north america it became part of a blockbuster multiplayer trade that saw him move to denver nuggets and carmella to the new york knicks well mozzies new team were knocked out of the first playoff round in the n.b.a. giving him an opportunity to visit home and prepare for the upcoming european championship in lithuania winning the continental trophy in twenty eleven will mean automatic qualification for the london olympics hearing them shouldn't sure why can't make any promises in regards to the euro basket but i can say that i'm sure the guys will perform at their best and no one will cut corners and i think that
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the foundry cura lanka. joins us will have better chances because of his experience to be a great help despite leaving russia still has a large fan base had his previous club called him mas he keeps in touch with them through his online blog and those lucky enough may even catch one of his master classes in the russian capital but where are the fans most dedicated in russia or the united states. you're playing. when i played for khimki i saw the same people at all the games it was a group of fans who form the majority of the audience and even followed the team to other cities in regards to the n.b.a. well they might have something similar although i personally never came across such a thing you just get a full audience of people who come to support the team but i never saw such a thing in the us when an organized group of fans would take up a large share of the audience and root for their team but. fan support is not the only difference between the russian basketball league and the n.b.a.
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the american schedule is more in sense with regular season games sometimes held four times a week so the studying of the opponent shot practice or simply warm up takes center stage during practice providing plenty of room for individual skills. it is team play no one negates but compared to europe it is somehow more individualized i would say the game is based on single players who play one on one and win it they may score a goal just make a pass european basketball not to mention russia is slightly different people try to find other solutions to the difficulties that arise during the game. the russians will be hoping to qualify for the london olympics by winning the european championship in september it's hope that both russian and be a stars and body language and two more famous golf will be available to help the team in lithuania quired individual skills from the united states and the home bred
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team play is expected to be the winning formula. moscow. culture is that so much of a lot of people are hearing all their little we're going to be tumultuous year two thousand and eleven the world changed in ways hardly anyone could expect that we witnessed the rise of people power on it.
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one stream cascading from among slopes the view is miss mirage. but this beauty brings deaths and a speed of more than two hundred kilometers per hour on. step two double long. download the official anti up location to on the phone the i pod touch from the top story. the jaunty life on the go.
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video on demand parties minefield costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com. the run of the last century closer to military conflict as a verbal spat over a vital oil maritime routes reaches boiling point. after the outgoing year took its toll on a number of eurozone governments many doubt the so-called year kratz now in charge will bring relief as some of them were behind a curious failings. that seems that any global food review is no except as a source. while the syrian opposition is bursting with amateur footage showing violence that's claimed to be recent arab league observers have yet to report any atrocities after three days in.


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