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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2011 3:31am-4:01am EST

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deaths at the hands of police the u.n. says more than five thousand people have died in the ten month long rest with damascus blaming armed gangs for the violence. and here are the protester as twenty eleven draws to a close it's revolutions and rallies around the globe that made it was it was the arab spring the occupy movement europeans walking out against ever growing cards were just some of them. up next our team looks over some highlights of the past year in the festive recap from the opening of the bolshoi theatre to daring stunts caught on film. hello and welcome to the program on this weeks moscow out special will be looking over the highlights of the past year twenty eleven has been an exciting year for
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the world of russian culture and indeed for the moscow out so over the next twelve minutes we'll be really introducing you to some of the best bits from culture news and shows we've produced over the past twelve months and first up what had to be the most exciting events of the whole year the reopening of the bolshoi theatre. as the main cultural symbol of russia twenty eleven saw the bolshoi theatre finally returned to its former glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shines proud of the years of being covered by scaffolding canvas and building materials. the reconstruction took six years and cost billions of rubles but now the fall of space is up to the public it can continue to nurture and showcase the present and future of russian and international talent. it's a once in a lifetime experience or for me yeah it's. going out on to the stage and seeing really the. how big it is and how grand it is and how beautiful the restoration has
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been it's it's really once in a lifetime. next up on one of my favorite moscow shows of the year was filmed the star city because we're not training facility originally secret apple space we ventured off to russia's only school for cosmonauts and then i was put through a whole range of training procedures under water weightlessness zero gravity and being spun around inside a centrifuge. it really pushed me to my limit. the program also highlighted how american astronauts from she calls from the us now once again our mission is to she's the international space station project.
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to celebrities in twenty seven hour many analysts just around the world have made their way to the russian capital to film premieres concerts and private parties moscow sees many of the world's top axes saying it's impossible to come here every week. pushing crowds love them and paint and seems to be impressed with the city honestly there's an energy in the city. even more than when i was here two and a half years ago. very vibrant kind of this is under the surface you feel. really positive energy. where anything can happen the possibility is there we went to the museum that houses the faberge eggs in the coronation dresses and. and perhaps the most exciting part of yesterday in some ways was going and standing outside the bolshoi theater it's been a dream of mine it's been great the people have been really welcoming and enjoyed my brief time here so far and i hope i get to see some of the city this time but
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i'll definitely come back i'm going to come and serve and i got to figure my dates out here but it's you know it was very it was colder last time. so many tourists come here that get the christmas eve as beautiful as beautiful city going you know seeing the christmas trees exclusive interviews that moving on and working capital is a totally different place during the summer months terraces dominate the restaurant scene and people can enjoy a whole range of sun filled activities including some bathing swimming and water sports temperatures are high and so is the entity of the capital's entertainment saying let's take a look at some of the shows we produced during the summer highlighting popular tourist destinations la la. hot and happening activities and excursions. when the capitol heats up tens of thousands of sun worshippers head to moscow's forests seventy board is an island surrounded by an artificial lake and waterways are some a show in the area i took to a jet ski to prove how much metropolis in the summer being.
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the temperatures reaching the mid thirty's the trip to one of the beaches is the perfect way to cool down. next stop and as the oxford street or fifth avenue of the russian capital the street first sky has unquestionably been the city's most important person for centuries if years of the street has fundamentally changed over the centuries from an era medieval wooden surface road to today's slightly overwhelming eight lane highway. or some show on the famous street highlighted that from various statues to modern day sushi cafes this diverse berry will impress the most diehard of tourists. our weekly and salmon show in arctic spoils every aspect of arts and culture we also explore cities outside of moscow in the summer so me in the team travel to st petersburg to discover the exciting attractions surrounding the whites knights also known as the venice of the north and the eighteenth century it was
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a piece of the great stream to create a window to your and with a vast canal network breathtaking architecture and palaces that were built to rival their your pink counterparts his vision has been well achieved. our series of some of programmes in twenty eleven looked at the city's hotels restaurants waterways attractions and various some activities for visitors to enjoy . a city of palaces and museums broad avenues and winding canals simply this place history has provided the city with a well funded textual and artistic treasures. oh the best time to be here is the summer for sure i just definitely love it it's brilliant i love all the beautiful buildings the architecture everything the people there are so happy in the summer time this goes far beyond all my expectations is incredible is something.
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that you can only dream about one of the episodes was about the hermitage museum the spectacular fountains of pisa hoff rivaling such will be seems as the loser in paris and the metropolitan in new york damage truly is a cultural wonder. and peterhof which is often referred to as the russian beside is one of the most british taking sites and popular tourist destinations in russia . now one thing i love about my job here at our tails the crazy adrenaline filled activities i'm constantly asked to try out speedboats planes jumping heights being set on fire the list goes on for many shows we produce and try to give you an insight into the real russia from the food they eat the music they enjoy developing pastimes to adrenaline filled sports so with that in mind here's a small selection of moscow toughness from twenty eleven and me in action.
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on the subject of flight was my experience i will never forget invited to take to the skies in a young airplane to experience aerobatics it was a stomach churning roller coaster at ten thousand feet as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees and experienced great weightlessness. not for the fainthearted to be any paying descent experience what zero g. feels like to battle terms under the loops the views from above are impressive but it felt very different to a typical commercial flight paths for sure. a programme called moscow my mom wanted for the most crown team to explore the police fire and ambulance emergency services in the machine capital we saw how such facilities are constantly at the ready twenty four hours a day. and of course such
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a program involved lots of action sequences. water. finally the action sequences full action sequences you know represent about filmmaking in modern day moscow explore the most film studios and we invite you to set up a new command should result in more drama called white tiger. the programme finished off the stunts must go well i was asked. i would like to participate. because she can take shots i was giving instructions away was placed on my head i'm just on the cream was applied to my face with everything ready for my back and legs of my suit and the flame was. not.
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to be tried. as an efficiently run program it already prepares its students to safely undertake to define feats the world of russian cinema and t.v. but by now. i lived to tell the tale i lied to them both in one take well it's long been known that london is a magnet for many russians today the said to be almost half a million russian speakers in britain many joe can call the capital london grab as the ever changing multicultural city becomes a melting pot for new russians so early in the year the must go out to the british and french capitals to explore russian influence and connections abroad. you'll find just how much russian culture is invented in too many aspects of western society. for sure promoting football clubs to major newspapers russians are certainly making their mark on the british capital.
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moving south into a series of russians have also been fascinated with french culture for centuries shows showcase how much christians did the social scene in paris and as we proved the modern day french capital is scripted with russian connections and cultural aspects. well. that we have a small selection from the dozens of shows we produce for you goodbye twenty eleven how many people i meet in the u.k. for example have no idea about the cultural diversity of this country has to offer and from palm trees in the south of all canines in the east i think russia is one of the most misunderstood destinations moscow st petersburg offer two of the most spectacular cultural scenes in the world but if you haven't explored them well you don't know what you are missing the most who our team has a whole range of exciting programs planned for next year so stay tuned and watch
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out for more cultural excursions in twenty twelve that's hard flies in the mean time best wishes from the moscow team and a very happy. moment
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iran raise long range missiles for use during a tan day naval drill in the persian gulf tehran has threatened to block your world supply route if the west continues to tighten sanctions that's as iran's top nuclear negotiator expresses his country's willingness for fresh start. fresh rallies flare up in syria with opposition activists reporting dozens of deaths at the hands of police the u.n. says more than five thousand people have died in the ten month long unrest with damascus blaming armed gangs for the violence. and the year of the protestors twenty eleven draws to
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a close it's the revolutions in rallies around the globe that made it water was the arab spring the occupy movement of europeans walking out against ever growing costs are just some of them. well those are the headlines here that are t. up next the latest sports news. hello there good to have you company and these are the headlines. back in business for my chelsea coach and your loss he takes the reins it carries sound your man. while telly is number one djokovic and he's just forty four minutes to thrash better in abu dhabi. and new year's showdown russia's mixed martial arts team yang here has to say she hopes she'll be cheap. first car on the lot he is the new manager of perry sanjay man and is signed a two and
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a half year contract with the french club the former ac milan and chelsea manager replaces and one can board a who had guided the side to the top of the french league one they last played in the champions league seven years ago but pearce g.'s new could tare owners have spent over one hundred million dollars on plays this season and believe. the management will help them gain success he had led milan to teach champions league titles and gave chelsea at the messick league and cup double although he denies he took this latest job because of the money with french media reporting eight and a half million dollars a year. but is there. more to it. i am lucky because i'm doing fantastic job but it's not the job for me as might very well all right sanjay man of also being linked with ac milan's brazilian striker alexander patio italian side have arrived in dubai for a friendly against p.s.g. during their winter break although milan defended john lucas and brought
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a says patter is going nowhere. but we came here to recharge the batteries and it served us a good opportunity to prepare for the second half of the week and i think that all querist already and looking forward to playing against are essential regarding alexander and how the news spread about him i do not know where the media got this information but he's staying with arsenal. came out of business no closer to joining ac milan from manchester city that's according to blues boss roberto mancini who has again ruled out a loan deal for the arjun time although we hope milan may agree to buy in the next few days tevis is being frozen out of the city side since refusing to warm up against by meaning in a champions league clash in september. not at the moment all. we. need are ones to take in that. we can close it.
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in one week ten days about i don't know if it's possible. now another transfer news chelsea have agreed a transfer fee for bolton defender gary cahill is still to be around eleven million dollars but the personal turns the twenty six year old is demanding a sticking point to make even scupper a day i. think is a player. international always been playing magnificently well. normally recently john terry. and i think he can you can do this quote to underscore the in the premiership you can make this jump again i would rate that we are. still very very far away. of agreement with a player and i'm unsure if the blues going to join us. elsewhere are close to getting their form a strike in syria on ray on a two month loan the new york red bulls forward has been training with the gunners
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joining the american close season and the clubs are now sorting out an inch. you're insync dreaming so he can play in england ask him how exhausting thing it says the move makes perfect sense first of all we do it because show mark and judging you go to the african nations cup and to cover for two months these ideas and for the rest of. his experience you scored a key he knows it up you can help the players. on and off the pitch. but. well whatever happens when we would not be available in time for our sins clash with q.p.r. on saturday another games there manchester united could claim top spot if they avoid defeat against bottom side bradburn informs swanzy chelsea entertain aston villa and bolton who are second bottom have a six point against wolves are only two points from the drop zone. now the world's
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top tennis player novak djokovic said he was a bit rusty going into this weekend's exhibition tournament and i would darby but he only needed forty four minutes to defeat roger federer the serb looked unstoppable the darla world tennis championships taking the first set six games to two federer did have his moments but they were few and far between and went on to lose the next set six one federal even apologizing to the crowd for his performance this djokovic is a fourth win over the swiss in the last five meetings. for jock eventual me in the final the spaniard having a little trouble against rafael nadal who is still suffering with a shoulder injury and never really got going in this one running away with it six three six two. now there are just hours to go before one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time feed or immediate steps into the ring one more time this time it's in japan the land where he's career reached its pinnacle the russian
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is set to face local up and comers to to she she and the showdown are new year's eve with the build up it's robert the daniel. being considered the better smell of the planet for a decade and then falling from the throne of mixed martial arts. for a million and has been through it all. his career was at its peak in two thousand and three when he won the heavyweight title he would never lose you one of the most prestigious inmate promotions spent that time cried. he did this in japan and gave his famous nickname the last emperor. if you reigned supreme until june twenty town. brazil and for brazil were doomed
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sim shock waves through the sport when he made further steps out for the first time in his life. two more the feats at the hands of fun tonio silva and then henderson spoke for themselves further was no longer the best. nevertheless he stayed in the game to the joy of those who still thought he was the greatest. then must go november the twenty million into claims and undisputed a victory over jeff munson. this win was a good way to regain confidence but still not enough to silence the naysayers. no the last emperor is returning to the land of the rising sun to continue these are viable. on new year's eve thirty five year old will face it to ponies up and comer the two thousand and eight olympic judo champion sup though she should. use
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a record of four wins in one day it may not be. impressive but suppose she's ten years younger and he's desperate to stablish his name at the summit of mixed martial arts builder is no less a stickler further who is facing a much tougher task than mounting the throne the last emperor is fighting to get it back. r.t. . now and i saw the russia hit fourteen goals without reply against the latvians the under twenty's world championships in calgary russians have any business of the start of form with a hat trick and six assists this is the third win in a row for the russians after victories against switzerland answer vaca and i really group a and short of a place in the last. one of and in twenty eleven the world of hockey will never forget is the tragic add as they kill the entire locomotive jaroslav or team the
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club currently rebuilding and intend to compete in a cage shell next season we wish now every success and as the year draws to an end we would also like to pay a final tribute. i'm
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not sure brings us to the end of the sport for the moment the weather is coming up next here on out to. the.
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well from the first sounds technology innovation hall the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. mission free. education free lance for charges free. range month three.
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free. to tide free. old free blogs a lot of videos for your media projects a free video dog party dog tom. brady's long range missiles for unable trails us to iran threatens to close off a key oil route in the west continues to tighten sanctions. fresh clashes in syria the opposition reports dozens killed by security forces and the arab league observers continue monitoring the situation on the ground plots. cut. that. is what the law the silt on the streets around the globe the protests here draws to a close.


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