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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2011 11:31am-12:01pm EST

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switches of board left dozens dead since friday this happening right under the noses of arab league observers the u.n. says more than five thousand people have died in the past ten months of protests with damascus all the while blaming armed gangs for the unrest. iran is planning to carry out a long range missile tests during naval drills over the next few days sitting gauges in military posturing with washington the move comes as the west threatens to toughen the sanctions against iran over its nuclear program. but it's not all bad news for two thousand and eleven up next our whole team looks over some of the highlights of the past year and a festive theme to recap from the opening of the grand bolshoi daring stunts caught on film if you want to see more. on fire stay with us.
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hello and welcome to the program on this weeks moscow out special we'll be looking over the highlights of the past year twenty eleven has been an exciting year for the world of russian culture i don't date for the moscow out so over the next twelve minutes we'll be really introducing you to some of the best bits from culture news and shows we've produced over the past twelve months and first up what had to be the most exciting events of the whole year the reopening of the bolshoi theatre. as the main cultural symbol of russia twenty eleven saw the bolshoi states and finally returned to its former glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shines proud of the years of being covered by scaffolding canvas and building materials. the reconstruction took six years and cost billions of rubles but now the fall of space is open to the public it can continue to nurture and showcase the present and future of russian and international talent. it's a once in
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a lifetime experience or for me yeah it's. going out on to the stage and seeing really the. how big it is and now granite is and how beautiful the restoration has been it's it's really once in a lifetime. next up on one of my favorite moscow shows of the year was film the star city the cosmonaut training facility originally secret and for space we ventured off to russia's only school for cosmonauts and then i was put through a whole range of training procedures underwater weightlessness zero gravity and being spun around inside a centrifuge. it really pushed me to my limits. the program also
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highlighted how american astronauts are she calls me notes now what you call missions so she's the international space station project. to celebrities in twenty seven hour many analysts just around the world have made their way to the russian capital to film premieres concerts and private parties moscow sees many of the world's top acts is saying it's impossible to come here every week. pushing crowds love them and they didn't seem to be impressed with the city honestly there's an energy in the city. even more than when i was here two and a half years ago. very vibrant kind of this is under the surface you feel. really positive energy. where anything can happen the possibility is there we went to the museum that houses the faberge eggs in the coronation dresses and. and perhaps the most exciting part of yesterday in some ways was going and standing
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outside the bolshoi theater it's been a dream of mine it's been great the people have been really welcoming and i've enjoyed my brief time here so far and i hope i get to see some of the city this time but i'll definitely come back they're going to come in the summer and i'm going to figure my dates out here but it's you know it was very it was colder last time. so many tourists come here to get the christmas eve it's beautiful there's a beautiful city going you know seeing the christmas trees exclusive interviews that moving on and working capital is a totally different place during the summer months terraces dominate the restaurant scene and people can enjoy a whole range of sun filled activities including some bathing swimming and water sports temperatures are high and so is the entity of the capital's entertainment saying let's take a look at some of the shows we produced during the summer highlighting popular tourist destinations la la. hot and happening activities and excursions. when the capital heats up tens of thousands of sun worshippers head to moscow's
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forests seventy board is an island surrounded by an artificial lake and waterways are some a show in the area i took to a jet ski to prove how much fun metropolis in the summer being. the temperatures reaching the mid thirty's the trip to one of the beaches is the perfect way to cool down. next stop and as the oxford street or fifth avenue of the russian capital the street first sky has unquestionably been the city's most important person for centuries if here is the district has fundamentally changed over the centuries through a narrow medieval wooden surface road to today's slightly a lonely eight lane highway. or some a show on the famous street highlighted that from various statues to modern day sushi cafes this diverse berry will impress the most diehard of tourists. our weekly and salmon show in arctic spoils every aspect of arts and culture we
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also explore cities outside of moscow in the summer so me in the team travel to st petersburg to discover the exciting attractions surrounding the whites knights also known as the venice of the north and the eighteenth century it was a piece of the great stream to create a window to your and with a vast canal network breathtaking architecture and palaces that were built to rival their your pink counterparts his vision has been well achieved. our series of some of programmes in twenty eleven looked at the city's hotels restaurants waterways attractions and various some activities for visitors to enjoy . a city of palaces and museums broad avenues and winding canals simply this place history has provided the city with a well funded textual and artistic treasures. oh the best time to be here is the summer for sure i just definitely love it really and love all the beautiful
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buildings the architecture everything the people there are so happy in the summertime this goes far beyond my expectations is incredible is something. you can only dream about one of the episodes was about the hermitage museum and the spectacular fountains of peterhof rivaling such will be seems as the loser in paris and the metropolitan in new york damage truly is a cultural wonder. and peterhof which is often referred to as the machine design is one of the most breathtaking sights and popular tourist destinations in russia. now one thing i love about my job here at r.t.s. the crazy adrenaline filled activities i'm constantly asked to try out speed boats planes jumping heights being set on fire the list goes on for many shows we produce and try to give you an insight into the real russia from the food they eat the music they enjoy developing pastimes to adrenaline filled sports so with that in
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mind here's a small selection of moscow's madness from twenty eleven and me in action. contrary going on the subject of flights as much experience i will never forget invited to take to the skies in a young airplane to experience aerobatics it was a stomach churning roller coaster at ten thousand feet as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees and experienced brief weightlessness. not the face hearty to be any paying to say play experience what zero g. feels like to battle terms under the loops the views from above are impressive but it felt very different to a typical commercial flight that's for sure. a programme called moscow my mom wants to be expelled the police fire and ambulance
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emergency services in the machine capital we saw how such facilities are constantly at the ready twenty four hours a day. and of course such a program involved lots of action sequences. water. finally the action sequences. action sequences represented by filmmaking and. explore the most film studios and we're invited to set up a new country and she was on a drama called white tiger. the programme finished off the stunts must go well i was asked if i would like to participate. so cause she was and take shots i was given instructions away by madonna was placed on my head and i'm just one of the cream was applied to my face with everything ready for school on my back and legs of my suit and the feeling was.
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cut cut cut. cut. to be tried. as an efficiently run program it's still really prepares its students to safely undertake to find feeds the world of russian cinema and t.v. but by now. i lived to tell the tale i lied to them both in one take well it's long been known that london is a magnet for many russians today the sense of a almost a million russian speakers in britain many joe can call the capital london grab as the ever changing multicultural city becomes a melting pot for new russians so early in the year the must go out. in the british and french capitals to explore russian influence and connections abroad.
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delve deep you'll find just how much russian culture is imbedded into many aspects of western society one thing for sure from owning football clubs to major newspapers russians are certainly making their mark on the british capital. moving south into a series of russians have also been fascinated with french culture for centuries shows showcase how much christians devour the social scene in paris and as we proved the modern day french capital is scripted with russian connections and cultural aspects. well that we have a small selection from the dozens of shows we produce for you could buy twenty eleven how many people i meet in the u.k. for example i have no idea about the cultural diversity of this country has to offer and from palm trees in the south in the east i think russia is one of the most misunderstood destinations moscow st petersburg offer two of the most
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spectacular cultural scenes in the world but if you haven't explored them well you don't know what you are missing the moscow our team has a whole range of exciting programs planned for next year so stay tuned and watch out for more cultural excursions in twenty twelve hours hard flies in the mean time best wishes from the moscow team and a very happy new year. wealthy by. time to.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. the close up team has been to new stuff birthplace to the most ambitious football club in the world. no argy goes to the far east where the timber industry attracts the legendary siberian tigers where the ancient native community loses its way in the modern world. and where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. to the mars creature russia.
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time for the headlines here. in the final hours all two thousand and eleven we look back at the year that ushered in protest civil war and regime change off risings in the arab oil those well as public theory in america and across europe it will dominated the headlines but this year. syria's opposition unites against the government and made a new wave of violence which has reportedly left dozens of dead since friday right on to the nose of our. the u.n. says more than five thousand people have died in ten months of protests with damascus blaming the gangs for the unrest. iran is planning to carry out long range
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missile tests during naval drills over the last over the next few days excuse me continued military posturing with washington the move comes as the west. over its nuclear program. more news to come in just a few moments from now it's the sports. watching the sports these are the headlines. to it old. basketball star kurylenko back on the n.b.a. to stay with his hometown club. and it rushes makes.
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for an easy win. seven incredible win for the. premier league they did three two at old trafford to lift themselves off the bottom of the table a result which also prevents these men from going top at new year on the seventieth birthday was the ultimate. putting one. penalty he added another after the break to score twice the level things but. business is a very welcome three points united at the same number of points is man city to play tomorrow but after that shot results have the chance to go within a point. one one as i think with. time approaching fourth place chelsea have just gone three one behind to aston villa at stamford bridge. he has scored his thirty fifth goal of the year as arsenal need q.p.r. by a goal full of league norreys by the same school imo bottom side bolton are moved
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a currently tied at one of pace elsewhere looks like the just snatched the winner they've got they've gone to one up against wigan. well on sunday everton travel to west brom the city travel to sunderland with the chance to extend their lead at the top of the table to three point five manchester united blues boss roberto mancini hoping his side of learned some lessons from legolas draw with west brom last weekend. if you don't pay attention. to the last because it. was brought in the second that we conceded to control. we took some risk for the reason i do that this game is important that we score we have a control in the game now the football news everton midfielder the billionaire ten of could soon be back playing in russia british media say the twenty six year old will be sold to rubin in the january transfer window the russian international has
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not played for the top three since december tenth and is concerned a lack of first team football could affect his chances of playing for his country at next summer's european championships but he had been oversold to everton by lokomotiv moscow just over two years ago for thirteen million dollars and it's believed everton would want to sell him for round nine million dollars. meanwhile basketball star undertaker langar has decided to continue his career in his native russia turning his back on the n.b.a. offers to stay with a moscow the former utah jazz man became a free agent this season and joined the army men during the n.b.a. lockout but despite generating interest from the new jersey nets and sacramento kings the thirty year old has decided to stay put in moscow during his brief spell wittier scar they have qualified for the last sixteen of the euro league undefeated and are also riding high in the russian domestically. now russia's mixed martial arts can feed or you merely one cat has beaten japan's to toshi ichi in devastating
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fashion knocking at the former judo olympic champion in the first round in japan and important for the russian who is playing to get his career back on track after dominating the sport as world champion for seven years he lost his prime in twenty ten and then went on to lose three bites in a row but tonight's win follows victory over jeff monson in november and the thirty five year old russian says he's determined to keep on fighting. let's switch to ice hockey where else side in armorica lost three two in the final of the spangler cup to hostile force in switzerland both sides reached the final between the doubles through the better side during this one goal from the spear only and she could alter brandel saving the win for the last minute effort from the an amish which in years did set up a nervy ending this is the first time in five years i've won the tournament which is an annual invitational event. the man who guarded the all blacks rugby team to world cup glory has been knighted in the new years on his list graham henry that
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decide to their first world cup title in twenty four years this autumn after that narrow eight seven when over france in the final the sixty five year old former trainer is nice if graeme henry the latest in a handful of form applies all coaches to see who is england's highest honor for blacks captain rich mccall was also approached by prime minister john k. bit turned an eyeful down saying he was too young thirty to receive such an accolade henry was delighted with his on. the foreigners grudges you know in the field very humble about bridge and as i say it's a reflection on what people have done over a long period to. appreciate where it's come from and got a lot of respect for that. but i will not be asked to be called. now russia made their debut at that well cup and despite not winning a game it was a success nonetheless for the bears a quick look back now at what was a significant sporting event for them in twenty eleven poor fate was following
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their every tackle. over the last month or so rusher of made a lot of friends around new zealand the vast majority of the team they have never experienced such a level of interest from the general public if league matches in russia only are trying to few hundred spectators is fairly surprising for the squad top similar numbers attending the training sessions or even autograph sessions. we're not really used to this level of attention from the fans in the t.v. and sanral to groups here that have done throughout my life here everyone follows both russian and global rugby it's great if you spiral and it gives you the motivation to work even harder this wasn't most of the players first experience of new zealand the team had been here on a training camp just after the new year. the squad would take the opportunity to see the sights as well as taking time off to take their minds away from all things rugby. this was by far the biggest events russia's players ever played in and in
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terms of experience it will take something special to beat the memories that they have had from this world cup it's been awesome it's really good to be to be here at the heart of the world as a rugby and being at the world cup stage is just it's just an amazing experience and very welcoming from from from the local people and we've already been to quite a few towns and cities so it's very interesting to see lee did mention that russia had to do plenty of travelling and this was perhaps be only downside of the trip being new boys to rugby's biggest events the bears were given a very tough schedule which would see the team have to travel more than seven times to different locations in less than a month the critics of the russians there were hardly ever any complaints and they always had a smile on their face while they would pick up an army of unexpected followers along the way who went to rather extreme measures to show their dedication of a new found heroes. only zero is good enough supporters rush is they they probably
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are going to have too many supporters so we go for a. cap and a great tour and a sale and third is plenty for russia to build on over the next four years they will have to find a new head coach after new resigned however at the moment it is likely that kingsley jones will take up the reins of the bears on a more official basis before the moments for russians can be turned proudly back home in the knowledge that they have played some excellent rugby over the last month or so here in new zealand for russia as the world cup campaign has come to an end of one experience or has been for the best players over the last month or so i was made a lot of friends around here in new zealand and around the world with exemplary behavior as well and spirit and with. richard reid r.t. nelson. well have also been some unusual achievements this year if you throw two should give each became the first russian to successfully kies earth across the gulf of finland in a record time of just over three hours in our man mr paul fleet there for this one
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as well. after much frustration it finally seemed as though peter might be able to stand his attempt to kite surfer across the gulf of finland the weather conditions that hindered him up till now and even now in what was his latest efforts the elements were once again proving to be unfavorable as a distinct lack of wind was always going to prove a problem however he made a promising start and what seem no time at all he was already miles away from a stone in coastline and his coach aleksey was pleased with his progress a quarter of the way through eighty kilometer journey of water with the shadow of the wind the spray to quiet now but according to work out it should pick up at once we get closer to a lack of wind continue to cause peter problems so much so he fell into the water as there wasn't enough wind to keep his kind airborne however he was soon back on his board as a finish coastline which was also his finishing line through ever close this hole
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challenge was a completely new experience for the twenty four year old russian he may be a world champion kite surfer but normally he's used to performing tricks over a short period of time in good conditions and not having to surf a distance of around eighty kilometers with the elements against him as he who is actually with a knee and the wind drops so i was barely keeping going in the luckily there was a child on the way so i go in tight as the. cilia i mean there's a lot of pressure on the feet and the way it was up and down laws who had to go up on the bit so. not surprisingly he was shattered after his endeavors as he had to work doubly hard due to the lack of wind however he can now relax after completing this fantastic feeds has been a fine efforts where once again the weather conditions haven't been on page a side where the lack of wind really hindering is progress but number less he's become the first russian to kite surfer across the gulf of finland an impressive time of just
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over three hours he may have completed this challenge however page here has no intention of putting his feet up he still wants to underline his status as one of the world's best kites surface but also in the future try to kite serve down the river never in his native son petersburg richman paul fleet r.t. finland. but it's a sport and i just want to tell you that chelsea have lost aston villa three one. one zero one one an arsenal beat q.p.r. by a goal to have the full round up all the results in an expletive into asked. machine
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would be soo much brighter if you move the song from phones to pressure some of. these friends don't talk t.v. don't come. ticking down the final hours of two thousand and eleven we look back at the year that i sure didn't protest civil war and regime change. syria's opposition that unites against the government at all amid a new wave of violence which is reportedly left dozens dead since friday right under the noses of the arab league observers. plus iran plans long range missile tests that engages in military posturing with washington after the west threatens to toughen sanctions against iran over its nuclear program.


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