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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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recent parliamentary elections they went smoothly however i would. add a note of caution perhaps a calf yet that looming in the background over cheesy in politics and indeed in other arab countries islam is and the party which won the most seats in the recent parliamentary elections in chinese here is an islamist party and it is alleged to have had some point links to al-qaeda so i would be careful about labeling a success story i think we just we need to concentrate more closely on what will be happening in the next year engine is here. dr gupta obviously kevin owen here thanks for being with us a lot of focus so no agent now to get your thoughts without for a minute former president mubarak of course old trial we've all seen that in the countries of the middle of its parliamentary elections right now but of course what we've also seen is that in recent weeks the new protests met by a military crackdown that's left more than a dozen people killed why is this still little signs you think of pace nearly
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a year after the revolution started. well you know egypt really appear to my eyes is the definition of a pandora's box essentially this free groups in egyptian politics all vying for power the military these limits which are broken down into the muslim brotherhood and the salafist and then you have the liberal minded egyptian politicians that the most powerful groups are the first to you the the military and the islamists and both groups they they have very little trust for each other there's a lot of resentment amongst each other and that would explain why you're seen so much violence recently on the streets of cairo but i would like to add however that this is potentially nothing compared to what could happen it would appear that the muslim brotherhood is on the verge of coming to power and of course if it did come to power what would be its stance towards a true. states that the muslim brotherhood doesn't recognize states that it
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resents. potentially we could be in a situation where israel and egypt look ahead as they were following the establishment of the state of israel so i think i think a lot worse could come out of a chair. if anything again i'd like to. if i could cardinal the dad is no more of course although the country is now run by some of its former ally tensions are on the rise between tribal groups who were kept largely a day during the daffy air well libya's new rulers be able to cope. well i mean the n.t. city was always a peculiar organization it was made up of so many different groups and the only thing they had in common these groups was that they hated they hated that faith. you know far from you know the conflict in libya far from being
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a war between tearing ism and freedom it was actually a triumph against war. and so far we can see that the n.c.c. hasn't achieved what it set out to achieve in tripoli for example there's all the militias who refuse into down their weapons i do also as well we have a disturbing report on accounts that al qaeda has achieved a presence in libya which of course it couldn't do when colonel gadhafi was in charge of the country and so i think it's quite warm in the early signs demonstrate the n.c.c. really isn't in control of the country and i'd also like to add as well that you know a few weeks ago it was reported that al-qaeda flags were flying from n.c.c. it would in some way in bangor also you know i would like to see politicians politicians in america britain and france publicly all skin why on earth.
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in a major libyan city i think it's very war in. iraq for a final thought from you about syria with thousands of people reportedly killed there in the crackdowns on demonstrations since march some are suggesting the country's on the brink of civil war what's pushing the conflict along do you think of what will solve it now. undoubtedly the opponents of president assad have taken a lot of encouragement for what from what's happened in tunisia and from what's happened in libya but it would be it would be very difficult to not believe that the hand of america is not at play you in syria remember syria and america have very difficult relations and it would certainly be in the interest of america and other western countries for president assad's. fall. in regard to how can it be sorted out well there's positive steps that have happened recently we now have
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observers in the country from the arab league. who are reporting candidly and not really saying the things that the syrian opposition wants to hear and also the western politicians don't want to hear but i think in order to resolve it we have to hear what the. next year from the arab league observers and we need to take it from there we the international community needs to act as a mediator and it certainly doesn't help the situation for american politicians and french and british politicians to be taking the side of implicitly or explicitly of the syrian opposition it's only in science and things and in science and more violence and as a result ordinary people up in homes. right argue markets. editor politics first magazine live with us on the line from london this new year's eve mary had been new year to you arriving there in london. about four hours now.
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three hours twenty minutes of the hour that's when i want to know we've been on air for so moch with our special coverage that i'm losing track of time i greetings of course to the start of the new year has been done for thousands of years and as we prepare to do it ourselves will the world prepare is really half the planet already and ten you tell me including us here in moscow on the party of course has already been started dated i was trying to twelve. hours ago you know and the new location this year is well this year it was the independent state is samoa or the south pacific for the first time ever used to be the last id law and put it switch time to get closer to new zealand to this we can actually skate today as well so friday completely in the previous new year for me a venue was kitty i could never say that kid it so much here is the one i will get of but we're going to tell you what can you. present to cyrus messiah or not so i know it nice country to add to twenty twelve was the new zealand closely followed by rush's far east you can see the fireworks there are an awful lot of sort of bad
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weather for it but i still live off that iconic scene up at the top of the tower there they let the fireworks off nonetheless the scene is russia's far east as you can see. people really having a good time and then the pot of course also saw a lot of. the new year in the usual way the two careers china other countries like to give us midnight past two hours ago they're ringing in the new year into my life i just want to mention we're so lucky to be here in moscow we're talking about this earlier it's really one of the iconic places you have to see it once kind of cities in terms of new year's right up there with times square in new york i think it's fair to say that it's even started slow you know which makes it even more special doesn't it say lantis going up into the ceiling if you can of the city opera to the sky and if you look at the site behind us there the kremlin lit up you saw the fireworks earlier on which is a great place to. well we're heading off in the middle no way we've done all bit
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we've got a great new year the next couple of. twelve thank you so much indeed for watching us giving us your support for the last twelve months so from. for me very happy new year to you and we'll see you. lose.
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touch. for. easter.
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stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is miss mirage. but this beauty brings death at a speed of more than four hundred kilometers per. step in the long. run to clean goes tom. squandered money. abandoned mine. what is now. more than sixty square kilometers and in one move from the mistake. and those who are still surprisingly in line i'm finding we're just there it's very bad out here . but not saying hardly any birds squirrels you know. ducks you know i don't know what's going on here. concrete.
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wealthy british style sign. on. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are today.
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i'm broadcasting live from our studios here in moscow it is the new year two thousand and twelve for about forty five minutes now and next on deck in baghdad nairobi in less than fifteen minutes they will be bringing in the new year as well while two thousand and twelve is finally here in moscow happy new year to all of you watching our team wherever in the world you may be russia has been marking the arrival of the new year with a grand fireworks displays and the celebrations across the whole country from all
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of us here we wish you a happy and prosperous two thousand and twelve twelve months ahead. now sports is next with anger. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines policy papers lowly black manchester united three two at old trafford on third seventieth birthday. blog possible stall and regular length hair turned his back on the n.b.a. to stay with his hometown club here to moscow. and eternal russia's mixed martial arts king you mean you and then you care for always cheat a chance at all she can cheat for an easy win in japan. but first an incredible win for blackburn rovers in the english premier league they beat manchester united three two at old trafford to lift themselves off the bottom of the table
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a result which also prevents or alex ferguson's men from going top at new year on the seventieth birthday was the ultimate party pooper scooper form and she could be putting blackburn one nil up with a first half penalty he added another after the break only for berbatov to score twice to level things but hanley's late had a gate to visit as a very welcome three points united them with the same number of points as leaders manage the city who play on sunday elsewhere the place taught them slipped up to drawing one woman swarms they also went forth with a wonder when we keep p.r. thanks robin van persie is thirty fifth goal of the year chelsea down to fifty now after a three one home defeat to aston villa full of minority ended one one as did the bottom of the table clash between bolton and started to shed the spoils with wigan but on sunday everton travel to west brom and managed to city travel to sunderland with the chance to extend their lead at the top of the table to three point four for better man cine hoping his side have learned some lessons from
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a golden stroll with west brom last weekend. if you don't pay attention you. rescored should who lost. i. was brought. up to do. some research. for this reason to do that this game is important at risk or we could be a group of. other football news everton midfielder. of could sing be back playing in russia british media say the twenty six year old will be sold to being in the january transfer window the russian international has not played for the top three since december tenth and is concerned a lack of thirsting football could affect his chances of playing for his country next summer's european championships was sold to everton by lokomotiv moscow just over two years ago for thirteen million dollars and it's believed everton would want to sell him for around nine million dollars meanwhile basketball star
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undertaker olenka has decided to continue his career in his native russia turning his back on the n.b.a. to stay with. the former utah jazz man became a free agent this season and join the army men during the n.b.a. lockout but despite generating interest from the new jersey nets and sacramento kings the thirty year old has decided to stay put in moscow during his brief spell with here scar they have qualified for the last sixteen of the year really undefeated and also riding high in the russian domestic league. russia's mixed martial arts king feared or you mean has beaten japan's to toshi in devastating fashion knocking at the former olympic champion in the first round in japan an important win to you for the russian who's keen to get his career back on track after dominating the sport as world champion for seven years he lost his crown in twenty ten and then went on to lose three fights in a row but tonight's win follows victory over jeff months in november and the thirty five year old russian says he's determined to keep on fighting. and world number
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one novak djokovic has finished off his great year in style a straight sets win for him over david forever to win the movie. dollar world tennis championships and i beat darby this was an exhibition torn into head to be a stray you know next month and djokovic looks to be in sizzling form having fresh better of the day before he had little problem again taking the first set six two and then praising through the next six one victory rounding off a great year would show him win three grand slams and leaves only seven matches to be a cd player and he hopes to continue his fine form in twenty twelve. is really impossible you know. if you if you believe it but i think the crucial couple weeks is for me at this moment to prepare well to start of the year and. hopefully in two thousand we will see you know it's a very long year it's going to be very difficult very difficult challenge but i'm
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looking forward to it. now the man who guided the all blacks rugby team to world cup glory has been knighted in the new years on this list graham henry that decide to their first world cup title in twenty four years this autumn after that narrow win over france in the final of the sixty five year old former schoolteacher graeme henry the latest in the handful of former players or coaches to receive new zealand's highest honor all blacks captain rich mccall was also approached by prime minister john k. but turned the knighthood down saying he was too young at thirty to receive such an accolade henry is delighted with his own. daughter as great as you know and feel very humble about it and as i say it's a reflection of what people have got over the. words come from. got a lot of respect for them. but i will not be asked to be called. a russian made
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their debut at that will cup and despite not winning a game it was a success number less for the best a quick look back now what was a significant sporting event for them in twenty eleven and richard paul frank was there. we've tackled. over the last month or so rusher of made a lot of friends around new zealand the vast majority of the team have never experienced such a level of interest from the general public. league matches in russia trying to few hundred spectators it is fairly surprising for the squad top similar numbers attending the training sessions with sure even autograph sessions. were not really used to this level of attention from the fans and the t.v. . groups here that have done throughout my life everyone follows both russian global rugby it's great it's inspiring and it gives you the motivation to work even harder. this wasn't most of the players first experience of new zealand the team had been here on a training camp just after the new year. the squad would take the opportunity to
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see the sights as well as taking time off to take their minds away from all things rugby. this was by far the biggest events russia's players ever played in and in terms of experience it will take something special to be the memories for bay of hide from this world cup it's really good to be to be here at the heart of the world. that the world cup stage is just it's just an amazing experience and very welcoming from home from the local people and we've already been to quite a few towns and cities so it's very interesting but sealy did mention that russia had to do plenty of travelling and this was perhaps be only downside of the trip being new boys to rugby's biggest events the bears were given a very tough schedule which would see the team have to travel more than seven times to different locations and less for them on the credits of the russians there were hardly ever any complaints and they always had a smile on their face while they would pick up an army of unexpected followers
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along the way who went to rather extreme measures to show their dedication of a newly found heroes. only zero is going to have supporters russia is they they probably. going to have germany support us so we're in a bird. same way russia fear so kept a great two or any zeal and thirst plenty for russia to build on the over the next four years they will have to find a new head coach after new resigned however at the moment it is likely that kingsley jones will take up the reins of affairs on a more official basis before moments for russians can be turned proudly back home in the knowledge that they have played some excellent rugby over the last month or so here in new zealand for russians a world cup campaign has come to an end of one experience or has been for the best players over the last month or so i was made a lot of friends around here in new zealand and around the world with exemplary behavior off the pitch as well but boy and spirit in which we get richer i'm hoping our team. down that is all the school for now will.
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stupid. stunts on t.v. don't. happy new year from moscow the city wrong in two thousand and twelve an hour ago while russia's western most point the baltic city of kaliningrad is celebrating the arrival of the new year right now along with baghdad and iraq. and of course broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is our team and i shant thomas wish you
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a happy and prosperous year ahead of from the heart of the russian capital where the party is in full swing. now russia the world's biggest country celebrates a new year nine times thanks to its nine time zones eight hours ago the country's far east crossed into two thousand and twelve where people in blood of all stuck in . a glass or two at the same time as australia after that two thousand and twelve made its way through russia siberia the cities of. the countries of papa new guinea and next with a champagne toast for the residents of the russian city who fall into say. time jones zone as japan and the koreas then three hours ago new year's came to the cities of clouds and outspend concealed along with china singapore malaysia and the philippines as two thousand and twelve continued to march across siberia it reached such cities as homesick and noble cbs its residents celebrating along with thailand
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and vietnam next to midnight reached the cities of yet cut fifteen of.


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