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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2012 3:01am-3:31am EST

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you're watching r t coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now president barack obama has signed a controversial to fans bill that basically allows the indefinite detention of terrorist suspects the us president said he had serious reservations on some provisions regarding the treatment of detainees but as marina board nine are reports during his time in office obama's shown he's not always good to his word. long before he became u.s. president or a nobel peace prize winner barack obama was a constitutional law professor we have never been more energized by. a civil liberties champion turned charismatic candidate who vowed to reverse the abuses and policies of his predecessor george w. bush four years later many civil rights advocates who once cheered yes we can are finding themselves saying no you can't not only has the obama administration
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blocked torture accountability and refused to investigate and prosecute. he's he's basically maintained indefinite detention he's revived military commissions. and as we've seen as well he has expanded targeted killings so they've increased under the obama administration many fold and he's even authorize the killing of a u.s. citizen so you know i think yeah you are in a you know there is a bad state of civil liberties under the obama administration world renowned author and scholar noam chomsky believes the obama administration has changed gears and accelerated illegal practice into overdrive. between bush's policies and obama's. push bush's policy was to kidnap people. whatever horrible them. put them to guantanamo. or some other person to ever
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know for tim information the obama supporters just kill. killing them all over the world. another is the targeting drone killing of and were a lock and american born cleric u.s. drone strikes during obama's first two years in office exceeded the total carried out during bush's tenure president obama described a walky as the leader of external operations for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula human rights groups which voiced international opposition against bush counterterrorism policies quickly condemned the killing journalist jeremy scahill says obama's policies have drifted far from his political roots a president mccain doing the exact same thing that a president obama is doing would have been denounced by a lot of liberals and so we're at one of those dangerous moments in u.s.
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history and we saw it a bit with clinton in the ninety's where a democrat who campaigned on a pledge to change the you know the country in the world has actually pushed a right wing agenda further forward than a republican rip up republican could have if they remained in power or they took power or expanded power as obama gears up for his reelection campaign civil liberty groups that believed his words the first time around are now left to judge the commander in chief on his actions america's democracy is represented by a president who studied and thought the rule of law and is now armed with a duty to carry it out but critics say as long as obama raised by his own rules the constitution and his promise of change both remain compromise in a fortnight artsy new york. a little later a former chief prosecutor of the guantanamo military commissions tells r t that president obama not only followed in bush's footsteps he went even further. the
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office of the first thing he did was sign an order. closing guantanamo within one year but his order which was signed in january of two thousand and nine and we're sitting here today and most all open the military commissions have resumed and in my view the president just didn't have the balls to follow through with doing the right thing candidate obama you know said all the right things about justice and american values and closing guantanamo and doing away with military commissions and upholding the rule of law and then once he gets in office you know he didn't just embrace the bush policies he kissed him on the lips and ran with them and his advanced them further than president bush ever did. now watch the full interview with colonel morris davis and around twenty minutes here on our team. the defense bill signed by the us president also imposes sanctions on iran it adds penalties against the country's central bank in an effort
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to hamper tehran's nuclear program in response the salami states threaten to close the strait of hormuz the world's most important oil exports adding to the situation as iran's mabel drills in the persian gulf during and during which they are testing missiles director of the beirut based center for middle east studies dr he's shown job there believes washington's actions are adding fuel to an already highly flammable situation. the united states is thriving and doing its best. every day. sanctions against iran and i think iran is going. with. a problem and it will not stop but it's exploitation of all you will be directed in my opinion even maybe iran will not go as the three but it may discard navigation and in this case with the presence of and
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defensive military but the ship from both sides we do have more conflict and this. can increase and to be beget and began and made. it war and. still to come in the program new year scuffle. there was laughter and festivities on new year's eve in most of the parts of the world dozens of new yorkers were forced to celebrate in custody find out why also. opening local restaurant in russia. was something truly unique back then there were no restaurants. in russia there was a. restaurant and this was basically the third restaurant in the soviet union and meet a man who brought to test the taste of something new to russia's palate and find out why the caesar salad is now in almost every many of the country in our special
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series pathfinders. green prospector had for europe single currency in the new year as a region's leaders warn of tough in this most severe test in decades twenty twelve marks ten years since europeans first held the euro notes and coins in their hands but with the recession looming the sense of optimism the greed of the united currency at its inception seems to have evaporated as artie's tests are still you know reports. the birth of an ambitious project a common currency celebrated with no less than a big bang why. do you worry that big. over strong you're. better for the war the better the world. ten years down the road the euro is not in the best of shape.
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spiralling sovereign debt crisis credit downgrades rising interest rates tens of millions unemployed budget cuts and violent protests. the euro's growing undergoing the worst crisis it has ever been and obviously the founders of the of the euro did not hope that this would happen for what began as a step towards a united europe has become a race against time with leaders scrambling to keep it together. euro skeptics along argue that the euro was flawed from the start pursuing a political dream above all else well they say lumping together polar opposite economies like that of greece and germany into a monetary union could never work economic rationality has been thrown out of the window in the pursuit of this goal and when they are reaping the consequences of a couple that with internal squabbles and deadlocks there has to be a sign from somewhere that some economic entity that is credible is going to
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back every euro zone and there are only two or three entities that can do that what is european central bank. the other is basically the german government and neither of them right now are willing to do it so this exhibit shows the journey of the european union and the creation of the single currency the document of events in history that explain why it would have been appealing to decision makers at the time so much so the crux of the fundamentals may have been overlooked or ignored which brings us to this point ten years after the creation of the euro its appeal has waned and despite last ditch efforts to save it its future is still uncertain in the spirit of the new year we asked for some predictions but one can be sure of is that this crisis is going to be a long and bumpy road however if you would ask me do you think that the euro would still exist in ten years time my answer would be yes they can't bring themselves to admit that it was
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a mistake and so i'm afraid we risk the very thing they purport to fear which is a disorderly breakup of the euro caused by having tried to keep it together for too long downgrades almost certainly i think you'll see a french downgrade i still think this is solvable if the political will be shown in certain member states to allow for what is called solidarity in europe and if not if not we are in for a huge huge recession in europe in my prediction that at least greece will leave the euro in the next year and what happens beyond that is unpredictable euro watchers may have divergent views of the single currencies future but it seems whichever way the euro goes it won't be painless does or sylvia r.t. brussels the arab league parliament has urged the name and to the body's monitoring mission in syria violence is still flaring up in the country despite the observer's presence there since last week during his ations peace plan calls for an end to
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fighting and the removal of security forces from cities universal peace federation and bastard doctor made her says there are preconditions that hamper the observers from remaining impartial. i believe they are partly by as the as they are being affected totally by some of the powers that see a region in such as qatar and major egyptian officials and international cowards who are europeans even at the level of the european community and the united states for sure though this international pressure to towards the observers will give them divine is the only by starters where they shall not covered as independently as in of no if they were to release any public statements this will effect tarnish even the whole process and this will affect the transparency of the whole measures that say and the process itself by monitoring independently that is basically enough and let there be one distance between the loyalists and the opposition is as such i
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mean as observers they have they have to be at one distance between the opposition as to that is you of bashar al assad and to the loyalists of his government. well in these days of satellite navigation and google earth we are all used to looking closely at almost all corners of the globe although israel keeps prying eyes out but now its once warm ally in the region turkey is to launch a satellite that could blur the lines of israel's former protection and leave it sharply into focus of the world's gaze artie's post nearing our report. israel's leaders are worried and they've good reason to be in just a matter of months they'll be nothing stopping satellite companies from getting up close and personal. security through. to enable them american troops through.
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until now only the americans had the technology capable of taking images greater than two meters per pixel resolution and american law stopped us companies from distributing the pictures the americans very sensitive security bureau the scrutiny that plays along with it which means even with google earth one can zoom into israel but only so far to control look at specific parts of israel many of them will come out blurry than any other place in the world that i've checked but that's about to change turkey is putting the finishing touches to a military satellite it plans to launch within the next two years the gawked took satellite will be capable of taking the very pictures tel aviv doesn't want distributed and there are no american star legal qualms in turkey about upsetting its photosensitive neighbor took a soul directly or invaded through some of these injury to him and his office road and that's the fear here especially because tensions between tel of ever danko are at an all time low and aid for to attempt on gaza two years ago that left nine to
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exterior and cause expulsion of the israeli ambassador has tel aviv nervously weighing its options the irony is that it was not so long ago that the gawked took satellite would have spelled good news for israel the two countries cooperated extensively often sharing military intelligence but whereas turkey was once israel's a closest ally in the muslim world today it is ankara that is asserting itself without a television as a powerful player in the region or his trying to say that he isn't really not to be granted the special. serve. to have a saying be submitted to the playground before the phone companies and abide by the same nor should they have the same standards one satellite is big enough to put a picture shy woold in a spin but this is not a country that once its neighbors knowing its business especially with an arab world in flux and israel using former friends. of
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a lun israel with plenty more stories news and analysis online at r.t. dot com here's only some of what's lined up really there. is the prize of remembering new york city holds plans for a nine eleven museum to mark the atrocities of the terror attacks due to a disagreement over hundreds of millions of dollars. and speeding into the right hands find out how russian road police officer got a bag of drugs by mistake that much more at our t. dot com what's you can watch all of our past we'd use on our you tube channel. it's.
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the beginning of two thousand and twelve hasn't been very festive for the occupy wall street protesters with almost seventy spending the night in custody in new york they were arrested just before midnight after hundreds tore down their barricades surrounding the coddy part it was a failed attempt to return to the place where it all started months ago meanwhile the protesters were undeterred and marched on through lower manhattan since it first began the occupy wall street movement has spread across. the u.s. and two other countries you know in countless mass robbo says the number of those dissatisfied will only grow in two thousand and twelve because the authorities can't propose adequate measures to tackle economic problems. the occupy wall street movement has mostly given voice to a sense of frustration and anger about unfairness as an and justices both real and perceived that a lot of people have about the economy i think it's an ambiguous that the u.s.
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economy doesn't work it doesn't work very well overall the g.d.p. growth is poor our present eight point six percent unemployment is probably under reporting on it's quite high the high level of college debt that people are coming out with young people in student loan debt and their own abilities to get a jobs or b. jobs that pay them enough to live and pay back their debt makes very clear that the united states has serious economic problems we haven't really seen anything like a suggestion about a different plan or a different way of organizing the economy come out of the or occupy wall street movement yet now it's also a very young movement so that may evolve somewhere down the line but this looks like to me like the early stages of something with a lot more to calm most of the story yet to be written so to speak and i think what we're seeing is frustrated and anger people beginning to coalesce around that frustration and anger but i for one haven't seen real proposals on economic policy yet we may see a bit more of that this year as it's election time and policy issues i think authorities had hoped the movement would kind of fizzle out or go away and when it
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didn't want to back grew and got more and more attention and more and more adherents there was a little bit of a heavy handed over response by authorities that involved using force part of the reason it's a problem is because what it tends to do is bring out more protesters and raise public sympathy for the protesters the ham handed and overly marshall response to protest has actually helped to build the occupy wall street movement. now take a look at some other stories from around the world south korea's president says the korean peninsula is a at a turning point and he's ready to resume the nuclear talks with the north but he warned against any provocations by pyongyang the comments came after north korea vowed new year's message that a would bolster its military and the fanned the son of the late leader kim yong nailed to the death can be on our own has now been declared the supreme commander of the armed forces and his ruling party leader following his father's death in the middle of december. so the government and the
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un have deployed more troops to bring escalating tribal violence under control in the state of john late on saturday armed tribe members swept through the town of bor home to their rivals torching buildings and seizing livestock they forced scores from their homes almost a thousand people have been killed in recent months in intertribal violence in the region. in a controversial move the nigerian government has announced a plan to scrap fuel subsidies pushing up oil prices the oil rich nations government has said it will use the money to develop the the streets poor infrastructure labor unions have condemned the move calling for mass protests and many fear this one adds to the tensions caused by the recent wave of sectarian violence in the country. riot police in south bahrain used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse protesters following the funeral of a teenage boy killed in a demonstration the opposition says the fifteen year old died after being hit to
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the chest by a gas canister fired at close range there have been frequent standoff during the year between police and activists demanding reforms from the country's sunni moderate king. protests continue in turkey following last week's botched government airstrike that killed thirty five kurdish civilians police pushed back demonstrators and stamboul with water cannon and tear gas turkey has seen a wave of violent protest over the last few days demanding the government be held accountable for the attack which the air force thought it was targeting militants along the rocky border turkish officials have promised a full investigation into the incident. with fatalities among american soldiers in afghanistan dropping twenty one of the taliban commanders believe it's because the u.s. has lost its taste for combat artie's military contributor says the only reason for washington to keep up its involvement in afghanistan is to fight a thriving drug production there know when the new year has just clicked in
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let's take a look at what to expect for the united states and there are nato allies in afghanistan and pakistan the white house has to realize that the only way to improve their relationships would be to minimize the political and military affairs pakistan and afghanistan and if there is any excuse for the u.s. military presence in afghanistan it has nothing to do with the terrorist threat it is the threat that is the only justifiable reason for the u.s. military forces to deal directly affected and efficiently. what does it take to become an entrepreneur in russia and i was here is on pathfinder is business r.t. talks to some experts who've discovered the country's potential.
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well anyone who's been to russia might have been surprised to find a caesar salad probably up on virtually every restaurant menu lettuce garlic sauce and parmesan are hardly traditional russian fare all the answer to this riddle is henrik winter a danish restaurateur who came here in the dying days of the soviet union running a business and russia. is challenging for different reasons. in the west the risk in the reward. equation applies to russia. there's a great opportunity in the market your return on investment here is higher than you would expect in in the west it is justified by the relatively high risk that one has to face in the market it was nine hundred ninety one came in
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september and the collapse of the soviet union was six months later i was new in the country i didn't speak the language but what was interesting and challenging of the same time was that things were changing really what's changing and how things were going change for is totally unpredictable so opening up a restaurant in russia. was something truly unique back then there were no restaurants. in russia there was a total of two restaurants and this was basically the third restaurant role in the soviet union and the country of three hundred eighty million people that we chose to open up a swiss restaurant. with one steak and season and things like that so it's funny in the story about the caesar salad the situation in russia is quite unique because the season is on literally every menu
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in the whole country why is that is so in my opinion is that when we play the key dish it was a caesar salad it was prepared in front of the guests by the waitresses had a lot of people have to learn how to make this is that well as the years went on and a new restaurant opened one of the things that everybody knew was to make a caesar salad so it was a recipe that was kind of passed out among the few professionals in the restaurant business in those days the influence of the pioneers yes you felt it but really it was later on. one realized the profound impact. that one had in those days at the time it wasn't that it was just surviving it was just trying to do things right and get the business going in the beginning in the first couple of years it was very much the pioneer work opening up a new concept by the late ninety's it was very much starting to become
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a more competitive market you had to be good you had to offer something special because in the beginning you opened up a restaurant it was full next day you didn't have to try very hard so i set out really to make a strategic shift away from just opening up restaurants to. implementing customer service and i guess that is factual and that started with training programs because the restaurant business has it when we see it from the peak turnover of staff we would teaching bringing knowledge to a huge number of people. that worked for us for a while and many of them left all the restaurant and so forth so we were the professional conduct and drove model for a professional knowledge in the restaurant business how do you pizza later to be called patio was hugely successful likewise the planet sushi as general manager of throughout these many years. and the breast function three years ago i started
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opening my own restaurant now the same restaurants but as a franchise the have today twelve restaurants it's a business that requires a lot of perfection in every kind of execution that personal touch. it's the small things that count but that's not special for russia it's everywhere but surely it's a requirement for russia because here again the competitive environment has become so tight that you need to be really really good to be successful. and we'll be bringing you more from our special pathfinder theory's every day here in r.t. as we meet some of the business trailblazers in the russian capital so stay tuned for that if you can while a very shortly harvey talks to the former chief prosecutor and the military
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commission for the natori of guantanamo bay before that they'll bring you the headlines.
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to much brighter if you knew all about song from guns to perdition. starts on t.v. don't come. and
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. we. are back to watching our two live from moscow these are the top stories president obama puts his signature under a controversial bill that could see terror suspects held indefinitely without trial but says he will not strictly follow up on some of the aspects it entails but critics say the past examples show obama has not always been true to his war. recession alarm bells and gloomy predictions sound of the start of the new year for the euro as the region's leaders want a tough sekret feiss in this most severe test in decades twenty twelve marks ten years after the coming.


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