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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2012 5:31am-6:01am EST

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well secrets could soon be put under the turkish lens as i encourage a new satellite is set to patrol the skies in a few years at the moment israel cannot be penetrated even by the likes of google. and one of the first promises made by president obama when he first came to power back in two thousand and eight was to close the controversial guantanamo bay detention center yet four years later it's still here the next hour to talk to the former chief prosecutor of the get my billet recommissioned cuttle morris davis who speaks of his shoes disappointment and the lack of progress. i. were sitting down with morris davis a man of a very interesting career he was the chief prosecutor for the military tribunals or guantanamo bay in two thousand and seven he resigned over his objection to the use of evidence obtained by torture and to what he saw as growing political
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interference in those military tribunals now he says although president obama promised to shut down guantanamo he doesn't have the using colonel davis his own terms the balls to do that colonel davis could you clarify that latest statement where i'm sure he was elected i was thrilled you know that he took office the first thing he did was sign an order. closing guantanamo within one year of his order which was signed in january of two thousand and nine and we're sitting here today and guantanamo still open the military commissions have resumed and in my view the president just didn't have the balls to follow through with the doing the right thing do you think it's because when he became president he learned things that he hadn't known before i don't know if his he learned things that he didn't know before or he faced a bigger obstacle than he anticipated you know saying you know the slogan close guantanamo sounds fairly simple actually following through and doing it is
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a much more difficult process you know they're saying the reason we're not shutting down guantanamo is because we don't know what to do with remaining detainees other countries don't want to have them well you know we haven't helped ourselves in that front of the weaker is for instance the chinese muslims that were cleared years ago is not being a threat to the u.s. we beg two dozen countries to help us out they're not a threat take the weekers. and a few did a few countries did a couple of years ago a judge here in washington d.c. ordered the weavers released and brought to the us and suddenly our government said oh no they're too dangerous we can't have them in the u.s. so while we begged other countries to help us out and take some of the detainees we've never been willing to take one ourselves so we're a little hypocritical on that front colonel davis you were the chief prosecutor at guantanamo i want to know how did you go from being an advocate of the process to being a hard line critic of the practices i took the job as chief prosecutor in september
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of two thousand and five and i believed at the time and did for most of my tenure that we were committed to having full fair and open trials my policy had been we were not going to use any evidence obtained by waterboarding or any of the other enhanced interrogation techniques that most people. called torture and i had support above me for doing that then in the summer of two thousand and seven some new people came in and said wait a minute president bush said we don't torture so president bush says we don't torture who are you to say that we do and we've got all this information that was collected that you're not using you need to get in there and use it and that was when i felt that our commitment to full fair and open trials had diminished and i submitted my resignation what would you say to those who claim the difference between president obama and president bush as far as their anti-terrorism policy is bush would detain the suspects torture them prosecute them president obama just
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kills them doesn't have to go into all that detention trouble less certainly i think there's some. facts to support that perception. like i said candidate obama you know said all the right things about justice and american values and closing guantanamo and doing away with military commissions and upholding the rule of law and then once he gets in office you know he didn't just embrace the bush policies he kissed him on the lips and ran with them and has advanced them further than president bush ever did by killing an american with a drone strike in yemen the po-r. all while i played. correct which is just. astounding that an american president can make the unilateral decision that an american saying it was a really bad guy he deserved it well of all it bad guys need to die there are a lot of other people i could put on that list but an american citizen for an american president to make the unilateral decision that a civilian agency the cia. would go to another country and launch an office of
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military operation fire a missile and kill american and bystanders it would just anwar all the walkie that was killed or four people killed that day. i'm not aware of any legal justification for that i think it's called murder to kill another human being deliberately without legal justification are drones becoming the new arm of the us justice there's nothing wrong with per se with drones i mean just another weapon system is basically an airplane with a pilot sitting in a in a lounge chair other than the cockpit it's how they're used that concerns me. if they're being used to avoid. complying with the law and giving people due process and their day in court and that's a sad chapter in america's history if that's what we're doing. we've always our strength for two hundred years was the law not turning our back on it so if we're
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if the administration is choosing even if it to have as a choice between kill or capture and they're choosing kill just because that's the easy route and that's a sad commentary on america in two thousand and eleven you know we hear that all the time a u.s. drone killed ten terrorists in pakistan as if that's beyond reasonable doubt that those were terrorists i think it's another black spot on the american reputation. would we condone it these are american citizens being killed by another government under similar circumstances. you know it's great when we're the country that has the drones it may not be quite as great when other countries have that same capability that are used against us and. crossing another border launching an options of attack often conducted by the cia which is a civilian agency that you know they're not a they're not the military they don't have combatant immunity and to for the president to send them out to conduct office of military operations. is just
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unprecedented you're talking about do you legal process do they think if they operate outside the united states everything is just legally fine i guess we're fortunate that america is the you know six hundred pound gorilla in the playground i mean who's going to tell us we can't. which is fine as long as we're the big kid on the playground but we may not always be in that status we're supposed to set the example a positive example you know we claim to be the champion of the rule of law but it seems that were a champion of the rule of wall when we're trying to apply it to others not so much for mine. we're looking at in the mirror at ourselves. the convention against torture for instance we're signatory to that if you if you saw a recently of the republican presidential debates where candidates said they would resume waterboarding so you know we love to criticize other countries. but we're not so good at holding up the mirror torso nor the chief prosecutor at guantanamo i
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was just wondering what was the ratio of people who got into one tunnel for for a reason real bad guys and those who let's say did not deserve guantanamo treatment well if you accepted the bush administration's characterization of your call maybe donald rumsfeld secretary of defense saying you know these men are the worst of the worst they get you through the hydraulic lines on the airplane on the way to go on time or just to kill americans i think a lot of people bought that narrative that all of these guys are the worst of the worst there are a total of about seven hundred seventy five men that have been a kuantan of what some point in time there are about one hundred seventy left today so more than six hundred have been released or transferred back to their country of origin or some other country most of those by the bush administration so you know these guys are all the worst of the worst the hardened terrorists that were out to
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kill americans seem strange that we would send more than six hundred of them out of guantanamo the reason i asked is a former guantanamo detainee told me when. they seized him pakistan pakistani authorities were so anxious to give the americans some numbers you know when heads that they couldn't care less about due legal process he was tortured he was sent to guantanamo spend a few years there before being with us on a different note if president obama during his next presidential campaign again promises to shut down guantanamo and says well this time yes we will and yes we can would you believe. i believe president obama the first time he told me he was going to close guantanamo i'd recently retired from the military when he was running for president and for the first time in my adult life i got to participate in a campaign you know the military stays out of politics so after i retired i put in a bomb a sign in the front yard i donated to the campaign i went door to door campaigning
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for him somebody came in my yard set my obama sign on fire and i put up another one . i believed in this hope and change that he promised you know what you're saying reminds me someone wisely said it's useless to hold a person to anything he says while his in love drunk or running for office or all three at the same time for even worse that you know i've seen his lips move before and say the right words i'll believe it when i see it thanks for the interview sir. sure is that so much a lot of people actually carry all their little tapes of what is the year of twelfth hold for the world will be destroyed you would get the year before you will set the trend school stay in power and.
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the close up team has been to die new stuff birthplace to the most ambitious football club in the world. if. not all party goes to the far east where the timber industry attracts the legendary siberian tigers where the ancient native community loses its way in the modern world. and where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. to the obama screech or. is he.
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going to eat. the headlines the president obama puts his signature on a controversial bill that could see terrorist suspects held indefinitely without trial he does say though that he will not strictly follow some of the aspects it entails. recession gloomy predictions on the start of the new year for the euro two thousand and twelve and ten years off of a common currency made its way into people's what. secrets could soon be put on the turkish. new satellite is set to patrol the skies in two years at the moment israel cannot be penetrated even by the likes of google. those are the headlines and do
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stay with us for the latest action from the world of sport. thanks for joining us this is sports and a plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including these stories in brief. deadly does in the twelve playoff spots in the n.f.l. are decided with the new york giants claiming the final berth at the expense of dallas. no mercy one of the favorites for n.b.a. glory this year chicago to china memphis rushing the grizzlies by a mom of forty point. a nice. nice when you think of milan's sport images of football and formula one on deniability come to mind but could i saw. to the mix. we'll get to grips with that
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shortly but we begin with some sad news day one of the prestigious off road event that a car rally has been marred by the death of a rider horror game martina's where oh seen here at the start line in mortal plata argentina died after running off course tragically crushing into an open sewer line where a local was thirty eight years old the trunk to be overshadowing a memorable day for leave and they are sections of the russian winning the opening staged by five seconds from veteran polish christophe how off chits while in the bike francisco lopez is them on the couch after day one the chilean up thriller rider holding off reigning champion mark of spain by fourteen said. we now know all twelve squads in the n.f.l. the last of the dozen to replace the new york giants doing so thanks to a no nonsense display against dallas after less than stellar regular seasons to
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date both teams entered the clash knowing it was do or die time. it was the home side started as they meant to continue giants quarterback eli manning instrumental all day long though victor cruz still have plenty to do after this past the speedster taking it home sending four yards for the opening touched on two more big scores would follow before the end of the second quarter new york twenty one points to the year thanks to. charge thirty one fourteen how would eventually end new york and make it into the knockout stages for the first time since two thousand and eight dallas are left to ruin a second straight season with i.p.o. for people. staying stateside but attending to n.b.a. basketball now where chicago are living up to their preseason billing the bulls are winning their third straight game in blistering fashion seeing off memphis biomass a forty point margin in their home opener the hosts truly taking the bull by the
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horns in the first quarter screwing their opponents twenty five twelve the next couple of periods would bring yet more misery for the grizzlies. carlos boozer ronnie brewer top scoring with seventeen points of pace at the united center. for brewer making it so easy for forty four bowls in the search a forty point advantage that they would firmly hold on to one zero four sixty four the final warm side it's. now ice hockey is normally a sport readily associated with milan but that could be set to change this year when milan no rush so blue joins the kontinental hockey league europe's premier competition robert for dummy and travel to italy in twenty eleven to find out more . these game moments are twenty years old the goal scored with no end of skill in essence they gave us hokey played at
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a high level the surprising part it's not canada. or russia it's italy. it's a simulant of players claiming one of their numerous domestic titles in style from the early ninety's. when almost famous of the building and i mean we have a very long history about hockey and in milan or in milan or at the very very long because we started in the nineteen twenty three the first being there was built in milan all the way and when we were one of the first into our europe the hockey fans here in milan love the game were excited by this game and probably there's some people being fired a bit sick of football for other reasons saw there some kind of research for new motions and i believe i saw coos this effort for that nevertheless i still keep
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still some distance from topping phil both in terms of popularity here a sentiment echoed by a person from the homeland of the game canada now calls me on the phone it's play would love but because it's it's still very under appreciated you don't get the same emotion you know and so you can be mad for a minute but it passes very quickly as opposed to a canadian hockey match it's talked about for you know for months if not for the whole season and so it's that is a huge difference in watching a canadian game versus an italian game this is the steady olympic in turin one of the main venues for the two thousand and six winter olympic program of years own and there is barely a reminder. of the epic hockey battles that to place here the ice rink was removed soon after the games finished alone the stadium to become the new home for the event those and to reno would book clubs one hundred miles east however things
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brighter local outfit milan there are some blue are set to join the kontinental hockey league in twenty twelve i believe a group that we have been agreed that we have a couple minutes in terms of the organization to join the league of course it is not going to be a very open field but. we have time to to develop. she called in two thousand and six winter olympics didn't affect the popularity of fucking the country at all of course the games were a great event for the telling people and the stadiums are renovated and a lot of infrastructure developed so some local clubs did get a lot there but not the telling game as a whole in this respect the kitchen is another chance for us not only for milan but for the entire country to take a significant step forward will be mothering. the additional verses blue may seem like a small step for the kids but for the club itself it is quite simply and message
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fully robert jordan on r.t. milan italy. on a tell you was our correspondent robert was a busy man this year he is not here to remind us about one of the most thrilling events of the year the yalta stage of the cliff diving world series the last stop of the season turning into a breathtaking spectacle on one which put a russian daredevil very much in the spotlight take a look at this. this world's fillings that's why the sport's most prestigious competition the red blue world series keeps traveling all across the planet to discover new locations they're taking events for the final stage of the season thirteen high flyers made their way to the swallows nest castle one of ukraine's main places of interest on the crimean shore of the black sea. there englishman. who
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entered the event as the new. force to. seeing the briton retain his world title two weeks ago. and the men. in the overall standings russia. are. looking to claim their first event when gary hahn oh yes' and oh yeah he really shines with the more typical dives. you have somebody like our tim you know oh beautiful diver. who took the lead up to the first three rounds of the competition. execution. ahead of punt and then. the top six now left to do battle in the shadow of the castle and retirement once again he's facing the back the so-called triple quad.
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who stole the show at sunday's event demonstrating one of the hardest dives the sport has ever seen. with blank entry the russian entering the water with his head held high the outcome clear before the judges at. their scores at first still. placed podium finish of the season with a twenty seven year old and force of his career i have or it turned out to be more than just a win suit claiming the high still didn't score the competition has ever seen. mostly it's not my first win but it's definitely the most precious one for me i'm second in the overall standings but here i'm not i've proved to be the banks it's a very happy moment for me i've been here before you all to is an incredible place this time i had my family a lot of my friends and my trainers came over to support me so i was
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a little nervous at first but up there on the platform was i left it all behind me and just concentrated on my diary was while i was. preparing for my dive so it was kind of strange knowing that the pressure of the series was off everyone else was fighting for places and and i was just taken as an end of a vigil competition autumn just perfectly today he's got tense and throughout his dives that's as good as it gets is scored the highest score ever gary has never scored so not even his big dives and he's diving good so often didn't win big time in that it didn't matter if gary was diving good or not out of time or when after winning the first two stages this year nine time world champion or longer the kid was forced to leave the conclusion due to injury but he's now recovered meaning the twenty twelve season is gearing out to be one of the most thrilling on record.
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the world cleat diving series twenty eleven have just come to an end with all the best efforts of the sport having taken their owners but the point is that each of those who take part in this miss the rising competition can be safely called an outstanding sportsman robert's mother known r.t. ukraine. simply amazing pictures well all the world weather is next here on twenty four hour r.t. .
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president obama has put his signature on a bill that could see terrorist suspects held indefinitely without trial despite saying he doesn't entirely agree with everything on. a not so happy new year for the eurozone recession. leaders gloomy predictions mark the start of two thousand and twelve ten years now off of a common currency made its way into people's wallets. and israel's the secrets of put on the took issue with a new satellite in the works. in the sky it could.


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